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  1. Sure wish I could make it, but I only get to do one Con a year and Dragon*Con is it for now. Bummer.
  2. It could be Richard Epcar. When he came to Dragon*Con in 2009 and again last year, he had a picture with all the voices he does, I'm pretty sure the Joker was one of them. I haven't had the opportunity to watch Clone Wars due to my crazy work schedule, but that might be him.
  3. Been away for awhile and look what happens! The new page looks great!
  4. Considering I'm a pidge fan, I like the Green Center, but still hate the new show!
  5. I'd vote to have Richard do both!
  6. The whole show is a waste. I just want to see if it makes it past the first season....It's a good thing WEP can't get their hands on Macross. I'd hate to see them butcher a reboot....
  7. Actually, IN Both GoLion AND Voltron, it is her distant relative that is captured. Allura/Fala never was his sex slave. her cousin Romelle (can't remember her GoLion name) was, but thanks to 80's censorship, you don't hear the screams that were in GoLion when Sincline "took" her (meaning Fala's cousin).
  8. The whole show is a disappointment. Period. At least back in the day Marshall Graham was a good guy. Even Voltron The Third Dimension is better than this even *with* it's crappy CG. At least it stayed true to the old Lotor/Allura/Keith triangle and the characters weren't OOC. Now *ALL* the main characters have gone OOC. There has been a great conversation over on the Kaex yahoo group and then there is all the ones over on the Official Board (you don't have to be a member to read them) http://forums.voltron.com/eve/forums/a/frm/f/329103823
  9. Believe me, the die hard fans of the last 25 years (myself included) are really started to get PO'd at the new show. No more Lotor trying to whisk Allura away, Lance and Keith *Both* showing an interest in her and oh, yea, the Mary Sue'ing by Vince. Most of us are just watching it to see how much longer it will last. Most are betting it won't make another season.
  10. Hubby and I went to see the movie yesterday. Both of us were thoroughly pleased with the move.
  11. The original fans over on the official voltron forums are hopping mad at the way the new show is turning out. And now that they keep mary sue'ing the plots with Vince having "ancient arusian powers" is really getting out of hand. I know Jeremy Corray from WEP is the person whom is listed as "story idea", but he should know better. I still highly recommend watching GoLion and Dairugger XV. Especially since Go LIon *WAS* the original Voltron.
  12. I'm planning to try and keep an open mind until after the premier. Chee-toy over on the Official Forums for Voltron has done her own rendition of the remake.Old and New Voltrons by Chee-toy
  13. I personally don't have the time to go to each of my forums everyday and sort through all of the individual topics. I need a forum like this one and my other fave that emails me either daily with posts or emails me when there are new posts of interest in topics I have posted in. I met a few folks over on the Robotech Chat room, but now we spend more of our time on yahoo im or just texting each other.
  14. Glad I have all three seasons on DVD. It figures syfy would show it late at night when I have to get some sleep for work.
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