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  1. 00Geass

    Hi-Metal R

    How is the HMR VF-2SS? I really like the fighter but don't care about the SAP. Don't know if it's worth buying or not, seems really fiddly.
  2. 00Geass

    Hi-Metal R

    Ugh, I ALWAYS forget how to undo that It's such a hassle
  3. 00Geass

    Hi-Metal R

    I wouldn't be upset if Bandai paused on SDF for a while and moved on to plus or 7 or FB2012. I'm still waiting for that YF-21 they teased all those years ago. I also wouldn't mind an HMR Layzner, Ideon, or Scopedog
  4. 00Geass

    Hi-Metal R

    Pretty upset that the VF-1A comes with the fighter mode stand adapter that's used with Super parts instead of the one the GBP VF-1J had. There better be a super parts set coming (P-Bandai)
  5. Selling HMR VF-1S Hikaru DYRL $110 HMR VF-1J $70 (Has minor stress mark) SHF First Order Storm Trooper pair and Phasma $65 AGP Unicorn girl set (Normal, Weapon set, and Awakening) $150 SHF Iron Man MK 45 $40 SHF Gaim Kiwami Arms (overhauled, new chest decal, detailed) $45 SHF Gaim Kachidoki arms $40 SHF Marika $45 CW Bruticus with Perfect Effect Hands and Feet I'm open to offers. Buy many items and I'll give bigger discounts, I need money but I also need to clear stuff out. Shipping is not included. Want pictures? Ask! I didn't want to take pic
  6. 00Geass

    Hi-Metal R

    Go to Tamashii.jp They always list the exact date of their releases for the month.
  7. 00Geass

    Hi-Metal R

    I missed the Pre-Orders for the VF-1J, Other than praying Amiami/HLJ open orders again or stalking manda where you should I look around for one after release?
  8. Not too bad! Unrelated, but can someone tell me about WAVE's VOTOMS releases? and is the Actic Gear line from Takara coming back? I JUST started buying those from Mandarake!
  9. 00Geass

    Hi-Metal R

    I'm so hyped for Dougram! It makes sense to ease of the Macross, after this initial slew of releases there aren't many high demand machines left to make from SDF/DYRL (Please keep in mind most people aren't Macross obsessed and don't live on MW before bringing up your niche mecha waifu). The next releases would have to be planes from other series and if they did that they'd begin to over saturate the market and releases would start eating each others sales. This makes me very happy, I pray we get a Scopedog soon too, maybe even a Giant Gorg!
  10. Because these don't have more than 50 parts and don't need to transform 3 ways
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