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  1. ae_productions


    Things I am selling...
  2. Hey! Lovin' the new look and feel. I have one glitch. About 60% of the picture I try to load, well, it just won't load. It will spin and spin. I even let it run overnight once and nothing. Love this feature and hope to use it more in the future. Thanks for lookin' into this guy! :-) -Bryan
  3. Do you mean the VF-4? God, I hope not. But the VF-4 will be a web exclusive. I have a distinct feeling in my gut that you may be right. In which case I better start planning that bank heist.
  4. I was curious about this myself. That project was looking very sweet.
  5. The VF-4 is one of my favorite designs. I am excited to see this as a toy, but remain skeptical. The transformation process appears to use a lot of anime magic. It will be interesting to see the engineering on this. I am also concerned about price and the quality. I hope it will have good QC. Valks are expensive enough, not to mention it's web exclusive. The price tag is going to be scary.
  6. Hey EXO. There's still interest in these parts. Are you still selling the Cannon? I'd love to pick one up from you.
  7. Tryin' to figure this new layout on MacrossWorld, just a slight learning curve, but man, it looks nice. Great job mods!

  8. WOW! That looks FANTASTIC! The only thing I hate about the 1:48's are the "chicken fingers." Those new hands look amazing! EXCELLENT work! Thanks for fixing the 1:48's!
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