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  1. Twoducks Sigh. You are leaving out information. Like, how all three of us were trying to help you out from day one. While we were trying to communicate with the US Post Office to track this down. A feat by the way, which is kinda pointless if you've ever had to work with the USPS. You were impatient, have severe entitlement issues, and didn't want any solution but to set your own terms. You demanded resolution before I was able to get any resolve from this. Keep in mind, I have a day job. This small toy business run by only three people has done nearly 3,000 transactions in 4 m
  2. I have purchased from Toywave in the past. Many international stores do take their time to get your package out. Not all of them are like that, but in my experience, it is a common practice. We live in a monochronic culture, where as some cultures are very polychronic. It's just a different cultural mindset. Now, bear in mind, when ordering from a US seller, it can sometimes take 2 - 3 weeks to get an item. And that's just with domestic travel. When you are ordering internationally, the item first has to go through the local shipping system, then travel across international waters,
  3. Quick update to anyone trying to contact me... I will be out of town again tomorrow (Tuesday) and possibly Wednesday. To anyone who placed an order, it will sadly have to wait till I get back home! Sorry to everyone for the 2 day delay! Contact me here if you have any questions-but please be aware I may not be able to get back to you until I get back home. -Bryan
  4. Hey! I do have a Hasbro MP-10. :-) It is 113 plus 17 shipping, for a total of 130 USD. This is for USA only.
  5. Hey. I have a few things for sale. First up: Hey! Don't have pictures yet, but I have 2 Macross books: Mospeada Art Book $25 free shipping Macross Art Book 1 (This is Animation) w/poster $25 free shipping (to the USA) Masterpiece Megatron w/attachments upgrades by Justitoys. $230 Free shipping to the USA. Just to be clear, this is for BOTH MP Megatron AND the Justitoys attachment parts. [ATTACH]27327069[/ATTACH] Master Mind Creations MMC Cyclops Shockwave $160 shipped. No broken tabs. I transformed it once into robot. Will ship it in Robot mode, as I am afraid to transform
  6. Hey Benson! I actually do have a few parts I have been putting together! I will set them aside for you, and and as soon as I am sure I have them all accumulated, I will send you pics and an inventory list. -Bryan All but one Skystriker has sold. There is only 1 Skystriker left...
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