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  1. am I an a-hole for telling someone they bought something fake?

    Um... so here's a thought... has anyone given any thought that it could possibly be a prototype that was never release. It seems that most of the comments have made mention of what and what hasnt been produced. If this is possibly some sort of conceptual prototype that was never put into production then that could explain some issues with it. In the past i have had my hands on one off prototypes from Kenner and Hasbro, to name a couple, that were hand painted, and packaged but were never actually produced. Though this set could be a custom unless someone has any thing from Takatoku stating that they never worked on a prototype like this then its all speculation as to its authenticity. Just a thought.
  2. Lynn Minmay 1/6 Scale PVC Figure question

    Thank you again sir for your help. Yeah there is a guy on Ebay that has one of the 1:72 Glaug kits listed fr $300 (USD). There is no way in hell I'd pay that much for it. Thank you again sir for yout time and intel.
  3. Lynn Minmay 1/6 Scale PVC Figure question

    Lol.. I am amazed some times at what i find most of the time. I've bought so much stuff over the years that i forget i have it. Makes me wonder just how much i've spent over the years. Thank you for your input sir, i sincerely appreciate the intel. Any idea on the current market value? I also found 2 1:72 Macross Glaug kits as well... any ideas on the value of those kits as well.?
  4. My 1;&2 Hase VF-1D

    Great custom! Clean build and I really like the color choice. I think its a refreshing change over the traditional paint scheme normally seen on these. Well done.
  5. Lynn Minmay 1/6 Scale PVC Figure question

    Was digging through some boxes and found this 1:72 Hasegawa "Virgin Road" VF-1D kit. Couldn't find one on Ebay to compare it too. Any one know how rare it is or how much its worth? I had forgot I had this and don't remember how much i bought it for or when i bought it.
  6. Custom Robotech: Breetai / Macross: Britai Kridanik figure

    Thank you sir, I sincerely appreciate the kind words. I really had a lot of fun pushing it with this guy. I had to come up with new ways of doing custom work to pull it off. There are things I would have taken more time on and done a little differently but I was happy with how he turned out. Did they ever produce that Yamato figure? I remember seeing a prototype sculpt but never saw a production version. Oh and thank you again, You know when it came to the size I wanted to go as big as I could. I felt a character that large needed a figure to match. Thank you very much. That's very humbling. I never thought when I was building him that he would be any kind of standard so I am truly honored by your comment. Thank you all.
  7. Custom Robotech: Breetai / Macross: Britai Kridanik figure

    A buddy of mine and I were talking about this guy and I remembered I had never added pictures. So here are a few pictures for those who don't like clicking links.
  8. 1/8000 scale Macross kit questions...

    There was a 1:8000 Macross in cruiser mode produced. I own 2 of the original releases. I do hope they re-release it as well. Would be nice to get a few more.
  9. A Little Mospeada Love!

    Captain, Amazing work as always. Have you decided what this jewel will go for? I'd love to bet my hands on a couple if I can afford them. Oh by the way.. I dig the Wagon Wheel light reflection in the glass table. My wife loves western decor.
  10. HG and Robotech Debates, ep. 8

    Well.. As far as verifiable.. Yes. It is verifiable. None of us were there. So none of us know exactly how things went down. I base what I know on known facts and verifiable things. Simply because some people don't believe it or can't, doesn't make it a lie or irrelevant. Gubaba, No that would be opinion. Greg's opinion on the original dialog "not being up to their standards" isn't evidence to me. Because that is based on opinion. Now if he could go back and show maybe ratings between the two side by side.. That would be evidence. Look.. I said what I had come to say.. And I'm gonna leave it at that. I respect this forum and its members, for the most part. I'm done on this matter for the fact that I do not want to put any further heat on a friend. If someone would like to continue discussing this in a civil manner then please PM me and I will be more then happy to debate with you. Thank you guys for taking the time to respond to my posts. I had fun and I have no hard feelings toward any of you.
  11. HG and Robotech Debates, ep. 8

    Yes I have. This goes back to what I orginally in my first post. About the use of a script to edit Robotech. I stated that it could be verified and it can be. I stated the recent Greg Snegoff interview touched on that. Other times I have told you to re-read because I felt that maybe you had missed something or that there was a miscommunication. I understand completely, which is why I am not gettin all pissy like some people tend to get. My name isn't something new in forums. I am on many forums. And I don't go to any site looking to troll or flame bait. I am sincere in what I ask and I to try to be as respectful as possible to those I encounter. You did something for me that no one else did behind the scenes (I think you know what I am refering too), and I sincerely thank you for that. It is also why in my first post early this morining aplogizing to you for posting here. You advised me to keep clear of this thread and I did so... Out of respect for what you did for me. Every now and then I look in this thread, as I said out of morbid curiousity. And when I saw something that I felt needed to be addressed I did so. This is after all a "Debate" thread and what is a debate with only one side? In short I am on the level, but I sincerely understand your skepticism. I dont take that personally, I know how things are. No problem. I am not here to hide anything, I post mainly on the model and custom threads. That's what originally drew me to this forum really. I like Macross, but I don't spend a lot of time on it. Models and customs are something that interest me a great deal. I respect the work that the guys do in those threads.
  12. HG and Robotech Debates, ep. 8

    I'm curious... what are the lies and how do you know? Not trying to argue, but sincerely asking the question.
  13. HG and Robotech Debates, ep. 8

    Well the post above yours with a portion of an interview says again that Macek didn't use the original translation. And again if you re-read my original post. I addressed similarities with the two. Quote "Like most RT fans, you jump to assumptions when they serve you." No, I was asking the question.. I never said you said that specifically. I was asking what you were implying. Now who is making assumptions. This is what my comment was about.. It had nothing to do with Greg. I was responding to the way you lumped me in with a select group of Robotech fans. Not all Robotech fans hate Macross... Just like not all Macross fans hate Robotech. Not sure what this has to do with what I said... but Who the hell cares what others do in fanfic. Fanfic is spoken about with such contempt I wouldn't think that anyone who is a die hard fan of the other would give to shits about what some use for their fanfic. I haven't looked.. Personally I don't see any reason to use other Macross series or any other series to blend into Robotech that isnt already in the original 85, I'm in the air on DYRL... but that aside.. I have no reason to go looking for Macross fanfic because I prefer the original and the creators have added to it on their own. Now as for Robotech, I write Robotech fanfic, but I write it for me. Now if others like it.. well thats a bonus but personally I don't care if someone likes it because I write it for me. Just like the AMVs I throw together. I enjoy making them, I have fun doing it. But I only use Robotech footage with the Robotech title. If I decided to use Macross footage I will title it as such. I've already addressed this question. And with all due respect I will not answer it again. I sincerely hope you will respect my answers. I don't believe anyone could honestly say I am trolling or flame baiting.
  14. HG and Robotech Debates, ep. 8

    Again... it's verifiable. All you have to do is be willing to look. I cited the recent Greg Snegoff interview. He was there. He would know. No, I was asking the question.. I never said you said that specifically. I was asking what you were implying. Now who is making assumptions. Thanks, I will remain a Robotech fan, but as I keep stating I am also a Macross fan. Well unlike you, apparently, I am not here to crush anybodies Anything. I originally came here for the Model and Custom threads and as I stated earlier morbid curiousity brought me to this thread. I honestly think this "anime" war that has gone on between the two camps is completely stupid. It doesn't accomplish anything but to each his own. I'm still a believer that there is common ground for fans of both to get together and talk with respect toward one another. I saw that at MechaCon and I believe it still. Does that make me delusional? Who's to say... but doesn't mean I can't keep believing.
  15. HG and Robotech Debates, ep. 8

    Again re-read what I wrote I already had touched on that in my original post. Why am I on a Macross forum... Well because I am also a Macross fan. Are you now saying that because I am a Robotech fan I can not be a Macross fan? Because I like Robotech I am not allowed on a Macross site? If this is so... Then Why are you on RTX.com?