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  1. IamChris

    MΔ - VF-9

  2. IamChris


    60cm length fighter is non-scale. ya, will ditch some features and scale down to 1/60 scale, still will keep the 60cm length fighter in option for limited model.
  3. IamChris


    sorry anime52k8 that i have not stated clearly that the fighter mode length is 60cm. Thank you ! charger69. yes, i have contacted third party china and taiwan manufacturers. estimate cost between 450usd-600usd. T_T can get more pre-orders, price able to adjust lower(factory).... Thank you Xigfrid ! ^^ i love mech especially macross fighter plane, of course this project will be continue..
  4. IamChris


    might have 1/60 scale for TYPEone in future, Thank You Kelsain. TYPEtwo is coming up..hehehe Thank you Claude grant, this TYPEone in fighter mode is 60cm in length. Full transformation without parts swapping & which have all working tail fin, wing slat, the articulated hand and so on.. image below is 60cm length fighter parts
  5. IamChris


    That's all for TYPEone Spec S cad render, move on to model building, TYPEone's fast pack, heavy pack, etc will shown with TYPEtwo cad render.
  6. IamChris

    MΔ Workroid

    Love it !
  7. IamChris

    LEGO VF-1S

    Supported !
  8. IamChris


    Thank you, female pilot custom paint scheme and battroid head is in 3d modeling progress
  9. IamChris


    Thank you. For prototype model i will using kossel mini and upmini and lot of scratch building. no plan putting STLs, will be 1 of mine company designer toy products, hopefully can open for pre-order this Q3 or Q4 this year....there are five more valks design to reveal ! then move to bomber type..
  10. IamChris


    Hello Everyone, Happy New Year !
  11. IamChris

    M Zero: Octo

    awesome works xigfrid !