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  1. The Fanfiction Thread

    Taking the week off from work to take care of some personal stuff. Uploading a new chapter is on my to-do list. Just an FYI...
  2. My fanarts

    Eye-popping! Great job!
  3. I finished Space Battleship Yamato 2199 a couple of weeks ago. It's good enough to be ranked "way up there" on my list of best animes I've seen so far. Despite the advanced tech described in the show, it felt like the writers gave careful consideration to make sure everything "made sense", from a real-world physics point of view. I couldn't find anything to complain about! The story was very engaging and I only wanted to see a bit more exposition on the return to Earth and the application of the Cosmo Reverser. 10/10 will recommend. Started with SBY 2202, looking good so far. Also following SAOA and LoGH:DNT. Loving LoGH too. SAOA just had a recap episode after 5 eps... not a good sign.
  4. Double post. If a mod can delete this, thanks.
  5. Sorry. I haven't been on the site in a couple of weeks. I only see the subtitled version on CR. It never gave me a choice. I'm up to episode 15 and it's been solid good so far and I'm really impressed.
  6. LoGH: Die Neue These SAOA: GGO I also started watching Space Battleship Yamato 2199. I never watched the original and have been meaning to for years. Thoroughly enjoying it so far!
  7. Even in the original, Oberstein looked like he had some crossed wires in his head. His voice actor is spot-on in this revamp. Is it the same guy?
  8. I think the underrepresentation of Jean's death was a good example of the "pruning" this show will ultimately receive to keep its length under control. However, I guess that means that his fiancee will also be relegated to the shadows in later episodes. ...unless the show's creators decide to do a bit of flashback content to give considerable weight to her relationship with Yang.
  9. Pacific Rim Uprising

    Just wanted to put my $0.02 in... Saw it. Enjoyed it. Not as good as the first, but a decent popcorn flick. For some reason, I did get a "direct to home video" vibe from the movie, as it did kind of seem like the original's little brother.
  10. I just read some of the initial reviews on CR and one guy tears it up because he couldn't believe that the Empire was so easily able to destroy the Free Planets Alliance fleet. He doesn't yet understand that the point is to show how incompetent the FPA has become and Yang Wen-Li is going to whip it back into shape in no time. I wonder if Episode 2 will show the battle from Wen-Li's perspective... or at least the tail end of it where he manages to save what's left of the fleet. I am kind of hoping they trim a least some of the exposition out of the story. I know, I know... It will hollow out what made the original series so great. I just felt like it was dragging on a bit at times. If they do so, I hope they know what they're doing.
  11. Just watched the first episode and I am looking forward to (re)watching these two tactical titans clash in the stars. I got to about episode 50 in the original series before Sentai yanked all of the LoGH videos from YouTube. My favorite part was when
  12. Just finished Made in Abyss with my girlfriend. She's usually hard to please, but I caught her wiping tears from her face on that last episode. Good stuff! We've just started Children of the Whales, and it really gives me a Gargantia feel to it. But, it's still pretty interesting with its own unique story ideas.
  13. New Macross TV Series in 2018

    I don't get the hate on Zero. The plot made great sense to me and appealed to me in a way I never thought possible. To me, Zero offers a lot of lore and insight into the Protoculture and the beginnings of the human civilization that no other series has even come close to touching. I was first piqued into this by the scenes aboard the PC ship in DYRL. Just about everything in Zero came around in full circle, except the ultimate fate of Shin and Sara. Some loose ends are left to keep things mysterious. How is that a bad thing? These questions can be answered in later media. I know this thread is about a new Macross series, but I would love to hear the reasons how you guys think that Zero's writing was sloppy.
  14. Saw Lord Marksman and Vanadis. Good story, good characters, cute girls It's worth checking out. It finishes on a good point, but there's more content that could be made into a season 2, if the universe will allow it... Almost finished with The Ambition of Oda Nobuna. Cool concept, got some laughs, engaging story and characters. I'm pleasantly surprised!
  15. If it's by Zachtronics, it's gotta be quality. I loved SpaceChem and occasionally install it to play some more. I'm almost afraid to get any of his other games, due to their insane addictive capabilities.