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  1. The same discussion has been going on in the Fortnite forums. The difference here is that BF2 is a AAA title with a $60 up-front cost, coupled with a shitty loot box system with pay-to-win written all over it. Free-to-play games such as World of Warships can get away with this somewhat because there is no initial investment. Fortnite is in paid early access, but will become free-to-play when it officially releases next year. I am highly tempted to spend money on in-game currency, but the loot system is just good enough for me to not make any additional investment YET. Is there an example of loot boxes being done right?
  2. I finally kicked in some dough for the PvE co-op version of Fortnite. I haven't gotten far yet, but this game is very well polished for early access. I'd recommend it, but I don't think I've played enough to give a glowing thumbs-up. It's definitely worth a look!
  3. Chris Roberts is to the gaming industry as Elon Musk is to space exploration and general technology: He's making a lot of promises that he won't be able to keep. And yet people keep d**k riding him like he's some kind of god.
  4. I will eat my own shoes if all that stuff actually makes it into the game and it's a stable and polished release. After playing a few weeks' worth of Fortnite Battle Royale (and loving it), I decided to fork over some money to try the Save the World PvE campaign. Even in early access, it's very well-polished and has been a lot of fun so far. I have been playing with my gf, but I would love to find two more friends to play with to complete the party. I suggest looking it over and playing it with some friends if you are interested. It's probably not that great by yourself.
  5. Macross in the weirdest places

    Good catch!
  6. Did the last episode seem like an OVA to you? It did nothing to advance the overall plot, and was an excuse to show some extra female skin.
  7. Pacific Rim Uprising

    To me, it looks like Earth is being attacked by aliens... perhaps the same antagonists from the first movie. Only this time, they're taking matters into their own hands. They've produced jaeger-like machines to counter Earth's defenses, which is why we see jaeger-on-jaeger combat. We see other large robots that are non-terrestrial in looks, plus the classic kaijus.
  8. I'm almost finished with Gamers! and I'm a few episodes into Knight's and Magic. Gamers! is a great show and I get quite a few chuckles out of it, although I've taken to nicknaming it "Misunderstandings, the Anime". Knight's and Magic has a lot of great concepts and it looks great, but... I am getting too much of a Gary Stu vibe from the MC. This wasn't enough to make me dislike Aldnoah Zero (because so many other parts of that show were great), but it's starting to turn me away from K&M. Did anyone else have a problem with this?
  9. Macross Δ (Delta) Movie Announced

    I'm sure he knew that it was intended to be a two-parter. It's just that the first movie was kind of boring... outside of the very beginning and the very end. Movie #2 was a vast improvement over the first and, honestly, picked up a lot of the slack that the first movie was allowing in the storytelling and pacing.
  10. Pacific Rim Uprising

    Yeah, I can see the super sentai resemblance, but it's fairly muted. This movie looks like fun... weak plot, just lots of action.
  11. So, yeah... as it turns out, I'm a dumbass. At the end of Episode 12, the characters were mentioning that they needed 6 months to prepare for the final battle. I got it in my head that that was TROYCA's way of saying "we'll be back with the 2nd half of this series in 6 months," kind of like how Aldnoah Zero was done. I finally finished the series and I have mixed feelings. The plot was just too damn abstract to really follow what was going on. I just ended up not making any effort to understand and let the show finish. Thoughts and questions to those of you who have seen the series:
  12. This illustrates a good point. If Bluehole just kept their yaps shut, Fortnite wouldn't be getting nearly as much publicity over this stunt. Now, everyone who keeps up with gaming news or plays PUBG will probably get exposed to Fortnite by proxy.
  13. The whole flap is actually difficult to define. First, it seemed like they were complaining that Epic was taking their idea. Then, there was another statement made that clarified their issue, but then contradicted themselves. They said that they were upset that Epic used their game's name to help promote the new game mode in Fortnite. I don't see the creators of H1Z1 complaining about it. Then they said that they were concerned about Epic making a near-copy of their game using the same engine they've already licensed for it. The last complaint is the only thing I think Bluehole has any validity worth holding onto. Maybe if there was some as-of-yet unspoken contractual exclusivity agreed to when they licensed UE4 from Epic... Otherwise, they can go pound sand and git gud at making games. No, there's no chicken dinner, but some players have suggested a "llama dinner" since the co-op mode awards llama pinatas for loot outside of missions. As far as similar mechanics, here's what I've seen so far: Each mission starts with a skydive from a "battle bus" instead of a cargo plane. Players are forced together via a similar series of collapsing circles. Medkits and bandages heal health back. ...and that's about it... The loot system is improved upon by randomly granting quality levels to weapons, such as common, uncommon, rare, epic, and legendary. There are no weapon attachments and no vehicles. Oh, and no armor to equip... you get "shield potions" that grant some protection. They also have rocket launchers and grenade launchers which come in really handy at towards the end of the game. What really makes Fortnite's BR mode stand out is the ability to destroy and build structures on the fly. Yes, you essentially can build a fort anytime you want. It makes for some really great late-game combat. Got some pesky sniper hiding behind a tree? Shoot it until it is destroyed or put a rocket into the area.
  14. Wait. We're waiting for Re:Creators season 2, right? Did I miss an episode? lol