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  1. Damn....sweet model DB. Sorry for the long absence...been pretty busy lately. Hopefuly now I'll have time to start coming by here again. Great page, Brian. Good to see everything togeather in one place
  2. RENDERER LIST Cinema4d - Mechmaster, LParisek Maya (Software /w/ faked Global Illumination) - Doktor Gonzo TrueSpace 6.6 - Brianw76 3ds Max 5.1 (Advanced Lighting/Renderosity) - Aztek LightWave 7.5 - Wolf13
  3. Hey, Dok, one thing to remember is that nobody is necessarily restricted to one render of their model; (ok, well, maybe I am...theres just one Macross!). For example, while the destroids might necessarily be smaller to make the composition work, who says there can only be one MacII and one Tomahawk on the ARMD deck? I'd rather see like three MacIIs with a whole little squad of Destroids in front. Similarly, we can have little valks flitting around the background. This could even compensate for not having all the Valks the same size, and would let ppl show off their other modes (if only in the distance). This would also add density to the fleet, which is nice since the Macross had hundreds of Valks. So basicaly, Valk ppl can get one "featured" model and a handful of "extras". If you think you have the time, you could even do a rough CF texture for the "extras". As for the destroids, we're gonna need a little army from you guys. The detroid ppl I think have the hardest time of it, too, since they have too coordinate so they keep their stuff to scale, not just with each other but with the Macross. So I'll see if I can do some more renders so we can get a prelim pose for the big mac so you gys can start figuring that out.
  4. MASS CG PROJECT MASTER MODELS LIST VE-1 ELINT - Aztek VF-0S Focker - Brianw76 VF-1A Max TV Colors - Datterboy VF-1J Max TV Super Colors - Datterboy VF-1J Millia Super TV Colors - Datterboy VF-1S Max Strike DYRL Colors - Datterboy VF-1J Hikaru Colors - Brianw76 VF-1S Strike Hikaru Colors - Aztek VF-1S Focker Colors - Doktor Gonzo YF-19 - Brianw76 SF-3A Lancer - The Woz MK-II Monster TV Colors - lparisek MBR-04 Tomahawk TV Colors - lparisek (If I get it textured in time) SDF-1 Macross - Wolf13 Cannon Fodder - anyone who has one... Back Anybody have a big stick I can beat real life with? Been trying to find one... Incidentaly, I have my Yamato FAST packs in and although I doubt I'll have time to finish my low-viz for the poster, I'm willing to provide high-detail FAST packs, missiles, missile pods, etc. to any Valk without 'em. If anyone is interested let me know. lparisek, were you the one with ftp space? I had an ftp set up for like a couple of days and then it randomly stopped working. I do have DSL now and am willing to upload the Mac + textures... just need to figure out where.
  5. The original Lodoss is the quintessential Fantasy anime, and fairly beautifuly animated. The TV series "Chronicle of the Heroic Knight" isn't up to par with the original, but it does flesh out the story quite a bit better. Honestly, I still prefer the original. But Chronicle is still an awesome series and a worthy buy for the Lodoss fan; a thousand times better than the terrible and barely related Crystania series. Basicaly, if you like Lodoss, its a good buy. Otherwise, watch the original Lodoss first. If you know Lodoss, be aware that the story diverges right after the end of the War of Heroes, and from that point on more closely follows (supposedly) the original Japanese novels(which I can't read).
  6. Damn Brian, that is nothing short of tragic. If you get your 19 fixed we'd still love to have it, tho. Man, just 'cause of that I'm going to backup my stuff tonight. Have a great trip, Az! Hopefuly by the time you get back I'll have new stuff to show too!
  7. I think so far I like Dok's crop the best... for some reason I see this thing as a vertical shot, not horizontal. We should have destroids on the ARMD, but the Valks should be flying. DB, that looks cool; still, we need a surface for the destroids which is why we want the ARMD in there and upclose. As for the Macross being too "busy" don't worry, I'm working on that so we can compensate with the lighting. I'll make sure to push it (minus the ARMD) into the background. Maybe even blur it slightly so it looks out of focus. I'll figure >something< out.
  8. Ok, so here we go. Heres a posibility for a pose. I enlarged the ARMD (its not to scale with the Macross) so that we have a bit more room up there. It still isn't much, but remember that if we make this image, say, 8x times as large as it is now (per dimension), we should have plenty of room for a few Destroids! The Vlaks I really think should be flying around, in any of the modes. I see no problem with a bunch of Valks flying around in batroid mode... Well, anyway, its a point of departure. Oh, and the lighting is just there so we can see the model, hardly final or even close to it. Well, heres the first try. Discuss
  9. Ok, ok, I swear that this is my last OT post, then I'll go back and behave. I >really< didn't want to loose this model but for a looong while now its sat unused because I knew it'd be a pain to convert. So I finaly sat down and did it cause I needed to get it out of my system. Its not 100% done, but close enough that I can stop worrying about it and tweak it at my leisure later. Now back to Macross, I promise. EDIT: Sorry, fogot to mention that neither the pilot nor the R2 are mine, they are both from the old SWMA. The pilot I'd like to eventualy replace with one of my own, but that R2 was damn near flawless.
  10. Argh! Sorry Brian, scratch that, reverse it. I'm converting FROM truespace. The Xwing is a tS model as are most of my models. I used tS for many years until I only recently switched to LightWave (cause thats the program we used at school and I got to like it quite a bit). The Macross is compleately done in Lightwave. However, I'll be putting up the big Mac for download and you're certainly welcome to convert it; I suggest Accutrans 3D as a great shareware conversion program. You'll have to retexture after you convert, but the geometry is translated very well. As for my doing the renders, I'm going to render only the Macross, right? Like Dok said, it'll likely be a HUGE render, but I'm not going to be rendering the Valks; they'd all have to be converted to Lightwave for that and I'm not sure thats a great idea. lparisek, once its finished I'll put up some pics of the X-Wing on my site, and I might put the model up for download as well. It was originaly intended for the now defunct but sorely missed SWMA (Star Wars Modeling Alliance). THAT was an awesome place to share and work on 3D stuff. Too bad it seems to be gone for good
  11. Well, here's one of the reasons I haven't been working on Macross stuff... I've been working on correctly converting some of my old models to trueSpace. This old beauty is converted and ready for re-texturing... once she's done, I'm back for more Macross.
  12. I can do both, actualy. For the next couple of days I'll be busy, but after that I'll upload the stuff to the ftp and also crank out some possible posses.
  13. Actualy JsArclight, the only show I've seen mentioned here is B5 which didn't get canceled, it ended...big difference. So I don't get your point. A lot of people seem to want Trek to just die off. I disagree, but perhaps it >is< better than to seeit keep spiraling down. IMHO theres still a chance to save it, tho. It hasn't been ALL bad lately, even Enterprise, Voyager and Nemesis got me cracking a smile or raising an eyebrown once in a while. I do think there need to be some drastic changes, tho. We'll see what happens. I like the idea of a new series set in the TOS movies era, tho I hardly think George Takei is the one to do it. The Enterprise B is certainly a posibility tho, since we know next to nothing of what became of her. They wouldn't even need to use the same Captain from generations, since the original Enterprise was captained by April and Pike before Kirk...
  14. No one can argue that Star Trek is in quite a bit of a rut. Since First Contact and the end of Deep Space 9, nothing seems to come togeather despite anyone's best intentions. I'm a long-time fan of the franchise (since I was born, seems like) and oddly enough for my generation, have a great deal of love for the Original series. Maybe as some suggest it is time for Trek to fade out for a while, but I stubbornly refuse to think that there isn't some way to restore Trek to its former glory. After giving it a considerable amount of thought, I can see only one solution: A mini-series. A BIG, universe-shattering powerful miniseries that draws on all previous Trek material to revitalize the series and send it in a new direction. Give it >tons< of hype so people will be there, give it a considerable budget, draw characters from all time-frames from TOS to Voyager (if you must). Make it one week long, which gives you 5-10 hours, or maybe two or thee 2 hour parts or something. Budget per hour should be on par with maybe 2 episodes of a regular series... a lot, but certainly nothing that will bankrupt paramount. I can list a lot of reasons why this would work. 1) It has a chance of being epic and very diferent from a series...its been getting hard to make the movies not feel like episodes. 2)Having a mixed cast will draw fans of each series. This could be done in two ways: either 1) have diferent time frames like "Taken" did, or 2) simply gather the cast in the TNG-Voyager timeframe. Option 1 gives you the chance to start things in the NX-01, however. 3)A lot of people want to see Kirk return, if only to give him a decent/cool death unlike the crap he was given. If this is to happen, this would be the way. Having 10 hours of plot means you can bring back Kirk without having to make the story about him. No "Search for Kirk" which would just be lame. 4)It would be a first. Trek has never been done in this format and that would automaticaly make it refreshing. An entirely diferent kind of plot can be done in a miniseries, much more complex than a movie or a TV two-parter. DS9 had long continuing plots, but like Babylon 5 it suffered because it was hard to keep up. Since a miniseries is shown all at once with one ep right after another, it'd be much simpler to do so. Ok, so Trek fans, what do you think? And please, if you hate Star Trek don't stop by and tell us so. I know its not for everyone.
  15. The proportions look fairly accurate, Vic. BTW, thats the way I prefer to work too. Get a low detail model with correct proportions togeather, then slowly swap out the pieces for high detail versions.
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