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  1. I got an Oculus Rift just for HL:A. Haven't had the chance to set up all the cameras yet, but reaaaallly looking forward to experiencing it. Hope I don't ruin all older VR games for myself by starting out with Alyx though.
  2. Thanks. Yeah, the order page only lets me change the shipping address, no option for billing. Just went and updated my "account wide" billing address, so hopefully that applies to all open orders. Regardless, I think PayPal should take care of all that since my billing address is built into that.
  3. Realized I accidentally clicked "Billing address is the same as shipping address" on HLJ when they are in fact, different for me. Will this matter if I'm using Paypal for the payment option?
  4. Honestly don't even know the product link, so just been refreshing the search function.
  5. Yep, looks like they're out. Big oofs all around. Gotta wonder if the only people able to get these are using bots to hammer the site until one gets through or something.
  6. Was able to click pre-order on amiami before the site kicked me out again
  7. Oof, this is my first time going for one of these at the release window. Not even sure how to find the links on Amiami or HLJ, gonna be depending on you guys lol
  8. So what time in CST can we expect pre orders for freedom to start?
  9. Thanks guys! Not to keep pushing my own agenda, but I swear that there was some mention of Justice being next after the freedom 2.0. I distinctly remember a promo teaser but can't seem to find it anymore. Hope it pans out, and I hope preorders for this aren't insane.
  10. So is the entire suit redesigned, or is it just the wings? Having a hard time figuring that out from pics alone.
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