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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O2W0N3uKXmo Now with the announcement of Half-Life: Alyx, I'm officially in the market for a VR setup. I am seriously considering splurging on the Valve Index, but also wanted to get people's thoughts on if its worth it vs. the much cheaper Oculus Rift S. Ideally, I'd like to experience everything Alyx has to offer (especially since Half Life games always push boundaries), which means native support for Index stuff. At the same time though, I've heard support in other games for the Index can be hit or miss and I'd rather not waste $1000 only on a single game if Oculus works better on all other games. Does anyone have experience with this? I have a PC with a GTX 1080 Ti, so hopefully it will be able to drive both reasonably well.
  2. Threezero stuff usually tends to be mostly plastic (which often leads to questionable joint design in my limited experience with their titanfall stuff). Furthermore, their stuff is usually astronomically priced (again, their titanfall stuff had MSRPs >$450), albeit with a usually breathtaking paint finish.
  3. New Metal Builds are kinda disappointing for me. Wish they at least did a proper Dynames instead of R3 (????). I feel like they maybe went with R3 cause it's closer to the exia frame and they can just re-use those parts.
  4. Yep, you're absolutely right. I actually always buy all major consoles from each company (So right now, in addition to PC, I have a PS4, Switch, and Xbox One). And as you've suggested, I've basically just used the PS4 and Switch as exclusives platforms. I definitely will be reconsidering purchasing the next xbox, as the xbox one did very little for me this gen (unless Halo Ultimate can remedy that, but I doubt it). The exciting part of PC gaming (for me) when a new console gen rolls around is that the multi-plats also start to look a lot better (as you've mentioned). Usually near the end of console cycles, games on PC just look like "more polished" console equivalents, regardless of how much hardware you throw at the problem. For example, right now with a GTX 1080 Ti, I can run almost every game at ultra settings at 5120 x 1440 (just shy of 4k) at 80+ frames per second. Once the next gen rolls around, I imagine this will no longer be the case since the overall fidelity of textures and lighting is improved across the board for consoles as well. Seeing what *those* games will look like on PC excites me, and hopefully new GPUs come out to keep up. Sadly, there's very few actual PC exclusives I feel that take advantage of PC hardware. The closest I can think of is Star Citizen, which we can barely call a finished game at this point Lastly, I think console devs will never shoot for 60 fps outside of fps games. I feel as though they will always try to pump out the most glamorous graphics to sell the title, sacrificing frame rate in the process.
  5. I think my younger self would have been super hyped about the next generation of consoles. However, having been playing primarily on PC for the past few years (on a doublewide 32:9 monitor at that), I just can't muster enough excitement. At minimum, hopefully this will see the games coming to PC get a graphics boost as well.
  6. Honestly looks absurdly good. Might have to grab one but it's a big amount to swallow. Also, I imagine I would be waaaay to afraid to transform to battroid mode, which ruins a bit of the fun. Decisions, decisions....
  7. Feel like they've really milked 00 for metal build. I hope it's at least something other than a Sestuna suit derivative (feel like they've basically done all of them at this point too). As for GFFMC, I hope they stick with UC suits. Feel like the GP-01 or RX-79[G] has been begging for one.
  8. Have we even seen the funnels mounted to the Nu? I feel like they're not worth the absurd asking price if you can't even attach them to the figure itself...
  9. Shameless plug, but NY refused to refund an extra DX VF-1A Max that I ordered. It’s my fault for jumping the gun, but alas what can you do. Some costs have come up that I need to address so I’m pre-selling it at a loss to me in the For Sale section. Please take a look if you’re on the hunt for one.
  10. I'm honestly quite shocked how little love the Justice gets when stuff like Astrays get pumped out in every single line. Heck, they're even doing a remake of the Freedom before the Justice
  11. I'm so glad G Gundam is finally getting some attention. I low-key wish it was Shining gundam instead, but I'll take what I can get!
  12. I feel the metal build design, for whatever reason, works better with Unit 2, but I'm personally more attached to the iconic unit 1 so I had to go with that.
  13. I’m kind of scared this is going to be Arcadia’s last hoorah (and I really hope it isn’t). Seems like things have slowed down on their end. It would be a shame if they had to stop after effectively engineering the basis of modern macross toys (during the Yamato years). Amazing to think how far things have come from the Masterpiece Veritechs that got me into collecting (and how panned those were)
  14. I went ahead and pre-ordered one from HLJ. Missed out on the Yamato offerings back in the day cause I was too young to afford them. Don't want to make the same mistake now.
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