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  1. Yamato off white was perfect!! the result is more realistic than the Arcadia versions.
  2. and the winner is..............Yamato!!
  3. Wow, eagle´s eyes. I did not see that!!! so small Kanji, so true still unopened. just checked first kanji used in 未だ mada=still, second kanji 開ける akeru= to open, third kanji 封 fuu=seal. am I right? I am a student of Japanese. what I do not understand is why they write second hand and then in small unopened.
  4. Yes, Akihabara is a tourist trap, I was there in 2015!! be carefull with your wallet!! and I forgot to mention, that is a second hand item. Is very clear writen in Japanese (foreigners wont know) is below the price. look for this 中古品 (second hands goods!!)
  5. I still like it, It was ahead of its time when released. I love it!!
  6. valkfighter

    Hi-Metal R

    Why is there a hole in the nose? hope mine does not come with that. is the one in the picture a battle damage version or what??
  7. Lol. yamie V2 cockpit!
  8. thanks to the lighting in This image reveals to me once again modeling mistakes on the leg design. practically the same as the old yamie 1/48. I consider after checking my 1/60 yamie V2 that is the only one with the right leg design.
  9. Ya vieron la peli de Delta? finalmente aparecio por algun lado?. aca dejo esto para reflexionar un poco entre series. un punto de vista interesante sobre Macross en general.
  10. for 35 anniversary I would prefer a Minmay guard scheme including a minmay figure in the box as well.
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