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  1. Mine, Yamato preowned, flops at the thighs whn I shake him a bit suspended above a flat surface. And those two boobs of his, it's removable? Again, in my sample. And the pegs that locks to his ""autogun"/weapon's handle is like a pain to mount on. It also has a seam line in the middle of it's mouth guard. Mech design appearance wise, yup! Pretty badazz!
  2. I hope this is the right thread but for those who own both Arcadia and Yamato VF-0S, is the Arcadia just as floppy as the Yamato?
  3. You guys are such a big help! Thanks! Way better than those wikias! All the more adding to the mythos of the mech's pure awesomeness! I also saw what it did to the tank.........OUCH!
  4. Over kill huh? So the destroid mode did show up! Epic! Also a wtf on the V6, it comes with its own pin point barrier system?! Talk about
  5. Latecomer and the search engine sent me here. I recently acquired, after almost a decade a Dx Chogokin Koenig Monster. (3rd version olive green). I first heard of it back in my PSOne VFX2 and I mistakenly thought based on the game article of it that it was the Space War One Monster (stupid author back then). I thought, WOW! Why didn't they render it back then to transform. Later I would learn they were two different mechs and the rest is history. HMR released the Monster which I immediately got but it was the Space War One version. Non transforming. Kind of disappointed then I opened the box and it was like Sheer awesomeness. It really was a Monster! I then got lucky a few weeks ago and scored a loose but near mint Bandai Koenig V6 ver3 color DX Chogokin. Again, it was like . So awesome! (I was targeting the 1/100 Yamato but reviews of Scorched Earth Toys was less than stellar). Then I read the Destroid form was never used in the anime. Too bad! If it was rendered as such, the battles would have been awesome! Even in the 0-G environment, I doubt it would be that maneuverable but it would have been epic to see it stomp heads! Just imagine having it go against the Invid ( I know different franchise)...........
  6. Those were April due deliveries. Arrived May 5 via EMS and still no movement. Post May, like my Fastpack and Destroid Monster, I used DHL.
  7. Daym! VF1-S already awesome but looks so naked without the fastpacks!
  8. This too!
  9. THAT IS AWESOME! Now the hunt continues! Thanks!
  10. Mine since May 5. Couple of TF stuff. Should have used DHL.
  11. Anyone have an image of the DYRL Hikaru with both fastpack and missiles attached ala DYRL?
  12. Fastpack just arrived! Now on the missile set.
  13. Beerbug.
  14. Question is, are the items already on hand with NY? Do they send out via ARR, EMS or DHL? Manda does that. Did you ask them?
  15. Enough already with the EPIC shots! Now if you key in the DYRL track when the SDF1 transforms! Fastpack shipped!
  16. The original alert was Y11K then I checked the other alternatives and voila! Y9K!
  17. Thanks!
  18. Thanks! I specified DHL as EMS has some delays too.
  19. They didn't ship it. I don't think any dastardly act as responsible but in Japan too, they have their own stay at home orders. They might be just waiting when to send it to the PO/EMS or DHL.
  20. via DHL. Hopefully shipped soon.
  21. fenrir72

    Hi-Metal R

    Is this considered to be HMR? I heard/read that the Koenig is in scale with the HMR Valkyries.
  22. After a 10 year wait.................Transformable Monster (post PS VFX(2?) game) is now mine! Version 3 military green. And the Roy(?) Lightning VF4.
  23. Maybe Bandai should re consider off shoring/out sourcing their assembly plants and start making them straight from Japan again.
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