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  1. Hey, that's a good idea! I think the Sau might be a bit smaller scale though. I'll grab some this weekend for giggles
  2. Got mine last night, small but well done. And yes thankfully it had the book. Need to get my motivation up to transform it, I have flashbacks from my Yamato hips and hinge breaking. Hopefully the last Proto-Garland for me. Would like a GR-2 though, and of course a Wilde-Sau ~_^
  3. Hired someone to build it, I wanted it perfect! http://mwmodelwerks.com/mswerks/wsa.htm
  4. Just purchased a Arcadia Proto on eBay. The seller couldn't confirm if the booklet is included, but am I safe to assume pretty much all that is out there currently is the first batch?
  5. No apologies needed, Thanks a million. Ok, hunt is on for first production version. DM me if someone with an extra wants a quick sale
  6. I agree, yet more wonderfest treasures I'll never have
  7. Thanks Can anyone confirm the page count? Or maybe some quick pics of the contents?
  8. Does the book only come with the first batch of releases? Or is it a web exclusive? About how many pages? Really didn't think this would sell out so quick, was too involved trying to get a Bandai Hikaru VF-1S...
  9. Thanks much.... Still on the fence about ordering though
  10. For those that might not be into the Macross won't stop shenanigans. Would this be a viable purchase for someone interested in the TV series valkyries? In other words, am I getting my hopes up expecting something like the 20th anniversary dvd?
  11. ... No way I can afford it with my commitment to the Yamato, but totally intrigued.
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