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  1. Site is having issues, did you get a confirmation email?
  2. Sounds like an Oracle database issue, that is ridiculous. I'm sure that can be argued successfully with a customer service email, however not when it in in a cart and time is of the essence. Lots of E-commerce info in this thread
  3. First world problems ~_^
  4. ? Please elaborate
  5. Score! Thanks so much guys!
  6. Foiled again....
  7. Gotta thank you guys, Got my strike parts and missile preorder in, now all I need is the valk. Thanks to all of you for the help. Ordered only one of each ~_^ Think I might know you guys from SDcon or the local scene in Los Angeles ~_^
  8. Good point, this "buying collective" might have to involve a lot of management. Question is, Who will manage?
  9. Valid concern! Maybe only Strait Shooters or members with good Kharma? But then you might alienate some guy or girl that is new to the hobby and might worship a Valkyrie better than us moving forward?
  10. I'm in, Had no luck with the free ones like https://distill.io/ as they just create more Spam in my inbox.
  11. Or if 3rd shift at the Bandai factory can sneak a press or two or 1000 ~_^
  12. I check the thread every day for some news like this. I think you are gonna have to wait like me, or settle for a Max. Still haven't decided what I might do
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