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  1. I hear ya, but good lord $54.48 for shipping
  2. Wow, $54.48 to ship my missile set via DHL from anime export....
  3. Uggh, didn't you guys give up on ordering from them because of the poor communication?
  4. Good luck guys, I'll be back for the Macross + madness if it ever happens!
  5. Got my answer, sounds reasonable, but frustrating nevertheless: "getting a quote from them takes several days due to being massivingly overwhelmed. Shall we request a shipment cost by DHL for your shipment ? "
  6. Oh believe me I'm not interested, ok with my Movie Hikaru. I just remember some people have scored on HLJ before and I'm fascinated how that was achieved without a bot.
  7. How does one find the preorder page on HLJ? Search once it goes on sale?
  8. Has anyone been able to get anime export to ship any missile sets? They keep telling me that "shipment to USA is currently suspended by Japan post." Assuming Japan post is the only method they use to ship....
  9. act of congress to get the first issue.... Totally worth it, glad it is being reissued!
  10. Has anyone received shipping notice from MyKombini for their super parts? Sent email Friday asking for status but no reply yet. Earlier in the week they asked for another 350 yen stating the shipping was more than they expected ~_~
  11. Assuming nothing has shown up on youtube.
  12. Hey, that's a good idea! I think the Sau might be a bit smaller scale though. I'll grab some this weekend for giggles
  13. Got mine last night, small but well done. And yes thankfully it had the book. Need to get my motivation up to transform it, I have flashbacks from my Yamato hips and hinge breaking. Hopefully the last Proto-Garland for me. Would like a GR-2 though, and of course a Wilde-Sau ~_^
  14. Hired someone to build it, I wanted it perfect! http://mwmodelwerks.com/mswerks/wsa.htm
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