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  1. Wonder if they are reprinting 105 because of this issue missing a piece. I'll hold off a bit but just in case, I'll order through a proxy if no restock through HLJ in a week or two. Just checked Amazon JP and a few JP book stores and out of stock. lol, I don't see the display case on Hachette mail order but I do see the binders.
  2. 104 105 is still available per hacthette mail order... Hachette Yamato mail order Hobby Link Japan has still not fulfilled my preorder for 105. Panic time, LOL
  3. So that means Yamato will stop at 110 and the Andromeda will take over? Kinda strange...
  4. Still no word back from them on the issue count, but this is what I found on their site some years ago when this all started: On this page: https://hcj.jp/2202/faq.html
  5. I read on the Hatchette site it goes to issue 110, but that was through a translation.
  6. This mad scramble to secure issues will be over soon as supposedly only 5 more issues left. However I'm thinking the issues with the controller box might be in high demand as they might have a sound chip installed.
  7. #105 was up but I certainly missed it https://www.hlj.com/space-battleship-yamato-2202-1-350-yamato-weekly-magazine-105-hsjwym105
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