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  1. The Transformers Thread Next

    Faux chest parts were already confirmed on TFW2005, this pic is being torn apart on like 30-40 different threads on that site. I don't mind faux parts at all, using the real parts isn't always an option, and sometimes a downright physical impossibility, especially if you are trying to achieve a more toon accurate look, which never lends itself well to using the actual car parts when necessary, faux parts are ALWAYS the way to go for the toon look, which is all Takara is going for now so faux parts are here to stay. I didn't mind the fake chest on BadCube Sunsurge, they achieved the toon accurate look, then Takara fanboys declared Takara would NEVER use a fake chest, and then official Takara Sunstreaker had a fake chest EXACTLY like BadCube Sunsurge, pretty funny stuff. Honestly, the thought of the price scares me, MP-36 was expensive enough, coming with a new trailer I can only imagine this guy will somehow be even more expensive. As others have said, too early for me to judge, I need some real, color photos. Looking decent so far, but I really like MP-10, so Takara will really need to show something special to get me to consider trading out one expensive figure for an updated version AGAIN. Yes I had MP-1, and then MP-10, I'm really reluctant about buying a new MP Prime AGAIN.
  2. Anthony Bourdain dead at 61

    Wow such sad news :(. I read Kitchen Confidential in college when I had to start cooking for myself, great book, the guy was a very talented author as well. I loved his shows too, especially the later series where he wasn't quite as tethered by the networks and he really got to let loose. Incredible personality and he will be missed.
  3. Figuarts Falcon is up on NY, nabbed mine already. I'm sure Bluefin will get him, and BBTS and the like will have him, but he will be even more expensive due to having to come bundled with an accessory, so the stand alone from NY works for me. I think he looks really good, extra head is nice, I do wish he came with Redwing as an accessory, but Bandai gonna Bandai. edit: Actually, the price at BBTS and TCP aren't bad at all, about $10 over the price at NY and AE, but no pay up front. I can do that easy, that extra $10 would've been eaten up by NY's stupid overpriced shipping anyway.
  4. General TV thread

    So I recently made a thread for Arrow on CW, but I just gotta make another. I believe we're in the golden age of TV, we're finally at the point when we are getting truly quality performances and stories on both basic and premium cable, there's literally something for everybody. So how about Hannibal? This is yet another series that's been blowing my mind for two seasons now, easily the most graphic and disturbing show on television, I find every episode to be pretty excellent. There are some really incredible performances throughout, Mads Mikkelsen is pretty much my favorite Hannibal since Anthony Hopkins horrified people in Silence of the Lambs, as a long time fan and reader of the Red Dragon novels I've got even more to love. Another fantastic episode tonight, the situation Graham has found himself in is hard to watch but you know there's more there than we're seeing, Hugh Dancy also absolutely dominating his role as the tormented Will Graham. My DVR is full, I've got something recorded almost every night, but I always find myself looking forward to Friday night Hannibal.
  5. The abs look utterly ridiculous, they're far too pronounced. The head sculpt itself looks okay, but the face and mouth mandibles look terribly off. I don't like the proportions, he looks too short or squat, and "thick", is the best way I can put it. And I really dislike the armor, too busy, he looks like Aquaman from the new Justice League movie, especially holding his staff. Agreed with tekering, far too many liberties taken to call this City Predator from Predator 2, if they just called it an original design I could cut them more slack but they didn't. I'm just not liking what I am seeing at all, and that price is insane. Easy pass, even if this thing was standard Figma price, 70-80$, I'd still probably pass, I just don't like how this thing looks. I am still more then happy with my old MonsterArts Predator and Alien Warriors, I LOVE the sculpt and proportions on those guys. I'll admit the new Figma alien looks much better then the Predator, but I don't want or need more Alien figures so I'm good.
  6. Yikes, not a fan of this at all, and that price is INSANE! Seems like it is a Figma exclusive of some kind, not on most sites, found it on NY for 13,200Y, and BBTS has it for a once again, INSANE, $164.99. This seems standard Figma size too, that price is absurd, good luck Figma.
  7. The Third Party Transformers Thread

    Definitely a pretty nice looking bot mode, I just prefer Toro overall, monster hiking backpack included. Toro has the nicer face and chest to me, his face in particular has the face color going above his eyes whereas Helion bleeds straight in to red above his eyes. I also find the lack of a more defined spoiler on his chest disturbing. Both killer looking bot modes honestly so I feel you really can't go wrong, it's just that alt mode that loses me...
  8. Oh man, this thread is getting heated! I saw it Saturday, enjoyed the hell out of it, wasn't a big fan of TFA or TLJ, but didn't vehemently hate them like they fraked my mother or something. A Boba solo film sounds like a waste, Obi-Wan would be a much better choice. I'll still watch episode 9 of course, but I'm not really expecting much, I love Star Wars, I will always watch more Star Wars, shows or movies, I just love Star Wars.
  9. The Third Party Transformers Thread

    I see, makes sense. Definitely seems like MMC has you covered then :). I was mostly referring to car based minibots, and mostly by Badcube. I like the blend they went with, I love their minibots. I'm skipping minibots after season 1, so I probably won't bother with a Cosmo, Seaspray, Powerglide, or Beachcomber. Definitely agreed on Boost by Xtransbots, he is the only MP Windchager on the market so I feel myself and many, many others settled. He looks good aesthetically, but his transformation is dumb with horrible clearances, but once again, I really love those realistic minibot alt modes.
  10. The Third Party Transformers Thread

    Can I ask why the chibi alt mode is a selling point? I get that it looks like CJ's alt mode in the cartoon, but Takara's only MP minibot and most of Badcube's minibot releases have all had "realistic" alt modes (except Gears/Grump like I mentioned above) despite appearing chibi in the cartoon itself. I also usually remember you not being the biggest straight off the screen toon fan like me. No arguments the backpack cleans up much nicer, but I would attribute that to not having a full sized "realistic" alt mode, it SHOULD have a cleaner bot due to having to hide and transform less car. No gripes from me, thanks to third party, as usual, we have several options for a decent MP CJ. I LOOOOVE my FT Willis, but there's zero denying Gundog is a fun toy, with a pretty fun and MUCH more intuitive transformation then Willis. I've handled, and even borrowed for a few days, my buddy Rex's Gundog, once again, MakeToys making figures that are fun to transform and pose. And once again, aesthetically, FT nails it but flubs on making an actual fun figure with a fun transformation.
  11. The Third Party Transformers Thread

    I'd recommend Ace Tumbler if you don't really care about CJ and can find him for the steal that I did, $27 shipped. He's a crappy figure, floppy, badly placed diecast, but he was dirt cheap and looks CJ enough for most people. Personally I am waiting on Toro to drop, he has in hand pictures out and while he does have a huge camping backpack, he looks head and shoulders above the MMC version IMO. I consider myself a toon first guy, but that penny racer chibi alt mode looks frakking ridiculous, it won't match a single other alt mode in an MP collection, the only somewhat chibi alt mode I can think of on an MP figure third party or official is Badcube Grump/Gears, his alt mode is quite chibi, more then I would like, but his alt mode was never really a specific distinguishable vehicle anyway so I give it a pass. MMC in alt mode next to MP Bee will look ridiculous, unless you don't use MP Bee and have a third party version instead, but even then, nobody else is making MP minibots that have chibi alt modes, it's just a really weird decision on MMC's part.
  12. I'm wondering does anyone else watch this? I've been an avid comic fan for years and years, the Emerald Archer has always had a soft spot in my heart, I was a bit worried when this was initially announced, it gave me vibes that it could end up being as god-awful The Cape, I just didn't think a mainstream DC character could translate well to weekly television. Obviously we're in season 2 now and literally all my fears drowned away early on in season 1, season 2 has been downright phenomenal. Last weeks episode was obviously titled "Suicide Squad", which if you're familiar with DC, may sound familiar to you, along with a BIG cameo/easter egg appearance from one Clown Prince of crime's girlfriend, another well established member of the Suicide Squad. I believe Arrow has been doing a consistent job at adapting some big DC characters to the silver screen, this second season has been revealing more and more characters that are hinting at a much larger connected world, lots of different story threads going that I am familiar with, and yet I can't wait to actually see play out on TV. Arrow has been doing so well they even got to introduce Barry Allen, aka The Flash recently, who is now getting his own pilot and series that is set to air back to back with Arrow, making a two hour block of weekly DC goodnes.
  13. Legos, anyone?

    I posted in the Transformers thread but will post here too, The Toys That Made Us part 2 is out on Netflix today. Very neat little 8 part documentary series about various toylines, first part covered Kenner Star Wars, Barbie, GI Joe, and Masters of the Universe. This second part covers Star Trek, Hello Kitty, Transformers, and of course Lego. Love the series, only 45 minutes per episode but they're interesting little tidbits of information I probably wouldn't know otherwise.
  14. Nope, no robes at all. I bought some off ebay for my original release version, they don't look quite as good, but for $7 shipped they work for me. That seems to be the only addition to this new release, cloth goods robe, he doesn't even come with the little droid that came with his Sith Speeder bike that just released.
  15. The Third Party Transformers Thread

    Lol I totally forgot about Spotter/Reflector, I have him too. Oddly enough, I REALLY enjoy their transformation. It is indeed fiddly as well, but I oddly kind of think of them as a combiner as well, so maybe that makes it feel a little different to me. Something about folding them into little boxes then putting them together is fun for me, but as I said, it too is more fiddly then I would like, folding the legs up gives most folks a lot of trouble.
  16. The Third Party Transformers Thread

    Yeah I love me some FansToys, but honestly, outside Phoenix and their incredible dinos I really haven't had very much fun with their figures. Willis is a prime example for me, G1 Hound to a T, undeniably so I'd say, but he has stupid joints, like a screw for his back and forth foot tilt, and his transformation is the most unintuitive, irritating, backwards garbage I think I may have ever seen. Quakwave is fine, basic enough, my buddy Rex bought their Kup and Arcee and damn, that was a mess to say the least. I get it, most bots from the movie are like G1 Megatron, two modes that don't lend well to a real physical transformation, but still. While his Arcee was in bot mode on the shelf, I messed with and WATCHED him transform Kup, and that looked really, really not fun at all. Terminus Giganticus aka Omega Supreme is another. I passed on Gabriel by DX9 for a number of reasons, base mode being a major point for me personally, Gabriel has an awful looking base mode with an awful looking tank. FansToys nailed the base mode and tank, but getting the figure there is again, a mess. Okay the body and head are fine, but the legs are supremely fiddly, to the point that I have to take a break usually out of frustration. I know where everything goes, it's just not easy getting everything there. Sovereign is great, beautiful figure, but that transformation sucks, and his alt mode isn't even anything to write home about once you actually get him there. They do make really good looking bots no doubt, and usually alt modes look pretty on point as well, but it's gotten to the point that actually transforming their figures feels like a chore, and most of the time even if I want to check out the mode a figure isn't currently in, I won't bother just because it's not fun. Base mode and bot mode on TG are great, but I really don't go between the two often because those legs are just too damn fiddly.
  17. It was definitely shown off earlier and I saw it, I just didn't include the photo because it didn't really interest me at all, I just want MK1 to finish off my Hall of Armor and I'm done with Tony and his suits.
  18. The Transformers Thread Next

    Don't forget everyone, The Toys That Made Us part 2 is up on Netflix today! If you haven't checked it out, do! It's a fantastic little 8 part series covering several toy lines from inception, to their glory days. First four parts covered Kenner Star Wars, Masters of the Universe, Barbie, and GI Joe. The second part out today covers Star Trek, Hello Kitty, Lego, and of course TRANSFORMERS! I highly recommend watching each episode, lots of fun facts and information I never knew about, even if the toy lines themselves aren't anything that ever interested me. The history of Transformers is quite interesting, and the original G1 toy line was a big deal for a lot of people growing up, gotta be a good episode! I also love me some Lego to death, so I'll probably just end up watching all four new episodes tonight, good stuff.
  19. To be fair I got everyone's hopes up with no guarantee, this is a Tamashii Con, and the Xmen logo just appeared on the docket as something we will see in some line, no guarantee on them being Figuarts figures, that was just the most popular guess. As of now I haven't seen any Xmen stuff besides some of the Manga Realization stuff, they may be holding back whatever Xmen stuff they have until later in the Con.
  20. Definitely confirmed the Figuarts MK50 "Nano Weapon" version is a totally different version of MK50, no word on if it comes with normal arms and legs too, really dumb to see two versions already. Lots of other news and pics though, I didn't see this earlier, FIGUARTS NICK FURY! Wasp looks great, so does Star Spangled Man propaganda Cap. Groot looks good, but I'm not rebuying Rocket and Peter from the first film, so a pass for me, especially if Drax and Gamora aren't being made for whatever stupid ass reason. Seems Bandai is redoing the Iron Man 2 War Machine MK1. I'll take it, missed it the first time, won't this time.
  21. HLJ just charged me for Cap, Iron Spider, and my Tamashii Marvel stands, excited to check out Spidey even though the Iron Spider legs look a bit too thick.
  22. Oh man, that cameo is AWESOME! I'm even more excited! I've got tickets for Friday night after work, more Star Wars is good Star Wars to me. I don't get the whining about the cameo, Star Wars isn't self contained to film anymore, welcome to the past three to four decades. For those that do bother to watch the excellent shows and read some of the excellent comics and books, this is a pretty awesome little tie in. This particular character got FAR more fleshed out thanks to expanded content, otherwise they would have been one of the biggest wastes of a character in Star Wars history. I'm pumped, but then again I have been since this was announced, more Star Wars is good Star Wars, I really can't complain that this film is unnecessary, technically speaking, everything after A New Hope is unnecessary, sequels and spin offs by nature are unnecessary.
  23. The Transformers Thread Next

    This was always the plan, Takara is making V3 Prime toon accurate like all of their modern releases, with the main goal being to make it a perfect companion for MP-36, who myself and others feel looks ridiculous next to MP-10, you can see the clear aesthetic shift from earlier MPs to how they are now. Doubtful it will be a designation for MP-10, I'd guess it will be an all new numbered MP release. Most are guessing it will have some design elements from MP-10, but mostly a new figure with more articulation, and it will be far closer to the straight off the screen toon aesthetic Takara is going with now. On a side note I wasn't all too impressed with MP-36 so I sold it and bought the Magten silver KO MP-36, same figure as MP-36 but it's finished in a beautiful silver paint with red on the inside of the legs like the G1 toy, it's the perfect blend of toon and toy that I want in my MP-36. And honestly, the paint is far nicer and more durable, plus it has some better tolerances and joints.
  24. The Transformers Thread Next

    Definitely, but no word on if it is Lucky Draw like most gold releases or if it will be a normal release. Funny that Takara is pushing another repaint of MP-10, with pictures of a newer Prime right next to it, blatantly telling you a new Prime is coming, but here's another MP-10 to buy...