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  1. Hi-Metal R

    Same here, HLJ officially charged me for my 2SS and Figuarts Kingdom Hearts Sora, I ended up cancelling the new Figma Samus, surprise brake repairs nearly killed my budget this month.
  2. Mezco One:12 LIne

    Mezco Exclusive Joker went up this morning as well, I IMMEDIATELY nabbed mine. I missed out on the original release Mezco One:12 Joker, there was zero chance I was missing out on this badass DX version. I personally think he looks fantastic, he just looks so good, and his head sculpts have to be some of Mezco's best work. https://www.mezcotoyz.com/one-12-collective-the-joker-deluxe-edition
  3. Goofy is bought, as is Old "Grey" Luke, and the new ANH Vader with actual cloth goods will definitely be mine! I guess Bandai learned their lesson when it comes to capes, just do cloth goods, the original Figuarts Vader, Kylo, Thor, anyone with a cape really suffered from this, so it's very good to see Last Jedi Luke comes with cloth goods for his cloak out of the box.
  4. Hi-Metal R

    C'mon now HLJ, hurry it up! I only ordered one, still not a fan of Mac II or this design, got one more or less for completion sake, but hot damn does that look like a neat toy! I want HLJ to get it in so I can ship a bunch of other goodies with it!
  5. Oh that looks VERY nice, I'll take one. If they don't release the armor I'd be fine, if they release the armor as a TWE I'd be fine with that too. I love me some 0079, but doing some 0080 and 0083 is just fine by me too!
  6. I'm baffled, baffled I tell you, at how a movie this expensive put out a worse looking Slade/Deathstroke then Manu Bennett or Arrow. I am in no way knocking Manu on Arrow, quite the contrary, I think he's incredible as Slade, and he looks pretty damn awesome, costume aside, which looks a bit bulky too, but we've actually seen him fight and pull off action scenes in it. That buff werewolf dude from True Blood looked awful, the armor looked like it couldn't move at all, the mask looked even bigger and more cumbersome then what CW forced Manu to wear. And that dye job, my god that dye job. I get it, they REALLY went for a comic book Slade look, but holy crap, he just looked so terrible, it really took me out of the scene and honestly made that whole final after credit scene come off as goofy. Also, at least 15 people around me saw him and said "Deadpool?" It was very meh, but that's what I expected, so I'm not really upset, Steppenwolf was completely lame, and somehow made every shallow MCU villain look like Ledger Dark Knight Joker in comparison. With Arrow knocking Slade/Deathstroke stuff out of the park, once again, the DCEU shouldn't even really try. Ironically, Slade was not to be used for a while in the CW/Arrow verse due to him supposedly appearing in future DCEU movies, but look where we are now, Slade appeared at the end of last season, and just recently had a two part story arc this season! So much for no more Slade in the CW-verse! Also, Themiscrya just appeared on Legends of Tomorrow, no mentioned of WW, but she's obviously there somewhere. We're one mention of her and Batman away from having the Justice League in the CW-verse anyway.
  7. RAMPAGE Movie

    This looks like a TON on fun! I will absolutely be there opening day. I played the living hell out of these games as a kid, at various arcades, and I had several console versions over the years as well, Rampage World Tour, Universal Tour, and I believe there was a semi 3-D/asymmetrical one on the Wii as well that I loved. These games were always co-op which was a HUGE plus, me and several friends would play for hours on end, these games were awesome! I was always into Godzilla/giant monsters/giant robots/kaiju growing up, so this game series felt like it was pretty much made for me. It looks like a lot of stupid fun, and I'm definitely in to anything kaiju related, and I've loved these games, so I'm totally there. Also, it releases on 4/20? Know your audience I guess...
  8. I'm getting you now. I would say no, without the admittedly VERY polished Star Wars skin on it, it would just be another EA Battlefield game, just with awful, predatory/invasive loot boxes. And while I have played every Battlefield game released, most recently Battlefield 1, I wouldn't bother.
  9. I'm not sure what this is supposed to mean. If it didn't look like a Star Wars it wouldn't be a Star Wars game? I mean yeah, you're right.
  10. The Third Party Transformers Thread

    It bothered me too, which is why I HIGHLY recommend the Repro Label set. It fixes that area on the chest, and gives the alt/vehicle mode all of the livery it desperately needs.
  11. Hi-Metal R

    I owned the Hi-Metal 19 Blazer, for two days. Very crappy, not a fan, which is a shame because I absolutely LOVE the VF-1s, it's 1/60 stuff now that makes me go to sleep. I too am quite interested in how Bandai handles a non VF-1 valk in the Hi-Metal R line, this will be a good indication for what to expect for non VF-1 moving forward.
  12. Got my second haul in, this one from BBTS. I LOVE this MechaGodzilla to death, such a shame this design never happened in the movie, I loved the look and concept, since this incarnation of Mecha G was man made and not alien, it made sense having it comprised of multiple smaller vehicles. Alas, all they kept was Garuda, and even then it just became the backpack attachment. Just two more releases to go and my Iron Man 2 Figuarts Hall of Armor setup will be complete, I just need the MK I announcement and I'm good!
  13. The Transformers Thread Next

    Yup, that's pretty much spot on for scale.
  14. Got a decent sized hall in from HLJ, and the fastest shipping I've ever received from Japan. Shipped out Wednesday, arrived today! It wasn't even the most expensive option, I went with their amazing FedEx option, I think if I had chosen EMS I wouldn't have gotten it until next week, as is the initial arrival date was next Tuesday!
  15. The Transformers Thread Next

    Yep, pretty absurd. In BW, he was definitely one of the biggest bots, the only bigger in season 1 was Megatron himself, but that price is crazy, MP-36 was bad enough. I shudder at the thought of what an MP BW Megatron would cost from TT, pretty ridiculous stuff, they are pricing themselves out of my interest area. I've been reading all of that . Indeed, VERY funny stuff! It also re-affirmed my opinion of TFW2005, a complete and utter crap show, a truly wretched hive of scum, and villainy.
  16. Mezco One:12 LIne

    I'm going Figuarts for Thor and Gladiator Hulk since I have no interest in MCU Mezco stuff, I'm all in on Figuarts for my MCU fix. That said, I managed to nab Mezco Superman while he was in stock at BBTS for about three minutes. I also pre-ordered Michael Meyers One:12. Now THAT looks like it will be phenomenal, that's a great scale for him, and the cloth goods will work well at that scale. I'm excited, and hoping we'll see more Mezco One:12 slashers, maybe Jason and Leatherface, Freddy would be really cool, and now I'm interested in their Ash Williams.
  17. Hi-Metal R

    VF-2 back up on HLJ. Go! Go! Go! https://hlj.com/product/BANN17742
  18. The Third Party Transformers Thread

    I gotta throw my hat in for either Mightron or Despotron as well. MP-36 has a great silhouette, but I had to do a TON of customizing and painting to make him worthy of my shelf, he's toon accurate to a fault aesthetically in my opinion. MP-36 has this absurdly ugly "toon" accurate mis-drawn Decepticon logo on his chest, it's bad, and doesn't match a single other MP Con released to date, he can ONLY be displayed as a cartoon Megatron, there's zero other references in his design. Odd sounding I know, I own MP-36 as my MP Megs but I recommended third party, but that's only because I was willing to customize my MP-36 to not look like a derpy old cartoon, Despotron and Mightron look much better right out of the box in my opinion. Also, MP-36 has a FAR worse transformation then any 3P option, and I think his gun mode is the worst of the bunch as well, very broken up and panel-liney.
  19. Venom - The Movie

    I still have no idea why this movie is happening. It's not connected to the MCU, or Spidey from the MCU, so what exactly is the point? This is the same non-sense DC is doing with their stand-alone, "otherworld" or whatever DC films. All this time building a shared universe and now stand alone movies. So will a different non Tom Holland Spidey be in this? I mean there had to have been a Spider-Man at some point, otherwise the Symbiote wouldn't have become Venom. This is all sounding really dumb and pointless, I hope it falls through so we can stick with a cohesive continuity and universe. Plus I think Hardy is bad casting.
  20. That's just the regular, Takara Masterpiece MP-10 Optimus, my MPP-10 and MPP-10B are in storage, I only use them for alt/vehicle mode scale. MPP-10 would be roughly at the upper part of Omega's thigh though from what I remember of his bot mode height .
  21. The Third Party Transformers Thread

    I would HIGHLY recommend him, he's awesome. This is something Takara will never make themselves too, and FansToys is not always the best about re-releases, so I'd snatch him up while you can still find both parts easily.
  22. Sorry for the vertical photo, just used my phone and felt this was best due to his sheer height. He's pretty damn amazing, and quite sturdy for his size, he has little "locks" in his feet that can hold a basic standing pose fine, then you can click them out of place and get ankle rocker. His transformation only gets fiddly in the legs, folding them out into the longer parts of the track in his alt mode can take some time, you have to maneuver a bunch of plastic and ratchets through an open hangar you create in the side of the leg, it's kind of a mess. Other then that though, he's Masterpiece Omega alright.
  23. FINALLY! After receiving this absolute beast on Saturday thanks to TCP, who are the BEST in third party retail within the US, I got to crack open this holy grail I've been waiting on. MASTERPIECE OMEGA SUPREME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This thing is glorious! The only G1 figure I actually ever owned was this guy, so even if I didn't collect G1 MP, which I do, extensively, I probably would have gotten him anyway, he is a very special character and release for me. The figure is beautiful, over two feet tall, and he's exactly what I hoped for and wanted. THIS is something I am 100% certain Takara will never do, they may do a Titans, or POTP, or some other version, but an MP Omega? Never. This thing is nuts, and I'm glad to finally have my hands on him. Unfortunately I have a LOT of re-arranging to do, he doesn't fit anywhere while assembled, and his base mode is even bigger, so I need to figure some things out before I can fit him in with my other Autobots.
  24. General TV thread

    So I recently made a thread for Arrow on CW, but I just gotta make another. I believe we're in the golden age of TV, we're finally at the point when we are getting truly quality performances and stories on both basic and premium cable, there's literally something for everybody. So how about Hannibal? This is yet another series that's been blowing my mind for two seasons now, easily the most graphic and disturbing show on television, I find every episode to be pretty excellent. There are some really incredible performances throughout, Mads Mikkelsen is pretty much my favorite Hannibal since Anthony Hopkins horrified people in Silence of the Lambs, as a long time fan and reader of the Red Dragon novels I've got even more to love. Another fantastic episode tonight, the situation Graham has found himself in is hard to watch but you know there's more there than we're seeing, Hugh Dancy also absolutely dominating his role as the tormented Will Graham. My DVR is full, I've got something recorded almost every night, but I always find myself looking forward to Friday night Hannibal.
  25. General TV thread

    I am seriously really enjoying The Orville, and I'm not a Star Trek fan at all in the slightest, I've literally never watched a single episode of any of the series, and I've only seen two of the JJ movies. Funny enough, I find Orville to be a better Star Trek show then Discovery, which is middling at best. If a parody/homage series is better then the real deal then you have a problem. edit: Also Orville wasn't what I expected at all, I'm sure myself and many others were thinking Family Guy Star Wars special, but no, Orville is quite literally just a big, expensive fan series/homage to Trek, with a few jokes here and there. Like I said, surprisingly good, and quite touching at times. Seth isn't just Peter Griffin in live action in this, he's a bit of a goof ball at times, but there is real character growth and he's slowly becoming a real Captain.