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    General TV thread

    So I recently made a thread for Arrow on CW, but I just gotta make another. I believe we're in the golden age of TV, we're finally at the point when we are getting truly quality performances and stories on both basic and premium cable, there's literally something for everybody. So how about Hannibal? This is yet another series that's been blowing my mind for two seasons now, easily the most graphic and disturbing show on television, I find every episode to be pretty excellent. There are some really incredible performances throughout, Mads Mikkelsen is pretty much my favorite Hannibal since Anthony Hopkins horrified people in Silence of the Lambs, as a long time fan and reader of the Red Dragon novels I've got even more to love. Another fantastic episode tonight, the situation Graham has found himself in is hard to watch but you know there's more there than we're seeing, Hugh Dancy also absolutely dominating his role as the tormented Will Graham. My DVR is full, I've got something recorded almost every night, but I always find myself looking forward to Friday night Hannibal.
  2. Toyark says something different... http://news.toyark.com/2018/09/13/sh-figuarts-iron-man-mark-50-and-nano-weapon-set-316337 This reads like it comes with another whole MK50 figure. I don't think anyone can really say definitively at this point, Bandai hasn't been very clear or forward about this figure/set.
  3. Funny enough I nailed my platinum trophy just last night. I stupidly blew a ton of challenge tokens on fully upgrading my gadgets, not knowing there wasn't a trophy for that, and then I didn't have enough to buy the last few costumes. I wrapped the costumes up and just had to high five a few people on the street and I was good to go. I ended up getting silver on the two challenges I had only gotten bronze on, then I redid all of the stealth challenges to gold, which was INCREDIBLY easy. Seriously, if you're hurting for challenge tokens, did you gold the stealth challenges yet? Getting gold nabs you three challenge tokens, I had silver on each stealth challenge, but then looked up some videos that pointed out the key to a high score is your combo meter. At first I was going around stealth choking guys and shooting occasional impact and trip mine webs, turns out, you should be using gadget web and not using stealth take downs AT ALL, just use the instant KO web zip punch. As soon as I stopped stealth take downs and started using the KO zip, I literally aced each stealth to gold in my first attempt, I earned 2 tokens over what I needed and got my platinum. The combo meter ends quick so the name of the game is webzip KO as many guys as fast as possible, which as I said, is really easy, just go for isolated guys, and if there are groups, trip mine one with time slowed mid air then webzip KO his buddy. It seems that's the spot you need to be to have enough challenge tokens for all the suits, silver on EVERY challenge, and gold on at least 8 of them, and if you haven't already, don't waste challenge tokens on upgrades. As I said, I highly recommend easily breaking the stealth challenges for gold, takes no time and is a cake walk. I already had gold on all bomb challenges, and several combat and one drone challenge. The most expensive suits are 6 tokens each, you get three for gold on most challenges, just two "upgraded" challenges are needed for a new suit. If stealth is already done I'd say try the bomb ones next if those aren't already gold, I only had to redo one to gold and it was pretty easy, only took me two attempts to upgrade from silver to gold.
  4. Tking22

    General TV thread

    It's on! Officially out today, I'll start my binge tonight! I can't wait! Easily one of the best animated series ever, I need my season 5 fix, bad.
  5. She does indeed come with one of those nice Tamashii Marvel stands, I really liked those and planned on pairing her with one anyway, so the BBTS Bluefin set works for me. I'm undecided on the MK50 Nano version, it DOES come with another whole figure, plus the accessories. I don't know, I don't need another whole MK50 figure, I wish it was just an accessory pack. Doubt I'll bite, it'd be cool to have the extra optional pieces, but not for that asking price. Also GREAT SAIYAMAN LOOKS FANTASTIC! Holy crap Bandai! THIS is what I'm talking about, that's all the heads you could ever want for the character, nicely done! I'll gladly wait for the Bluefin release, this guy looks amazing!
  6. Damn so they are losing their Batman and Superman? That's 2/3 of the holy trinity. Recasting sounds like a terrible idea, these characters were just barely established with these actors, will they just stick to Wonder Woman now? Barring Aquaman and Shazam, Wonder Woman seems the only guaranteed winner they have in the pipeline, does the Flash solo movie even have a director yet? They went through 3 or 4 drop outs already.
  7. You would only get the pre-order content for a game purchased before release, if you got your digital after release you won't get content for that. But if you bought physical before release, from what I've read, you should have received a code via email, or if bought in a store instead of being shipped to you, a code printed onto the receipt itself. I pre-ordered the digital deluxe so all of my stuff was bundled together and downloaded at once. If you happen to have a physical code for the content you should be able to redeem it for whatever version you have, physical or digital there is no difference. The content itself is just tricky to find for some people, most that ordered a physical copy online were supposed to get codes emailed to them, but a lot of folks are reporting they haven't gotten codes yet, and if you bought physically in person, it should be on your receipt. Honestly though, the pre-ordered content is all basically early access. The costumes you get early can just be purchased in game with earned in game currency later, and the extra skill points are just that, some early skill points without leveling up, the max level is 50, I'm beyond 50+, the extra skill points were kind of a nice start, but you'll be rolling in skill points from leveling up naturally quickly and early enough.
  8. Just stay offline until you receive your copy, a-holes have seem to have made a game out of spoiling things in the story in articles not even remotely related to this game. I was browsing IGN, my fault I know, reading an article about Ozark season 2 and some random dipshit plopped a pretty large spoiler right in the comment section :(.
  9. I finally nabbed Infinity War Thor at NY, but I got Wasp at BBTS. I always use EMS, so Wasp came to about $8 cheaper then BBTS with EMS shipping, decided I'll just go with BBTS, that release also comes with a stand, and Wasp being a flying character, another one of those nice Tamashii Marvel stands for less than $10 bundled with her works for me.
  10. I launched mine at 9pm Thursday, that's concurrent with the midnight release on East coast, that's how all games release now, played until about 2am. I took Friday off work to play, over this weekend I put in about 29 hours, really no-lifing it, and I love it to death. This game has in my mind, dethroned the Arkham series as best superhero game ever, this game is pretty damn fantastic. Not without it's flaws of course, but really killer overall. Fun combat, traversal, solid if predictable story, lots of things to do, beautiful graphics, it's honestly a solid GOTY contender. I was worried combat would be a copy and paste of Arkham, which a lot of games feel fine with, but Insomniac very intelligently only used that for a base, Spidey doesn't fight like the Dark Knight, he is far more hit and run, less standing and countering anything and everything with zero issue. I love it, there's enough twists in the story to keep my interest, and since I didn't spoil anything for myself, a few nice surprises as far as side missions go, including one of the better boss fights.
  11. Tking22

    Burt Reynolds RIP

    It's nearly universally accepted that he was robbed for Boogie Nights, he was fantastic in that film. Alas, no more mustache rides :(.
  12. Tking22

    Burt Reynolds RIP

    This sucks :(. Burt was a legend, he had the single most infectious laugh I've ever heard, that Burt Reynolds laugh was a legend itself. RIP.
  13. Onimusha was fun but, like with Resident Evil at the time, VERY frustrating to play at times, that fixed camera was murder. I may check it out eventually, I remember VERY distinctly going through that absurd, 25 level dungeon, which wasn't fun, but was a personal achievement before actual achievements and trophies on consoles.
  14. Check the previous pages in this thread, these are the exact ones I got and told people about, even posted a pic. I got mine on AliExpress, for FAR cheaper, these have a healthy amount of mark up. I really like mine, they definitely complete the look and should have been included, but at that price? I personally wouldn't bother.
  15. This demo looks good, I just need to see some actual in game gameplay, this dolled up fancy tech demo stuff never really does anything for me. I'm really intrigued, and it will certainly be something special if this ends up living up to the hype. Yeah I stupidly passed on that Spiderman PS4 Pro bundle for the longest time, then when I decided I wanted to upgrade to a Pro it was all sold out :(. I ordered a 1TB regular Pro, works for me, I just want to play some Spiderman. Also, if you're interested in Spiderman for PS4, get off the internet for the next few weeks, early copies are out and full story spoilers are officially online.
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    Yeah after seeing the front view, I'm not liking how the thighs, shoulder, and head area look. Chances are excellent I wouldn't be able to get one anyway, this is the Metal Build line, so I may just pass and check out the smaller Mafex offerings instead, these proportions are a bit derpy.
  17. Tking22

    The Transformers Thread Next

    That would be previous Hasui releases, since the line went full "toon", the toon color comes first then maybe a + toy colored version. MP-36 and Shockwave are prime examples, no pun intended, animation first, now we're finally getting the dark purple + Shockwave and silver toy and hairy chested + MP-36. It's just the Hasui releases that are now getting updated with + "toon" repaints. Hound and Suntreaker are clearly toon, maybe eventually we'll see a + toy color version of them too, but the "toon" color definitely takes priority now. V3 Prime will ABSOLUTELY have white thighs, there's absolutely zero chance it isn't as animation accurate as possible at launch, that's how the line is now. I'm still unimpressed with Prime V3, lots of odd looking areas, nothing wows me. Honestly, if I feel I need a new Prime, and that's already a HUGE if, MP-10 is still awesome. I may pick one of the third party versions instead.
  18. Anyone else insanely excited for Marvel's Spiderman on PS4? I know I am. I sold my old dusty launch PS4 and have a Pro on the way, can't wait. Honestly? It looks pretty amazing, no pun intended. It looks like the best parts of the Batman Arkham games, and Spiderman 2, they even brought back the "launch" attack from Spiderman 2. I read the giant limited edition comes with a statue featuring Spidey and the main bad guy from the game, so it hasn't been shown off to avoid spoilers. I can't help but feel, with the Sinister Six in this game, it's obviously going to be Doc Ock, which is almost as lackluster a spoiler as Red Hood being Arkham Knight in Arkham Knight. Oh well, the "surprise" means nothing, I just want a fantastic Spidey game, and it seems I'm going to get one!
  19. So I take it the last DMC light reboot game is dead? No sequel? I actually liked that one quite a bit, and Nero was lame in DMC 4, so I'm not totally thrilled about him returning.
  20. Depends on the figure like any other company IMO. I have their Breaking Bad 1/6 figures and they're fantastic, zero issues or complaints. Their Master Chief was awful, as was the long awaited Doomguy, I don't know about the Destiny stuff, I hated Destiny so I have no experience with those figures. The Game of Thrones stuff seems to get solid reviews as well, my giant Titanfall figures are really nice, the Bioshock 1/6 looks cool. As I said, it really depends on the figure and series, the armored stuff like Chief and Doomguy seem to be their weak points.
  21. Tking22

    The Transformers Thread Next

    I may actually double dip on Barney :). Dinobot is GLORIOUS, easily the peak of MP, far beyond MP-36 or any figure before it. I'm pretty done with the G1 MP line, I don't like my G1 super screen accurate, but Beast Wars? Keep that crap coming. Dino Megatron looks incredible, and since I set up an Amazon Japan account, which I recommend EVERYONE buying MP figures to do the same, prices aren't nearly as bad as before, so double dipping is actually an option now. Once again, if you're buying MPs I highly recommend Amazon Japan, best prices including shipping you can get, and they seem to use incredibly fast shipping for international customers.
  22. Tking22

    Soul of Chogokin - part II

    I cancelled my Dragonzord and won't be getting Titanus. I handled my buddy Rex's Dragonzord over the weekend and I was wholly unimpressed like with the Megazord. Seems like only a slight step up from the Legacy version, and just doesn't seem worth the asking price IMO. I settled with my Megazord, I felt it absolutely wasn't as nice as most Chogokin items, and it certainly wasn't worth what I paid so I'm selling it off and I'm done with the Chogokin Power Rangers stuff. As much as I love Power Rangers and as much merch as I have, these Chogokin releases have been lack luster to say the least, I'm out.
  23. Tking22


    Seed and Seed Destiny were awful so I can't remember any of the lame suit or Gundam names from those shows either. All I can say to Bandai asking which Seed Gundams do we want next is NONE! To this day I haven't purchased a Metal Build because of crap like this, they keep putting out the most boring ass Gundams from the worst series in the history of Gundam. I really wanted the F91, that's the only Metal Build that ever interested me, a half dozen versions of the same stupid Seed, and Seed Destiny Gundams will continue to keep me from this line. On the same note, a half dozen versions of the stupid Exia and 00 don't do anything for me either. I liked both seasons of 00, the Exia and 00 were cool, not cool enough for this kind of money, and not cool enough to get so many different versions released over and over, with a half dozen accessory packs to match. I hate to be that guy, but actually I don't, I'm glad the line has it's fans and sells out almost immediately, but this giant hard on for the same series and suits continues to kill any and all interest I've ever had for this line. Can we get some Metal Build UC? Wing AC? The constant Seed and 00 is beyond tiring. Since Metal Build is branching out to NGE I'll probably take more interest in what they announce, but the Gundam stuff is mostly dead to me. I'll take a crack at Unit 01 if I can, but I'm not going to struggle or get mad if I don't get one, the pre-order nonsense for this line is another reason to not bother most of the time.
  24. Yeah the Smash community in general is really, really gross for these kinds of things. Bayonetta is a top tier character, who would've thought people would use her? Then the idiots did indeed boo the final match, disgusting, immature, and disgraceful. I love how the one guy flipped the crowd the bird as he went off stage, that would be my response to those antisocial, moronic virgins as well. I remember when it was Diddy Kong, and the guy from Punch Out, these "communities" keep finding things to bitch about, and ways to bitch about people playing and enjoying the game. Smash at EVO was something I wanted to watch, but Smash has the worst fighting game community IMO, and that says a lot and goes a long way. Absolutely agreed! NewDoom was by a mile, one of the greatest FPS ever made, with some of the most gripping, in the moment action of any FPS ever made, truly a masterpiece. Eternal looks incredible, all the throw backs to classic designs, all of the little added gameplay improvements like the "grappling", and even that tasty looking little dash move. If Doom's gameplay is dumb, every FPS that isn't Doom is a dated vegetable in comparison.