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  1. Those films were few and far between, Blade, Spawn, Steel with Shaq I guess. Also, they were old, and they weren't in this modern day of super budget super hero movies, Black Panther is a massive film, and, expectedly, a massive success. I've really not gotten the concept of "People won't watch black or any POC lead films", I mean, black people exist, they are a thing, why wouldn't they want to see themselves represented on film instead of another glorious white hero? From a business stand point, the film WILL make absurd amounts of money, and it WILL receive numerous accolades, Marvel was stupid not to make this years ago. From a PR perspective, Marvel has had the rights to Black Panther as long as Cap, Iron Man, Thor, etc., they were stupid not to make this years ago. Clearly people want more diverse films, and more diverse casts in films, but the LEADS are the most important part, there have been plenty of side kicks and background characters, but people want to see themselves as the hero, more then white folks exist so the market has ALWAYS been there. Once again, it looks kind of bad that it took Marvel this long, they could've introduced Wakanda and everyone in it years ago and extended or completely changed storylines for several different MCU projects, Agents of Shield, Luke Cage, and with that, possibly brought in more fans and in turn, more money. Clearly they are getting the message now, I'm confident Black Panther WILL lead the Avengers whenever Chris Evans bows out as Cap, it's just always baffled me as to why it took this long.
  2. I saw it last night and it was pretty damn good! Great cast, crazy effects, Wakanda was nuts. Killmonger was pretty awesome, my main complaint was as we'd already seen in the trailers, he's basically just in an evil Black Panther suit at the end, so hard to tell apart from the real Black Panther they had to do a little MK style palette swap action so you could tell them apart. It will be interesting to see how the MCU plays out now with what happened at the end, lots of neat set ups for the future too, Shuri is frakking awesome! Really disliked the sound track though, not a fan of rap or hip hop, new or modern. Feel fine posting that here, got called a racist for posting the same thing on other sites, people are having a hard time handling any kind of criticism towards this film. Loved the movie itself though, All Hail The King!
  3. The Transformers Thread Next

    Basically what kanedaestes said, all of the + repaints are more "toon" accurate in their coloring. No new re-tooling or molding, just a repaint that is closer to the animation models, the original MPs were more real world detailed, or Hasui style, everything Takara does now is as toon accurate as possible.
  4. All things Voltron

    Good lord, nothing is sacred any more! I stand corrected, KOs do exist, apparently piece meal though and not in a set of any kind. Also, I'd guess the price difference will be very apparent, I doubt anyone but the scummiest Ebay sellers would try to pass individual KOs off at the officials now insane price.
  5. The Transformers Thread Next

    Looks like MP-17+ Prowl is a thing officially. http://hobby.dengeki.com/news/521323/ Blatantly easy pass, that looks just terribly awful. At this rate they will be re-releasing every previously released carbot in a cartoon accurate + repaint, how boring. Great for those that want to re-buy everything for the sake of slightly more toon accuracy I guess.
  6. Legos, anyone?

    I'm sooooo getting that, I'm a whore for the Falcon and Lego, so yeah, they got me on this one too.
  7. All things Voltron

    I'm sure some know far better then me, but I can't think of a single modern Chogokin that has ever had a KO, and I haven't heard anything about there even being a KO of this in existence. You're fine.
  8. Pacific Rim Uprising

    Yup, still insanely hyped, I can't wait. Oh my gosh the Jaegers are faster and more agile!? Well, technology advanced, so yeah, makes sense. For how much Del Toro said Evangelion inspired the first film, I see FAR more Eva in this sequel then the first. The first was far more slow and mechanical, like Robot Jox with kaiju. Can't hate on either take myself, giant robots v kaiju is good stuff no matter how you slice it. Didn't bother even starting the video, but the movie isn't out yet, so are these guys or gals just bitching and moaning based on the trailers and calling it trash already? It's fine if so, different strokes and all that, but it makes the video sound totally pointless, standard fair cynical Youtube get the clicks garbage.
  9. Venom - The Movie

    And no leaked set photos? I'm still taking this with a grain of salt, I have no idea how this wasn't more widely reported if true, I browse literally dozens of gaming and comic sites and never saw this reported once. Peter makes an appearance, no Spidey, not sure what that means or to what capacity. Still sounds like a crap show from the beginning, the whole is this in the MCU or not, and will there be Spidey or Holland or not? The concept of a semi shared universe is dumb. Either way, I'll believe it when I see it, I have zero confidence in any of this. Marvel has been completely tight-lipped about this movie, despite what reports said that Sony can use Holland, I have a hard time believing Marvel would be okay with confusing audiences with Sony's non-sensical only Spidey but not entirely MCU universe.
  10. Venom - The Movie

    This is probably why I'll end up seeing it, I like Hardy and his work, even if the accent he came up with for this film is, unique to say the least. Spidey, let alone Holland hasn't been confirmed, best I could find was that maybe at some point in the future he possibly could be in Silver and Black, or a Venom sequel, but it's all hypotheticals and maybes based on how this film does.
  11. Venom - The Movie

    I read exactly the opposite from multiple sources quite a while ago, I believe Sony confirmed not only no MCU connections, but no Spidey, let alone no Holland Spidey. I've read nothing to let me know otherwise, let alone that Holland was confirmed for this. That was the drag from the beginning, Sony basically announced this as a random, stand alone, not connected to anything Venom film. It was also never confirmed Holland would be a part of the stand alone Sony Spiderverse films, if any even happen after this.
  12. Venom - The Movie

    Yup, still looks totally pointless. Many have asked over and over, what is the point of this movie? And many have answered, money, but will it actually make any? Venom is, for better or worse, one of Spidey's most well known villains, and yet if people aren't savvy with his comic history at all they may only know him from his incredibly brief appearance in Spidey 3 where he was Eric Foreman. Does Venom really have the popularity to support his own expensive blockbuster film? I honestly doubt it, doubly so considering it has nothing to do with the now well established MCU Spidey. Also, still wondering, how exactly is he going to be anything like Venom without having come into contact with Spidey at some point? Half of his look, powers and attributes comes from being bonded to Peter, the symbiote didn't just find Eddie and then morph into an evil looking Spider-Man, with many of Spider-Man's abilities out of nowhere. I don't say it often, but a few probably neat action scenes aside, I seriously hope this fails, I'm guessing Disney/Marvel is sitting back and expecting the same.
  13. Wow and it's Terry Crews no less, when the frakk was this announced? This is awesome! Terry Crews makes everything better!
  14. The Third Party Transformers Thread

    Graviter looks nice, but he's no Stomp. FT still does it for me, perfect bot and dino modes in my opinion. Giga just doesn't do it for me in bot mode, dino looks really good, but the super puffy stung by and allergic to bees look for bot is a pass. I prefer the toon look of FT, not the roided out G1 toy look of Giga. At least there's options, MP Dinos for everybody. I personally feel if Takara announced MP dinos a large number of fans wouldn't bother because FT and Giga have done so good on there dinos. I know I personally wouldn't bother with official Takara MP dinos, the FT ones are some of the nicest third party figures I own, and they stand among several figures I wouldn't trade away if a Takara version were announced. Also, I am 100% positive Takara would go with a super ugly, toon accurate yellow plastic on them instead of the gold chrome of FT, Giga, and MP-08. I like my toon accuracy with is why I prefer FT dinos, but yellow plastic would be a step too far.
  15. 1/18/08 Cloverfield

    Oh man, the cast is so fantastic! Such a shame. The ending shot and scene, I mean, there's literally zero chance that was filmed initially, it absolutely had to have been added after initial filming and production was over just to tie it in a bit more to the first film. Also, the accelerator rip really doesn't help explain the Clover monster in the first film, JJ really screwed himself when he attempted to explain and flesh things out way back when Cloverfield-1/18/08 first came out. JJ explicitly stated the monster was an ancient, several thousand year old, infant, semi-aquatic sentient Earth-born species. It was in hibernation until Tagruato started mining for rare undersea algae for their Slusho drinks, all of this is real I promise, and that coupled with the falling Tagruato satellite seen at the end of the film woke the baby monster from the first film up. But then, we see the exact species of monster as the nod at the end of Paradox, clearly far, far bigger so probably not the same monster but still. 1/18/08 Cloverfield takes place on that date, Paradox, as proven by all of the stupid ARG stuff, takes place in roughly 2028-2032. Clearly each movie happens in its own universe, and clearly they are all separate worlds, but how did the Shepard overloading unleash a monster in a world in 2008 that was also released in another different world in roughly 2030 when the monster in the first film was stated by the director as being something just very ancient that was woken up, something that was always there? The aliens in Cloverfield 2 fine, they were in the shelter when the Shepard went off, and by the time our heroine got out the effects of the Shepard overload were done, her world got an alien attack. But as far as explaining Cloverfield 1? It really didn't at all whatsoever, which is funny because the trailer for Paradox pretty clearly states it was meant to explain what attacked New York 10 years ago. Looking on Reddit, it seems many are guessing that since it is stated that the overload effected the past, present and future, there's a chance the Clover from the first film was transported to Cloverfield 1 Earth thousands of years ago, it was dormant until it was woken up, and that the Shephard did put the monster there, just a really long time ago. I guess this kind of works considering it was mentioned past, present and future were effected. Leading to this explanation, Cloverfield 4 already wrapped up filming and will apparently release sometime in October, maybe on Netlfix again, I have no idea. The fourth film, which takes place in the 40s, apparently centers around a group of US allied troops heading to fight the Nazis, but when they get there they run into something else, presumably some kind of monsters that were put into their world by the Shephard explosion. Sounds like the old Playstation franchise Resistance Fall of Man, but whatever. With how JJ these films are, all mystery and little substance, I think half-assedly trying to explain everything with a particle accelerator explosion was a bad idea, it feels like a cheap hand wave. I still liked all of the films, the third far less, and I will watch the fourth and more then likely the fifth, I love monster movies, but trying to explain things was a bad idea in general. I think keeping this franchise like an expensive Twilight Zone would have worked, connected in mostly name only, twists, usually centered around monsters, and your mileage will vary from film to film.
  16. 1/18/08 Cloverfield

    This was indeed formerly God Particle, now Cloverfield 3/The Cloverfield Paradox. Nobody knew it would be a Netflix thing either, it was supposed to release on April 20th in theaters via Paramount, but there was a surprise trailer and reveal during the Sueprbowl that Netflix bought the distribution rights and was surprise releasing the movie right after the game. I watched it and kind of enjoyed it, pretty damn clear they re-shot a ton of stuff to make it fit a little more into the Clover mythos, I'm confident everything happening on "Earth" with Hamilton's husband wasn't initially shot, that was all unnecessary nonsense they packed in to try make a little more connective tissue between the films, and it was for the worst in my opinion. Just stay on the Shepard, we all saw Cloverfield, we get it, big monster in New York. All the husband's stuff was just sooooo pointless. Oh look, the Clover monster, oh look the shelter from the second film. Like I said, I am positive none of that was initially in the film and it was all re-shot then added later, I'm pretty sure the only real connection to anything Cloverfield was the name of the station, and the explanation for the other film's monsters, but not feeling confident with the film they added all the husband's scenes. I can see why Paramount let Netflix have this one, like with the American Death Note film and Bright, it was apparent these films would have been released in theaters dead on arrival, but just buying up literal scraps isn't really something Netflix should be doing, pushing for more original films should be their focus. I hated the ending, I get they were trying to get people to go "OH crap", but I didn't and it was stupid. We knew Clover in the initial movie was a baby so the parents would be insanely, stupidly massive, but the way that scene happened, right after mission control cheered and hollered that the Shepard re-appeared, was blatantly dumb. Why not mention the monsters that stand above clouds before they headed back? Once again, very, very clear that little ending scene was added to try and bank a little more on the initial film, I highly doubt that was the original ending. I loved the first and second film, both very different, but I loved them both for different reasons. This one? Not so much. The trailer literally highlights that it will explain the first film, which was dumb because I really like the mystery of the first film, and the ARG stuff. There was a terrible, nearly unreadable mange called Cloverfield Kishin which I'm pretty sure is no longer cannon due to Paradox. Not that it mattered, once again, I liked that the first film centered around a random giant monster attack and that we didn't get an explanation as to from where and why. I feel explaining things in Paradox sort of took some of the impact out of the first film. Also, as mentioned, the explanation you get is insanely meh.
  17. Got three packages in one day! Two from NY, and one from HLJ. Very excited to check out Chogokin Big O, I missed out on the initial release and the accessory set, so as soon as this went up for PO I snatched it. Dragonball Goku is a GREAT little figure, lots of articulation despite his squat and accurate proportions, plus he has a lot of accessories.
  18. The Transformers Thread Next

    Agreed on the over-engineered part, I felt the same with MP-36. For me, it mostly comes down to how many little random panels and bits must perfectly come together to roughly get yourself into a cohesive shape, but when I look at it standing there, like with MP-36, I just see so many little bits folded up and wrapped around each other, it's a bit of a mess. Like a mess that happens to almost cleanly come together into something cohesive, but like I said, it's still just a jumble of little parts and bits. Solid engineering, Takara always manages to make every little random bit come together, I just don't think the finished product ends up looking quite as neat and clean as I would like. Porsche is a finicky bitch, the rumor for years has been that Porsche really doesn't want their brand associated with "war" toys, even Transformers. There's also a rumor that Takara has had a prototype ready for years, but they can't move forward because of the licensing. An official MP Jazz would be cool I guess, I feel I'm too pro third party to be fair here, I love my MakeToys Downbeat WAY too much, so much so that I probably wouldn't bother with an official, and I'm confident it would be more toon accurate then I would like, that's the direction Takara is going with for MP G1 now. I would expect zero livery, no G1 toy related bits like the shoulder cannon, and more then likely another huge, G1 toon accurate Autobot logo.
  19. I've been playing MHW a TON lately, took Monday and Tuesday off this week to play it as well. LOVE the game, I had a number of friends that played previous games that tried to scare me into thinking it was "dumbed down" or some other stupid non-sense, it isn't, they were panicking and whining before release, and it turns out the game is fine. Been playing on my Xbox one X in performance mode, looks good, runs really good, I love it. I'm at about 80 hours already, high rank and HR 13.
  20. Damn yeah, still not a fan of the face, prefer Figuarts. Also, in general, I simply can't do Mafex anymore, I've been burned three out of four times. I told myself never again with them over and over, then I bought Force Awakens Rey and her arm fall off, and her face wasn't printed on straight. It's good to see they are still trying I guess? If it didn't bust out of the box that's an improvement for them overall. I heard Homecoming Spidey was nice, but I love Figuarts Homecoming Spidey so I had no reason to bother with the Mafex.
  21. Yeah as Slave IV said, you're thinking of the old Daca Toys Chronos, which was garbage, and was widely panned as one of the worst figures ever made. Pictured above is indeed FansToys Phoenix/MP Skyfire, which is hands down one of their nicest figures, and easily one of the best MP figures ever made, official or third party.
  22. Pacific Rim Uprising

    I'm still hyped and can't wait, looks perfectly fine to me.
  23. General TV thread

    So I recently made a thread for Arrow on CW, but I just gotta make another. I believe we're in the golden age of TV, we're finally at the point when we are getting truly quality performances and stories on both basic and premium cable, there's literally something for everybody. So how about Hannibal? This is yet another series that's been blowing my mind for two seasons now, easily the most graphic and disturbing show on television, I find every episode to be pretty excellent. There are some really incredible performances throughout, Mads Mikkelsen is pretty much my favorite Hannibal since Anthony Hopkins horrified people in Silence of the Lambs, as a long time fan and reader of the Red Dragon novels I've got even more to love. Another fantastic episode tonight, the situation Graham has found himself in is hard to watch but you know there's more there than we're seeing, Hugh Dancy also absolutely dominating his role as the tormented Will Graham. My DVR is full, I've got something recorded almost every night, but I always find myself looking forward to Friday night Hannibal.
  24. Finally watched Godzilla on Netflix last night, I LOVED it! I'm a Godzilla superfan/whore anyway, I love anything related to the Big G so I knew I would love it, but yeah, it was good. I'm still not a huge fan of the CG cell shaded look, but it worked, and it looked good overall. A bit slow at times, but that describes literally every Godzilla movie ever, the ending was what really got me hyped, plus I REALLY dig this design for Godzilla, it looks like he's become one with the Earth itself, like he's a massive tangible part of it. I'm very glad I grabbed the MonsterArts figure of this design, and I am really looking forward to part 2 with Mecha-G, and the inevitable MonsterArts figure of that as well.
  25. Anyone picking up Monster Hunter World on Xbox by chance? PS4 I'm sure there will be plenty, but I know Xbox isn't as popular all around, let alone with this franchise. I've had mine pre-ordered for my X1X for over a month now, I'm excited! I haven't played a Monster Hunter since Tri on my old Wii. I played the beta several times on my dusty launch PS4 and loved it, but Xbox is where most of my friends play and that's what I've invested all my time in so I am mostly on that, my PS4 is for the occasional Sony exclusive that interests me. I'm definitely maining charge blade like I always do, then maybe I'll try insect glaive or dual blades, not sure yet.