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  1. Toyark is a good section, I like that part of the site, and there are indeed quite a few MW members who post in there, but I've noticed for the most part they too stay clear of official threads, especially MP. I think Kuma, Slave IV and a few others post there regularly, those brave souls :). The non-Transformer threads are usually pretty great, it's just the actual Transformers side of the site where the community shows its true colors, MP mostly, other lines have their fights and moments but are usually far more civil. I really don't know what it is about the MP line in particular that brings out the vicious stupidity in people, the world may never know. I've dabbled in Legends threads, Legends people are good people, and modern Legends stuff, particularly third party, is pretty damn impressive.
  2. I like the alt mode much more then the bot mode, chibi Bee is neat, just not for me, I like as close to real world alt-modes as you can get. Didn't you get MMC Cliffjumper with the chibi alt-mode? Will you be getting MP-45 to go with Cliffie or are you skipping him as well? There's still a lot of impressive engineering going on, there's never any doubt there with Takara, I just really don't like that bot mode. As you mentioned, MP-45 has the same issues I have with MP-44, brilliant silhouette for one angle, complete mess from most others, and way too messy and broken up when posing, especially those knees.
  3. Mr. Skullface reviews MP-45. Seems he likes some things, and isn't too hot on other things. I still think it's god awful, and you really couldn't pay me its retail cost to put it on my shelf, but it's there for those that want it. I know I may do it too often, but damn, TFW2005's MP community is a frakking mess, wow. Bobby dared put up a review of MP-45 and was slightly critical, so yeah, he's getting trashed in those official MP-45 threads, once again wow, vicious stuff for a supposedly welcoming and respected community. There's one racist, sociopath ass that apparently just doesn't believe in reviews, and you need to know and agree, and then there's everyone else upset that he said mean things about a toy they are all into. Terrible stuff, worse when members like that Dean whatever guy constantly saying it's community is great, and welcoming, and totally friendly, unless you are critical of official Takara MP product, then the vicious stupidity comes out, yikes, what a dumpster fire of a community, and I guess they have no mods, or they're worthless. Crazy stuff, being critical, having issues, that all makes you a whiner, looking for clicks, and a bad person in general, what a terrible site full of terrible "fans". Okay, end rant, for now, I just really can't stand that site and it's MP community, it's not respectable, and there's zero semblance of community or rationality. As per usual, thank the toy gods for MacrossWorld, such a great site, such a great community.
  4. I don't even watch Stark Trek in any real capacity and I'll be watching this, H. Jon Benjamin is hilarious, he's THE VOICE. Sterling Malory Archer vs tribbles? I'm in.
  5. To be fair that complaint could be lobbed at a number of upcoming PS4 titles. Last of Us 2, The Outer Worlds, Death Stranding, etc. Every one of these titles could have been a PS5 launch title, with FFVII supposedly still being multi-platform, coming to PC and Xbox One as well, I'd say Last of Us 2 would be the bigger PS5 selling point. FFVII is just a flashy, multi-part remake, with vague details on the length and content, Last of Us 2 is the sequel to a mega hit with a massive, dedicated fanbase, was one of the most praised and highly rated games last and this gen, and is an original Sony owned IP. Either way, all of the titles mentioned could've been PS5 titles, and will undoubtedly get a PS5 remastered or "ultimate" edition, so for me it's hard to muster excitement when an unarguably better version will be coming out soon. But you have a PS4 right? I can understand PC gaming over, say, having an Xbox One, since Microsoft is pretty awesome with the PC and Xbox One parity, but Sony exclusives, like Nintendo games, can only be enjoyed on their hardware. PC games have their exclusives, sure, but Sony brings a lot of stuff to the table that in my opinion, makes owning at least a Sony console mandatory, I'd say the same with the Switch as well at this point, I'm currently playing Link's Awakening and it's frakking amazing. PC exclusive games aren't bound by console hardware, so there's no limit to them, and there never will be, graphic quality will progress as the devs themselves handle it, nothing to do with console games. Multi-plat titles, on the other hand, are a different story. As we've seen, titles coming to PC, Playstation and Xbox have far less distance between them, and some titles get stiffed on their PC ports, thankfully Microsoft and a few other seem to being putting the time in on better PC ports, but Ubisoft and some of the others doing mutli-plat titles seem to put far more thought into the console versions. PC versions will always look better sure, but that's a given, and has been for a while, I'm not sure what boost you would expect, the limit is usually just your hardware. I personally would like to see a focus on frame rates for next-gen consoles. Higher resolution games are fine and all, but if it runs like crap, and at this point, 30 frames per second, that's an issue for me. I think 60fps should be the standard for next-gen, but nope, just higher resolutions. I can't help but praise Gears 5, beautiful game, buttery smooth 60fps for ALL modes, crossplay with PC, and the PC port was absolutely phenomenal, every bell and whistle you could want was there.
  6. That's the Mezco original Wonder Woman, the one above is their take on a "classic" or Lynda Carter Wonder Woman. This one's a pass for me, I want the Mezco original one shown at Comic-Con above, the one with the skirt. This Lynda Carter one looks good, but it's not for me, that Mezco original one is more what I'm looking for for my Mezco One:12 Justice League.
  7. No, Bruce Wayne is in it, but he's just a kid when the events of the film go down. It's really not that kind of film, there's no hints there are any superheros or villains in this universe, and no metahumans or people with powers either.
  8. I'm on board, I liked both the first films, and most of Kevin Smith's connected universe movies. Confirm Rosario Dawson and my butt's in the theater opening night.
  9. It's gotten way too egregious with the more popular lines like Marvel and Star Wars. It sucks, if you don't pre-order you don't get the figure at a decent price, if you do pre-order the figure and buy in on the first release you'll probably just end up feeling duped by a future, better, more substantial release. I love Bandai's stuff, but they suck.
  10. Agreed, hot damn do I need him, looks bulky, very Batman Arkham influenced. Cable, the Mezco original, does look a bit more meh then expected. Gambit looks pretty decent though, I may be on board for him. I'm also collecting a Mezco original Justice League, so I'm very much in for their Wonder Woman and Aquaman, they both look good to me. Also, wow, that Bluto looks better and better with each new set of pics we get.
  11. And of course, after half-ass Endgame Cap, we get a better final battle Endgame Cap, with all the crap he should've come with in the first place. How fun. I just paid for a third party add-on set with several different versions of mjolnir, lightning effects, and a battle damaged half shield, so this release can frakk right off.
  12. Unfortunately I already bought Demoniacal Fit Ginyu, but he's not that great so it's not a big loss. Behold, official Figuarts Ginyu, and Oozaru Vegeta! They both look good, Oozaru is unexpected, but I'll take it. Fortunately I never bit on the other two Demoniacal Fit Ginyu Force members, no need to even consider them now with an official team probably on the way, at least we'll get a legit, official Ginyu, the DF one was floppy and disappointing.
  13. I'm gonna try Anime Export for my next Web Exclusive purchase. I've read good things, and they offer the same prices and service, probably better service, then NY.
  14. Damn, Nebs looks good! I'm glad I grabbed her. Now I just need NY to get off their asses and ship mine, prep in progress for 6 days, again! They did this with Yoda too, almost two weeks just to ship, NY has been dragging their asses lately, more then usual which is crazy.
  15. Great shots, but Tyler Hoechlin looks tiny next to Routh and Welling :). Oh well, I'll still love it and he's still a pretty fantastic Supes and Clark. Question: Which Supermen are in this? Answer: All of them. Except Cavill and Dean Cain I guess.
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