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  1. DX Chogokin VF-1J

    Looks good! I'm not getting into another scale though so this is an easy pass for me, I'll stick with Hi-Metal R.
  2. Three, yes three, of these beautiful sets showed up today. Came out yesterday for Lego VIP members, IMMEDIATELY swooped three, gladly paid for 1 day shipping and here we are. I'm a HUGE Bond fan, I've owned every film in four different formats over the years, I can honestly recite every line from most films in the franchise, I HAD to have this. One to open and build, one for MISB, and for one a good friend's b-day. A lot of car enthusiasts are bummed by this set, being Creator many expected a more spot on vehicle, but honestly, this is a Bond car, not just a model DB5. I feel Lego shouldn't even bother if they weren't going to throw in iconic gadgets and gimmicks, a more accurate to the real vehicle but gadgetless Bond DB5 would be a pass IMO. Having to fit so many features in, I think Lego did a pretty fantastic job with the shape overall. Could it be more accurate? Absolutely. Could it be more accurate without breaking the already pricey $150 price tag and fit all the features that actually make this a Bond car in? Highly doubtful, Lego did an amazing job with this IMO.
  3. Once again, Star Wars Resistance is a new series that has already been announced and is coming, by Dave Filoni, the guy that made Clone Wars and Rebels, clearly he isn't out of ideas. And once again, MANY fans weren't satisfied with the "ending" we got, it clearly wasn't the way the creator intended for the show to finish, there were several character and story threads never wrapped up, it wasn't a satisfying or true ending in the slightest. This continuation may have been to push Disney's streaming service, but for many fans, this is absolutely for them, and Dave Filoni as well, who has said many times in interviews he hated that he never got his proper ending to Clone Wars.
  4. Honestly? I don't mind in the slightest so long as it gives us some closure and a real ending, the way it "ended" wasn't satisfying at all IMO. And while Rebels gave us some answers to where several characters ended up, Clone Wars was supposed to give us the "how", it didn't get to on several different character and story threads, now it can! This! If this was Disney's plan, it will work on me, I need that Clone Wars fix, the big mouse is one crafty little monster.
  5. Woops, I guess there already was a thread for this, couldn't find it in the first few search pages so I just made this new thread, mods, do with it as you please. Why not? What would Solo have to do with the massively popular Clone Wars series? Clone Wars was a beloved series by a ton of fans, and it never got the proper ending it deserved. Star Wars Resistance was announced quite a while ago at this point, that's obviously a new series, so no "they" aren't out of ideas, Filoni and Disney are just putting out the ending to the series that never got it, the one fans have been clamoring for and we never thought we would see.
  6. I didn't see a thread for Clone Wars in particular, I searched and just found threads for Rebels and films. This news is INSANELY exciting, this came out of nowhere and the only thing I can say is that, IT'S HAPPENING, CLONE WARS IS BACK! We WILL get the ending we deserved after all, and with everything that happened afterward with Anakin and Ahsoka in Rebels, this season will bring the feels, big time.
  7. Teen Titans TV Series

    Yeah I saw this way earlier on IO9, and it looks like a dumpster fire, holy crap. I don't get this seemingly desperate need to go for as dark, gritty, and uninteresting as possible. This just comes off like some 14 year olds take on a super edgy, super dark Titans series. This is Dick Grayson? This a-hole comes off far more like Jason Todd, can I call a number in order to get his ass killed off too? Because Dick Grayson this is not, the icing on the cake was his "frakk BATMAN!", yeah that's how Dick would refer to his father figure, mentor, best friend, and partner. Once again, that comes off like Jason or Damian, not Dick. This looks frakking horrible, and not what is going to attract people to your new premium streaming service. Now that revival of Star Wars Clone Wars? THAT is what will get me to subscribe for at least as long as I have to in order to watch all of that, that trailer brought the feels and tears.
  8. Legos, anyone?

    My three DB5s will be delivered to work today! I totally paid for 1 day shipping after ordering through VIP, VERY pricey, especially for three, but damnit if that doesn't look pretty much EXACTLY how I wanted it to, gimmicks, gadgets and all.
  9. Mezco One:12 LIne

    Since the bike isn't at SDCC I wonder if it will be sold separate like Dredd's Lawmaster? I would honestly prefer bundled, if there's a Ghost Rider figure available, AND his ride, 99% of folks are in for both, so just bundle that crap. Agreed on Inhumans, while I don't hate them I've never been hot on them, but that Black Bolt and Lockjaw do look nuts, that Lockjaw is undeniably the finest 1/12 Lockjaw that will probably ever be made.
  10. Mezco One:12 LIne

    Wow Mezco came out in force. That Magneto looks fantastic but I need to see more pics, and I'm still liking the look of that Cyclops. Blade is looking great, as is Darkseid, I'm still in on that big guy. The Ghostbusters are what really caught my eye, that set looks amazing, they look damn good together. Definitely didn't expect that insane looking Black Bolt and really nice looking, articulated Lockjaw, I'm not much for Inhumans but there's little denying that duo look pretty badass.
  11. I think it's just video game characters being translated to a Figuarts figure in general, they all look a bit uncanny, they don't translate as well as live action characters. Most of the popular Figuarts are based on live action properties, DC and Marvel, Star Wars, and all the various Sentai and Kamen Rider. We know how these characters should look, with video game characters they have to base them on the chosen source game, which based on the gaming era, could look quite plain. The Street Fighter characters are based on IV which isn't that old, the MK figures are based on MK III, which is fairly old as far as gaming generations go. I didn't buy the Street Fighter figures because I don't like Street Fighter, not because I thought the figures looked bad, I think all of these video game figures look as expected and appropriate based on their source materials.
  12. edit: Not even Figuarts, Storm Collectibles, someone mislabeled the photos and I ran with it because I'm gullible.
  13. New Broly looks pretty good, bought. I'm FAR more interested in that Mr. Satan, he looks awesome! Didn't expect Android 21, probably a pass for me. edit: And I'm an idiot, the reason the MK figures looked so "off" was because they were in fact, not Figuarts figures, but apparently Storm Collectibles. Storm is actually making more then ninjas now. I'll be passing, my bias for Figuarts made me over hyped, they are the same meh figures Storm has been putting out since Scorpion and Sub-Zero.
  14. The Third Party Transformers Thread

    Man, that's a nice pic, I love that mold in black. When it comes to a new Prime getting announced, I can't help but find myself getting FAR more excited about the inevitable Nemesis repaint. I'll just say it, Prime looks better in black, always. Not that his original colors are bad or not insanely iconic, it's just the black Nemesis repaints are always so much more eye catching.