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  1. General TV thread

    Unfortunately I don't believe it is, it is technically still airing on AMC every Monday and hasn't wrapped up yet. Like I said the only reason I was able to blast through the whole series is because the whole series is up on AMC Premiere, but you can only sign up with that if you have a cable subscription. I'd guess it will pop up on Netflix like most AMC stuff does eventually, but I also believe episode 5 just aired this Monday and there are 10 episodes in the series, so it will still be some time before it wraps up and pops up on Netflix. I actually ordered the novel off Amazon because I loved the series so much, and I've heard good things about the novel as well, and that the TV adaptation is really well done and very close to the source. Also, after finishing up the series I was on Google for about four hours reading about the real Terror and Erebus crews, pretty terrifying stuff in real life even without a fictional monster thrown in to the mix. That's why I need to get my hands on the novel, this property in particular really seemed to nail a perfect blend of fact and fiction, all centered around this horrifying setting and story. I am SOOOO glad I didn't end up passing on this series like I initially thought I would, I figured I'd check it out eventually, which I would have, but it's really good and I'll still continue saying it's probably the best TV of 2018 so far.
  2. General TV thread

    Agreed, Lost in Space was honestly pretty damn awesome, I got far more in to it then I thought I would. I never watched the classic series, and the 90s movie was, mostly forgettable to say the least. Anyone else watching The Terror on AMC? Honestly, it's probably the best TV I've watched in 2018, it is incredibly tense, real classic slow burn horror. I absolutely love it, fantastic cast, superb sets, props and costumes, and really excellent sound design. I really can't recommend it enough, I even signed up for AMC Premier or something like that so I didn't have to wait for more episodes every Monday and I binged the whole rest of the series on Sunday, once again, watch this show, it is quite brilliant.
  3. Mezco One:12 LIne

    Blade is up on BBTS. http://www.bigbadtoystore.com/Product/VariationDetails/72931 I'll say it again, this guy looks frakking fantastic, I'm really excited for this release. Nabbed mine at BBTS, I'll only use Mezco's site when I absolutely have to, like for their exclusives.
  4. A Quiet Place

    To be fair, we just never learned enough about the outside world for me to make jumps about what should or shouldn't have been invented or used. It seemed the family was in a very rural area, large pockets of survivors and military could very well have been developing weapons, and living in various bunkers and underground shelters, we never learned enough. We also never learned how bad the initial invasion was, we don't know how many, and how quickly people were killed. Governments could have been crippled, along with militaries, there could have been a massive near extinction level amount of death that happened incredibly quickly, without any way to prepare or defend. The isolationist nature of the film was another thing I loved for this very reason, the family could have very well been living in un-necessary isolation, they could have been just one radio call from a group that would then inform the family that swaths of soldiers and volunteers are moving through chunks of the country murdering monsters with new tech and tactics. I personally love that aspect in certain horror films, the angle that the family or heroes could very well be harming themselves due to a lack of communication or knowledge, that help could be coming or you could totally be on your own. And due to the incredible hearing of the creatures, I would guess after their initial arrival it would be INCREDIBLY difficult to mount any kind of massive under takings without making even a minimum, fatal level of noise. With how fast, strong, and sensitive the creatures were, I just can't picture too many large scale migrations or defenses being mounted against the creatures, especially after their initial invasion. Also, most glaringly to me, we have no idea exactly how many creatures there are out there, if they can breed, etc.
  5. Mezco One:12 LIne

    Everyone has a favorite slasher, and a favorite look for said slasher from a specific film. Jason from Part III is my jam, always my favorite look for Jason, also my favorite Friday the 13th film, suffice to say this mother frakker is ABSOLUTELY mine. I got giddy as soon as I saw his prototype a while back, yes there was a 1/6 version, but I don't do 1/6 and LOVE Mezco One:12, so this is undeniably the ultimate Jason figure I NEED in my collection, he looks fantastic... I am definitely in for horror film slasher icons, this guy and Michael from Halloween are an excellent start.
  6. Not yet, I'm positive they will in time, and I'm positive it will be a Web Exclusive :(, because Bandai.
  7. The Third Party Transformers Thread

    Oh man, I didn't even see when these were announced, but I'm in love. MakeToys Skywarp and Thundercracker are officially up for PO, nabbed mine at BBTS, and they look phenomenal, everyone was hoping after Meteor/Starscream they would release these guys too, and happy days here they are. I am ALL over these, I love my Meteor to death, a bit too toon accurate for its own good sometimes, but head and shoulders above the quite awful official MP-11 seekers.
  8. Holy crap, did anyone else know the Bluefin Figuarts Ant-Man and The Wasp Ant-Man comes with an entire flying ant for it's necessary for release accessory? I had no idea, now I need this set, just went up last night on most Japanese sites for the stand alone figure, I pre-ordered at BBTS because I NEED that ant as well, it's not AnTony, but it will do.
  9. This can't be highlighted enough. I cancelled mine since I already have the monster 18" NECA jaegers, but I did fiddle with my buddy Rex's last weekend and damn, those plasma cannons were not well thought out, you look at them wrong and they fall off, very annoying for such an expensive piece.
  10. Such an odd design for them to decide on, I can't really complain though, any Bulma Figuart works for me. I just wish they gave us an older Bulma, I wanted her to go with Vegeta.
  11. A Quiet Place

    Man I'm glad someone made a thread for this, I wasn't sure if anyone else had seen this damn near masterpiece of horror cinema. Damn fine work by Jim, er, John, not from The Office. I can safely say I have never had a more intense theater experience, my theater was dead quiet, every little sound had people on their toes, gasping, REALLY in the moment like they were actually there. Myself included. Not to spoil things, but it's an old horror trope where someone needs to be quiet because the bad person or thing is right there and then they accidentally bump something or make a noise, normally I would call this lazy, but in this film in particular it worked INCREDIBLY well, you are right there with the panic and tension that comes with said noise, it is more believable due to the world building and how well and serious all of it is handled. Damn fine movie, and I too am very interested in seeing what Krasinski does next, this film is getting fantastic reviews, and is being touted as a stand out horror movie among a sea of mostly meh films in the genre.
  12. This is the highlight for me, people have been waiting how long for a big budget Justice League adaptation, and what did we get? A wholly forgettable film. There wasn't one single moment that was memorable, or noteworthy. Characters, other then WW herself, were boring and uninteresting, we didn't get to know them at all before this big team up so who knew that would be an issue? The villain was boring, the CG bad, it was all just mediocre. It's crazy it took so long too, the Avengers, hell the Defenders assembled before the Justice League, and yet it just kind of came out, and exists, but isn't anything special at all.
  13. Easy pass on reading time Chewie, I'll take two of the lovely Stormtrooper variant though. Also, Ant-Man and The Wasp Figuarts Ant-Man was also announced, looks like the Civil War figure with slight retooling and it looks like brighter colors. Probably passing on this too, just announce the inevitable TWE Wasp figure so I can nab her.
  14. AC 1 and 2 had Eagle Vision, but then 3 kind of just changed Eagle Vision into an AC version of an upgraded Detective Mode. It all works, so I'm not too bothered. As for combat, it makes sense copying Arkham games, many games these days have a protagonist that is a hand to hand combat expert, and athletic, and should be capable of fighting a dozen dudes at once, so it just works. I remember the recent, and IMO underrated Mad Max game had Arkham combat as well, slower, and you fought fewer guys, and did more stabbing and killing, but it worked, and felt and looked good. It seems the Arkham games set a new standard for hand to hand hero combat, each game at this point just tries to put their own spin on it.
  15. Yeah definitely not a bad thing, Shadow of War/Mordor did it, Sleeping dogs for the combat, AC Origins and a dozen other games have borrowed "Detective Mode" from Arkham.