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  1. Movie still looks good to me, I'm still hyped, I'm seeing this Friday night.
  2. Stranger Things Lego set is in! Pretty damn clever on Lego's part, the trees act as the base and both houses "float" in the middle. Very sturdy build, zero worries about things falling apart or tipping over. Highly recommended if you're a fan of the show, or just want a neat build with good detail.
  3. Agreed there's just zero energy, it must've been insanely awkward to film too. Just a mess of people in expensive costumes on an expensive set, fake smiling and cheering while Will Smith just kind of walks down the street and talks at people in a tone and with music that reminds them of Aladdin... Also, gotta wonder if Disney is expecting this to land with a thud as well, the release date they chose speaks to having little faith in this film IMO, after Endgame but before Toy Story 4? Is that where flops go to die?
  4. Yeah this came out of nowhere for me, was there a tease for this or anything? I just saw several sites post about it last night, once again, I never heard of a tease or rumor this was coming. Either way, frakkING BOUGHT ON SITE. I didn't budget for this, I didn't know it was even coming, but I have to have it, so I nabbed mine this morning, available to VIP Members starting today, and I paid for priority shipping, so I'll have it Saturday, awesome.
  5. So does this follow the original comic or film continuity and ending? What I'm asking is, does this follow the nuclear Manhattan doomsday, or the fake space alien doomsday ending?
  6. Tking22

    Hi-Metal R

    Yeah more cannon fodder stuff would be fantastic, and agreed, we need male and female Zen armor.
  7. Tking22

    Hi-Metal R

    Okay, it's been long enough, what's the next release Bandai? I'm hoping it's not another VF-1 variant, I'd like to see a fan favorite like a VF-0. If it has to be a VF-1, just give us a TV Kaki and Max 1A two pack.
  8. Wow, there are some MONSTER sized spoilers in that trailer, glad it opens with Tom Holland making that very, very clear. Note to anyone who somehow hasn't seen Endgame yet, there's BIG TIME SPOILERS in the new Far From Home trailer. Damn, Disney/Marvel is REALLY expecting people to have seen Endgame by now. Also, multiverse? And there's how the X-Men can show up eventually...
  9. After a fairly healthy wait, TF-Direct finally informed me my second head for TE-01 is officially on the way. Awesome. TE-01 will be somehow even better once I slap that new head on. Anyone else that was a first batch buyer, contact who you purchased from, it appears the stand alone heads are officially in the wild.
  10. Boy I've been having garbage luck when it comes to Figuarts pre-orders lately. I missed ALL the Endgame stuff, Star Wars Boba, which I think looks fantastic, and lastly that absolutely gorgeous PS4 Spiderman. I admit, the first few hours of the PS4 game I played with the repaired classic suit, but for the remaining 99% of the game I played with the Insomniac suit, it really grew on me, I love the white throughout. I guess I'll keep my eyes on BBTS for Boba and Spidey. Zero interest in the Far Frome Home suit, and the other Far From Home suit looks like it's just a re-release of Homecoming Spidey in new packaging, so pass on that as well. Damn, I'd still like an Endgame Widow, Ronin, and at least the MK85.
  11. Love Jim Carrey, he's the only reason I'll ever end up watching this. Stand up guy, hilarious, and quite an exceptional artist as well.
  12. Game seems like it's doing fine, I haven't picked it up yet, I grabbed Days Gone instead. Dude has a weird axe to grind against MK11 for some reason, indirect, nonsensical, non-descriptive complaints of "wokeness" were a dead giveaway. I can't wait to see the pro competitive scene, from the gameplay I've watched, it looks like it will be great for competitive play like always.
  13. Yeah as azrael pointed out, this was covered last week, One thing I have been wondering about, it happened towards the end of the battle/episode.
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