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  1. It definitely seems some random MakeToys Meteors are getting released back at retail, no sign of the other seekers, crazy to see the aftermarket prices on those guys, glad I jumped on them when I did. I got the shin vent and chest fan upgrades, plus the official MakeToys wing fillers, love those three figures, won't bother with the inevitable Takara V3s whenever they drop, and the inevitable $250+ price tag to go with them :(. I've been thinking of how to modify the Megatron choking head they come with to fit onto MP-36, I've seen some examples to mixed results. Either way, they look good and scale well with the few official Cons Takara has decided to put out, and all the third party Cons I've bought up for my season 1 collection.
  2. Keaton 89 Batman is finally on waitlist on the Mezco site, he was up for quite a while today, I feel if anyone wanted one, they should have had a decent amount of time. Good on Mezco, seems they made a decent amount, enough for demand, the scalpers can eat crap on this one.
  3. I did this as well, but I had actually watched the first episode and didn't really care for it, then I eventually jumped back in and figured I'd give it another go. The first half of the first season isn't really anything too special, pretty standard fair adult animated comedy, but the second half of the first season was when the show truly took off, then I was hooked, it's been incredible since then, easily top 5 animated series I've ever seen. I'm sad it's ending, but all good things come to an end, I'm glad they're doing an ending on their own terms and not getting cancelled, or over-staying their welcome and trudging on with newer seasons that just aren't as good or relevant, I'd hate to see this show become redundant or played out.
  4. That's because there is no correlation between the two, it's an idiotic non-point. I don't want a BumbleBee Movie Prime, but if I did, I wouldn't want over-sized, I'd want roughly MP-10 or TE-01 size as well. Honestly, all the options look quite good to me, and pretty much all of them blow the official Takara ones away.
  5. I got one, the site started crashing on the payment page, but I got my order in. No email confirmation yet, but they charged for the NRD for the figure, so I take that as good to go. Still up as I type, but the site is crawling.
  6. All I know is I need it, and I'll be pretty pissed if I don't get just one. Limit of six scares me though, usually it's just two, I don't know if making the limit six is better or worse for normal collectors.
  7. I kind of liked it, I thought it was a clever enough out for Grant Gustin Flash, a bit of a cop out yes, but it was technically correct, a Flash did indeed disappear. It was also a nice send off for John Wesley Flash, we even got that tiny little scene from his old series, it was well done. This crossover was brilliant, tons of fun, it had surprises, it was pretty much exactly what I wanted, I was giddy like a little school girl through these last two episodes, it was just so much fun. I'm glad the Earths merged, using a stupid device to jump every time was lame, or Flash having to run there, the same thing he does to get anywhere, was lame. I honestly didn't expect Black Lightning to get merged as well, but I can deal, he's in the frakking Justice League! Plus that, we finally got our CW Justice League! That was awesome, though I'm wondering if they can even call themselves that, I would imagine WB would be okay with it at this point, their multi-million dollar movie Flash showed up and talked to TV Grant Gustin Flash, why not? Great send offs at the end, Routh Superman changed back to his Christopher Reeve/Superman Returns colors, the Justice League was formed, apparently Ryan Reynolds Green Lantern is still out there doing something, Lex pulled some shenanigans and will probably be a regular villain on the Superman and Lois show, and Ollie's legacy is cemented, he's the guy that started it all, and saved everyone and everything. Aside from whatever he has to do for these last few episodes of Arrow, he's earned his rest. I'm wondering if we'll get more minor crossovers now, with the heroes finally forming a real team, or League, why not? I too am wondering how Black Lighting will continue on, he had a Supergirl on his Earth, not this one, but clearly other supers existed, but now he's a member of the League, he's got friends and backup, heavy hitters too.
  8. That face sculpt looks fantastic, fingers crossed I can get an order in tomorrow for one.
  9. That does help, thank you. Also, it appears that without question, Venom was in the MCU as well, even though there were no cameos or easter eggs in it to imply that. Still odd that they used an image of the Raimi Spider-Man suit and not the MCU Holland one, beyond that, it appears that image of Spidey on the wall is from the PS4 Insomniac game, it's the Raimi suit skin variant screen capped in a cool pose, super, super weird, it's not even a promo or marketing material shot from a Raimi Spidey movie.
  10. I'm confused, is this in the MCU or not? Is this it's own continuity or not? The Spidey plastered on the wall with the "murder" tag by it is clearly a Sam Raimi Spider-Man suit, not the Holland MCU suit, and yet the murderer part, to me, implies this takes place after Far From Home and the whole world thinks Peter/Spider-Man murdered Mysterio. And then Keaton at the end? Vulture from the MCU or another character? If he's another character then that's even more confusing. Will Holland Spidey or even Venom appear or get mentioned in this?
  11. Netflix adaptations have been pretty good IMO, so I'll need to actually see some of this before I count it out, no reason to doom and gloom that it's terrible before we've even seen any of it yet. Also M. Night isn't involved, so we're good there, I know he wanted to do a sequel to his first film but if very thankfully never happened.
  12. Not a fan of this look for Harley so I'll be passing, I'm good with the Suicide Squad version. That said, Ginyu looks fantastic, and I'm glad I didn't buy in further on the Demoniacal Fit Ginyu Force, I have faith Bandai will complete the team themselves at this point.
  13. This still looks bad to me, I really dislike the costume designs too.
  14. I'm ready for it to come back, we have unfinished business to take care of. The Luthor swap at the end of the last episode was fantastic, Cryer is very quickly becoming my favorite live action Lex, he just seems to have so much fun in such an over the top evil role. Also, while the majority of the Legends got the okay from Sara to skip this crossover, it seems we're getting some more bonus Rory, seeing him holding the child of, and quieting down the child of Superman was hilarious, he's always had that gentle touch when necessary. Also, yes, Ollie is going full Spectre, makes sense that the guy that started all this becomes an ultra powerful savior at the end, very fitting.
  15. So it seems MP Hound is officially one of Takara's worst releases as far as QC goes, it's fair to say he has widespread issues at this point. I read about some shenanigans about parts being made in Vietnam, then shipped over to China for assembly, and due to that there was no chance at fixing the QC issues. I also read the back and forth between Vietnam and China was due to Takara being overly protective due to the really, really early leak of MP-45 Bumblebee 2.0, which got out into the wild months before release. Engineering looks fantastic, those with an intact figure love it, but damn, lots of breaks all over the internet, people are receiving replacement figures that are broken as well, and some who thought there figure was fine are finding it stressing and breaking days later from basic handling. I like to transform my figures, and it appears over time, after a few transformations, you may end up breaking the figure yourself. It seems the pins in certain areas are an issue, Vietnam makes the parts then sends them to China, then in China if there are tolerance issues or issues with pins cracking plastic they really can't do anything. At first some thought certain batches sent to certain retailers were fine, but that's being debunked as more and more break reports come in. If you've got one and it seems solid, great, but it seems multiple transformations are a bad idea, and if you were on the fence about MP Hound, maybe wait for a re-issue. Gotta wonder if Takara will slow it's roll on the production of whatever they have cooking currently, they really can't afford to have another expensive MP release that's this riddled with issues, they've gotta get their factories sorted, these things are way too pricey for these blatant issues. Once again, I'm plenty happy with FansToys Willis, Hound was never an important character to me, Willis is plenty of MP Hound for me and my collection. At this point, I'd really only be in for a Takara Trailbreaker, I actually liked Trailbreaker, and my MMC/Ocular Max one kind of sucks. That said, the prospect of paying what I imagine would be $150+ for an MP carbot is daunting, and I would NOT pre-order, I'd absolutely wait for in hand opinions first.
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