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  1. Yeah stock on the site has been weird, they go in and out of stock seemingly randomly, the four figure set, and the individuals. That said, even the set was just all four separate releases bundled, it wasn't an actual set like the huge SDCC version. Agreed on the re-release, NECA made money, even if scalpers seemed to buy up half the stock. As Thriceborn mentioned, these things were REALLY popular, NECA would be crazy to not do a re-release, I'd keep my eye open on Toyark.com if you're interested, they should have an update if there will be another run. Gamestop.com should also have a feature for getting reminders about stock on certain items, the site stock itself has been weird too, random individual figures are still popping back up in stock.
  2. They were definitely sold at retail inside actual Gamestop stores, for shits and giggles I called three around me before my set shipped just in case I got screwed, I tracked down Leo, Raph, and Donnie, no Mikey's anywhere. They actually released early in stores, before most online orders shipped. Yeah they're sold out on the site, you're only real option is to start calling actual Gamestop stores in your area and seeing if they have any stock, the Ebay prices are already absurd, $60 per turtle, $200 for a whole individual set.
  3. Yup, DX9 slightly up scaled KO. Quick and dirty with MS Swipe and Trailbreaker, also Hot Soldiers Soundwave. I'll be getting MFT shiny Megatron soon and he'll be my legends Megs, Newage looks good, but they're a bit small for my taste, except their Bee, he was spot on for me.
  4. Those are excellent figures too, I have an original NECA all red head band comic set, best Eastman and Laird comic turtles figures you can get IMO. Nothing against liking the comic versions more then these, I can't really say which incarnation of the turtles are my favorite, I'm just happy to have nice figures of their various appearances, I've got a lot of turtles.
  5. The NECA turtles in a half shell arrived, and these are indisputably some of the finest turtles figures ever made. Even if you're a crazy person, from crazytown and you're on crazy pills and you somehow didn't like the first two live action turtles films, these figures are undeniably amazing, detailed, and incredibly well made. Highly recommended, get a set before they're gone if you're on the fence.
  6. I'll definitely be getting all five MFT legends scale dinos, they look great, I love the gold instead of the yellow on the original DX9 figures, plus the scale is better. I needed some legends scale seeker action so I got the MFT seekers. I really only wanted the main season 1 seekers, I always thought the cone heads were lame, but I couldn't find just Starscream and his compatriots so I settled for a bundle of both seeker sets, for $75 shipped I can't complain. Highly recommended, really nice little figures for a good price, and no real QC issues to speak of. They're not perfect, but they look good and are solid overall, so works for me.
  7. Tking22

    The Transformers Thread (licensed) Next

    Yeah I don't want to beat a dead horse, I've voiced my displeasure with the official Takara G1 line, but this Bee looks just plain terrible, and that price is insane. But then Black Arachnia looks incredible, and I'm wondering where her spider alt mode is hiding, and what magic will take place to hide her hands since those lobster claws are supposed to become the spider alt mode mandibles.
  8. Tking22

    The Transformers Thread (licensed) Next

    I did, my bad, 13,000 confirmed, about $110usd.
  9. Tking22

    The Transformers Thread (licensed) Next

    Yeah it appears that leak about MP-45 I mentioned above was correct, Bumblebee 2.0. He looks really, really bad honestly, and 130,000yen confirmed, Takara is crazy. MP-46 Black Arachnia looks INCREDIBLE. Damn, Takara knocked her out of the park, she is a must buy, no matter the cost, she looks amazing. This works for me, my MP G1 collection is complete, so Takara can just keep the beautiful Beast Wars MPs coming. Also, MP Hound was delayed, maybe he'll be MP-47?
  10. I absolutely am. Mine are paid, I got the Gamestop.com update about a week ago so they should be on the way soon. I missed the SDCC set, so yes, I definitely had to get these and I can't wait to get them in. Now I'm just hoping we get the foot soldiers and Shredder shrunk down to this scale as well. I'd buy a Shredder and at least 8 foot soldiers.
  11. Tking22

    The Transformers Thread (licensed) Next

    So from what I'm reading, MP-45 is supposedly MP Bumblebee 2.0? Not even MP Hound for MP-45? That's quite lame if true, but once again, I get it, it will sell, and Takara is absolutely NOT out to complete anyone's MP crew, just to make money. So now lots of folks are wondering if Takara will go chibi for the alt mode, fully leaving real world alt modes behind in favor of once again, toon accuracy. If this is true it's a blatantly easy pass for me, MP Bee is fine as is, not the best MP and he has room for improvement, but not a rumored 130,000yen worth of improvement. I'm sure he'll have some neat engineering, and will be much cleaner and not have gaps in his forearms like the current MP Bee, but I'm not even bothering with the + repaints, so making even more 2.0 MPs is not something I would show the slightest amount of interest in. I just want some new MP Beast Wars news at this point, Takara is spinning their wheels with the G1 MP stuff at this point.
  12. Got more stuff in. I broke my no Mafex rule after several years, I really liked Kingsman though so I had to get Eggsy and Harry. I've been on a board/table top game kick lately, I picked up Fallout and the New California expansion by Fantasy Flight Games. Highly recommended, like everything else by FFG, it's nicely paced, and a fantastic translation of the Fallout 3, 4, and New Vegas experience in table top form.
  13. Sorry for the late reply, I got mine from TF-Direct, about $90 shipped and I received it within 5 days, which is crazy, I didn't even pay for premium shipping. They may be sold out, from what I've read the first run of this figure is selling out, but there will be a second run and a lot of sites will or already have, opened pre-orders for the second run. If you are in the US, Chosen Prime has him for pre-order as well, but it's got a mark up on it due to them having to import the figure themselves, they were almost not going to carry it until fan demand got them to order some in.
  14. Got this over a week ago but forgot to post, new Masterpiece Optimus, third party by Transform Element. MP-10 was the gold standard for Masterpiece Optimus, but is quite dated at this point, so an upgrade was needed. Takara is indeed doing their own official V3 Optimus, but I don't think it's a very attractive package for $300+. This thing is VERY solid, and full of ratchets, very well made, I'm incredibly impressed, moreso considering this is this companies first figure. Also, only about $90 shipped, an excellent deal.
  15. I recently got really into the board/tabletop game SCYTHE after playing several times at a friend's house, I even borrowed his base game for a weekend. Absolutely brilliant game, with beautiful art, it even has an automa deck for single player play. I got REALLY into too, base game, all three expansions, legendary box, game board extension, and the realistic metal coins and realistic resource tokens. Highly recommended, not overly complicated, and a full game can be enjoyed in under two hours, lots of interesting gameplay mechanics, it's all about posturing and strategy :).