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  1. My bad, Striker Noir, I didn't even notice they dropped the Manus for Noir for that release. I'm excited, I can admit I'm not too familiar with this version of Convoy/Prime, but it looks like a damn fun and well made toy that has received a ton of praise, I'm excited, it'll be here in time for Christmas too.
  2. Damn I didn't know that was a thing, thank you sir. That said, I am REALLY feeling the Nemesis version in particular, Prime always looked good in black.
  3. Damn, there's another %15 off toys and games Ebay coupon today, I said I wouldn't, but now I may have to pull the trigger on Striker Manus....
  4. Tking22

    Godzilla: King of the Monsters

    It was confirmed by John C. Reilley's character in Skull Island that Kong was still a "juvenile", and still had plenty of growing to do. That movie taking place in the 70s, and presumably, Godzilla V Kong will take place whenever the movie actually releases, probably 2021 or so, Kong will have grown plenty big enough to tussle with the Big G. Also, that will be a MASSIVE Kong, like, damn, Kong has never been anywhere near that big. I guess Toho Kong was pretty big, but once again, not that big. That's gotta be Kumonga rising out of the ground with the huge insect legs, and the mountain? I'm sure fans would HOPE for Anguirus, but if they're going with C listers for little cameos, maybe Baragon? Either way, that kaiju rising out of the mountain is huge as well, hot damn with these scales, these titans really live up to their names. Also, Mothra DOES have blue eyes and does in fact, look quite cute and cuddly. She does to me at least. Fantastic design once again, holy crap I am excited for this movie!
  5. Tking22

    Godzilla: King of the Monsters

    I'm still not fully convinced it's Mothra, pausing the shot, the legs coming out of the ground seem to have far more spines on them, Mothra's legs are quite smooth and streamlined. I think we may see a few quick cameo appearances at either the beginning or the end of the movie mentioning other "titans" that exist, and they will probably be more C list monsters then anyone with real notoriety, monsters that are easier to get the license for. My money is still on Kumonga, the spider. Then again, there is also Kamacuras, which is a massive praying mantis. The scale will follow all the other MonsterArts figures, the whole MonsterArts line is in scale with itself, if that makes sense. All these new King of the Monsters MonsterArts figures will be pretty damn big, everything in this movie is bigger then 90% of the previous Toho releases from Showa, Heisei, etc. Godzilla from Shin and the Netflix series are MASSIVE compared to most other figures in the line, which is in scale, those versions of Godzilla are huge. I'm sure this new Ghidorah will be the biggest MonsterArt figure yet, the shot in the newest trailer shows him really sizing up Godzilla, and it doesn't look too good for Godzilla.
  6. Tking22

    DC CW Television Universe

    Wow, that was a fun episode, this has been my favorite crossover so far, less clutter, there's not, like, 40 characters running around. I think Ruby Rose did a very solid job as Batwoman, there was a lot of ground to cover this episode and it was NEVER going to have the amount of Batwoman people wanted, but what we saw worked. I think her accent was a bit off at times, but nothing she can't polish up if Batwoman gets a green light from CW. Glossing over her tattoos was fine, they aren't going anywhere, and can't be covered every episode, also, did Kara kind of perv on Kate with her x-ray vision? All the Batman talk was funny, the hour was nearly dedicated to bagging on Ollie for being a less effective, less badass Batman. When Barry said he'd never compare himself to a badass like Batman, as Ollie/Green Arrow, I cracked a big smile.
  7. Tking22

    Godzilla: King of the Monsters

    This is too much common sense, it's easier to bitch and whine about perceived slights against, humanity I guess? As you said, Godzilla has always been about allegory and human mumbo jumbo about us being the disease, this is absolutely nothing new. I'm saddened but not surprised, like Lex Luthor said, " Some people can read War and Peace and come away thinking it's a simple adventure story. Others can read the ingredients on a chewing gum wrapper and unlock the secrets of the universe". People will come up with reasons to be offended by, and make it seem they are being attack, in any backwards ass way possible. Oh well, I was going to see this multiple times in theaters anyway, now I'll be seeing it at least 2 or 3 more times, I'll also be buying multiple copies of the 4K Bluray as soon as it is available to try to offset that kind of idiotic, BS behavior.
  8. I had no idea this was even a thing, who asked for this? Will he kiss a human again like that one time in the game? Is Sonic a furry? This seems ill advised.
  9. Tking22

    Godzilla: King of the Monsters

    I need to hear Ghidorah more clearly, but agreed on G2014, I think they nailed the look and the roar. The Godzilla roar is iconic, you've gotta get that right, and I feel they really did well with this new design. Rewatching the trailer, unless that's Mothra in her flying form bursting out of the ground, we see some insect like legs revealing themselves. Is there a chance some smaller, low level Kaiju make a brief appearance? Like Kumonga, the giant spider?
  10. Tking22

    Godzilla: King of the Monsters

    Are... Are you serious?
  11. I am insanely hyped for Outer Worlds! Obsidian is pretty brilliant, I am hoping this game scratches the first person RPG itch I wish Fallout 4 would've, which was a massively disappointing RPG experience.
  12. I'm guessing however Scott managed to get out of the quantum realm after the end of Ant-Man 2 will be a pretty important plot point for this film. I'm excited, only a handful of characters in that trailer, as it should be, and it worked. Also, I love seeing Clint go Ronin since he had to leave Hawkeye behind :).
  13. That was my reaction as well, these designs are beautiful and these figures look amazing! Especially Ghidorah, that thing looks insane! It also looks like it will take up a ton of room in a display, and probably cost a fairly pretty penny. Don't care, as I said, I'm in for all of it. I would even buy a MUTO two pack if they went back and did them.
  14. I'm absolutely ALL IN on the King of the Monsters MonsterArts figures. I've been dying for more MonsterArts, I almost thought Bandai was letting the line quietly die, there's been very few new molds, mostly repaints, but here we are. I can admit I'm a bit bummed this probably means we have even less of a chance of getting more Godzilla kaiju from older eras, I still want Megalon, Gigan, Anguirus, I'd take a Titanosaurs in a heart beat, Hedora, and I really desperately need a re-release of Biolante. Make it happen Bandai, I've got money.