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  1. Oh zero arguments about the humans in KotM, Godzilla films have always had human moments in between the kaiju action, and it's always cringy and stupid, but KotM went above and beyond that. The entire plot only moved forward because the humans made, not just stupid decisions, but the stupidest decisions ever in a Godzilla film, showa era Toho Godzilla included, it was beyond terrible. I plan on watching this for the spectacle alone, King Kong vs Godzilla was my most watched Godzilla VHS tape, I've been dreaming about this film since G2014 and Skull Island. I fully expect more awful human
  2. As we've seen in the previous two films Godzilla's atomic breath isn't anywhere near as strong as the Japanese Toho films. Ghidorah and the MUTO took multiple blasts without vaporizing, they honestly shrugged them off pretty easily. Also, he can't use it often, it's a trump card, and Kong is fast and more agile. Maybe watch the film? Seems silly to count it out already and call it franchise ruined, you're already suspending belief watching any film about kaiju. Also Superman doesn't kill, as stupid as that film was, Superman obviously just entertained Batfleck's nonsense without really hurting
  3. Grabbed an extra Mezco One:12 Moon Knight for customizing, very solid figure if you're a fan of the character. I got figuarts IG and Mark I, finally, too. Haven't cracked IG open but Mark I is fantastic, and with Mark I my Figuarts Hall of Armor is finally complete, MCU Mark I-VII look real good together.
  4. It looks pretty accurate to me, those old Cadillac MMs were massive, massive vehicles, basically boats. This complete Ecto-1 is 18" long, pretty big model.
  5. Ecto-1 showed up today, looks good, can't wait to dive in. I'll be leaving off the "rust" stickers, and I'm switching the ladder to the other side.
  6. I very much remember the first trailer, and that it was a YouTube Red exclusive, and felt the same. I had two questions, who is this for? And is there any chance this won't be terrible? Look where we are now, it's absolutely one of my favorite new TV shows in recent years, it's a ton of fun.
  7. Lego UCS/Creator Expert Ecto-1 showed up today. Looks like a fun build, I'll be leaving the "rust" stickers off, and I'll be moving the ladder over to the original two film's side asap.
  8. Loved, loved, loved this new season. Wow, it was just so damn fun and satisfying! It's cheesy to the max, beyond cheese, the performances are pretty bad and you can predict every scene as it happens, but still, it's just oh-so enjoyable, it really takes you back. Who would've though in 2020/2021 people would become obsessed with a fictional California youth karate story from the eighties? I bet the showrunners and producers are beyond excited for the Netflix situation, I can say I never bothered with this show when it was on YouTube Red, I never even considered checking it out, and I neve
  9. I caught both episodes and enjoyed them, they're fun and funny enough, but we really need some progress in the next episode, like, some real actual story progress, the sitcom thing has gone on long enough. Definitely agreed on that feeling of only getting a few moments of real substance from the episodes we've gotten so far, like I said, it's been fun and funny enough, but you really can't drag that kind of schtick around much longer, we need more information on SWORD, and whoever is attempting to contact Wanda. Also,
  10. I want more UCS and Creator Expert cars, I've loved every Creator Expert and UCS vehicle I've ever purchased. My Ecto-1 will be in my hands Monday, just in time for my b-day. I'd LOOOOOVE if Lego announced a UCS/Expert DeLorean time machine for this year, I'd also take a UCS Adam West Batman Batmobile.
  11. Holy crap same situation here with my girlfriend, except I got her to watch the first season of Westworld, which is amazing, and not a fair trade-off for me cringing through Bridgerton. She even liked Westworld and is in for season 2 after we finish Bridgerton and the final season of Spartacus on STARZ, which is also beyond incredible, that show is fantastic.
  12. Finally saw MP Thundercracker, looks good, but not good enough to spend the money to upgrade from my MakeToys figures. Takara REALLY needs to get to something new G1-MP-wise to keep my attention, I expected Trailbreaker and Hoist before more seekers, but nooooo. Also, when are they putting out more Hound? Like, not garbage broken ones? I like my FansToys figure for the most part, but Takara really knocked their Hound out of the park and I'd definitely grab one if I knew it wasn't an expensive time bomb.
  13. Can't wait, this is absolutely the main WB movie I am looking forward to checking out on HBOMax. I'm a total Gozilla fanboy, loved G2014 and KotM as well, King Kong vs Godzilla was one of the few VHS tapes I wore out to the point it would no longer play, until I got a little showa VHS box set for my 8th birthday, then I wore that tape out too.
  14. Thanks for the link! Grabbed one, with that code the price isn't too bad, but shipping seems a bit weird. Do they charge later with an updated price? I didn't choose an actual shipping option, and shipping was a random, flat price.
  15. Back from Christmas holiday, missed the 1D pre-order, damn, feels bad. I didn't even know it went up, what a stupid ass day for pre-orders, even an exclusive.
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