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  1. HYYYYYYYPE! Despite the leak from over a week ago, I'm still excited, RE2 Remake was amazing, and Nemesis is going to be terrifying me once again like he did all those years ago, I'm ready.
  2. I absolutely loved King of the Monsters, but I'm a massive Godzilla fanboy so every Godzilla movie is fantastic. I'm excited, I need me some King King vs Godzilla reboot action. Also, S.H. MonsterArts when?
  3. As azrael already posted, yes. But he's also a continuation of his Returns Superman, which was a continuation of Reeves Superman from Superman 1 and 2. Very sad and somber road for poor Reeves Superman :(. Joker is a dick.
  4. Pretty epic so far, that first two minutes had some fun nods, 89 Batman universe with Alex Knox from the original film, garbage Titans from DC Universe getting a quick nod, and as expected, a nice little quicky cameo from Burt Ward and Ace the Bathound. So as far as spoilers go:
  5. Looks good to me, I'm in, Taskmaster finally in the MCU is pretty cool, though I'm not super hot on the costume, just give him the skull mask you cowards! I wonder if Bandai will do a Figuarts Widow, Taskmaster and Red Guardian. Also, that Red Guardian outfit looks fantastic. What's the point of this film? To be entertained, I would guess, like most other films. There's no stakes? There weren't in Infinity War either, we knew everyone was coming back in Endgame, still entertaining.
  6. So can I just take some alcohol to this? I have no idea how red got on the underside of the wing, I never noticed this until last night.
  7. Are the wings and majority of the body of the 1J painted or are they bare plastic? In the time I've owned this figure I've never noticed some really ugly red paint scratches or something on the underside of the right wing, just next to one of the missile nubs. I want to take some alcohol to it but I don't want to damage it, it's on the underside and can't be seen in any mode so I can live with it if I have to.
  8. I meant for those that can't walk into a shop and get one, without a proxy of some kind, those kinds of deals are hard to cash in on.
  9. Looks like Mandrake is nearly out of their DX VF-1J stock, all for the low, low price of 35,000 yen, yikes. I guess if you want one for the holidays, that's the best price you can find it for now, so there you go.
  10. Another quick and easy transaction with sqidd.
  11. Episode 7, while a bit clunky at times with exposition, is a pretty monumental piece of TV, and within overall Watchmen fiction, a game changer. Once again, this shows ability to blend old and new is unrivaled. This episode will garner strong opinions and emotions, one way or the other, from every single person watching. Wow. I loved it, and am once again ready for another week to go by so I can get another piece of this outstanding puzzle. I never imagined a Watchmen sequel series would be well made in general, deliver a worthwhile sequel to the comic itself, and be one of the best shows on television all at once.
  12. BBTS opened pre-orders for their Endgame Figuarts Final Battle stuff, plus Endgame Captain Marvel. https://www.bigbadtoystore.com/Search?HideSoldOut=true&PageSize=50&SortOrder=New&Brand=2085&Series=32
  13. In Before Watchmen: Minutemen, he had a larger role, but nothing that contradicted this episode of the series. Also, you are about right that he was more or less an after thought, he was only really known for being the first masked vigilante within the Watchmen universe, not much else. The series has been brilliant, and agreed, I seriously can't wait for another episode, I find myself pining for Sunday night through the work week, just so I can get another fix.
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