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  1. Lego NES finally arrived, definitely looking forward to this build. I can't decide if I want the grand piano next, or the 89 Batmobile.
  2. It's this. I get that perspective, really, really bringing the toon to life, being able to pick it up and move and transform it, it's just not something I've ever had an interest in. Watching the cartoon as a kid I knew the cartoon was crappy looking, my parents mentioned it often enough, a lot of cartoons were crappy looking, in my mind they obviously looked "real" in real life. Clean lines, clean logos and paint, they looked like real cars in vehicle mode, with all that real detail sprinkled throughout their G1 cartoon silhouette. I never wanted toys that looked like the cartoon as a kid or now, I wanted and like them to look how they would have looked in real life. I know a lot of folks are tired of this opinion, but I liked the Hasui stuff better, aesthetically both modes were pretty much exactly what I wanted out of a Masterpiece G1 toy. If Takara kept that style going with all of their modern techniques and engineering, I'd have purchased far less third party and I'd be far more interested in new MP news and announcements. I think Inferno did it in for me, it was just so, so plain in both modes, vehicle in particular hurt my soul, it was chrome free firetruck, save bumper.
  3. Got some mecha anime on bluray. I missed out on the Patlabor box set when it first released, definitely couldn't miss out on the July restock.
  4. Does True Lies count? True Lies is great, and Jamie Lee Curtis is a beyond real, drop-dead gorgeous bombshell in it.
  5. Done and done, Lego Nintendo console ordered.
  6. I finished the new season earlier today, loved it, really fun, great energy throughout, great soundtrack too. Definitely a bit slow in the first few episodes, a lot of stage setting, then really picks up. Definitely a great finale, really looking forward to season 3.
  7. Yeah I got my platinum last week, the trophies are cake, like Horizon Zero Dawn, which I like. Eventually we'll get a New Game+ with a hardest difficulty trophy, I'll return to the game then, maybe do Kurosawa mode for the whole run.
  8. Yeah I saw some in hand pics yesterday that I was hoping weren't real, appears they definitely were. Also, apparently the suit is really bad, the guy who got his early had to remove a bunch of cotton from the suit to make it sightly less terrible.
  9. Yeah my Figuarts Endgame Thanos already looks almost exactly like that, I bought the Takasa Tony Thanos arm and sword kit, so yeah, basically identical already. I take it Fat Thor is a regular release, the previous one was TWE, this one will probably be easier to get, only difference I'm seeing is lightning effects, so another pass for me as well. Just give us the damn Endgame Iron Patriot already, that's the big one most fans are waiting on.
  10. Yeah that piano is pretty incredible, but pricey, I'll have to think about this one. Chill Lego, you're doing too much cool stuff.
  11. I guess I mostly forgot about all that, I wasn't as in to X-Men at the time. I remember the MvC disappointment, I never really noticed the deliberate lack of other merch. I'm glad we're beyond all that, X-Men toys are really having a new golden age right now, everyone is doing some amazing X-Men stuff. I'd like to see a Mezco Nightcrawler, I'm hoping Gambit is solid.
  12. The original release was $230, priciest Monsterarts release at the time. Still baffled KotM Ghidorah cost what it did for what we got.
  13. Monsterarts Biollante is up at BBTS, get her while you can, I'm sure she'll eventually sell out again and be back at $800+ in no time. I think $295 is fairly reasonable, it's certainly above her original retail, but that was years ago, non-refundable deposit as well, she's big and expensive though so that's fine by me. https://www.bigbadtoystore.com/Product/VariationDetails/131016
  14. I got my four sets almost two weeks ago. I requested a shipping update to UPS, paid the new invoice, got them just a few days later.
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