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  1. Oh boy, my Xbox One X is ready, this game looks incredible! Rockstar always ups their own game when it comes to open world, to the point that the term "Rockstar World" does indeed seem more fitting then just open world. I don't even know as far as a PC release for this goes. the first Red Dead Redemption never got one, but GTA V, eventually, did. Gotta wonder if Rockstar will bother again with this release, I know seeing all the pirated copies of GTA V for PC probably made them pretty pissed.
  2. TWE items have been pay up front for quite a while now, this isn't anything new. As Mommar said, I'll just wait for the Bluefin release with BBTS, he'll come with a stand too. Oddly enough, it seems Bluefin isn't doing any Revenge of the Sith Obi-Wan for US release, that seems Japan only even though it isn't TWE and wasn't listed as Japan only. Dooku is TWE, and Japan only, and his price reflects that, like with Infinity War Thor, on BBTS. I find it odd that Dooku is on BBTS, for the massive Japan only mark up, but once again, no signs of Revenge of the Sith Obi-Wan, who is a regular release, but could also be suffering from that rumored smaller production run.
  3. Tking22

    Netflix Marvel Universe

    I'd wager Colleen and Misty will get a Daughter's of the Dragon series, and ol' Danny will be folded into new seasons of Luke Cage. I could even see them changing the title to Heroes for Hire, just featuring both stars. Bummer IMO, Iron Fist season 2 was pretty fantastic, and a HUGE step up from season 1, I enjoyed season 2 more then season 2 of Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, or the entirety of Defenders. Oh well, can't wait to see the Man Without Fear take on Bullseye this Friday! Oh, and the return of Fisk...
  4. I don't get it? As if Bandai or Arcadia could do better? It's a Bayformer design, good luck doing any better. The alt modes are real, the bot modes are always a mess of parts and kibble, there's only so much that can be done. Undersides on Transformers are ALWAYS rough, even on Takara's MP line, look at the bottom of MP Sunstreaker, it's a mess, because it's a Transformer, and that's G1, an even more streamlined design than Bay's Blackout.
  5. So Jake Gyllenhaal is in fact, as rumored, playing Mysterio. Cool. I can dig that, he hasn't appeared in any previous film, I'm excited.
  6. Tking22

    Hellboy - Hell yeah!

    Uh, he is done, that's not Ron. that's David Harbour, the new Hellboy, from Stranger Things.
  7. Evil Buu is up on BBTS, get him while you can. https://www.bigbadtoystore.com/Product/VariationDetails/81123
  8. Yeah the DBZ Figuarts releases are getting more and more difficult to lock down, Bluefin is almost always how I end up even getting these newer releases. I think those reports of figures being made in smaller numbers is true, looking at HLJ, more and more of the DBZ and Star Wars stuff is being listed as one per customer, looking back, that trend really only started with Goku Black and Revenge of the Sith Anakin, which went up for pre-order when the rumors first popped up of smaller batches of figures being made. These aren't Metal Builds, or Chogokins, or anything super high end, these really shouldn't be that difficult to pre-order. I don't want to wake up and do pre-order madness for Figuarts, that's crazy. But I guess I missed out, so maybe I should? DBZ has been, and is still insanely popular, if these are being made in smaller quantities, that's stupid as all hell, I know early on the DBZ line was almost cancelled, I think future Trunks was nearly the last release, but that's not the case anymore, Super revitalized the series for a lot of people, same with FighterZ, there's zero reason they shouldn't be pumping these out in larger numbers then ANY other Figuarts line, even Marvel and DC live action, and Star Wars. Star Wars, Marvel, DC, they all have 1/12 alternatives, while Figure Rise does make some neat stuff, they just aren't totally comparable to a nice, finished figure. This line sells well for the most part, while there do appear to be a few shelf warmers, surprise surprise, all the popular releases are selling out nearly instantly. Does Bandai not want money? Why not make more figures? With the Bluefin shake up, I'm hoping things get a little better, we'll see.
  9. Lol I was honestly expecting a Ryu or Ken repaint next, Evil Ryu or something. Or Dan, I love me some Dan.
  10. I'm seeing some complaints of leg looseness in Ginyu, but not much else as far as QC, some occasional paint mishaps here and there but my official figures are no better, it's hit and miss from figure to figure. I like him, I also got an Ebay coupon this morning for 15% off anything so I snagged a Ginyu, $47 shipped works for me. Most of the complaints I am seeing are about price, but it's third party so it is what is is, you either like and want the figure and will play ball or you don't and won't. For some reason I HIGHLY doubt we'll see a full Figuarts Ginyu Force, I could be wrong, but they were quite minor even if they have a dedicated little fan base. I could see maybe Ginyu, but even then I'd see him as an inevitable TWE release, the rest of the team? Probably too risky even if they tried to make each a TWE release.
  11. Damn I guess Demoniacal Fit is also doing Frieza Soldiers, in several colors no less! Ginyu seems mostly solid, I watched a few reviews and he's not perfect, but he looks pretty damn nice for their first whole figure. Jace looks like he's next, I always liked Jace. If these are in scale, how big will Recoome be? He should be the biggest figure among official and non-official DBZ Figuarts right? I mean, he was a beast, he should be bigger then Broly and Nappa.
  12. There's also Demoniacal Fit Super Saiyan Blue heads for 2.0 Vegeta and Super Saiyan Goku, I haven't ordered those myself but I've heard and seen good things about those as well. And if you're willing, a whole Ginyu Force is coming from Demoniacal Fit, Captain Ginyu is already released and is getting really solid reviews, I may bite. I know you do third party Transformers so I'd wager third party Figuarts Dragon Ball stuff could be something of interest as well. Tien is looking good! The top doesn't add much, literally, but it completes the look IMO, shirtless Tien was only on occasion. Yamcha is excellent, you'll dig him even more so when you get his short hair on, nothing wrong with the long hair Bandai did, but I prefer the short hair look for my Yamcha. I contemplated buying another due to my OCD wanting a long hair option as well, but I can't be dropping that kind of coin for such a small change.
  13. Tking22

    Mezco One:12 LIne

    Damn I guess I got lucky yet again, I managed to nab one. Looked back not even five minutes later, and he's already on waiting list indeed, damn Mezco.
  14. Tking22

    Mezco One:12 LIne

    Damn, I kind of like it and may need to pre-order one. Wolverine with a top knot works for me.
  15. You should look in to the Demoniacal Fit upgrade kit for this guy and Yamcha, I highly recommend it. Solid price, nice paint and plastic quality. Gives you a short hair option for Yamcha, and the green top for Tien. Easy installation, and fantastic results.