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  1. I absolutely love multiplayer, coop specifically, I love me some PvE, but not PvP, so I'm all in on this update, it's magnificent. Good news is that you can totally do everything in Legends solo, you just que up and turn off matchmaking. It's tough at times, the two player Legends story is clearly designed for two ghosts, but it can be done. I did the whole campaign myself on bronze then silver difficulty, bronze was a breeze but silver got pretty hectic at times. I'd also say that the survival mode is far, far more forgiving with three random players helping out, the objective is always
  2. Anyone else with Ghost of Tsushima try out the magnificent Legends update? I'm pretty blown away, it's absolutely brilliant for free DLC, I've spent hours, and hours, and hours getting my samurai to 110 ki level 33, it's a ton of fun. There's also New Game+ added to the main game, along with a slew of really nice, very much appreciated quality of life changes and additions. I'll fire up New Game+ eventually, for right now I've been having an absolute blast with the coop Legends modes though, the two player campaign missions in particular are a lot of fun. There's also a four player coop
  3. Solid finale, definitely predictable though, once again, this series has veered completely away from the comic and I'm perfectly fine with it. At this point I enjoy the comic and show for different reasons, both good, I still like the comic and it's story far more, but the show is fun. Lots of revelations in these last two episodes, and once again as a comic reader, am glad to not know exactly where things are going. Overall it was a good season, not as good as the first, I have this odd feeling like not much happened this season, which is weird, it just didn't seem quite as eventful.
  4. Lucky, I really wanted that one. I would've traded him out into my Mezco One 12 Justice League, I like Ascending Knight Batman, but I like this suit design and these darker colors much more. I got in a package from HLJ, after hearing about disappointments with the first Figuarts Mando release I was worried, but he's great, a tad fiddly but he looks fantastic. The Child is a bummer, stellar faces but super fiddly, the cup accessory is a pain and nearly pointless. Toei Spider-Man is great, his faithful robot Leopardon as well! A week before this rerelease was announced I almost bought the
  5. Yeah that yellow is way, way too bright, it was more mustard colored on the show, with weathering on top. I love the sculpt and detail, but I may to have to suck it up and do some paint work myself, if that's the color they go with that just won't work for me.
  6. Those faces definitely don't look as good as the promos, I'm still pretty glad I skipped this one, reviews seem pretty rough. I'm hoping the Mezco comes out good.
  7. I mostly meant from the perspective of a PS4 Pro owner, there isn't a compelling lineup of launch exclusives enticing me to grab a PS5, Demons Souls is all I'd miss out on at launch. There's plenty more on the horizon for both companies, Microsoft has as much announced for the future as Sony, but agreed, Sony's announced stuff is more interesting. As Mike already mentioned above, Microsoft clearly isn't trying to sell consoles, they are selling services, namely Gamepass and Gamepass Ultimate. At this point, Xbox is just another piece of hardware that can access those services, there hasn'
  8. That's a bummer if true, but seeing as Dark Souls has been on PC, I'd wager they screwed up and jumped the gun, it'll come to PC too eventually, they just wanna sell PS5s this holiday and have at least one real PS5 exclusive for launch. That would be the only real interesting launch exclusive, and it's a remaster/remake of a PS3 game, it's still an incredibly dull launch for both consoles, nothing really worth a whole console purchase IMO.
  9. I see zero reason to get a PS5 at launch, Spiderman: Miles Morales and Horizon Forbidden West are both coming to PS4 too, I'll just play them on my PS4 Pro, Demon Souls is releasing on PC too. I'd just wait until next Christmas when there's an inevitable God of War Ragnarok PS5 bundle, the game doesn't even have a release date yet. Launch consoles are almost never worth it, this generations launch seems to be the most lackluster in history, there's zero real exclusives for either new console.
  10. I didn't get one either, which is a bummer, I really wanted this set. The swappable symbols and heads with different ear lengths really clenched it for me, the supreme suit looks good in black.
  11. I'm in for the Batwing too, the 89 Batmobile was fantastic!
  12. Got The Boys complete series in, just in time for season 2 on Amazon. At one point I had The Boys complete in individual issues, but over the years I lost over a dozen. Not a big deal, these six collected volumes are quite nice.
  13. I never played the original Hyrule Warriors but I'm in for this one on Switch! I haven't played a Dynasty Warriors game since, I think, Dynasty Warriors Gundam 2? Been a good long while, this looks fun.
  14. Damn I read this earlier, MASSIVE bummer, I've loved this show for years now. Honestly though, I can't really say I'm that surprised, the show has had a sporadic, to say the least, run, for years now. It was fantastic while it lasted, this show kept viewers on their toes, characters were multi-dimensional and interesting, there were complicated little details and twists and turns throughout the series, it was amazing through and through. I did read it's cancelled, on CW, there's a chance we could at least get a TV movie or something else that finishes up the story, I wonder if Netflix can
  15. That isn't a plot hole, what happened was the truth, Homelander would be replaced, he's a product. Him threatening to go somewhere else was a bluff, and he was called on it immediately, he's not going anywhere. While other corporations that handle supe contracts exist, there's a reason we haven't heard much to anything about them, they aint crap, and Homelander knows it. It's like if Tom Brady, in his prime, quit the NFL to play in the AFL, he'd still be Tom Brady, but nobody would give a crap. Homelander knows damn well he'd be replaced in a week, there'd be a new leader of The Seven, a
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