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  1. Well, there's the full Beskar Mando and Child, as a separate release, how fun. I'm guessing The Child will come with his floating crib setup, maybe a little frog creature, a hand with Mando's ship knob. At this point I'm going to cancel the original first two episode figure and get these instead, I don't need a figure of the more short lived look.
  2. DYRL Kaki? Ugh, pass, I just want TV valks. Also, can't Bandai just release a TV Roy 1S with a Roy and Hikaru pilot figure included then problem solved? I don't remember the valk having any differences between when Roy and Hikaru piloted it, aside from eventual TV super parts. If people want a Roy 1S with both pilots they can just double dip the same way they would have to if Bandai did separate TV releases anyway.
  3. This. It does look good, but not really better then the Mezco One:12 in any significant way so I'll pass on this and stick with Mezco. I highly doubt we'll see a Jack Joker from either company, from what I've read he's very hesitant about okaying merch based on his likeness, the Hot Toys was apparently a stretch to get the okay as is.
  4. I managed to get my figuarts Toku Spidey and Chogokin Leopardon at HLJ, definitely needed both myself. I actually watched all of Supaidman! in college many years ago, it's definitely terrible, but iconic, and immensely important as far as Toku history is concerned. Both toys look great and honestly, not even a week ago I was checking eBay for prices on the original Chogokin Leopardon, glad I didn't bite, this renewal version looks fantastic, plus a nicely articulated Figuarts to go with it is a huge bonus.
  5. Yeah I read this earlier, very cool news indeed, live action Ahsoka, finally! Kind of agreed here as well though, I remember reading that Ahsoka's character model changed slightly from Clone Wars to Rebels to better resemble Ashley Eckstein so she herself could one day possibly play her in live action. But like you said, Rosario is frakking awesome so I can deal, no real complaints here.
  6. HOLY frakkING crap, I did not expect Nargacuga, that is awesome! So bought, so, so, so bought, on site, no matter the price. I love Monster Hunter so everything Bandai puts out in this line is an instant buy for me, this guy looks fantastic! I'm dreaming of the future for this line, I hope it sells, Diablos is necessary, Rathalos and Rathian, Azure, Pink, Silver and Gold repaints, Tigrex, Teostra, I'd take a Fatalis, my favorite Elder Dragon.
  7. There's almost zero chance you won't love it, it's polished, optimized, and a hell of a lot of fun.
  8. Lol very true. I remember my uncle brought that up every time we discussed the casting, that Mr. Mom himself was going to ruin Batman, and be terrible. He frakking loved that film :).
  9. Really? 89 Keaton Batman? I didn't expect this, but I'd guess that's the point, nobody did. I'm still plenty happy with my eventual Mezco One:12, but this is cool. I can only imagine he'll have a cloth cape, Bandai finally decided hard plastic, separated cape bits are dumb and look bad. If they do a Jack Joker I'll have to grab both, but if Mezco announces their own I won't bother.
  10. Pretty fun episode last night. Next week appears to finally bring in guest star Terry Crews! I've watched him live-stream some builds a few times, guy is a pretty big LEGO fan, he has a nice building and storage area in his basement.
  11. My physical copy of Doom Eternal just got delivered to work, I'm so excited to pop this into my Xbox One X later and fire it up. Doom 2016 was, hands down, my favorite video game campaign of the generation, it was pretty much perfect, and the soundtrack was music to my ears, truly angelic. Rip and tear!
  12. Obligatory. Looks cool though, nobody really does classic Apes merch anymore, NECA did a bit, but that was a while ago, I think the cloth goods will look fantastic on this guy, I'm in for one.
  13. When the first bridge held 1000 lbs. I was amazed, then the second happened and I was blown away, holy hell. Love this show to death, and agreed, I'd say Tyler and Amy, the LEGO couple, have been the most consistent duo since the first episode, not one bad build, no real issues to speak of, impressive episode after episode, I'm pulling for them to win myself. Tonight looks fun though, the children's ad lib looks interesting, there's no harsher critics then children, especially when what you're building comes straight from their imagination and direction. Gotta say, during the Mega City build, though sneak peeks and previews already showed it, my heart sank and I let out a very loud NO when the Bromance couple's tower went down, that was really hard to watch, it had actual stories built into each level, and a neat little elevator system, how heart crushing. Worked out in the end though for the most part, multiple teams got saved on that episode with the "twist" half way through.
  14. Holy crap, I need it, looks really clever, and far more than I expected, I of course just expected a Mario level layout with a Mario minifig.
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