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  1. So logistically speaking, how will this work? Will future Spidey movies even be able to mention characters or events from previous MCU movies? Will future Sony movies go off of MCU continuity? Did the snap happen in these movies? Can Peter mention Tony or Iron Man? This all sounds pretty stupid, and I have virtually zero faith in Sony and live action Spidey content. I'll be sticking to Spiderverse sequels myself, I'll be done with live action Spidey from here on.
  2. Daaaaaamn. That looks good. Mine was delivered today, I'm excited to get home and check it out, looks like Mezco did a pretty great job on this set.
  3. Do you have the wings plugged all the way in? Myself and some others thought we had a weak wing connection too but the wings should plug into the body, I can hold my entire figure up by the end of either wing, super solid.
  4. Yeah like I said the ending was a doozy, completely different from where the story goes in the comics, such a lovely twist to keep readers on their toes. Also,
  5. Seven tonight after I get home, great flick. I've been re-watching this and Shazam, both good fun, and both films were much better then expected.
  6. At this point that's the best I can hope for, Gamestop single releases. I'd take Shredder and Splinter, and four Foot Clan soldiers. Gamestop is the only reason I got the 7" turtles, I missed the SDCC set for those too.
  7. I actually read the entire comic series about three years ago, took a while because it does get a bit slow at times, but I definitely enjoyed it overall. Finished the first season last night and I LOVED it! They did a fantastic job adapting a really insane story! I feel all the right things were dialed back, it's not as gratuitous as the comic, not even close, which is for the better IMO, this being a series, it's gotta be more accessible to a wider audience, and once again, I feel it was. Urban was great as always, Simon Pegg got to guest star as Wee Hughie's dad instead of Hughie himself, which works for me, and honestly, all the casting was pretty damn fantastic. I recognize the guy as Homelander from Banshee, another great, and highly underrated, series. Best part of all though? That ending. Without spoiling things, the ending completely diverged from the comic storyline, which I love, so going into season 2 there's already a new status quo, I won't just know what is going to happen, I really like the shake up. Some spoilery details I liked: Overall I really enjoyed it and I think the show did a fine job towing the line so to speak with it's over-the-topness. Garth Ennis is a bit much, and the original comic was a bit much, but I think this first season was really well done, and enjoyable enough for casual viewers, it's a nice change of pace from the past decade of being bombarded with family friendly Disney super hero nonsense, which I love, but yeah, The Boys was great.
  8. Sequel needed, I've watched this, like, six times since I picked it up on 4K Bluray, this movie is great.
  9. I never bother with SDCC exclusives so I had no idea this was a thing, damn, third party/scalper prices are already through the roof. I sure hope NECA does the smart thing and releases these 7" releases separately, those things look damn good.
  10. Looks great! I do believe this trailer, for me at least, washed away my remaining memories of that really bad Amazon series that cast totally random nobodies as these characters.
  11. Spiderverse Miles looks good, it will probably be a safe release too, Mafex seems to make garbage for there live action film based stuff, for comics book movies at least, but there comic releases have been solid. Wish Dark Knight Returns Batman had a proper blue cape, I'm not too keen on the black cape. And agreed, that comic colored Spidey is a bit ugly, if I were inclined to get one I'd just track down the original release.
  12. I think Cavill could play a fantastic Superman if he had a better movie to be in, Man of Steel's failings weren't on him IMO, that was just a crappy Superman film that he got stuck in, we saw shades of a great Supes at the end of Justice League. Superman Returns was also a crappy Superman film with a great leading man, Kevin Rapey was okay as Lex, if pushed, I'd say Superman Returns > Man of Steel. But once again, both were crappy with wasted potential, so it's a bit of a lose-lose. Yeah the Shipp bait and switch sucked, I expected he would be a major player, not a cameo. Agreed on Invasion, a little fun, but bloated overall, and the Nazi crossover was fun, but there was NEVER going to be enough bad guys for the heroes, it was a handful of big baddies, and lots of cannon fodder Nazi soldiers, we didn't even get an evil Nazi Superman. And I love the Emerald Archer but C'mon, he's a human that's good with a bow, HE was the leader of the evil Nazi universe? https://wegotthiscovered.com/tv/robin-actor-burt-ward-feature-crisis-infinite-earths/ I'm excited for this year's crossover, it's shaping up nicely, looks like Burt Ward will play an older Robin too. Not to be mean, but he's a bit thick these days, so I doubt we'll see him suit up, but a cool addition nonetheless. I'm interested in seeing how Arrow ends, the show that started it all. When the first season was on, I NEVER imagined we'd be here now, a massive connected DC-CW universe that's quite popular and has no signs of slowing down, complete with meta-humans and powers, aliens, time travel, and all the other nonsense you'd expect from comic book stories. There have been ups and downs for sure, but I'm grateful for the years of entertainment overall.
  13. Grabbed my 4K Bluray copy on my way to work this morning, can't wait to get home and check it out later.
  14. Goku is almost there, Bandai just cheaped out and used the standard Son Goku black hair and painted it silver. The Ultra Instinct hair has slightly more flair and lift to it, the hair just isn't there, which for most Dragonball fans is quite important, these little changes make the difference between all the other forms. Eh, it's Dragonball, it's still shonen, you're either on board or you're not. If you watched Super you'd know Ultra Instinct wasn't just a hair color change, Goku's fighting style completely changed into something never before seen in Dragonball. His fighting style changed, mannerisms, attitude, etc., it was far more then a hair color change power up like Super Saiyan Blue.
  15. Jiren is up for PO on BBTS through Bluefin USA, nabbed mine, looks good. Such a shame the Ultra Instinct Goku looks lazy as all hell. https://www.bigbadtoystore.com/Product/VariationDetails/97090 Ultra Instinct Goku is quite a massive disappointment IMO, the body looks fantastic, but the hair is the laziest crap I've seen from the Figuarts Dragonball line, Saiyan Raised on Earth Goku hair painted silver? Really Bandai? I read it was a prototype, obviously, and that it may change, but I'm highly doubtful. Will pass if so, that's too half ass for me to pay full money, I'd go Demoniacal Fit at that point.
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