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  1. Finally watched Godzilla on Netflix last night, I LOVED it! I'm a Godzilla superfan/whore anyway, I love anything related to the Big G so I knew I would love it, but yeah, it was good. I'm still not a huge fan of the CG cell shaded look, but it worked, and it looked good overall. A bit slow at times, but that describes literally every Godzilla movie ever, the ending was what really got me hyped, plus I REALLY dig this design for Godzilla, it looks like he's become one with the Earth itself, like he's a massive tangible part of it. I'm very glad I grabbed the MonsterArts figure of this design, and I am really looking forward to part 2 with Mecha-G, and the inevitable MonsterArts figure of that as well.
  2. Anyone picking up Monster Hunter World on Xbox by chance? PS4 I'm sure there will be plenty, but I know Xbox isn't as popular all around, let alone with this franchise. I've had mine pre-ordered for my X1X for over a month now, I'm excited! I haven't played a Monster Hunter since Tri on my old Wii. I played the beta several times on my dusty launch PS4 and loved it, but Xbox is where most of my friends play and that's what I've invested all my time in so I am mostly on that, my PS4 is for the occasional Sony exclusive that interests me. I'm definitely maining charge blade like I always do, then maybe I'll try insect glaive or dual blades, not sure yet.
  3. Beat me to it with the trailer. The hype is real, I can't wait, it's all coming to an end. I remember those non Sith or Jedi beings in several Clone Wars episodes, they are some kind of beings that balance the force but aren't dark or light side, Mortis Elders or Gods or something if I remember right. Plus Sidious? We all knew he would make an appearance sooner or later. After being pretty bummed by the newer live action movies, this series is what I may actually physically NEED in order to get my quality Star Wars fix.
  4. Word of caution on MP-39, Takara used a stupid, piss poor joint for one section of the backpack that is breaking on a lot of people, I checked mine out and I have some healthy stress marks after just a few transformations. The backpack with all the engine kibble must rotate around 180 in order to lay clean on Sunny's back, that black joint that feels notched as you rotate all the backpack nonsense around is VERY fragile, it is also notched, so it catches some resistance as you rotate it. I recommend not transforming him often, or really babying that whole backpack section when you have to rotate it around to complete his bot transformation. We'll see if those stupid long life stickers they put on their stuff now holds true when people have Sunny in their collections for a while and are several transformations in.
  5. The Third Party Transformers Thread

    When I first decided I wanted MP Dinobots I was right at the opportune time to go either Fans Toys or Giga, I went Fans Toys and haven't looked back. Not that I think the Giga Dinos are bad or anything mind you, I've handled Snarl and Slag and they are definitely quality figures, it just comes down to aesthetics. I prefer the toon look of the Fans Toys Dinos over the bulky, stung by a bee G1 toy look of Giga. Once again, I'm not trying to knock the aesthetic, it's just clear Giga went for a G1 toy homage over toon accuracy. QC seems mostly fine either way you go, some have had issues with both Giga and Fans Toys Dinos, but it seems like fairly rare cases for both companies. Good time to be collector either way, there's a set of MP Dinos for everybody, toon or toy, whichever you may prefer.
  6. Definitely read that a while ago, also read that Karl was asked about returning to the role, which would be an instant win for the series if and when it happens. I'm cautiously optimistic, Dredd has a rough history when it comes to live action projects, the fact that Dredd the movie even happened after the Stallone film was a miracle itself.
  7. That man just needs to play Dredd again damnit. I LOVED Dredd, such a fantastic film, and Karl was perfect as Dredd himself. Also, I read The Flash solo movie got two more new directors signed on today! Who wants to take bets on when they inevitably decide to leave the project like all the rest?
  8. Mezco One:12 LIne

    They also released Deathstroke, so five, which is crazy for Mezco. And I actually meant to say most other roughly 1/12 lines have been mostly MCU, Figuarts, Mafex, etc. It's nice to see Mezco giving us some classic style, with collector quality, and obviously pricing, in mind.
  9. Mezco One:12 LIne

    Nope I definitely still care, I pre-ordered mine at BBTS. I was worried this guy might never happen, Mezco is so slow on their releases, and worse on giving solid dates things will actually release and go up for PO. Glad he's happening though, hopefully we'll see some neat re-paints or at least a Rhodey War Machine variant, love the classic look, we've gotten nothing but MCU style designs for quite a while now.
  10. Damn that's a shame, I love mine to death, he is quickly becoming one of my favorite Figuarts figures in general. You haven't been too hot on a number of Figuarts lately, maybe dial back from the expensive TWE Figuarts and just do a handful of the regular release ones that you know you'll like, spend all that TWE money on something else.
  11. What shipping method did you go with? That seems like a long time if it was EMS or anything similar. Indeed very odd that Bandai has released almost two dozen Iron-Man figures in the Figuarts line, and then they make the MK 47 a TWE item only attainable when bundled with a Spider-Man figure. I personally can't really complain, I was going to get both either way, and I was more excited for the Spider-Man then another Iron-Man, not that MK 47 isn't cool, I just REALLY liked the home-made suit in Homecoming, and I already have a bunch of different Iron-Man Figuarts. Honestly, they're both cool figures, it's a nice set.
  12. Got two more packages in from NY, that is two SEPARATE packages, since I can't combine multiple TWE items after payment... I love the GM Sniper, the regular cannon fodder GM-79 ANIME figures are really nice themselves, so I knew there would be a great base for future variants. I actually really like the Home-Made Suit Spidey, I've seen some aren't too hot on hit but I think he's neat, he's really nicely articulated, kind of a shame Bandai decided to make him TWE. MK 47 is another nice Figuarts Iron-Man release, I really liked this look in the movie, I love all the extra silver throughout the body.
  13. Hi-Metal R

    The missile Regults were TWE, or Tamashii Web Exclusive items, only sites like Nippon Yasan and Anime Export carried them, and only sites like those and Ebay will have them now, at an inflated price.
  14. Got my MP-39 Masterpiece Sunstreaker in, he's pretty neat but I do have some issues. I don't like his face, easily Takara's worst work yet, he does indeed have a weird Jay Leno vibe to him, it's the chin, it's just off. His transformation is fairly intuitive, a bit fiddly at times unfortunately, not my favorite official MP transformation but I think it's better then my third party Sunsurge. His backpack is pretty nasty too, it's not really just a backpack, but a backpack butt-flap hanging spoiler bit combo. There's a lot of stuff hanging off the back of this guy, but overall I can mostly give it a pass since Takara was forced to essentially fit two alt modes into this guy, his toon and toy accurate fictional Lambo with huge intakes mode, and a "clean" regular yellow Lambo mode to match his brother. Overall I'm happy, he has a lot of gimmicks, and he is easily Takara's most impressive figure yet from an engineering stand point, I even put him above the very insane MP-36, who I also didn't like aesthetically, but there's zero denying Takara is on point with the engineering on these new figures, so I believe the higher costs are fairly justified as well. I recommend him, he's a showboat, and that's what you want in a Sunstreaker.