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  1. The Third Party Transformers Thread

    The MMC tapes feel very expensive for their size. That further limits their appeal. Plus I already got MP-15 and MP-16. It wasn't until I saw MMC Frenzy/Rumble that I became interested in Jaguar. At that time, I slapped my head and went, "of course!" (I always thought the tapes were too small in robot mode, except for the birds.) I don't see Jaguar at the usual TaoBao stores I go to, so probably I have to wait for him to be reissued. The condors look a bit off to me. It's not just a scale issue. If they were available individually, I might get one. But both together are just too expensive. Even for the MMC Frenzy/Rumble, they cost US$76 (500 yuan) each before shipping, so I'll get just one. Somehow, I prefer the purple one and I know him as Frenzy.
  2. The Third Party Transformers Thread

    Some of the recent car bots were a turn off for me due to the "backpack" problem. Yes, the bot looks great, very G1 cartoon -- as long as the back isn't visible. Sometimes I view it as "cheating" and the toy is sort of a "shell-former". It has come to a stage that I wish the backpack could be detached for a cleaner bot look.
  3. The Third Party Transformers Thread

    Just a few months ago, I was a Masterpiece-only collector, more out of inertia than anything. Something changed after MP-36 and MP-39. Also, 3P now skirt ever closer to G1 look. It used to be that Masterpiece > 3P in terms of G1 likeness. Now, I can't be sure. It's ironic that I waited for years for MP-11 (Starscream) to be re-released only for him to be obsoleted by Meteor a few months later. (YMMV) Now I hope MMC's Ravage and MakeToys Jazz get a re-release one day.
  4. The Transformers Thread Next

    Seems like a tube of lube would be more useful? It's catch-22. Price has to be high due to low volume. But if it's too high, people either skip it or go for the KO... Not a Beast War fan, so this is an easy skip. But after my experience with MP-36, I will be much more critical and not buy one blindly.
  5. My take on the wooden horse, going for the most simple explanation that is supported by the events in the movie.
  6. The Third Party Transformers Thread

    All I see is how perfect and cartoon accurate MP-36 is. But it is not. Not at >US$200 price tag anyway. As mentioned many times, its back is a mess. But somehow, it gets a pass. Because it looks good from other angles? Not so, IMO. MP-36 is too stout. His upper chest is too short and protruded. It's like he is wearing body armour. Bobby Skullface compared MP-36 to a line-art of Megatron taken from a low-angle and said it was accurate. But he is wrong. The proportions are wrong due to perspective and he should know it.
  7. It's only at certain parts. Think they are going for a low booming echo effect. The poor speakers were struggling to keep up. As someone who doesn't like the first movie -- I'll say it's a flawed masterpiece -- this one works. It does everything right. Except that it is really long and sometimes slow. (Modern films have fast tempo and after you are used to it, you find older movies a drag.) This film is breaking my longstanding rule not to watch sequels. (Of course, I watched a couple of reviews to make sure it is of certain quality first.) I like especially how it does Ghost in the Shell better than Ghost in the Shell. What does it mean to have a soul? That's central to GitS, and only incidental in Blade Runner, but this one does it better. Not a spoiler: K discovers the answer for himself, as well as his relationship to others.
  8. The Third Party Transformers Thread

    I believe editing is not time-limited on this board, so simply start a new topic and update the first post to link to the individual review posts.
  9. The Third Party Transformers Thread

    It's not about accuracy. Black / dark faces don't show up well, unless they are very well lit -- to the point of overexposure. Their expressions are just lost. Faces should be light / bright.
  10. The Third Party Transformers Thread

    There are two ways about it. First, if you could find someone in the same vicinity (e.g. city), you could pair up with him. That would bring down the shipping drastically, well, US$45 per person. Second, look for a shipping forwarder. They have cheaper rates, but it would still be US$30+ (plus the local US$15 shipping). I was going to use option 2 (there is a relatively cheap shipper to Singapore), and I estimated the shipping to be US$25 (so total of US$40). But then I found someone local who had ordered it, so I asked him to order two sets instead, and he agreed to help me. However you slice it, overseas shipping from US is not going to be cheap...
  11. The Third Party Transformers Thread

    This has not been brought up here, but if you like G1 toys, you might like Transformers G1 Unofficial Photographic Archive Vintage Toys: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1052752228/transformers-g1-unofficial-photographic-archive-vi 8 more days to go. Pricey, though.
  12. The Third Party Transformers Thread

    Because they look nice? HM is very cartoon-like, but he looks fine to me -- he's not too bland. Iron Hide and Inferno are too bland, especially in their lower legs. Why do they have to use a black face? Should have it in silver. The toys, especially 3P ones, were often too "busy" with panel lines and detailing. There's a middle ground somewhere. Takara has gone too far into the cartoon aesthetic, but HM does it well, IMO.

    Yup, I hope they get to Houquet. I was waiting for that for Beagle, then they folded. At this price, sadly, I can only get one figure.
  14. Legos, anyone?

    I think TLG is trying to be cautious so that they don't get stuck with too many unsold units. Maybe their plan for high-priced-but-unknown-demand sets is to produce X numbers per quarter, so that they get stuck with X numbers at most. They seem to be using the same approach for the Apollo Saturn V set. I'm also thinking the chance of this set staying at list price the entire run (due to ever-demand), or will it be discounted by 20-30% at some point to move sales?