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  1. For digital stuff, only if they re-render and not merely upscale. That might be enough for me to double-dip some Pixar movies. For older stuff, even for Studio Ghibli movies and DYRL, I think 1080p is enough. But then I don't have a 65" TV.
  2. The current blu-ray is already blurry. Is there any point going 4K for anime?
  3. A look at the cost. DX9 cheap: $70 x4 + $130 (Capone) = $410 (Assuming the last two bots are discounted to $70, which may not happen.) DX9 normal: $100 x4 + $160 = $560 FansToys: $105 x3 + $180 x2 = $675 XTB: $40 + $60 + $70 + $70 + $130 + trailer = $370 + trailer If the trailer costs $100, then XTB will cost $470 in total. Not the $300ish some are expecting on outset.
  4. By Titan class, do you mean 18" or 24"? 18" is no-brainer for me, but I even have to think at 24". I'm not ruling FT-40 out now, but 40+" is really no joke. If I could spare money/room for just one such Behemoth class (we need a new name!), It won't be Fortress Maximus. Probably Metroplex, in city mode 99% of the time.
  5. This is Takara's current design. We can see it in MP-44 and Unicron as well.
  6. Zeta says: "Thank you for your concern. We will come out with better toys." If true, this implies that ZetaToys will still be around. I'm still of the opinion that Hasbro can't really enforce its G1 IP much, especially in China.
  7. I agree. Hasbro was able to take down the videos because they mentioned "Unicron". But ZetaToys itself? My belief is that Hasbro is unable to go after them directly -- unless someone shows that they were served C&D letter. The way ZT phrases it, "it looks like it will be aborted (abandoned) this time", there is some uncertainty. (I use 'may' previously, but now I think 'will' is closer. 'Looks like it will be ...' = likely to happen.) Will they be uncertain if Hasbro sued them? Maybe the factory got cold feet or retailers declined to carry Core Star, so they couldn't proceed. For now, at least.
  8. Seige will scratch the G1 itch for many people, I think, at a fraction of the price of 3P. That's how you destroy 3P, by taking their market away.
  9. https://www.tfw2005.com/boards/threads/hasbro-has-taken-legal-action-on-transformer-kos-in-china.1180249/page-14#post-17188698 IMO, Hasbro has a case here because unlicensed 3P looks too alike an official product. Keyword being 'official product'. G1 IP infringement? Hasbro has a long fight ahead.
  10. I meant legal lines, of course. Didn't a toy shop use "Optimus Prime" to describe Toy World's figure recently and Hasbro send the cease-and-detest letter immediately? Hasbro is watching -- all the time.
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