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  1. The last such request was from 2017, let's see if anyone still have these cards. Wanted for Part 1: TV-11, M7-3, M7-27, M7-32 I'm also considering SP-2 (Basara & Mylene) or SP-2G (Basara & Mylene Gold). I have one SP-4G (Valkyries Gold) that I can trade for it. Wanted for Part 2: No. 2, 12, 22, 36, 40, 44, 46, 48, 53, 54, 55, 56, 65, 71 Special: 74, 76, 77, 78 I have one 79 and two 80 if anyone wants to trade. I have some (but not many) spare cards for part 2, in case anyone is looking for them. I'm in Singapore, but I
  2. Shouldn't this be in the official thread? Should be of more interest to people who collect official toys. Fillers are very nice (I can't stand the figures with gaps), but they are expensive to get kit by kit. If only someone makes one kit for the entire line...
  3. Wardog is complicated for 2015. Maybe the designer went on to work on the FansToys movie bots after that. I got Wardog for its tank mode. I never thought of him as Warpath. Other than Sheridan's broken leg, I don't think there has been other complaints about the figure? At least the waist can swivel.
  4. I don't think MST has mentioned what tapes come with Soundwave. I think the bundled tapes will be Buzzsaw + drone (for blue one). The others will be in a separate tape set.
  5. I like the NA seekers until it comes to the lower legs. I don't like the look of the two-step thruster shin vent, and that the rear wing is folded onto the side of the leg and makes the leg multi-color. For Soundwave, one is blue, one is black. Make sure you order the right one! (Blue one comes with two tapes.)
  6. Other than her chest, is there any part of her bot mode that is used in car mode? This is just like Haslab Unicron. The alt mode can look good cos it is single-purpose. (Just hang the whole thing off her back.)
  7. Earthrise is looking very good for G1 toon fans! I have no interest in Hasbro mainline, but I'm considering buying some ER figures! Modern take and aren't overly-greebled like Seige!
  8. If it were directly from the company, it is marketing. In the first video, at 4:04 onward, the reviewer described the First Devastator War between TFC and MT. At that time, TFC was 'king' and MT a contender. TFC came out with Hercules first. MT realized fans wanted G1-style and announced Giant. It was a huge hit. To fight back, TFC had to introduce an upgrade kit to make its figure more G1. MT took this opportunity to turn online fans against TFC. 'Virtually overnight', everyone turned away from TFC and towards MT. TFC never recovered from this loss in reputation. A new king was born.
  9. Are you perhaps thinking TaoBao is full of scammers? I think ShowZ made a mistake, that's all. I have sellers on TaoBao sent me the wrong things on two occasions. One of them is even the manufacturer itself.
  10. Utopia was the start, Despotron was the end. Up to that point, it was all rosy for MakeToys due to a combination of exoticism ('Japanese'), premium (priced extremely high), niche (the right products) and online propaganda campaign, especially against its main competitor TFC. [My translation of the review, start] Utopia was supposed to be MT's crowning achievement, except... Hasbro came out with Titan Metroplex. To compete, MT had to slash price by 50% (1,250 yuan [~US$210 then]) and engaged in massive online propaganda. But this time, the massive price reduction upsetted
  11. Speaking of MakeToys, I found this Chinese reviewer talking about the history of MakeToys: 【变百科】人靠衣装马靠鞍, 史上最会包装的第三方 (The 3P with the best marketing) 【变百科】卸下伪装狰狞的嘴脸, 第三方巨星陨落之路 (The fall of a 3P mega-star) From Dec 2018. The rise and fall of MakeToys According to him, MT's first misstep was Utopia (2014). After that, nothing seemed to go right for MT. tl;dr Don't expect MT to bounce back any time soon.
  12. XTB is able to get an ultra-accurate front of the cab because that is its sole purpose. It hangs off the back in bot mode. I would be more forgiving if it isn't so big. This is quite a common theme for XTB and their big backpacks. Their upcoming Springer looks like he is carrying a backpack too -- but then it could be inherent in this design. I got the three MakeToys figures I wanted over the years (Meteor, Downbeat, Visualizers). I may have desired a few more, but I find their products priced too high. I feel the same way with MMC. FansToys is expensive, but you feel
  13. DX9 has the worst luck when it comes to their big releases. It looks like none have made it to USA yet, including the US retailers? Is it that it shipped at a bad time (first week of December) or it was flagged for inspection?
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