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  1. OMG very exciting. Last 3 i have been to were all awesome. I will be there again.
  2. I have a few on my desk at work. Waiting for the Hi-MEtal R to come out, I think it will fit nicely.
  3. I am practicing for that Chunky Monkey transformation contest. Honorable mention for no mistakes isn't good enough this year!
  4. If I can score cheap tickets I will go. Got my GX-59 Daltanious there on a whim and now I LOVE it. Didn't see much Macross stuff though.
  5. I travel to Lakeland, Orlando, and Tampa often.
  6. Last years was AWESOME!! Can't wait for this years. Din Tai Fung afterwards?
  7. If I still lived in Boston I would definitely check that panel out!
  8. I will be getting at least 2 of these. So happy!!
  9. Heading to Empress Pavilion for Dim Sum Saturday if anyone is interested, and then Disneyland at night. If anyone is interested I have a limited amount of free admissions to Disneyland. PM me.
  10. I saw Scott Z from Collection Intervention yesterday actually. He was selling off a lot of his MOTUC collection at PowerCon. He told me they cut a TON of stuff from the show where he talks about the Power Morphicon and Robo Toy Fest he puts on. They basically made a new story out of his story in editing.
  11. Thanks! It looks great and fits stuff so nicely.
  12. There were a few Zentradi ships on like page 8. I think on page 10 or 11 I found my own answer, model kits. Where did you get that brown cabinet in the last picture? Love reading through this thread... so many awesome displays and ideas for my own!
  13. What are the Zentradi ships from?? Anyone know somewhere I can buy something bigger than the Detolf, but similar to hold Macross stuff? Detolf is just too tight.
  14. Can't wait for this! Any plans for Friday or Saturday yet? Any interest in a Disneyland trip? Frank & Sons?
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