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  1. BTW hklocus already offering preorder Link as attached. http://www.locushk.com/?sp=&p=6&cat2=1574&cat1=155&cat0=24&id=4697&cat1=155&cat0=24&new=&more=&lang=en But the price is more expensive then NY
  2. I changed my vote too, i figured that NY should be very happy with the overwhelming orders of VF-4G i supposed, and if they have distributor license from Yamato, they make a decent earning too. Anyways i supposed most who could be able to purchase one valk at least. This is the best thing we can expect.
  3. Hi there, it has already been posted on page 55... Thks for the link repost..
  4. I supposed many has already fallen prey to the seductive nature of the valkyrie. Shall we put up a signboard to welcome them to the DARK SIDE? *evil grin*
  5. i presume most of us ordered at NY?
  6. for those who are still deciding whether to buy the valkyrie, some data for your reference based on my own research... 1.) HK shops only offer after release which maybe cheaper depends, i personally feel since this is limited, it might be hard to say. 2.) Some HK shops offer preorders but i sometimes feel insecure about it personally. 3.) Not all Japanese shops offer preorders as this is a web limited edition, if you can find one, it's good for you. In conclusion, i personally feel that for this valkyrie, it'd be wiser to grab first ( same price as Yamato web.) and bitch about the sky high pricing later, at least you be having this exotic valkyrie in hand when ya complain, it beats drooling at other members pictures of the valkyrie. But yet again, i suggest to get it while it last, and NY is subjected to change their prices when stock runs low. It all depends on how much you want it, and how much you can spare to get this bird.
  7. i preodered from NY once i saw the preorders open! at least i know it be more or less confirmed. anyways i choose the preorder payment, it is more easier for my wallet this way.
  8. NIPPON YASAN will be opening for orders in a few hours, hopefully they have a gd price for it.
  9. Gotten a reply from HK collectibles : " Hello, Thank you for yoru inquiry. As usual with the Yamato Japan exclusive item, we will know the availability when they begins to ship only. We will let you know if any update with this item."
  10. I already emailed HK collectibles already, hopefully they have it, they response is normally quite fast for enquires, hopefully i have an good answer, Japan proxy will costs about 35,000 Yen.. which is very expensive. If HK have the preorders, i think i will order the valkyrie from HK collectibles. Already bought 2 items from Sinh already.
  11. any more finds on the HK shops? Hey Graham, in HK, are there any shops offering preorders yet ?
  12. Well hope amiami is able to carry it, its a hot valkyrie i supposed.. hope the one min window do not occur on this vakyrie.
  13. thats tough to order i supposed. But then again lets hope HLJ is able to carry it.
  14. It's just another 3 more days to official preorder starts, but I am guessing at 25,000 yen? Time to get rid of some extra stuff to get this bird . I think we need not worry too much on other things, just focus on getting the preorder is the priority now. But yea, buying this bird will cost a bomb since we do not reside in Japan. That's a pity, but I just might wanna gamble on the chance that HK might be able to provide the VF-4 at a price which could be slightly cheaper then going through proxy buyers. Well my two cents view haha.
  15. I got mine from HKcollectibles, very quick service.. now for the. Sound booster.. hahah
  16. Card is standing by while my wallet is yelping in pain.
  17. haha two ducks, gd excuse! but then again my shelves re running out of space fast... hahah
  18. thks pierre, i got the vf-19 kai instead haha... could not resist the red scheme in the end.
  19. Guys, just to check , which version do you think is worth buying? VF-19P or the VF-19 fire valkyrie? Personally for design, i prefer the VF-19P, but then the add on sound booster is very tempting..
  20. Thanks guys, Jefuemon, for the visor, there is an inconsistency between the manga and the lineart as shown by GGemini, hmm i think that the manga's design is more futuristic and more gd looking of course, but then to change the visor might require some modifications or probably i will use VF-1S head instead haha for the design on the plane, do u think it is a good idea to stick to manga or is it better to try to follow as close as possible?
  21. Hi All; As i gotten inspired by the VF-1J kai works by Jefuemon http://www.macrossworld.com/mwf/index.php?showtopic=37219 I wanted to try out the 1/60 ver 2.0 customization. So as my VF-1J is still on its way from AmiAmi, i would like to ask for some kind help from the members here for some reference pics if possible. As the VF-1J kai is quite similar to the VF-1J TV series in terms of mech design, i believe a redo of the paint scheme should be quite sufficient to achieve the results i want. Plus i intend to do a bit of post shading on the valkyrie and plus some minor panel lining and weathering. Will update with pictures as soon as i get my valkyrie from AmiAmi. Stay tuned =)
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