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  1. I really hope for some good images!! =)
  2. Kicker, how many would ya be getting ? Be getting two myself... but with a newborn baby i am thinking to trim down ..
  3. basing on the new pictures, i feel the mechanism and the amount of engineering work has been given quite a bit of attention. If you look closer at the clotch area where the legs joint are, you will notice. Also there is an substantial amount of metal content that should make the whole valkyrie stable. as the transformation involves quite abit of complex thinking, i feel the valkyrie is a piece of engineering art piece. I agree the price tag is substantial and HLJ will probably be offering it at a discount. it is something which hardcore fans will purchase.
  4. A Fitting stand for my future VF-4G valkyrie http://s186.photobucket.com/albums/x102/saber1978/?action=view&current=VIDEO0006.mp4
  5. Did anyone email NY recently? Have bought something from them.but have no response, probably its during weekend.. But normally they mails responses are quite fast..
  6. you can include me in, lol. but then again the SSP is something i have to squeeze out some more money from my piggy bank to get it.
  7. Any preorders opened yet? Readying my.mouse now.... Wallet runs away to hide.
  8. btw what is the rates for the VF-4G nowadays at ebay retailers?
  9. Was thinking on whether to stick to NY or Locushk after calculating the shipping charges, locus HK offers cheaper shipping to my location! But i am pending for HKcollectibles fotr their offers on this valkyrie. AM SERIOUSLY THINKING OF GETTING 2!! I hate myself for getting the valkyries.
  10. I think basing on the current rarity of VF-4G, it will warranty an overwhelming sale that will inccur more issues of different schemes. but however i think most of us will be looking forward to the Hikaru custom as seen in FB2012. Plus with the improve articulation and the complex transformation of the vAlkyrie, price will not be drop so easily, given the rarity and the complex transformation and also the articulation capability. it's a valkyrie i think will comes with a heavy price tag, but if we do not get it at initial release, i reckon it be an exponential price increase with the decreasing stock in the market. Come to speak of which, was the valkyrie cockpit transformation every decribe in picture? I reckon it is similar to YF-19, but then again maybe a bit different.
  11. IXTL, do you think VF-4G will be the same? Am hatching a plot to get a whole squadron of VF-4Gs hahah
  12. Join us in the dark... we offer goodies when you join the dark side... I really agree on that.... i need it. It is another something which might not come by easily.
  13. Thanks Vi-Rs for the clarification, comparing the shipping, locushk looks like a cheaper source for me. Haha ... Maybe I will consider getting 2. But It will depend on my budget for the year end.. hahah I agree with you on that , but it doesn't makes business sense to just earn on shipping.. Anyways I preordered at locus HK as well, see how it goes.
  14. Looks very tempting at 360 USD, but their website reflects 2800 HKD. Monmar, is the conversion correct?
  15. Hey jvmacross, I have approached quite a few proxy buyers, they are charging 30,000 to 35,000 yen for this item, I believe no shop will want to make zero profit from selling.. thus I have reasons to believe that NY has some commercial dealing with yamato. I don't deny they are proxy buyers though. But I just care abt the price and whether can they secure the valkyrie for me. That's all that matters. I missed the days I spent in Japan walking along streets of akiharbara. And of course weekends looking for toys there. Lol... It will be 3~ 4 mths wait....for this beauty to come out. Haha
  16. I agree with you, since this is limited, the sellers might have to go through proxy to secure the valkyrie.
  17. William, i think they may be hinting the stand will be reissue again? Just a guess only
  18. I see alot of MW'ers are in fits of madness after purchasing the valk , that includes me as well lol.
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