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  1. All vf-4g gone.. off from listing at hlj....omg.. thats fast.
  2. It's back to full price as of now.. At least i managed to snagged one... There goes my kidney and wallet..
  3. Anyone else gotten their account suspended?
  4. Guys dont know if i am hysterical but based on the web address, it seems like the secured address and the normal address is different. Foe those who bought using that, i have a big doubt that it will be fulfilled . Strange thing is that i bought using that link and it showed up in my account.. weird....
  5. Is it me or the new vf-0s and vf-0a looks more sleeker ? And more closer to anime? Less the bulky feel of cos.
  6. Got 2 extra monsters renewal on NY which i need to release as i required the funds else where. if anyone missed the boat can pm me thanks.
  7. I missed all the major players, now the option is either Ny or amazon.jp...
  8. If worst case i will get from fromjapan.
  9. Could not resist, got myself a Vf-25S ozma from Amazon japan... darn it... but i love the looks of it.. hahha.
  10. Managed to get on from NY as well. Anyone keen to take over my yf-29 isamu super parts preorder just to fund my yf-30??
  11. Guys anyone who ordered the grade b yf-19 received the payment invoice from hlj yet?
  12. My micro collection of macross after trimming the herd. Only favourites are left.
  13. I think its as long as the figure is intact. Its a gd buy
  14. I hope the design will be as good as the arcadia YF-19
  15. It has been quite a while since i last posted. but i have been following the topic ever now and then as i have ordered the YF-19 from HLJ on the black friday sale. Thanks for the great price HLJ! =) When i saw the pictures for the prototype, i thought :" there isnt much differences between yamato and arcadia" i nearly wanted to cancel the preoder. But luckily i did not. When i received my HLJ Yf-19 Arcadia yesterday, i had a quick look. My tail fin had fallen off! Oh my God!! I nearly had a shock. but luckily the fin is able to be fixed back. I took the valkyrie out for a closer look and examination. There are tons of differences, namely the articulation! i have love for mechas which is able to move with human like articulation. The YF-19 from arcadia is able to do a lot of poses which the yamato yf-19 isn't able to do. The pilot is much more detail and more better then the yamato YF-19 pilot. The missile hatches, the extra seats and the yang newman pilot figure is so much better. but of course, there is more diecast included. I didn't really looked at the manual while i transform from valkyrie to battleroid and back. the transformation was easy, and i felt it was more anime like then then old yf-19. of course it included the parts like extra missiles, the fold booster frame, and e.t.c this made the YF-19 more comprehensive. the overall YF-19 was much sleeker then the old one. the joints are very tight, but not too tight till the risk of breaking them. The arcadia YF-19 is more to a model then a toy honestly. but you would not fear breaking them unless you exert too much force while transforming them. I compared to my YF-29 isamu type and found the yf-19 is so much nicer then the YF-29 that i decided i will only keep the YF-19. so off my YF-29 goes to the sale bin. ( If any one is keen do let me know, be selling it at a cheaper price for MW members ) personally after the VF-4G, i hadn't had any valks that excited me then the arcadia YF-19! i felt the engineering process for VF-4G and YF-19 are very similar, for example, i can find similarities in VF-4G knee covers, and YF-19 knee covers. the Metal components found in the YF-19 and VF-4G are almost similar, the design concept are very similar As the YF-19 is selling like hot cakes, i think it wont be long till the valkyrie is completely gone like the VF-4G. I also notice that the defects are found in alot of products, i felt sorry for the members who had gotten the defect products and wish them all the best in getting the matter resolve. But again, i hope that they are able to resolve the issues, and get the complete trouble free item which they can enjoy the valkyrie like how i did for my valkyrie today. the experience is totally heavenly.
  16. I used a Levitron display ... yea I used a model kit yf-19
  17. William i guess it would not be too expensive for USA shipping since you are ordering from Japan. =) Glad ya got one haha..
  18. Gone... 20,000 yen.... that was fast...
  19. if any one is still keen, vf-27 super is on mandarake. http://ekizo.mandarake.co.jp/shop/en/item_s-1363837.html
  20. i got one from Amazon japan since i could not get at HS. but i must say, it is quite worth the buy looking at the review. USD$242 exluding shipping... that is expensive but i think it is a must get to display beside my VF-25F Armoured valkyrie!
  21. was surprised that hobby search still have them at a decent price, quickly preordered one! haha..thanks IXTL
  22. Never been so happy to be able to preorder the Bandai valkyrie. *grin*
  23. Just a curious question, did anyone broke their hinge that connect from cockpit to.canopy? Just broke mine when I tried to.pry open the canopy.. and I just had to use too much force... Sights... Anyways I glued the connector back, its able to open but unable to rotate and open the cockpit .. Managed to put the pilot inside.. and DoD a quick transformation, its a great bird but iy was a scary process.. I still find yamato vf-1 easier to open..
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