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  1. anyone ordered from NY? kinda no response from their customer service ...
  2. I managed to buy Vf-1J chogokin at JPY25,000 is it consider as expensive since i missed the opening ?
  3. thanks man, thik it be good except I need a super parts set now... I originally got the tornado set for it. not probably have to get a super as well.
  4. Guys, need some help. Anyone knows where to get replacement parts for the left hip cover ?
  5. eyesonme78

    Bandai DX VF-31

    I think Hayate ssp will look better on messer, haha. Sorry for the late replies was super busy at work. And Yes, I bought one of the super pack and VF-31J KAI
  6. eyesonme78

    Bandai DX VF-31

    Hi, another stupid question, I like to check if anyone has a pic of vf-31j using vf-31f super packs? was thinking about color schemes. haha...crazy ideas.
  7. eyesonme78

    Bandai DX VF-31

    A quick question, is 32300 yen including expensive for a VF-31J Kai at current market?
  8. I hope : 1.) we have an explaination on Mega road, and Minmei, Misa and Hikaru are again seen as alive, hopefully as their age when they left earth. 2.) I do hope that Hayate and Frejya get together. 3.) Mirage to let go of the inner fears and kick some ass like Bogue. 4.) Kaname and Captain Arad together ? 5.) Finally knw the identity of Lady M? 6.) Mikumo being finally allowed to be herself and not disappear like Vajra. 7.) Berger and the Epsilon company being dissolved. 8.) Captain Wright being able to see Hayate one last time. 9.) Lt Chuck reunited with his sister. Crazy thoughts i guess haha.
  9. eyesonme78

    Bandai DX VF-31

    Yea.. managed to get one from nylet hope nothing goes wrong after purge by hlj..
  10. eyesonme78

    Bandai DX VF-31

    What sheer luck! I noticed i had thr vf-31j in cart after the madness and tried to checkout knowing the item had stopped preorder but surprisingly it got through and the confirmation email got through as well! I scored another at NY for 16000 yen.. keeping my fingers crossed in case i dont have at hlj i still have NY..
  11. All vf-4g gone.. off from listing at hlj....omg.. thats fast.
  12. It's back to full price as of now.. At least i managed to snagged one... There goes my kidney and wallet..
  13. Anyone else gotten their account suspended?
  14. Guys dont know if i am hysterical but based on the web address, it seems like the secured address and the normal address is different. Foe those who bought using that, i have a big doubt that it will be fulfilled . Strange thing is that i bought using that link and it showed up in my account.. weird....
  15. Is it me or the new vf-0s and vf-0a looks more sleeker ? And more closer to anime? Less the bulky feel of cos.
  16. Got 2 extra monsters renewal on NY which i need to release as i required the funds else where. if anyone missed the boat can pm me thanks.
  17. I missed all the major players, now the option is either Ny or amazon.jp...
  18. If worst case i will get from fromjapan.
  19. Could not resist, got myself a Vf-25S ozma from Amazon japan... darn it... but i love the looks of it.. hahha.
  20. Managed to get on from NY as well. Anyone keen to take over my yf-29 isamu super parts preorder just to fund my yf-30??
  21. Guys anyone who ordered the grade b yf-19 received the payment invoice from hlj yet?
  22. My micro collection of macross after trimming the herd. Only favourites are left.
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