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  1. #1 VF-0S with Ghost Booster floppy as hell, but it looks the most stunning!! #2 VF-25F Super Messiah chunky, expensive and dated, but i still love it becoz it's Alto's ride #3 VF-1S Roy Focker The real deal... #4 YF-21 Insanely fiddly to transform, but one of the best fighter modes ever! #5 YF-19 Floppy again, fast packs that don't fit well.. but super stunning as a display!
  2. i know what u mean! That's the same problem that preventing me from picking up the Armored Alto to pose with VF-27 *sigh*
  3. thanks... here's Destroid mode.. i cant get it to "walk" as well... maybe can only simulate it by bending the knees backwards...?
  4. Really want to get this set.. once I can justify to myself on the price! Graham, not planning to attach the reactive missiles to Armored Ozma?
  5. Got mine last week.. sharing some pics my camera battery ran out on me before i managed to snap Destroid mode.. will try again tmr!
  6. Ok, it seems to hold still after superglue.. here are some pics to share:
  7. Thanks Chris, Graham... I put one drop of superglue yesterday and this morning i checked, it looks solid enough. i think the real test is when transforming it! The head seems to be in a rather tight-fitting position. the chin seems like it would hit the body when turning it from side to side. scary!
  8. i just got my VF-19S... and i broke the centre head laser as well i was just pushing it a little to see if it was moveable and.. *SNAP* it broke. what the hell, it was soft like a piece of candy! why couldn't they make it removable like the Fire valkyrie. sigh, anyone else had this problem besides Chris and myself?
  9. strange.. i dun recall facing any problems with the stand...
  10. I was thinking of getting the Alto Armor pack to dress up on the VF-25F tornado messiah, but after my ozma broke, I gave up the idea.. i havent tried epoxy to fix the broken pieces, but i'm giving superglue another try later
  11. yeah, it sucks.. my vf-25g is having the same problem as yours.. floppy and the ankles dont seem to be able to hold well in standing position!
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