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  1. I wish my first edition Mk 6 looked as good as the one in the photos! I may only pick up one or two of the Hall of Armors due to price. Are they and the new Mk 6 an exclusive or will they be available from places like HLJ too? Bandai only released the Mk 6, 42, 43, 45 and 46 I picked up a Figma Mk 7 as a stand in.
  2. I haven't heard anything recently about a new Tamiya 1/72 F-14, one was announced in 2013 but it turned out to be a reissue of the Italeri kit. Their new 1/72 F-16 is definitely one of the best on the market next to the Revell kit. Finemolds released the definitive 1/72 F-14D Tomcat last year but it was only available with the Model Graphix magazines. It will be hard to beat the Hasegawa, Fujimi and FM Tomcats, each one are good but do have their downsides.
  3. OK, my ID is model Junkie because I had over 1000 model kits and I have been there and research new and old toolings when I bought my kits. I have bought my share of old toolings so be sure to ask away on questions, I can save you the trouble I've gone through. The first link for the F-15C is the old tool. The F-15K was released within the last few years, one of the reasons why it is expensive plus it contains new parts that are for the F-15E variants. Previous Hasegawa 1/72 F-15E kits were just an F-15D with the prototype CFTs and weapon pylons, it did not represent a true F-15E. The F-15I, F-15SG, F-15K & 2012+ F-15E's all contain the appropriate F-15E CFTs & weapon pylons/racks. These are the new F-15E's: http://hlj.com/product/HSGSP323 http://hlj.com/product/HSGE39 http://hlj.com/product/HSG02119 The only kits you need to be wary of are F-15C's, F-15D's and F-15E's as these can be the old tools, and in the case of the F-15E, have engraved panel lines but incorrect parts for the E variant. F-15I, F-15SG, F-15K, F-15J MSIP II, F-15C MSIP II are all new releases and will represent the latest tooling. Any F-15J or F-15DJ with fancy decals should be the engraved kit boxing. Most of the new kits should also have photos of the actual aircraft rather than box art paintings, the only exceptions are the Ace Combat and Idolm@ster boxings. Your best bet is to search eBay often, I bought a couple of F-15K kits from there for around $25 Most of the Hasegawa 1/72 F-14 kits will be of the new tooling. Again the give away would be the kits having photos of actual aircraft on the box top rather than box art but some releases had artwork such as the VF-1 Wolfpack, F-14A Aggressors and VX-4 Vandy boxings. An alternative to Hasegawa for the F-14 is Fujimi, at least their kits have movable wings whereas Hasegawa limits you to have the wings retracted or extended.
  4. Here is the Hasegawa 1/72 F-15 kit history from Scalemates. Scroll halfway down the page to see the product timeline, it covers all of the F-15 variants released by Hasegawa. When I was buying a few F-15 kits last year I noticed it was really the new F-15E, F-15SG, F-15I, F-15K and a few 'rare' F-15J kits (for the decals) that were commanding more money. Are there any particular F-15 boxings you are looking for? I find that Amazon can be hit or miss with model kits. Usually, eBay or online retailers can offer better prices.
  5. Going with the F-15 example, you have the very first release from the 70's with raised panel lines. Then came the engraved panel lined versions in 1988. From 2011 Hasegawa released new variants such as F-15I & F-15SG. Within the last few years they released a true F-15E and F-15C MSIP II variants. Most of the their F-15 releases are just new decals, especially the F-15J's. Scalemates usually has a good timeline of a particular model kit and covers most/all of their re-releases and sometimes show when they are reboxed by other companies. They even have the VF-1 kit history listed on their website but it is not comprehensive.
  6. All 3 kits have the same bonus decal sheet
  7. NZEOD, yes the ones that you posted WILL come with the Model Graphix decals. If the kits are pre-owned you may want to check with the seller to make sure they are included.
  8. The other thread is incorrect, they are actual water-slide decals. Hasegawa does not issue stickers or dry rub transfers with their kits.
  9. There are 2 boxings of the clear kits. One boxing has the same box art as the standard kit with the addition of a gold foil sticker on the box top - these ALL include the bonus Model Graphix decals. The second boxing is in a plain white box with a colored sticker (matching the kit color) that does not include the bonus decals. Info is per this thread
  10. Valk009's (Andy) kit was, according to him, "based on the rare Musasiya kit with modifications and updates." I cannot remember if he acquired the original molds / master but his released was not a straight recast or knockoff. Almost everyone commented the quality of Andy's kit and the improvements done. His first batch of kits also came with white metals parts but later switched to all resin for simplicity and ease in building.
  11. Only just saw your post here after I responded to your PM. I bought the kit new from Valk009 in 2012 and it sat in my stash for 3 years. I never did an inventory of the parts as I did not expect anything to be missing, no parts are at my end as I never took them out of the box, only opened the box to ogle at the parts and clean castings and then placed away. I did offer options for a refund and am still willing to work with you.
  12. Anyone out there with one of these kits in their stash have an issue with missing parts?? Apparently, a few parts are missing from my kit Just trying to see if I am unfortunate or if this happened to others.
  13. Older aircraft such as the F-4 Phantom, A-4 Skyhawk and RA-5C had a nose up attitude on takeoff. Though to be fair, the RA-5C and A-4 had a constant nose up attitude. Edit to add photos
  14. Imagine having a casket in the shape of the shuttle and being shot off into space for a burial! Yes, smaller is better I've always had a preference for small scale models as it meant being cheaper and easier to build armies or fleets.
  15. Knowing Hasegawa, they may eventually release an SDF-1 with DYRL & TV parts as Limited Edition boxing
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