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  1. I will do that mechaninac, thx for the tip. Just noticed that maybe more than just this small part has cracked. The part holding the pin at the upper body also has a small crack. I will see how bad it is, when i am able to take everything apart.
  2. I will let you know how it worked out. Just ordered your replacement part. Thanks again for your help!
  3. Wow!! Thank you so much Yeti! I will try it out and let you know if it worked. now i will have to find out how to remove the pins.
  4. So this happend today.. The hinge, connecting the hip with the upper body, broke... The valk has been in storage for months, i just took it out to transform it after a long time. im really sad right now. are there any replacement parts for this? shapeways maybe??
  5. 152€ ?...sorry, thats too much for my taste. Why is this thing so much more expensive than the 25s?
  6. I open them all. Makes no sense to keep them MIB. I never understood that. I mean, if you want to make some money, there are probably tons of easier ways. Macross toys just dont gain enough value over time to make a good profit. And if your not planning to sell it, why even buy it?
  7. so you just bought these to sell them later at a higher price? Thats the MW spirit....
  8. wow.. how about using some lower case letters..
  9. thats so wierd, that some of you even saw the purchase button. For me it changed instantly from "order soon" to "sold out at 9:00 (Germany time). And it did not take long to refresh the page, it just was sold out in under a second.
  10. Ich hab ab 5 vor 8 Amiami ständig neu geladen..punkt 9.00 wechselt es von "order soon" nach "sold out". Und NY hab ich irgendwie verpasst. Also leider nein, aber mal sehen, vielleicht klappt's ja bei HLJ. Wo ist denn das andere Ende des Katzensprungs?
  11. I still don't know if i should get this or not.. i like the looks and everything, but the last Bandai valk i bought just fell apart. And the price is really high. Ps. ich hab frei
  12. I totally understand this. people here should be glad that someone took the time and effort to make a review for them. Instead they are complaining and nagging about it. This is really ungreatful behavior. Make a better review yourself, then you can complain!
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