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  1. It won't, just like Shadow Chronicles didn't. Wasn't their aim to actually bring in new people with Shadow Chronicles, though? How did they ever expect to do that with what was basically a retelling of the end of the series followed by a rehash of Sentinels ideas? You need a clean break/entry point if you want to bring in new people.
  2. Last few episodes have been really good. I was worried they'd feel like a bit of an anticlimax after the run of great episodes dealing with everyone's personal conflicts that culminated in the defeat of Basco, but they've really ramped it up in terms of the action first with the five-in-one tribute battle and then the use of a bunch of ultimate powers in the recent mech vs fleet battle.
  3. I haven't seen a lot of Goseiger so I may be wrong, but my understanding was that a lot of the angel stuff isn't really explicit in the actual battle footage, which is all that would concern Saban. I'd seen speculation about the whole "skipping 'coz angels" thing, but also that it wouldn't really be a problem. Unless they're going for a straight translation Samurai style they should be able to work around it. Yeah, looking forward to Gobusters. Blue Buster has a nice "look at all the frakks I give" vibe to him. I still need to get caught up on Gokaiger though, haven't really been watching ove
  4. That's more to do with this year being the 20th anniversary of Power Rangers (well, I guess next year actually would be, but they celebrated the 10th in 2002, so...) than the quality of Goseiger, though. They wouldn't skip a show (and therefore the toys) just because the source material is mediocre. Unless they're only going to have the Super Samurai half season this year and not begin the next one until next year, in which case skipping Goseiger for Gokaiger would match up properly with the anniversary.
  5. Still not entirely sure how I feel about the actual suits, but the robo looks pretty ace and the team's jackets are cool.
  6. Technically, yeah. If you're taking the term at face value, an OVA is just animation that originates on a home video format. Of course, from there it becomes a matter of "does the term apply only to Japanese animation?" which I would say is fair, given that it's generally used exclusively in that context. Given that, I wouldn't really call the Marvel and DC stuff, or Robotech for that matter, an OVA. Of course, it's ultimately just a difference in terminology and an OVA isn't really any different to a direct-to-video animation from Disney, or Warner Brothers, or any other western studio. Tho
  7. What makes you think this? There's absolutely nothing in the post you're quoting that would even come close to suggesting that. EDIT: Just followed the link through and see a single person suggesting that maybe it's recycling footage given the short production time. I wouldn't exactly say there were concerns of recycling footage based on a single speculative post. No, he means what he said. I know we all like to bag on MEMO, and he certainly provides plenty of opportunities to do so, but this isn't really one of them. His enthusiasm is, as always, misplaced, but everything he said is corr
  8. It's been a little up and down with me, but more in the positive than the negative. Eleventh Hour was a great start, lots of fun with a quirky Doctor (the most recent episode cemented how odd Matt Smith looks with his hair slicked back and forehead prominent to me. Of course physical appearance isn't everything, he's been playing the role great as well). Beast Below had some off notes but was ultimately a decent adventure. I'm a little mixed on Victory; it had Daleks serving tea which is possibly the greatest thing ever, but was a little off at other moments. Ultimately I think it served its
  9. The thing with the whole "we needed x amount of episodes for weekday syndication" justification for Robotech is that, well, if that's all you were after you could've just done an anthology series. Finish the dub of Macross, do dubs of Southern Cross and either Mospeada or Orguss or whatever with a similar quality and accuracy (because really, within the proper context, the "Macross Saga" is a reasonably okay dub of Macross outside of the Robotech elements) and just keep them as their own, seperate stories under the "Robotech" umbrella. "Robotech Presents: Space Fortress Macross/Space Cavalry S
  10. I haven't watched the video yet, but I suppose Negus didn't do anything apart from introducing/concluding the segment? It's no surprise that SBS, of all the commercial Australian networks, would run such a piece. Before ABC2 came about and started airing Death Note, Cowboy Bebop reruns and whatever else they've got, SBS was pretty much the only free-to-air source of anime in the country outside of Sailor Moon/Pokemon/Teknoman/DBZ stuff you saw on the children's morning programs on Seven and Ten.
  11. Too soon? For what it's worth, I thought the list was amusing without being particularly disrespectful.
  12. I do not have the same connection to Macek that people who found Macross (or anime in general) through Robotech do, but it is always sad when someone dies, especially at such a relatively young age. My condolences to his family and those close to him.
  13. Rewatched Eleventh Hour on Aunty last night, Karen Gillian's legs looked much better on the 50 inch telly than they did on my laptop monitor (though that's not saying much, as they weren't half bad there, either). Oh, the rest of the programme looked pretty good, too. Third time viewing that ep, still really enjoyed it. Matt Smith is quick to take to the role, bleeding leftover bits of Tennant, "regenerative trauma" and his own take on the character all into one. The "I'm the Doctor, look me up!" bit felt lifted from Forest of the Dead, but with a bit more weight to it this time as the Doctor
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