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  1. Wanna buy an original release? Got one brand new and sealed ready to go
  2. This was an impulse buy since I got it on sale... Not sure if im going to build it yet Also got Maketoys Solarflare... It is not as good as their previous releases for some reason, tolerances are very different from the first three they released. Finally Figuarts Goku Blue and Figma Guts... Figma Guts is a huge disappointment. The Dragon Slayer, which is what I really wanted this figure for, looks like it was painted by a 2nd grader. Its supposed to look like a bloody sword but instead it looks like someone had red paint in their finger and just grabbed the sword. Im happy I didnt sell my original release. This is what we were supposed to get
  3. Wasnt exactly a prime day deal but I got it for $130.. I was not expecting the box to be this huge
  4. Haha I tried to emulate the color of the MB joints but I failed. Ended up settling for this gunmetallish color. Thanks man! The manual called for all orange knee missiles but I got Macross inspiration for the orange tip and white body
  5. I bought it off ebay https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F323767960957
  6. Haha i had no comment for it other than "damn I sort of overpaid for this but im happy with it "
  7. Few things that came in this week. A friend sold off all his Metal Builds and gave me a pretty good deal on this Exia even though I already have it, the Exia Repair is my favorite (If you cant tell by the avatar ), and I couldnt pass on it. Wife got me this Goji out of the blue.. It is MUCH better than the 2014 version. Glad I sold that one off And I got that plain MB Strike Gundam from the MB Infinity event...
  8. That happens to me as well. By the end im sick of painting, panel lining, and applying decals. One set of my god hands broke the tip with a clear Yamato Fan Rancer so dont cut clear plastic with them. It still cuts so I use it to cut the parts off the runner and use the other one to cub off the remaining nub.
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