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  1. Man i wish i could do dioramas and battle damaged kits. I would definitely make one of the final moment between these two So the heat hawk took some trial and error but basically this is how it went. 1. silver base coat 2. shade only the edges in gold, leaving as much as possible of the silver in the center. 3. spray clear orange all over the piece. This is where things got complicated. The gold edges did not give the effect I was looking for, the whole thing looked orange. I tried heavier coats of orange on the edges and it didn't really make a difference. 4. so the next step was to spray clear red on the edges and gradually put heavier and heavier clear red coats on the edges. Then i gave the entire piece a light misting with clear red. what i learned from this is that I could've probably skipped the shading with the gold and it would've given me the same result.
  2. Sometimes I do have that issue, but i haven't deep cleaned my airbrushes in some time so that might be part of the problem. After long painting sessions i do take the needle out to clean it prevent this issue. To clean the paint cup I use Mr. Tool Cleaner which is very good at flushing most of the paint out between color changes and when I'm done for the day.
  3. I think its pretty good, not as hefty as a MG but I actually like that it doesn't have 100 pieces that make up a frame that I will never see. Saved up a lot of time painting because of that. My only complaints are that there are no closed fists hands and the material that makes the hoses is made up of this rubber band like material. Sucks to sand it and sucks to paint it. I didn't even bother with it aside from panel lining. Thanks! Im glad they included two blade options.
  4. Anyone in need of a Buster? Im never going to get around to building it
  5. Couldn't sacrifice sleep for the Freedom, will be waiting on the US release
  6. I wanted to just for a few pics but it was going to scratch the paint
  7. Yes its criminal that Bandai charges 200, 300, even $400 like PG Phenex and they dont include waterslides. Worst of all they dont even make them anymore for their kits. For a regular Kit i usually have to buy third party decals from China like I did with the Alex. Like pafy6285 said, only Ver.ka and premium Bandai kits include decals. Al comes with the kit. Its also comes with a Bernie and Christina in pilot suit. I just painted them
  8. Thanks! I feel like my shading skill was a little rusty on this kit. Hadn't worked on a Gundam kit since May of last year .
  9. No I just sand the nub marks and any seams. What i do is wash the parts after im done with all the sanding and before I apply the primer.
  10. Still working on this one, Im working on the Chobham armor. Im waiting until im completely done to post all the pics Should be another week or so until im done with the armor. Zaku Kai I already started working on Just have it snapped and sanded, will need to remove some nasty seams next.
  11. Im skipping that pack only cause of that. F SHINJI!!
  12. Haha ye It was on sale at Amazon and had to jump on it. Im going to build it after im done with the Alex and Zaku Kai. The Calamity I got to use on the Hobby Japan Sword Calamity conversion kit. I usually dont build 1/144's but this one is special, the tutorial DVD included with that conversion kit is what got me into painting kits. Same here, I saw the original Fate Stay Night series but apart from that I know nothing of the new ones. I mainly just get the ones that look cool. She ends up a little limited by the armor but overall I like it. What I dont like is the prices for the Fate Figmas, they seem to charge a higher price just because of their popularity.
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