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  1. Amiami has the Proto Garland in stock again. Kicking myself for not ordering from Amazon earlier in the week but I ordered one from Amiami. https://www.amiami.com/eng/detail/?gcode=FIGURE-051109
  2. Stuff that ive gotten for January and.... the macross kit ill build for 2020
  3. Quick little kit I built for a friend. This one was pretty simple aside from the seam line on the back of the bike. That led to having to mask the lights, then the tire, then the exhausts... Could've finished in 10 days but I got real sick last week. Now I can get back to working on Gunpla, last three kits I've worked on have been for other people
  4. Glad you like it It was a great learning experience and thank you for trusting me with it. I was gonna go for the Makina 31C next but instead ill do the 2009 Minmay VF-1A.
  5. Checked my Yellow today and out of the box one hinge is perfect and the other one has a stress mark running about half the length of the part that breaks. Also checked Stick which was transformed once and back, has been stored since August of last year and its perfect.
  6. Man I had forgotten about that. Just checked and theyre good
  7. Thanks! Yes i like the color scheme a lot as well. I think the hardest thing for me with this kit was the amount of glue it took.
  8. Completed the K-40 right on time before the end of the year. This was my 1st Hasegawa kit and I definitely learned a lot. Completely different experience from the Gundams I was used to building I think i will be building more but I only plan on doing those oddball paint schemes like the Makina 31C.
  9. One hinge cracked out of the box on the hinge that is attached to the bottom part of the seat and the base of the neck is bent and doesnt sit straight on the hood. I got a replacement on the way but now im worried of that one coming out in worse shape than this one.
  10. MP-47 Hound is pretty good but as usual with Takara we get high prices and bad QC.
  11. More progress on the K-40. Have a few more decals to go but I think I should be done with decals and the final clear coat by this weekend. All I will have left after that will be the pilot and canopy to deal with
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