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  1. Thanks man! I think im just going to take it out and mess with it since I cant get rid of it Just going to have to display it somewhere else in the house because of the scale.
  2. Havent opened mine yet. What is your overall opinion on the RAH? —————————————————- Today’s arrivals
  3. Nice! I hated the Batman Ninja movie but loved the design.
  4. Got this huge box from Amazon today. tried cancelling at the last minute but couldnt. If anyone needs a RAH Eva let me know.
  5. Maketoys Seekers are very good but Skywarp and Thundercracker are fetching a hefty premium now.
  6. Im keeping up with MP but 3P TF is what ive been quitting.
  7. Some people have gotten really bad paint apps and loose joints. Joints on mine arent too bad but the hips really need some fixing. I think the biggest issue is quality to cost ratio. This is more expensive than Sunstreaker but its not as good.
  8. Opened MP-45 and I am not as disappointed as I expected to be. I lucked out with the paint and mine doesnt seem to have as many issues as others I've seen. Transformation is pretty impressive despite the alt mode size. Where it really fails is in the tolerances of the joints and some parts not locking. The backpack i cant get it to lock and the shoulder are super tight to the point that if I try to move them it moves the whole backpack. However the bicep joint is loose but then the wrist swivels are tight. Tolerances are just all over the place with this figure. The hips loose are well, not floppy and still hold poses just fine but they would be better. Overall I like it but its definitely not worth the price of admission. Wait for a sale when its under 60-50 bucks.
  9. DHL took Friday off and left everything for yesterday. I lucked out with MP Bumblebee in the QC department but the hips kind of suck.
  10. They are finally offering prepaid labels?? Last thing I had to exchange was MP-44 and had to fight them to be able to ship it USPS because DHL wanted $200+ to send it back.
  11. DHL was supposed to deliver mine today but the last scan shows as “scheduled delivery as agreed”. Problem is I didn't agree to anything, hopefully its delivered by Monday.
  12. November web exclusives also arrived yesterday.
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