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  1. Yup I was thinking about that was well. I never cared for the green unicorn so I'll probably end up painting the psycho frame with a clear red to not have it look all that dead in destroy mode.
  2. June stuff... Sadly all my Bandai web exclusives and Anime Export orders since May are stuck in Japan
  3. The more i see pics the more I regret passing on it.
  4. Arcadia didnt send me a tracking number this just showed up Now to have it ship to the US somehow
  5. If anyone needs the mini figs painted LMK
  6. I didnt have any AoZ kits before this year, its all @no3Ljm ‘s fault
  7. Its still available here but bundled with extra crap. https://www.bluefinbrands.com/eva-01-test-type-eva2020-bundle.html
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