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  1. Sent HLJ an email asking for an update on the parts since NY seems to have gotten them.
  2. This one the reissue? Mine is supposed to get here tomorrow
  3. For that price I think its worth it. It couldve use some more diecast IMO but its still very neat. Only minor gripe I have with it is the parts swapping for the rear landing gear. All it needs now is a @ChaoticYeti stand adapter
  4. Still on there but only 7 left Tamashii Nations Bandai Popinika Spirits Swordfish II Cowboy Bebop https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07P6K8ZHQ/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_M5-KDbH6MVEN
  5. Swordfish II was 45 bucks on Amazon so why not Has less diecast that I had imagined but its pretty good. Also got Figma Gridman
  6. - yes - only through your retailer if they request the parts. Amiami & CDJ dont seem to offer them. - no - no
  7. THIS!!! Same here, once i saw the ankle issue i threw it back in the box thinking HLJ was going to want it back and havent touched it since. Honestly i wish HLJ gave me the option to send it back and get a new corrected one.
  8. I regret not getting the DX mainly for the Pod but ill live. Dont feel like spending $250+ just to get the DX and they trying to sell this one.
  9. Yesterday and today... Eva 3.0 + 1.0 stuff is starting to trickle in
  10. Got Broly and IW Thanos just for the heads... anyone in the market for a headless Thanos?
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