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  1. Mine should be here today I still have the SWS reissue but its been stored for a couple of years. Its probably all loose by now even though its been sitting in the box
  2. Why does Amiami offer EMS, SAL, and airmail when making the payment? Do they hold onto the package hoping EMS will open up in the future?
  3. The only bad thing about the US shop is that they ship in nothing but the brown shipper like in Japan unless you buy 2 of each. Chances are the box is going to get smashed in by FedEx. If you don't care about box condition then its all good but if you do its really a gamble. I have MB White gold frame coming next month from them so we will see how that one turns up.
  4. Im still waiting on a package shipped on September 28th from AE via ECMS. This is basically SAL shipping at EMS prices If you go to the ECMS site when you track the delivery, at the bottom you will see a line that says "Delivery ID", you can copy that and track in on USPS.
  5. Here are some pics I found online. I'm sold on the head but not the shoulder pylons, they look rather large to me. Also the price is a little high at $50+ and just for the head I don't know if it would be worth it to me.
  6. Finished MG Buster Gundam. Overall a very nice and easy kit to work on. Getting the guns into place was a little stressful and I probably wont ever combine them again Just have the Blitz and Duel to go!
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