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  1. Can we get a Strike Rouge already... or a Noir... or an IWSP pack... im getting sick of seeing the vanilla Strike over and over
  2. Thanks man! Usually i will airbrush one color on. In this case i airbrushed the skin color on. Then I move on to the other colors starting with the color that will take up the most paint which was that dark blue and so on. I also use a really fine brush to draw an outline with paint for example the white and green areas on Lockon. I will then go in and fill in the color with a thicker brush. I mainly use two brushes: this is the thicker brush https://www.amazon.com/Mr-Brush-Round-No-Mr-Hobby/dp/B002DTFCIQ and this one for the details https://www.amazon.com/TAM87172-Tamiya-Modeling-Brush-Pointed/dp/B00VTDYF8K The tamiya brush is super fine, i think it would work better for you instead of a toothpick. I used to use a toothpick myself for the little details but its much easier with a brush. For paints I use Mr Color paints. Usually a drop of paint with a drop of mr color leveling thinner would be enough to get somewhat of a smooth finish on the figure.
  3. Progress on MG Dynames. All I have left is to paint the green and white parts but that wont happen for a few weeks after some company leaves. Also painted the Lockon pilot figures.
  4. Oh man if NY didnt place their order and Bandai doesnt make another run for a while this might be another Kairos incident for them. I went to order around six from the p-bandai site and they were gone. This has happened before so they will probably make another run for the following month.
  5. Damn so it didnt change. Using a guitar pick looking piece from a cellphone repair kit was the only way I was able to get them off.
  6. I wish I couldve gotten in on the exclusive but I didnt know about this figure until a few weeks ago Bought the regular and im happy with it even though I want that sword
  7. I prefer them over HLJ. HLJ can cancel your PO and blame it on Bandai instead of their crappy site. Happened to me with the 31E
  8. Got a chance to open the missile set. Not much to write about aside from the set completing the valk. The good this is you can get three different load outs for three VF-1s.
  9. Got a lot of stuff yesterday including the May P-Bandai stuff
  10. I had amazon japan ship my figuarts black widow in a padded envelope I was expecting a pancaked box but it made it to me with absolutely no damage at all. Its the only time they have shipped like that as far as a figure goes. All my blu rays and books get shipped in envelopes.
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