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  1. Specifically CD Singles. Of every single song. Then a compilation album. Followed by a more comprehensive compilation.
  2. not 100 percent sure which I am looking forward too more. Details about the new series or the table-flipping nerd-rage those details is almost certain to engender. Either way, I got my popcorn ready.
  3. Updated the main post with new link to rulebook.
  4. 3 Macross rubber playmats are up for pre-order on Premium Bandai's site. They are aimed at trading card game players, and set to coincide with the release of the next Macross Crusade Trading Card Game Expansion (MC-07: Super-Dimensional Singers). Not sure any of this is new art, as the Crusade Game uses mostly screen grabs or recycles images from other sources. The Ranka and Sheryl Mats may be the images used for Ranka and Sheryl's cards in the expansion set, while the FB7 is combines the image from TotsuPlanetExplo with the images of the Durandal and Fire Valk used for the cards in in the game. Dimensions are 300mm x 500mm, and are made in China of polyester with a natural rubber back. Priced at 3085 yen. Unlike most Premium Bandai items, these will be made available to card shops that sell the Crusade series cards, though most shops will probably only be ordering to cover pre-orders, not stocked for normal sale. Band Leader Ranka http://p-bandai.jp/item/item-1000087549/ Band leader Sheryl http://p-bandai.jp/item/item-1000087550/ FB7 group shot http://p-bandai.jp/item/item-1000087548/
  5. I just put in my pre-order. Don't already have the blu-rays so this is a no-brainer. Thing is, now I have to seriously consider going back and getting Plus and 7 on blu-ray to fill the gap.....
  6. Just got back from the event. I lined up at 5:30 AM and was 10th in line. They handed out tickets starting a little before 10am. I opted for the 3:30 PM signing so I could go home and have lunch with my wife. I was number 2 for the 3:30 signing. Bariaburu Faita and I walked through the gallery and agreed there was more stuff than in the Tokyo art show. Lots of really great images with the original pencils from Frontier, and there were some oil paintings from SDFM that neither of us has seen before. We considered getting the audio guided tour narrated by Sheryl and Ranka but passed. Good thing too cause it's included on the bonus CD in the Art Show Book we had to buy in order to get our ticket to the signing stamped. I had asked and was told that Mikimoto would be signing that book and that book only. It's a good book, with the lions share of the works exhibited reprinted, I just didn't like having their overstock(they had piles and piles of it) foisted off me instead of getting to pick the merch I wanted to meet the entrance requirements. Bariaburu Faita went to the 2:00 PM signing and he emailed me that Mikimoto was signing 2 items per person and her would sign ANY of his works, not just the commemorative book (which only dedicates a single page to his work). BF manged to grab me the mini poster card of minmay, Basara, and Mylene before it sold out (Thank you, thank you, thank you!) and when I arrived I bought the 2nd to last copy of Girls Scenery (Mikimoto's art book, no Macross, but its really beautiful work). So I was ready with my 2 autograph items and lined up. Mikimotos' assistant came out and explained that we could each get two items signed. then he looks at me and says in English 'Do you understand?' and I replied in the positive. Once we were inside, while we were waiting for Mikimoto to get ready, the assistant asked me in front of everybody If I liked Robotech. I told him that Yes I did, when I was a kid, but now I like Macross. That got a few laughs and then he introduced Mikimoto. I was up right away and so he signed the art book to me, and then autographed the poster card without my name. I was given a choice of gold or silver ink for the poster autograph and I froze- I have never been asked which color i want at a signing. I decided gold and so he signed in gold. I shook his hand and thanked him for all the work he had done. This following Tenjin's signing session and talk show with Kawamori as the Suprise Guest has made this pretty much the best Macross Summer Ever.
  7. Gakken, this sounds so much like I used to be it hurts. My story of becoming a Macross fan is almost identical to yours, so I know where you are coming from. So let me give you one friendly suggestion, one fan to another: Relax, it's all good. M7 was the last Macross I watched and yes, it did take a few episode for it to sink in. But it did, and even though I am a huge fan of Hard S/F, Real Robot, and all sort of grimdark dystopian stuff, I love M7. Let me digress a bit. My first appreciation of classic style pulp/adventure blossomed after reading Number of the Beast by Robert Heinlein (the genius whose novel Starship Toopers inspired VOTOMS...er, at least it SEEMS to have inspired VOTOMS, I could be wrong). Heinlein's love for Edgar Rice Burrough's John Carter of Mars is evidenced from the get go. A part of the story explained that all of the possible realities actually mirror fictions from our own. It's never determined if the other realities are created by authors thinking them up or if imagination is simply the act of piercing the dimensional veil to reveal other existences. but I loved the idea, because it gave a reason for all of the 'silly' S/F I used to turn my nose up at: Reality works differently in those dimensions. It allowed me enjoy a story with out worrying so much about the little details. So I dove right into the John Carter Books next and love them all. (well, never read the ones written by his son, heard they kinda suck) Fast forward many years later, and I've watched everything but the often hated and despised Macross 7. I read Shoji Kawamori's answer to the questions of WHICH Macross is cannon, ie- the REAL Macross story. His response reminded me of Number of the Beast. I haven't seen anybody bring it up, so I will explain it now. All of the Macross shows and movies are just that: tv shows and movies made in a future time after the world has been devastated by war with the Zentraedi and mankind has gone to the stars. He compares the macross shows to the annual historical dramas on Japanese TV. Anytime a certain event or character is featured, there are always differences in the portrayal, depending on the view of the people making the show or the outlook of the show. Differences like uniforms, mecha, and deviations in plot or characterizations are all explained by each show being a different fictionalized view of historical events. [Note: the REAL reason for differences and deviations is the fact that sponsors and Big West have different requirements for each macross production and they give those parameters to Kawamori and he has to work within the framework he is given. Well, that or get a new job] Specifically about M7 Kawamori has said that in the world of Macross there really was a 'Macross 7 incident' and the rock band Fire Bomber was involved, but much is unknown and/or classified. So the M7 show isn't what *REALLY* (heh) happened, just a fun adventure show based on the details that are known. Macross 7 is the rock and roll fable installment of the Macross series. And if you can't enjoy a rock and roll fable, I think you need to step back, take a deep breath and take yourself 26% less seriously. Now, no show is for everybody, so maybe M7 just really isn't up your alley. But if you give it a chance you may end up like me; a huge M7 fan with a Fire bomber playlist that you listen to damn near every day. You ever make it to Osaka, I will take you to Fire BomBAR, the only Macross 7 (only Macross?) bar in Japan, and I will buy you a drink!
  8. Still no scheduled release date for Japan. WTF? Or did they just decide that a boy hero saving the world WITHOUT a pet robot would be boring? lol....
  9. Mikimoto Sign? Damn, I will be there, just as early as before! Set your alarm earlier bariabu-san!
  10. Is anybody playing this? I saw that the iphone version was available, dl'd it, created my account and played it for 10 minutes before deleting the damn waste of space. It's a thin veneer of macross stretched over the usual 'free to play, pay to enjoy' social game, which means along with spending money you have to have friends playing it to reasonably get any enjoyment out of it. I despise social games, and hate the free to play model. But I foresee a future when there will be nothing but.... T_T
  11. No worries Andyroo! If you play Magic the Gathering you already know most of the rules for Crusade! Bandai stole most of the rules for Gundam War from Magic, and Crusade is just a slightly tweaked Gundam War. I did kind of get out of set translations because I am capable of just reading the cards just fine, but would be happy to try to help if you (or anybody else) was interested in finding out more. Have investigated various methods of trying to play online, but most require so much specialized coding and that's not something I am really able to do. Have played a few games over skype, but the dame camera image is so small. But I have seen some of the newer webcams that appear to have a much bigger field of view, so maybe that could be possible... Anyway, post any questions here, or drop me a pm!
  12. more like 6:20. I just got on the train. Guh, the trainnis air-conditioned but I'm already sweating. this is gonna be a loooong (but fuuuuuun) day.
  13. Nope, 6, you counted me twice Tochiro. Understandable given this is my first post in years. .
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