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  1. This is just really really cool stuff.
  2. That’s just a mirror photoshop for the most part.
  3. You know what, I really like it as it is (still gonna buy the heck out of this thing), but I do agree your changes would make it nicer.
  4. I’ll paint out Guld’s eyeballs.
  5. “Delimiter mode” isn’t connected to him ejecting the arms and legs of the thing. I had suspicions this was the case and asked for corroboration. He purged the limbs because they were busted to all hell, but delimiter mode is really just overriding the software controls that prevent the fighter from accelerating to human goo.
  6. What do you mean by “cascades” in this sense?
  7. Curious that we haven’t seen its gunpods.
  8. In honor of YF-21 Bandai being announced, a question: Was it conclusively stated that the arm/leg ejection functionality of the YF-21 are part of the "delimiter mode"? It seems odd to eject huge amounts of control surfaces and fuel to get higher performance. I always figured the ejection was to rid the fighter of severely damaged dead weight which would no doubt unbalance the fighter, and the delimiter mode was a separate software control that let the pilot override safety standards.
  9. aurance

    Bandai DX VF-31

    Yeah I'm not a fan of that lump either. For me Mirage's is best head. I wish I had waited for her valk release instead of getting Messer's, as I only wanted one copy of -31.
  10. Jesus Christ, you people. (I mean this in the fondest way, and having enthusiastically read the entire thread )
  11. aurance


    No, and, Mommar gave a use case up there. It would be good to keep all the sales day insanity in a quick-moving discord chat and the threads here focused on the actual product information, for example, so we don't have to sift through 500 pages of vendor-caused angst. It's a less formal, more conversational medium. I'm 41 btw, so... Whatever.
  12. aurance


    It's really very simple. About as hard as using this forum.
  13. Yeah, actually that same piece on mine was broken right out of the box. But there was enough tension in the shoulder joints to hold it in place regardless so it didn't bother me too much.
  14. Thanks Seto. Another one: do you know if the VF-4's shoulders can rotate in-universe, or are its arm movements actually severely limited compared to other fighters, like its toy representation?
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