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  1. this season has been really flat imo, so I've been doing some serious rewatching. GiTS 2nd Gig (awesome) and Gundam 00 (fun). I cannot wait for the nexrt season to start and getting Dorohedoro on Netflix.
  2. I've gone in and seem some of the material that both sides have presented, and it seems pretty weak sauce to be honest. They literally have prints from webpages like ANN that they use for their case. The judges must be facepalming constantly with this case.
  3. Yeah, I think someone at Funi didn't do their homework in the race to be first to license. Don't hold your breath for a BD release. The interesting thing here is that other language areas will be getting the show. It's only English language stream that gets dropped
  4. Not so fast. The European Union IPO website still has the trademark on Macross as pending unlike Macross Delta were it is confirmed. Harmony Gold's European representatives did a sneaky parallel trademarking of the term which Big West's representatives have asked to be thrown out. There is more to come and with Italian lawyers involved, it might take a bit longer than we expect.
  5. Don't want to give too much away, but let me just say that you should keep on watching. It's a rewarding series. The upcoming season 3 is probably the show I'm looking forward to the most this year. On another note, this season has been pretty disappointing. I've never dropped so many shows after 4 episodes. My only pleasant surprise besides Eiozuken has been the Runway fashion show (Dorohedoro I knew I'd love unless they completely messed up the adaptation). Alas, Funimation/Wakanim has decided to pull Interspecies Reviewers after only 4 episodes. They must have gotten cold feet considering how in incredibly ecchi/raunchy this show is. Interesting though is thay they pulled it in the English language markets but not the rest. Food for thought.
  6. Yup. With the European rulings I can see them starting testing in some streaming service over there, perhaps France or Italy that are big consumers of anime. Once the ball starts rolling it's gonna be glorious. That would be hilarious. Watch the Agrama family squirm
  7. Agree. Netflix doesn't really get anime viewers in that sense. The weekly discussions and social media experience are big part of it. Even Prime releases stuff episodically.
  8. This season is the poorest one I can remember in a long, long time. Other than Eizouken ni wa te wo Dasuna and Dorohedoro, everything else is not very good. And the latter is only available in Netflix Japan until the season is over (I hate the way Netflix manages its anime content). Ishuzoku reviewers while not very good, is quite funny in it's own ridiculous way. I'm very surprised that something like that can stream in 2020. I thought the premise would have certain demographics howling in indignation.
  9. RIP Neil Peart. All the good ones leave us to soon it seems...
  10. Yeah, I caught it yesterday. First real good show this season. No surprises there since it's directed by the great Maasaki Yuasa. I hadn't heard or read that something of his was coming up so this was a very pleasant surprise.
  11. I've read the first six books and have to say that as an adaptation it's ok, but can improve a lot. I was not a fan of the time jump narratives. It made it confusing for most of the people coming in cold. I was also not a fan of some of the casting choices for some of the characters that change their demeanour and appearance completely. That said, it had a lot of good points and some excellent performances by Cavill and Anya Chalotra who plays Yennefer. Ciri was pretty well cast in accordance to the books too.
  12. This upcoming season doesn't look too promising to be honest. There's no sure thing like Vinland Saga. Let's hope there's something that surprises. They've adapted one of my favorite manga, Dorohedoro, but alas, it seems that once more a seinen adaptation gets that cheap primitive cgi that Berserk 2016 was saddled with. It's a shame since Dorohedoro has such a fascinating story and merry band of characters.
  13. Getting into a Xmas mood with old school Tokyo Godfathers. Satoshi Kon...he was gone too soon.
  14. So I watched the first two episodes and I'm pleased with the adaptation they've done so far. While they are taking some liberties with the timeline and order of events, they are doing a solid job of introducing the characters and their back stories. Glad to see they're using material from the short stories too.
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