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  1. In 2020? Good luck with that. Almost all good quality stuff nowadays is adaptations from manga, novels or the odd game. The production committee system doesn't really allow for giving deep funding for original material unless its from a big, big name director
  2. It is very rare to have a show with that kind of focus and themes with almost no fanservice. Very entertaining in an otherwise muted anime season.
  3. It is, isn't it? Just makes sure no one comes in while you're watching it. You'll have a lot of explaining to do then
  4. This has to be the mother of all the necrobumps. 2009! Just to add my 2cents, I seriously doubt Kawamori ever does a sequel. The man likes doing new stuff and be unencumbered by things like canon and continuity. Additionally, there's still some Delta to be done before he does any other kind of Macross related stuff.
  5. Yeah, it was awesome. You can actually back a kickstarter where you can get a physical copy of the recording I believe
  6. So many productions this season have had to be suspended due to the Covid19 situation. The only 2 series I'm watching that are still ongoing are of course Kaguya-sama and Gleipnir which is ecchi, ridiculous but also entertaining in the "bring the popcorn out" in the best of ways.
  7. You can get stuff directly from japanese sites like Amazon, CD Japan amongst others. But nothing with english subtitles FYI
  8. Just watched the first episode of Ghost in the Shell SAC 2045. As a longtime fan of the franchise I was excited. Boy...the cgi was just...painful. The excruciatingly painful.
  9. That explains a lot. Having said that, the previous arc (with the dad) was also pretty poor. SnS started so strong and had a good middle, but just couldn't sustain it. And it's such a shame that At least we get some very beautiful character designs and the foodgazms.
  10. I'd love a sequel of either. Yoshiki Fukuyama can still rock like the best of them and more Fire Bomber is always welcome for me.
  11. Just picked up Beastars after finishing my rewatch of all of GiTS SAC. Pretty interesting and with great characters. I don't care one bit about the furry/anthropomorph debate. I think by making the characters be animals, the writer can get away with events and thematic discussions that would otherwise be a minefield. This spring season could not help be affected by world events and a lot of stuff I wanted to see has been postponed. Specially Oregairy 3. Too bad. Luckily Kaguya Sama S2 is here to make me feel better about the world outside.
  12. No. Direct sequels that take place a long time after the original generally end being rather poor. Hikaru, Misa and the gang had their run and a great send off in 2012 with the Megaroad 1- Let the mistery live on forever.
  13. this season has been really flat imo, so I've been doing some serious rewatching. GiTS 2nd Gig (awesome) and Gundam 00 (fun). I cannot wait for the nexrt season to start and getting Dorohedoro on Netflix.
  14. I've gone in and seem some of the material that both sides have presented, and it seems pretty weak sauce to be honest. They literally have prints from webpages like ANN that they use for their case. The judges must be facepalming constantly with this case.
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