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  1. Real good point. The series left a lot of questions unanswered. I fully expect them to address those in the sequel. Otherwise it would be kind of pointless.
  2. Indeed. It's absolutely brutal, sometimes bordering on the sadistic. But the world building is so top notch and the misteries of that world so incredibly compelling that one cannot stop watching.
  3. Yeah, the series finally delivers. The anime production team made some questionable choices in the adaptation which this season feel much less compelling than the last two. This episode fixes that with top notch delivery.
  4. The adaptation of the LN was not very fortunate this season. The writing team for the series seems to like some characters way more than others and its resulted in an awkward leadup to the grand finale.
  5. Milia Fallyna Jenius Completely unprepared for parenthood and have the worst singing voice known to man.
  6. I can only see one video there. Is there some more (perhaps regionblocked?) content?
  7. Deca-dence has been a pretty solid series if you get past the twist in the second episode and Re:Zero has delivered. I dropped God of High School. All flash and no substance. Crunchyroll has been pushing its webtoon adaptations hard but so far they've been pretty poor despite big studio involvements.
  8. Only stuff that makes it onto the screen counts
  9. Welcome to Macross World! Big fan of your work.
  10. I wouldn't mind Kawamori going full on shounen and doing a battle/tournament kind of show with the feisty upstart protagonist showing up unannounced with his custom Valk that he developed with his grandpa (who never shows up and is a Macross 7 veteran). Too cliché?
  11. Yeah its a fantastic series indeed. Looking forward to the sequel. Yup, the last episode was real good too.
  12. This season seems like it will be much less affected than the previous one due to the Covid19 situation. Oregairu season 3 picked right up where the second one ended and all is good with the world. Fire Force S2 and No Guns Life S2- ok so far. God of High School- Crunchyroll is really pushing it's own manwha productions really hard, but I'm not too impressed so far. Pretty basic battle shounen stuff Rent a Girlfriend- I can only cringe so much before my teeth start chipping off. The MC is such an unrelatable loser.
  13. In 2020? Good luck with that. Almost all good quality stuff nowadays is adaptations from manga, novels or the odd game. The production committee system doesn't really allow for giving deep funding for original material unless its from a big, big name director
  14. It is very rare to have a show with that kind of focus and themes with almost no fanservice. Very entertaining in an otherwise muted anime season.
  15. It is, isn't it? Just makes sure no one comes in while you're watching it. You'll have a lot of explaining to do then
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