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  1. Picked up a used copy of Zegapain for peanuts and I'm going to have it as my next watch. Anyone had any experiences with it?
  2. Marzan

    Battle Angel Alita

    That right there is a perfect Alita. Why the eyes? The film really doesn't need it.
  3. I actually have the manga as my personal reference EVA. The ending was excellent. Yeah, it took too long to finish, but let's face it, mangaka are not known for their speed.
  4. Marzan

    Battle Angel Alita

    If they didn't insist on the huge eyes, I think this could have a shot at being the first manga adaptation that hits.
  5. Marzan

    Gundam Show Thread - MSG thru Build Divers

    Oh, yeah! I think we're going to get Bright as a big time senior citizen too. The Bright slap will continue educating young pilots well into his 90's
  6. Marzan

    Neflix's live action Cowboy Bebop

    This is not going to be any good. Adapting something like Cowboy Bebop is extremely difficult to begin with, and one look at the staff working on this makes me even more wary. Hollywood cannot adapt anime with the necessary nuance and respect for the source.
  7. A great bit of news but I'd much rather have had an announcement for a Western BD release. Does anyone know if they're using the ADV dub or are they doing they doing a new one?
  8. Marzan

    Battle Angel Alita

    Considering how badly Hollywood has bungled manga/anime adaptations before, this one seems to be on the right track. Looking forward to it.
  9. I really appreciate that you guys have started to include more text stuff. Thanks. As much as podcasts are the standard for presenting content, sometimes it's nice to be able to read something like this.
  10. I don't think the western fanbase loves Zero and II to be honest. They're both pretty anonymous and hardly anyone except the most hardcore of Macross fans (basically the people in here) have watched them. For the record I love Macross 7. It took me a couple of watches, but I ended up surrendering to it's relentless energy an on point message. Basara is a force of nature that just ends up overwhelming you. And the music rocks. 7 by itself probably has more memorable songs than any other Macross iteration (excluding orchestral stuff of course. Spot on. That is exactly how I felt watching it. I can imagine people working on Reconquista thinking that the dialogue and character interactions were jarring if not nonsensincal at times, but how the hell do you tell a living legend like Tomino that his work is not very good. LOL, I think a lot of us have been there with something similar.
  11. They get the good studios and massive budgets. I find it ironic that drama shows where dialogue is the primary driver get the gorgeous art and animation and action shows look like they were done by 2 guys on their Macbook. Just finished watching an oldie but goodie in Chevalier d'Eon. Good stuff and what an ending. They don't make stuff like that anymore. Gonna start on Noir now (yeah 17 years too late, I know) to fill the gaps on the days I'm not watching anything current. Speaking of current, the show I'm enjoying the most is Bunny Rascal etc...love the banter between the 2 mc's. It's like a mix between Bakemonogatari and Oregairu.
  12. You're spot on about Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai. It does have this The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya vibe with a touch of Bakemonogatari sprinkled on, since it seems the MC will move on to solving a different girls supernatural problem in the next episode. Oh and Mai is a Senjougahara clone with the kuudere tendencies toned down. Very enjoyable though. Goblin Slayer is so far pretty entertaining and I'm intrigued by the MC. I'll definitely keep on watching. The series sure has created an enormous uproar and now even Crunchyroll has put a trigger warning at the beginning. That wouldn't have been necessary if they did their homework and their ratings featured more prominently, but as it is now, it's sometimes hard to know what you're going to watch. You can jump from a lighthearted fantasy series to Berserk (just to give an example) without any sort of advisory. That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime seems to be fix for those with an Overlord addiction with a less compelling MC. I'm not entertained though and too much time is spent with the skill descriptions (I cannot fathom how you got through 1.5 novels if it was even more pronounce there) and if it doesn't pick up soon I'll drop it. I'm also watchin Gridmann SSS that has some EVA vibes (don't they all ) and then the cheesy Ultraman influence. I always enjoy Trigger shows so I'll keep this one.
  13. New season is sort of meh for me, but new Jojo, new season of Golden Kamuy will be a watch. I thought the first ep of SAO was ok. And will continue to watch the goodness that is Attack on Titan which is as good as ever