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  1. Dororo ended pretty well and it was a good ride, I hope we can get more adaptations of old school manga like this one. Finished Yamato 2202 too (underwhelming) and will of course now do an Evangelion rewatch with it being on Netflix and all.
  2. I finally had a chance to finish the series and must say I agree with you. I don't know if it's just a case of having colossal expectations after the masterpiece that was 2199, but I just ended with a feeling of being underwhelmed. The script and story was not as tight as with 2199, and the Gatlantians were not as engaging adversaries as the Gamillans were. None of the new characters were fleshed out sufficiently and we didn't get the same feeling of a tight crew we got in 2199. And that last episode took the "cosmic" to almost magical levels. It might work for Ideon, but it didn't do it for Yamato. And Akira is STILL single? What kind of a messed up universe is that?
  3. I was told at a convention in Paris, that European distributors, even UK ones, have more freedom with their pricing and subtitling, since European BD's are on a different code to Japan's unlike the US. That is why series like Madoka and the Monogatari series are almost twice as expensive with the american Aniplex releases than their UK counterparts. Yes, they have more extras and booklets and the like, but hardly to justify the difference in price There's some other tidbits in US releases like not being able to remove the English subtitles when listening to the original japanese audio. I suppose that's also to remove the possibility of reverse export.
  4. Sweet lord, I hope we never see that animated!
  5. It will be surreal when that happens. Crazy.
  6. Is there enough material to make a second season? I was suprised that Bit.., sorry Malty is still around to do some minor mischief.
  7. , I think that was the first reaction of most of us when we read that movie name....
  8. Absolutely. I cannot imagine BW partnering up with a British distributor and doing a Europe only release, considering the modest size of the English language market in Europe. Unless funimation which just purchased Manga Entertainment gets creative and cooks something up.
  9. So there’s this news floating around that Big West recently got the trademark for Macross in the UK. I did some checking and found out it’s true. https://trademarks.ipo.gov.uk/ipo-tmcase/page/Results/1/UK00003235006 Interesting times indeed. I wonder what they’ll do with it. HG’s stranglehold is slipping.
  10. Maybe it could also be the blond girl that was briefly introduced in the first film? In any case, it could become the main focus of the film and the big selling point. I'm trying to use my positive glasses for this upcoming film (it's hard!). One thing this film could have a big advantage with, is that the Knights will presumably no longer be the main antagonist. Their paper thin characterizations were not helped by their total lack of "fear" factor as an enemy. If you're not gonna flesh out the antagonist, at least make them dread provoking (think the Vajra, Zentradi and the Prodevlin early on in their respective series. Heck even Ivanov was a scary mofo in Zero). Maybe Kawamori will finally make NUNS the unequivocal villain?
  11. Name for the new Macross Delta film announced. https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2019-06-02/new-macross-delta-film-title-revealed-with-6th-singer-teased/.147397 Thoughts?
  12. New Macross Delta film announced officially and with a name too https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2019-06-02/new-macross-delta-film-title-revealed-with-6th-singer-teased/.147397
  13. Good question. I just followed the herd on Twitter when it came out. Some of these Isekai shows have such incredibly long names that people just boil it down to a word or two for convenience. “Slime”, Shield Bro” etc
  14. Seto is probably right about the different performers doing Sharon. I also think the type of songs that Sharon "sings" might not fit in with the general tone of the other more traditional pop or rock performers.
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