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  1. Just finished watching the Made in Abbyss compilation movies. Really good and I can definitely recommend them to anyone who hasn't watched the series. Cannot wait for the third one.
  2. Am I the only that cannot see an image, only a file name?
  3. Your manga has to be very popular or have a sizeable captive audience ...cough...Kentaro Miura...cough.. to get away with those kinds of breaks.
  4. Spoilers are out today. You want to know? Looking forward to S3 a lot.
  5. And at a good time too. The last novel is coming out on the 19/20th of November so there is maximum interest in the series and a very, very good chance that the last season will contain the definitive ending. Expect spoilers galore a week from now. The shipping wars will be furious. For the record I expect the lone wolf ending, he he.
  6. It won't be Mexico. Due to NAFTA and the upcoming replacement of it, Mexico is an common free trade area with the US and Canada and the treaties include extensive protections to each others patents and trademarks. That being said, the monopoly is crumbling and I hope we can soon get some of the first original Macross releases outside of Japan in ages. Let's see who dares do it first. Let's not forget that a an extra dimension to consider in licensing Macross is all the music. That can raise the expense of licensing exponentially.
  7. To be fair when I posted this I was thinking a lot about Gundam Reconguista which I caught recently. Some of the decision making of the characters there bears no relation to their background or description. They just do...
  8. Nah, it's old as anime itself. Have you ever seen a Tomino Gundam show? The decision making of some the characters sometimes make you ask yourself what kind of fumes the writing team was inhaling when they made this stuff.
  9. As @HannouHeiki so kindly posted in another thread (and I quote him below), Harmony Gold has lost it's opposition against the Big West's trademark of the word Macross in the European Union. With this, there's little HG can do to block BW doing business in Europe. Expect the latin speaking markets in Europe to sooner rather than later have some Macross releases . Good day for everyone! Attendee Members 39 297 posts Location:Columbus, GA Interests:Formerly OptimusX Report post https://euipo.europa.eu/eSearch/#details/trademarks/016790421 OPPOSITION B 2 959 008 Harmony Gold U.S.A., Inc., 7655 Sunset Boulevard, 90046, Los Angeles, United States (opponent), represented by Barzanò & Zanardo Roma S.p.a., Via Piemonte, 26, 00187, Rome, Italy (professional representative) versus Kabushiki Kaisha Bigwest (also trading as Bigwest Co. Ltd.), 19-8 Nishihara 3-chome, Shibuya-ku, 151-0066 Tokyo, Japan (applicant), represented by Studio Torta Spa, Via Viotti 9, 10121 Turin, Italy (professional representative). On 11/05/2019, the Opposition Division issues the following DECISION: 1. The opposition n. B 2 959 008 is totally rejected. 2. The opponent shall bear the cost of the expenses, set at EUR 300.
  10. Yōjo Senki. was a blast. I normally don't like isekai for the blatant Gary Stu self inserting so many of them are culpable of, but Tanya really doesn't do that. Despite her enormous talents, you really get the feeling she's on the edge all the time, uncomfortable with the world she's in. And even when she's the villain, you cannot help but root for her. Don't forget to catch the movie too.
  11. There's certainly tonal elements of it in the first 2 books with the short stories, specially in the likes of "A Grain of Truth". It certainly disappears in the novels; I reckon Sapkowski matured as a writer and found a more cultivated writing voice. I have never played the games so I cannot comment on those.
  12. Love this song. Arcade Fire are so good live as well.
  13. When I was kid, I took as a matter of fact that by time I was in my forties we'd have colonies on Mars and doing exploration on the outer planets. With the limited budgets in space exploration, I think my grandchildren might not live to see that.
  14. I have never played the game but have read the first 2 books (with all the short stories) and have started the novels. Great stuff. Regarding the trailer, It looks ok I suppose. Very "epic" and kind of missing the fairy tale style that the stories have. I hope they keep some of Geralt's wit and humour and don't do him as a dour bastard all the time.
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