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  1. That makes sense. It's too early to tell about the story only two episodes in. It's a real shame that Madhouse couldn't do it again. They did a great job with season 1.
  2. RIP. Is responsible for so many classics.
  3. Fate Zero was a good watch but the rest were pretty boring IMO. One thing though is that Gilgamesh has to be the single most irritating and smug SOB I've seen. Dislike him with a passion! Just picked up the second season of One Punch Man. Is it just me or did the quality of art/animation take a nosedive? Really noticeable. I can see Madhouse is no longer doing it too.
  4. Anyone watching Carole and Tuesday? The production values are insane and its pretty entertaining. It's also pretty interesting from a Macross perspective. A music centric show by Watanabe set in another planet (granted the depicition of Mars makes it indistinguishable from Earth).
  5. I finished reading the Broken Empire trilogy by Mark Lawrence. Think of a low budget, less ambitious and complex Tale of Ice and Fire. Absolutely brutal at points. The protagonist, Jorg Ancrath is as nasty and morally ambiguous as they come.
  6. When fans nail the spirit and esthetics of the source material better than multibillion dollar studios, its time for Hollywood to take a long hard look at itself.
  7. New season is not really too impressive so far. Granted, the heavey hitters like Attack on Titan 3 and OPM 2 haven't started yet. Most interesting so far has been Demon Slayer on Saturdays. Really fluid animation, nice looking art and the story seems promising enough. The Fruits Basket remake really took me back 15 years. Exactly the same, just with better animation.
  8. Can probably draw better than the guy doing the Robotech comics
  9. Saw this last week and was much better than I expected. My expectations were low; live action anime and manga adaptations tend to be absolutely awful. This was ok. They crammed too much plot and emphasized the romance angle a tad much, but they got so much right and respected the spirit of the manga. Alita was perfect and Waltz was a pretty good Ido. I watched the film with some colleagues who are not into manga and they enjoyed it. A lot. One of them who is a Marvel universe evangelist actually said that he never thought he'd see something that managed action/combat sequences on the same level as Marvel. So Cameron and Rodriguez have made something even "neutrals" can enjoy. Of course it seems that the all important Murican' market didn't share the same opinion so we probably won't get a quality/big budget sequel.
  10. That wouldn't be too bad, would it? Although maybe a new fresh of eyes/intellect is what's needed.
  11. It's a very different beast to Haruhi, much more comedic and romance oriented. But I can see how some of the characters remind of some of the Haruhi crowd. The Kaguya-sama manga is hilarious too.
  12. I agree with your take. There seems to be a lot of that unfortunately when it comes to adapting pop culture/comics/manga, you name it. In the case of Ghostbusters the reboot, they got so much wrong I don't know where to start. Not too excited about this upcoming sequel, but it cannot be much worse, IMO.
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