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  1. I also prefer CD Japan's website. But the postal service in my country takes a while to process good coming in from overseas and on top of the VAT and taxes adds a 20 dollar surcharge for administrative fees (irrespective of article price). Amazon already includes my local vat in the price I pay for shipping with DHL so it's faster, less hassle and at least 15 bucks cheaper per shipment.
  2. Thanks Seto. I'll survive without the tote bag I think Yeah, I don't know what happened to Amazon Japan's english page. It used to have more info in English before.
  3. General TV thread

    The Terror is a fabulous adaptation of the Dan Simmons novel. Just absolutely top notch. I'm sad that it doesn't seem to be getting the love it should. Regarding Lost in Space, I'm pretty surprised about how watchable it is. It helps that the young actors are pretty good. And those Macross similarities! Danish, my friend this is a Danish production!
  4. If there was no Artland OVA I'd be willing to admit that it does a solid job of adapting the novels by Tanaka-sensei. But alas, the Artland version exists and this just feels flat, lacking in grandeur. Is it the score, the dialogue, the voice acting? I don't know.
  5. Fate doesn't have a fandom. It's a cult. I remember when Fate Zero was out, their fans from hell were out in force policing forum discussion threads on MAL and coming down hard and punishing any dissent that went against their notion that we were in the presence of a trascendental masterpiece for the ages. Good times.
  6. Does anyone know if all the BD versions of the movie are subbed? Amazon Japan's page in English is useless and Google translate doesn't want to translate since it says the web address is too long. I can see both a 9000 and a 6999 yen version and wonder if i wonder what the difference is.
  7. Man that scene after the credits, I did not see that little tidbit of information coming at all. Any chance that
  8. The last 4,5 episodes of Darling in the FranXX have been plenty interesting, but damnit if the fandom for that show isn't toxic. Any forum discussion on those chapters anywhere you go ends up in name calling and tears. Almost reminds me of Robotech
  9. Even MORE remake madness.......

    Just like we've said before, nothing is sacred anymore.
  10. I cannot remember a season like this one. There is literally something for every taste and a lot of it is very good. Space opera- LOGH Die Neue These Mecha (and a continuation of an oldie but goodie) Full Metal Panic 3 Dystopian sci fi- Steins Gate 0 Big shounen action or game visual novel adaptations- My Hero Academia 3, SAO Gun Gale Online, Persona 5 Ecchi- Shokugeki no Soma, HighSchool DxD Hero and Cutie Honey Universe . Sports/sci fi anime with old school look and feel- Megalobox Samurai Western set in the snow of Hokkaido- Golden Kamuy (shame about the modest production values because the manga is awesome). I almost dont have the time to watch all this. Will have to prioritize.
  11. Macross in the weirdest places

    Where's that? Mexico?
  12. Legend of the Galactic Heroes Die Neue These just out. While not as good as the original OVA adaptaion of the novels, it wasn't too shabby. Will take a while to get used to the voices and character designs.
  13. I'm surprised you got this. Have you tried deleting cookies? As far as I can tell the actual webshop is accessible overseas (I'm in Denmark btw) and I was able to order via a forwarder (I have been billed so its worked even with foreign credit card).
  14. I've never ordered anything from them directly, it's always been via Rightstuf or Amazon so I don't know. Now that I've cooled down and done the math, the price is not that extortionate. All 110 episodes, the 52 Gaiden episodes and the 3 films. That's 5.5 minutes per dollar which is less than if you bought lets say Akame ga Kill or No Game No Life boxsets. So it's actually conmessurate. It's just all in one go...it's like 2/3 of what I pay on my mortgage a month. So it feels pretty violent. But if i can work myself around how to get it shipped outside the US, I'll probably order it. I looove LOGH and it's one of only 4 shows I'd do this crazy stuff for.
  15. Hips don't lie.