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  1. Macross General SCOOPUDA thread

    RIP. she was one of the classic seiyuus. I'm gonna watch some KOR in her honour.
  2. When I'm not watching one of this seasons shows (Magus Bride, Zodiac Wars, March comes in like a lion, BBB, Ballroom), I'm doing a rewatch of Nadia of the Blue water in glorious BD quality. Gainax was absolutely god tier back in the day.
  3. Macross Δ (Delta) Movie Announced

    I find him obnoxious (and i think by the reaction of most fans here that most western fans would too), but i have no idea what Japanese fans might think of him. But I think Seto's breakdown is probably on the money on him and the Knights.
  4. I'm gonna wait for the regular edition. The price of anime sets keeps on going upward and my salary isn't
  5. Macross Δ (Delta) Movie Announced

    I would bet against it. First of all there's a tendency in anime for obnoxious characters to never really get their comeuppance. For some weird reason they're celebrated nowadays. I miss the days of the Bright Slap. Secondly (and a bit more seriously), antagonists in Macross rarely are beaten in a conventional sense. They get co-opted, turned and if they're killed, it's mostly with love (or more appropiately song). I'll be content if they limit the amount of times they say the word "wind" to less than 60. I hope that's not too much to ask.
  6. This season has been unexpectedly solid. Junai Taisen Zodiac, Shokugeki, Garo Vaunishing Line, Ancient Magus Bride and Inuyashiki.
  7. Thanks for coming and posting this guys. I enjoy your stuff and appreciate the time stamps. A real shame about the new Megazone kickstarter not being successful. They should open up for non Japanese donations to get it done.
  8. Macross Δ (Delta) Movie Announced

    Do we know the personnel that will work on the film? Is it exactly the same crew as in the Delta tv series.
  9. Macross Δ (Delta) Movie Announced

    I must confess that in many years being a Macross fan, I have never been more indifferent to a new film/series coming out than in this case. I had hoped for a sequel and move away from Windermere as the antagonist, but alas, a retelling it is. At least I hope they fix the pacing/storytelling issues that plagued the second half, and maybe come up with one or two positive plot changes. I also hope they limit the number of times the Knights say the word “wind” to under 100. As a positive I must say that girls (and specially Kaname) look really foxy in the new movie poster.
  10. Star Trek: Discovery

    Like I've mentioned before, I'm a casual ST fan. But I cannot remember any of the previous series having the SPOILER FOR EPISODE 4
  11. This season got on to a pretty strong start. You've got Juni Taisen (Zodiac Wars?"), the Ancient Magus Bride, the new Garo, plus the new seasons of Shokugeki no Soma and Blood Blockade Battlefront. Promising.
  12. Macross in the weirdest places

    If it didn't require heavy machinery to move, it doesn't count.
  13. Star Trek: Discovery

    Disclaimer: I'm a casual Star Trek fan. Watched the original series and Next Generation and all the films. But I'm no way steeped in Star Trek lore and aware of the liberties taken with its canon. I enjoyed the first 2 episodes as is. The new Klingon appearances surprised me a bit as did the polished high tech look of the ships and their technology. I don't know why I expected a more austere, less glossy look.
  14. I really hope it does. But it's all about those BD sales in Japan. If it doesn't sell well, I don't think we'll get anything.
  15. He hasn't done anything really good outside Macross since Escaflowne. Aquarion EVOL was tons of fun in a campy sort of way, but that's about it. Satelight in general doesn't really hire good screenwriters. They're more about visuals in my opinion. You can bet Abrams is going to blow half of the budget on and damn be the rest. This is going to blow big time.