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  1. That wouldn't be too bad, would it? Although maybe a new fresh of eyes/intellect is what's needed.
  2. It's a very different beast to Haruhi, much more comedic and romance oriented. But I can see how some of the characters remind of some of the Haruhi crowd. The Kaguya-sama manga is hilarious too.
  3. Marzan

    Ghostbusters movie 3?

    I agree with your take. There seems to be a lot of that unfortunately when it comes to adapting pop culture/comics/manga, you name it. In the case of Ghostbusters the reboot, they got so much wrong I don't know where to start. Not too excited about this upcoming sequel, but it cannot be much worse, IMO.
  4. Yeah, it got pretty graphic and out there. Me, having grown up on 80's and early 90's OVA I don't mind too much, but I guess if you're coming from My Hero Academia/Naruto and barge into this, you'll pretty shocked. Pretty entertaining watch and I do like it, but Dororo and Kaguya-sama take the trophy of AOTS for me. The Promised Neverland is awesome too. Regarding ShieldBro, Interestingly enough, a couple of the writers over at ANN absolutely hate it. I used to use ANN a lot for reviews, but they seem to have gotten a lot of their own personal agendas/moral code deeply immersed into their writing. Not a fan.
  5. I hope Kawamori brings in better screenwriting and directing talent. Singing and pretty art are not enough to drive an entire film. So we're looking at a new tv series at the earliest in what...2020 now?
  6. Marzan

    What Current Manga Are You Reading?

    Good thread here. Been reading Kaguya-sama, Ooko, Claymore and Vinland Saga. And of course Berserk whenever Miura has the decency to update. If you want something reaaally different, I just finished reading Dorohedoro. The weirdest, quirkiest manga I've ever read. Pretty unique stuff.
  7. This season has been much better than expected. Kaguya-sama and specially Dororo are the pick of the litter for me
  8. Kaguya-sama is absolutely the show I'm looking the most forward to. The manga is delightful with some hilarious characters. The mangaka has managed to keep it fresh and funny throughout. I really hope they don't mess up the adaptation. So far this season I've enjoyed the first episodes of Dororo (adaptation of the Tezuka manga) and The Promised Neverland. Really solid starts to both of them. Unsurprisingly, the worst show so far has been by Satelight. Girly Air Force was as bland and predictable as they come.
  9. Hips don't lie. Sequel now!
  10. Picked up a used copy of Zegapain for peanuts and I'm going to have it as my next watch. Anyone had any experiences with it?
  11. Marzan

    Battle Angel Alita

    That right there is a perfect Alita. Why the eyes? The film really doesn't need it.
  12. I actually have the manga as my personal reference EVA. The ending was excellent. Yeah, it took too long to finish, but let's face it, mangaka are not known for their speed.
  13. Marzan

    Battle Angel Alita

    If they didn't insist on the huge eyes, I think this could have a shot at being the first manga adaptation that hits.
  14. Marzan

    Gundam Show Thread - MSG thru Build Divers

    Oh, yeah! I think we're going to get Bright as a big time senior citizen too. The Bright slap will continue educating young pilots well into his 90's
  15. Marzan

    Neflix's live action Cowboy Bebop

    This is not going to be any good. Adapting something like Cowboy Bebop is extremely difficult to begin with, and one look at the staff working on this makes me even more wary. Hollywood cannot adapt anime with the necessary nuance and respect for the source.