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  1. I'm disappointed but relieved. Oct is good actually.
  2. Cool thanks again. I wanted to add some extra detail to my Riobot Stick and now I'll do my Yellow too (when it arrives).
  3. Thanks. I noticed it on the fuel tank of the ride armor.
  4. Noobish question; Stick is apart of the 21st Mars Division, but what are the number designations: 162 on his Legioss and 2101 on his Ride Armor?
  5. Keeping the momentum going in anticipation of Riobot Sentinel Yellow with this acoustic cover of; In search of lost legends.
  6. I thought the redesign was in anticipation of them losing their license.
  7. https://www.bigbadtoystore.com/Search?Brand=2644
  8. Appreciated and noted. But the pic was from gears as my original point of reference; http://www.gearsonline.net/series/mospeada/mecha/human-mecha/mospeada/mospeada-21.jpg Either way, I'd like it for a Riobot Ray.
  9. Side note: does anyone have more pics of this MOSPEADA weapon? M-100 12.7mm hand-held 3-barrel rotating gatling machine gun
  10. K, based on the map eps. 8 is where Hoquet's origin story took place. I originally said Bolivian, but its actually Peru.
  11. Absolutely on Mint. My bad. When I said; "Instead of Bolivian we could make her Argentine, since it use to be a French colony. Plus I'd wanna keep it latin personally." I was referring to Hoquet. Additional observation; am I the only one who thinks Ray generally represents you the viewer in the MOSPEADA story? Hes the only one with no origin story or background whatsoever. He' s minimally experienced with a ride armor, but most skilled for a terran- and develops through the show. Thoughts?
  12. Rubble could be Robles- so that would work. And no, you cant go wrong with Dora. Instead of Bolivian we could make her Argentine, since it use to be a French colony. Plus I'd wanna keep it latin personally.
  13. Bella Thorne as Aisha? Jim Austin played by Joe Manganiello Battra played by Evan Peters Sorji played by Ruby Rose Who'd play Mint?
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