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  1. VF-171 lower triangle replacement?

    Macross Fan Central
  2. VF-171 lower triangle replacement?

    A guy from a Macross FB group did a fix on the original triangle here; https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10154464961117059&id=622537058
  3. Why is Gerwalk mode disliked?

    With the exception of the VF-17, 22, and the 19- I think every other walk in Gerwalk is awesome.
  4. This was bound to happen...gray market VF's?

    Thanks for clarifying.
  5. This was bound to happen...gray market VF's?

    Wow MDE's for $7.25, not bad. http://www.bing.com/search?q=chinese+currency+rates&src=IE-SearchBox&FORM=IENTSR
  6. What are Everybody's 3 favorite & 3 least favorite Macross toys?

    When I grow up- I wanna be this guy!
  7. What are Everybody's 3 favorite & 3 least favorite Macross toys?

    Favs: 1. Bandai YF-29 (minus the Isamu version)- I absolutely loved the 30th Anniversary, Rod, and Ozma customs, Alto was OK. Had more than the 25 had going for it without armored or superparts. Overall fun and value, and superparts were optional- not required for further enjoyment. 2. Bandai VF-171EX- I love the look and the feel. Everytime I see them I think of a mass modernized NUNS wing of fighters. I think the Alto and Luca colors are a beautiful homage to DYRL. I would be satisfied with or without armored parts just because of the look in every mode. Only transformation is sometimes a pain, but practice makes perfect. 3. Tie: Yamato VF-1S TV Version v2, and VF-11C- Both were absolutely stunning, fun; with ease of transformation, and could almost do any pose I wanted. Enjoyable with or without super parts. Fav runners up goes to: VF-1A TV Max, VF-0S with Ghost, and Tomahawk Destroid Unfavs: 1. Bandai VF-19 Advance- WAY- WAY too much happening here- needlessly. Yes you can keep mind decay away with this level of transformation involved- but its not fun. I also found gerwalk a turnoff, battroid were disproportioned, and the SMS wing boosters are not really made for it. 2. Bandai VF-25's- either v1 or v2- its a very limited toy without super, armored, or tornado parts. Transformation and sculpt on v2 is amazing, but without parts, its boring. (Exception made for the YF-25 since its the prototype/ trainer) 3. Bandai VF-171 CF- The most beautifully colored valk in existence aside from the SVF Cavaliers or Low vis VF-1S, and it had to be ruined by horrid factory QC issues. Why? WTF? Unfav runners up go to the: YF-30, YF-19, YF-21 and VF-27
  8. Is it worth it anymore?

    If better minds were in charge, and better decisions made 30+ years ago we wouldnt even be having this conversation. We'd have just as much "reasonably" priced Macross product as the Gundam and Transformers franchises do today. In lieu of that though, I find being a Macross fan more special. Outsiders to anime and toy collecting see my valks and automatically want to know more about their background.
  9. Is it worth it anymore?

    THIS! I've burnt out 4 times with Macross collecting. This time around I finally learned to do and get WHAT I LOVE from Macross and not try to compete or keep up with others collections. Doing it at your pace too will make you feel better financially.
  10. SDF Macross Extended English Language Pilot Online!

    "10 Years later super space fortress Macross would rise- guardian of you and of me!" This still is more Robotech reminiscent, I like the 2006 ADV english dub better- but still interesting to see what their original intent was.
  11. looks very clean and well put together. Would love to see it with a Tread.
  12. Question: How do you guys acquire your collections?

    It used to be in bulks, but now bits and pieces. Ive always been in flux with my Macross collection; i used to impulse buy, getting anything in the 1/60 scale from Bandai and Yamato. With maturity I've learned to be a little patient and wait for deals. I've also learned to buy what I truly love and not what others have just to feel a part of the group. Much happier this way.
  13. Your most recent Macross or toy purchase! General thread.

    Thanks, super low price too, even with express shipping: $180
  14. Your most recent Macross or toy purchase! General thread.

    Greetings from Jungle- Japan. Welcome to your new home Rod.