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  1. I enjoyed it. Slightly rushed ending and very different; but still good.
  2. When does the notion that failure is not actual success start to sink in at HG?
  3. My first Luca was very solid. Had it for two years and no issues. I always saw 171EX uniformally as the VF-1's and collected them because I wanted that DYRL look in a more modern fighter design. I may sell my remaining ones and just get VF-1's like I should have an call it. I dunno. It's got me kinda down on collecting overall. There always some issue at these $175+ price points that make me question their value and time invested.
  4. It started at the left leg at the knee joint. Then the triangles a few weeks ago, yesterday was the right leg at the knee and it was done. It may have only been this one specifically; I had a Luca before that didn't have issues.
  5. I wonder if this method would work for that area?
  6. So my RVF-171EX Luca has officially bitten the dust; triangles and leg disintegration at the joints took Its toll. Its bittersweet; considering I got 3-4 years out it- but my team of three is down to two; overall, I cant really complain. I stripped what good parts were left and added them to my Alto. My Mauryama is still good. Ill have an extra armored parts set now to sell.
  7. Many thanks to @jeniusornome for his purchase of my YF-29B. Fast payment and excellent communication!
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