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  1. I'm disappointed but relieved. Oct is good actually.
  2. Cool thanks again. I wanted to add some extra detail to my Riobot Stick and now I'll do my Yellow too (when it arrives).
  3. Thanks. I noticed it on the fuel tank of the ride armor.
  4. Noobish question; Stick is apart of the 21st Mars Division, but what are the number designations: 162 on his Legioss and 2101 on his Ride Armor?
  5. Keeping the momentum going in anticipation of Riobot Sentinel Yellow with this acoustic cover of; In search of lost legends.
  6. I thought the redesign was in anticipation of them losing their license.
  7. https://www.bigbadtoystore.com/Search?Brand=2644
  8. Appreciated and noted. But the pic was from gears as my original point of reference; http://www.gearsonline.net/series/mospeada/mecha/human-mecha/mospeada/mospeada-21.jpg Either way, I'd like it for a Riobot Ray.
  9. Side note: does anyone have more pics of this MOSPEADA weapon? M-100 12.7mm hand-held 3-barrel rotating gatling machine gun
  10. K, based on the map eps. 8 is where Hoquet's origin story took place. I originally said Bolivian, but its actually Peru.
  11. Absolutely on Mint. My bad. When I said; "Instead of Bolivian we could make her Argentine, since it use to be a French colony. Plus I'd wanna keep it latin personally." I was referring to Hoquet. Additional observation; am I the only one who thinks Ray generally represents you the viewer in the MOSPEADA story? Hes the only one with no origin story or background whatsoever. He' s minimally experienced with a ride armor, but most skilled for a terran- and develops through the show. Thoughts?
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