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  1. Yes! The standard series was ok at first, but then got so good towards the end. Then the Final; literally was OP. But the ending made my heart cry.
  2. Just started SSSS.Gridman, and King of Braves Gaogaigar.
  3. blackconvoy_D01

    YF-29B Custom Reference/ Referral

    Correct. Their level of detailing has already inspired me to start on my own 171 Skull Squad. I'll be looking to add and customize more as I go; baby steps. But I also want my 31F (like theirs) to be NUNS fighter, and I'd like to do something similar to their 29B with one of mine (first post). I need to try the waterslide idea. Thanks.
  4. blackconvoy_D01

    YF-29B Custom Reference/ Referral

    Macross Junkie's work is great, but these two other guys create a whole world in their collection, and I love it. It takes it to a whole other level for me with their decal application and armorments.
  5. blackconvoy_D01

    YF-29B Custom Reference/ Referral

    Awesome- thank you, is this your work? If so- I've been influenced on your work into my own collection for some time, with my 171 Skull Squadron and was looking for ideas on my 29B specialty fighter. I love the detailing. What's the decal on the shield?
  6. blackconvoy_D01

    YF-29B Custom Reference/ Referral

    Hey all, can anyone direct me to who I did this custom YF-29B, or clearer pics of it?
  7. I bought it on digital. When it was in theaters, I was looking to give it a pass; but I ended up actually enjoying it. I'm into Star Wars- but not a die hard; and I thought it captured the whole smuggler/ criminal, space pirate faction that happens in the background of the rebels vs the empire.
  8. I should have specified online retailers like; BBTS, Toysource, Amazon, and similar. I didn't mean box retailers, and their like.
  9. If and when Macross in it's entirety- does make its way to Crunchyroll, Netflix, Adult Swim, and/ or VRV in 2021/ 2022 it is not going to be life-changing for most people because of the internet and streaming that we have access to currently, and the familiarity most of the younger generation have of Macross from there. What will change the game is merchandising. Being able to have US retailers actually sell Macross Valkyries; in any scale (with other related merchandise) without hinderance, is what: in my honest opinion will drive demand.
  10. blackconvoy_D01

    The Newbie and Short Questions thread

    Alto beat Berea in the super 29 vs super 27 battle in the second Frontier movie. From what I understood about the story of the Macross 30 game- Leon got lucky in the 30 vs Rod in the 29B.
  11. blackconvoy_D01

    Missles, missles, missles

    Damn I should've ordered these when I had the chance. They look amazing.
  12. blackconvoy_D01

    Post-Delta Megaroad Thoughts

    I finally developed patience and watched the entire Delta series. It was good, really good (aside from song overkill). Here is my Megaroad connection and speculation; Misa was the captain; so she goes down with the ship (not lady M). Hikaru is gone (KIA) defending the ship. Minmay is the biggest threat of all (definitely a goner), so from an age an circumstance perspective I speculate Lady M is Misa and Hikaru's daughter: Miku. She'd be the one to have access to the background data, r and d, and- via inheritance; financial resources to develop Xaos for defense, protoculture r/d, psych ops, etc. Minmay- I don't think big enough; nor would she have an interest. Misa would've kept in the UN Spacy/ NUNS umbrella. Hikaru doesnt aspire for anything higher than being a pilot IMHO. That's my take.
  13. blackconvoy_D01

    Bandai DX VF-31

    Here's to hope.