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  1. Same; saw it last night and loved it. I dont understand the negativity on the film either. It tied in to the first, didnt force Kong onto the viewer in an over imposing way. The twist was somewhat predictable- but its Godzilla. Overall enjoyable scifi movie. They should have made it sooner- as mentioned above. Literally the only gripe.
  2. I posted the pic above. I realized that it was back in 2017.
  3. Yeah, you guys are right. It was a few years ago and it was MH reminiscent. Didnt remember the exact details.
  4. No. Let me dig to find it. They had a teaser for it at a convention.
  5. There was supposed to be a (Cyclone) Ride Armor teased by KitzConcept a while ago. I dont know if it will come into fruition.
  6. That's what I have my eye on. But my move has demolished my toy funds- unless someone buys my VF-31F and super parts combo.
  7. I know so much about Hikaru and the 1J; so I actually watched the Dark Legioss ET video a few times. I wish we could get better quality MOSPEADA toys.
  8. That sucks but OK; I appreciate it, so then is the Rey is still the better purchase?
  9. Can someone please verify for me that the Riobot Stick reissue actually improves on the flaws of the initial release?
  10. I have a window seat at work but I want to bring in a valkyrie to display on my desk, I know a white one would be a bad idea because of yellowing; but what about the darker ones like the YF-29B?
  11. John Cho is an excellent choice for Spike. I am pleased!
  12. On a Dragon Ball Super and Kai rewatch/ watch currently. I was hoping NGE would be on Netflix in April but moved to June. I've never watched it and was looking forward to it sooner.
  13. I only knew him in Airwolf. Awesome part of my childhood. RIP.
  14. Very true. My question was all in good fun. However before discovering Gaogaigar- I used to think the Macross and say Go Lion were the tops in their areas, but seeing Gaogaigar made me think about it more and wanted to see what others thought.
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