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  1. I have a window seat at work but I want to bring in a valkyrie to display on my desk, I know a white one would be a bad idea because of yellowing; but what about the darker ones like the YF-29B?
  2. John Cho is an excellent choice for Spike. I am pleased!
  3. On a Dragon Ball Super and Kai rewatch/ watch currently. I was hoping NGE would be on Netflix in April but moved to June. I've never watched it and was looking forward to it sooner.
  4. I only knew him in Airwolf. Awesome part of my childhood. RIP.
  5. Very true. My question was all in good fun. However before discovering Gaogaigar- I used to think the Macross and say Go Lion were the tops in their areas, but seeing Gaogaigar made me think about it more and wanted to see what others thought.
  6. I saw it twice and neither time did I check my watch like I did for BvS in the theater. I thought it was enjoyable and fast paced. Loved Mera. Good steps in the right direction.
  7. Yes! The standard series was ok at first, but then got so good towards the end. Then the Final; literally was OP. But the ending made my heart cry.
  8. Just started SSSS.Gridman, and King of Braves Gaogaigar.
  9. Correct. Their level of detailing has already inspired me to start on my own 171 Skull Squad. I'll be looking to add and customize more as I go; baby steps. But I also want my 31F (like theirs) to be NUNS fighter, and I'd like to do something similar to their 29B with one of mine (first post). I need to try the waterslide idea. Thanks.
  10. Macross Junkie's work is great, but these two other guys create a whole world in their collection, and I love it. It takes it to a whole other level for me with their decal application and armorments.
  11. Awesome- thank you, is this your work? If so- I've been influenced on your work into my own collection for some time, with my 171 Skull Squadron and was looking for ideas on my 29B specialty fighter. I love the detailing. What's the decal on the shield?
  12. Hey all, can anyone direct me to who I did this custom YF-29B, or clearer pics of it?
  13. I bought it on digital. When it was in theaters, I was looking to give it a pass; but I ended up actually enjoying it. I'm into Star Wars- but not a die hard; and I thought it captured the whole smuggler/ criminal, space pirate faction that happens in the background of the rebels vs the empire.
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