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  1. Selling the following to US Continental buyers; Yamato VF-17S Diamond Force with Plastic Cretins adapters for Bandai Stands. NUNS decals applied. Complete. Recently purchased from FB seller. No issues: $185 shipped. Bandai VF-171 EX Maruyama no triangle issues, but installed SW replacement triangles as precaution. No shipper box. Complete, excellent condition. $330 shipped. Bandai VF-171 EX Alto triangles replaced with SW. Old, good for play or office display- not collectable status , parts swapped with a 171 Luca in areas. Will include armored parts without missiles $125 shipped. Shipping 1-2 days after payment via USPS Priority with insurance and tracking. No holds preferred. Im on the Straight Shooters list.
  2. Both; top and front: Check the CM Tread/ Tlead on Anymoon.com, they were able to incorporate it into their toy. The Toynami/ Aoshima didn't have this option.
  3. Armo Soldier mode. From eps. 1.
  4. Theyre blatant Robotech fans. I prodded them to acknowledge Shinji Aramaki and Usagi with citing it as a MOSPEADA achievement and not Robotech and they copped an attitude. Its their show; its whatever.
  5. Im more worried about your own self care; casually strolling around nukes like that.
  6. Gung Ho and the Red Ninja look great. Pass on Pimping Destro. Would have preferred Iron Grenadiers Destro.
  7. Has anyone tried to connect it with an Aoshima Tread?
  8. I dont think this is feasible.
  9. Father's Day Guyver marathon with my daughter,
  10. https://gijoe.hasbro.com/en-us The classified line on the Cobra side seems very robust- all the characters I personally wanted. I'm disappointed on the Joe's side.
  11. I had a POC, 25th, 30th, 50th, and retaliation collection; and i was doing great until I supplemented a Mattel Batman Begins Tumbler against a Cobra Fury. The Tumbler was so much more beefier and capable. The Fury was like a pancake. To think i was planning on 2 Tumblers and a RHINO to go against the Fury and 3 HISS TANKS from POC. No way! The vehicle contrast also made me reevaluate the 3.75in figures. Yes theyre all accessorized, but I could lose parts or break these things at any time. And without Kaiser stands, they'll never pose on their own dynamically. Cheers to 3.75" Joe, but make mines 6".
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