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  1. i'm so sorry that on the macross side, we're having a freaking party here, while on the HG side, youre stuck with conventions and podcasts. do I need to be sorry for that?
  2. holy f***. you really did it, you! high five! and make more videos. more dramatic camera angles. more flyby shots. more of everything! we need more!! and add contrails. bitches love contrails.
  3. i hope your video looks like the ones in the yukikaze intro . that would be so cool. EDIT: looking at the video, I concluded my expectations are too high. A fanmade flight video of the vf-11 is already thumps up on my scale. am still looking forward to your video.
  4. would the robotech fans both hardcore and newcomers these days welcome a new series without any relation to anything macross?
  5. looking back and comparing, the line art makes it so superior, for some reason.
  6. i went like, "f**k yeah, Itano Circus!!" during the dogfight scenes. the yf-19? words cannot describe what I don't even. what a sad ending. does this ending sort of imply what might have happened to the trio in the tv series after the final episode? i've heard countless times that the 2nd movie was going to "tie up loose ends in the tv series".
  7. i'm about to dump a truckload of expletives and a demand for explanation for this, but then I realized i'm probably being trolled. the makers of this facepalm-able video probably knows mac frontier and watched an entire season for the wrong reasons. heh.
  8. if RT fan artist keep mooching macross characters at this rate, pretty soon we'll be seeing fanarts of sheryl nome being Capt Gloval's bastard child with minmay. or ranka lee as kyle's daughter. i will never underestimate their capacity to come up with situations of how that will happen.
  9. when i heard about it or saw some screens on the net, i thought of it as some sort of "jojo's bizarre adventure meets speed racer" kind of thing. i was pleasantly surprised to find out how wrong that was.
  10. Redline day - Aug 15 2011 - /a/ on 4chan Anons saw the release of the 1080p version of Redline. After much shitstorm that followed, some seem to see it as disappoint. i think it was a good movie. what do you think?
  11. they're going to edit out 'irrelevant' or 'unrelated' or 'inappropriate' material from their press conference? sounds like a 'north-koreanization' of a franchise, with their 'dear leader' tommy yune's face and upper body on every HG poster, extending his hand a la kim jong il. expect nukes flying around soon. XD
  12. i was thinking of writing a story about an experimental valkyrie unit from the future which is made up of nanomachines that transforms the valkyrie from fighter to gerwalk and then to battroid through 'molding', and can also 'time-fold'. wild ideas, maybe. but, hey...
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