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  1. I agree for the ultimate Valkyrie it would probably need a bigger scale. But Bandai could have at least thrown a few gimmicks in there that were not seen on the Yamato ones. Instead they take steps back.
  2. Just to show, what Bandai can do and could have done with the 1/48 VF-1.
  3. Seems like it. As Convectuoso noticed, it could be that the detailed version will be released with the super parts. But yeah, it's a bummer!
  4. I second that! I must say i am disappointed. Back when they had the DX VF-1J exhibited with a board of super-parts, strike-parts, missile-set etc., they showed a armor-leg part with detail, as well as schematics of the boosters with detail! Making us believe, that that is what we were getting!
  5. Big

    1/48 decals?

    Cool, pm'd you!
  6. Wow, superb job!!! Can't wait for the final video! Great job!
  7. Hi Shawn, just noticed that there is no direct-link from the new website to the forums, after the website-look-change. Will it be implemented? thanks for keeping the website up. Best, George
  8. To be quite frank too much tampo printing for me or should i say everything relating the markings looks out of proportion: - Kite-Logo on the fuselage is too big as has been with the VF-1J - 001 is too big - the fonts in general are to bold especially in small writing - UN SPACY wording on legs, super parts should be a few point smaller Further there are some markings, which i find unnecessary (white marking underneath the red arrow on the shoulder, UNS SDF on the upper leg part). As mentioned earlier the small skull emblem on the fuselage is missing! I think the Hasegawa Model kit has the perfect proportions as far as the marking goes! I’d rather have a good proportioned decal set and be able to decide which markings i want to put on! Just my 2 cents!
  9. That's just the light reflection of the red colour onto white surfaces. If you look at the white background the shadow has a red tint to it as well. It is just the light reflecting the red of the valkyrie on white surfaces.
  10. Big

    Hi-Metal R

    Finally, after all those years!
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