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  1. It worked, thanks tekering!
  2. Thanks tekering, will do! Always dig your photos!
  3. @tjdetweiler when where you able to get one at AmiAmi?
  4. I am not able to turn the lasers, if i do i might break the lasers. Does anyone have a solution for tight headlasers in the VF-1S head or knows how to loosen them? Thanks!
  5. Looks like that the super parts won't have the extra detail, that they showed when first introducing the VF-1J, otherwise they would have shown it off.
  6. Beneath the lock it says "Club Members", does that mean, that it is exclusive for club members to buy or that members get an exclusive peek behind the cylinder?
  7. @HardlyNeverThanks for the insight .
  8. I understand. Have you got an idea, how the scalpers are able to get so many items?
  9. Still up! What do you guys think of getting together in securing PO-Valks for Macrossworld-members in the future. I am tired of the madness, it's so frustrating. Lets invest in bots and secure Valks for us!
  10. No luck here as well, i got cart jacked at NIn Nin.
  11. Hi Vlenhoff, Check out the Mospeada-Thread there are loads of pics and videos there.
  12. These are simply colouring mistakes in the animation process, there are quiet a few in the series.
  13. I agree for the ultimate Valkyrie it would probably need a bigger scale. But Bandai could have at least thrown a few gimmicks in there that were not seen on the Yamato ones. Instead they take steps back.
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