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  1. I was ok with the factory fresh paint scheme, but I have to have at least one of these weathered ones.
  2. LOL, I only got 1x copy. I as totally caught off guard so missed opening order night.
  3. I thought I read that some people that had multiples from Bluefin had their orders cancelled. I only ordered 1 and the order is still there. I think I should have tried one of the other ones too but I have so much stuff I have missed recently so my focus is kinda all over the place.
  4. My Bluefin order still looks to be there, hope all is good cause it's my only one Eva-02 on order.
  5. Well I was supposed to get two, but Amazon cancelled one of my 2 original orders from the first round. If I would have gotten both I'm sure I would have opened it already.
  6. Thanks for the Entertainment Earth reminder, I happened to get another Eva Unit-01
  7. I also got an order in at Bluefin and have not received a cancellation notice as of yet.
  8. Crap, slept through this one. Ended up getting one from Bluefin,
  9. Yeah life has been so damn busy. I missed out on DX Chogokin Max and Hikauru's 1-S I did end up getting 2x more of the flight packs and 4x Caletvwlch option sets. I really need to try to get the DX's though and a Eva-02.
  10. Wow, Bandai wants every dollar anyone has LOL. Can't believe how many option sets alone are coming out, but wait they want you to buy 8 of an option kit To have every option available for the figure haha.
  11. https://www.1999.co.jp/eng/10578062 Metal Build Great Mazinger Z available if anyone needs one
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