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  1. Soo, I've been trying to checkout Dynames at Amiami forever cause I was stuck at the login error after clicking Checkout. I opened a new tab to Amiami (didnt close the old one) and I was able to check out from there successfully. Somehow Amiami detects your ip/session/whatever if you managed to add it in your cart earlier and honours that you yoinked one. You can still check out after all the obstacles/waiting so don't give up or try stuff. I get this all the time on PO nights, kinda annoying tho(from the amount of time spent). Im not sure how long before its removed the cart.
  2. SAME, VF-19 kai turns out to be my favourite 19 for some reason. I *** dropped mine and broke it and need a replacement pronto! I know this has been talked so much but Arcadia cmon with the VT-1...it's about time
  3. Okay I need a new one, my current one's arm keep dropping at the pulling out part and its annoying me
  4. That's like losing a few seconds and we cant afford that :P
  5. ok so I accidentally paid with paypal debit card instead of credit, so....its still ok and i need to go on a diet anyway. But thanks alot @F360!!! ooof yay 1k posts
  6. Thank you sir, i finally got one too
  7. WOOPS miscalculation
  8. yalls https://www.nippon-yasan.com/figures/31274-macross-f-yf-29-durandal-valkyrie-saotome-alto-custom-full-set-pack.html
  9. That Alex looks like it's standing on an action base 5. Hence the feet is too big for an HG, sooooo MG?
  10. Considering how the big devy's torso has to be, demolishor is gonna be humongous
  11. Was the May Astrea batch even released yet? Getting worried NY might shaft me
  12. Thanks a bunch for the interpretation. Now the chest doesnt look like a bicycle rear reflector anymore (which also had a charm)
  13. are there any changes compared to the original gx god sigma ?
  14. To be fair, the Hi Nu ver Ka. is more faithful to the original design soo.....And I never ever bought the 2007 MG Hi Nu because those swinging hip parts are an engineering disaster. Ive seen a review of a single legged 2007 Hi Nu and it was heartbreaking. Hope u get yours fixed somewhat, if you did like that design maybe the HG might do you good.
  15. Does anyone have a size comparison between the kit vs the Yamato 1/3000 (either modes) ? Kinda trying to decide whether to get the Arcadia or just work with this and save some cash.
  16. RE/100 Guncannon Detector - Feb i guess? That's like so much shorter than the time between the tease of Hamma Hamma and its release http://www.taghobby.com/archives/235623
  17. close313

    Bandai DX VF-31

    Got my Messer SP's from Loopaza, bought on 25th and shipped on 26th. Kinda paid higher than NY PO though but thats what I get for missing it. Quite surprised they were still open even though tamashii jp web has stopped orders. Maybe it's different in HK?
  18. Dancouga is back in stock in HLJ and AMIAMI for those who still wants!
  19. close313

    Bandai DX VF-31

    Sorry to diverge from the current subject. Anyone knows where I could still order VF-31F Super Parts? Or should I have to wait till release (since it's this month anyway)? And isn't it weird that they haven't had PO's for VF-31C's supers too
  20. close313

    Bandai DX VF-31

    Just paid for mine at HLJ. It should reach you soon!
  21. close313

    Bandai DX VF-31

    Thanks for the reassurance! Phew almost had a panic attack.
  22. close313

    Bandai DX VF-31

    Um I didnt get the HLJ payment request...does it mean im doomed?
  23. I just noticed that sites like HLJ and Hobbysearch just put up the listing of the 3rd 1/100 Full Mechanics kit (3200Yen) as a "new gundam frame" . I'm suspecting it's the Rebake Full Cappuccino Frappe with whipped cream. And they better make that Helmwige Linker as a 1/100 too!
  24. Ive read that it refers to coffee thats been rebaked and it's called full city roast. And that additionally it originally came from the Brewers group. I guess it's wordplay so go figure lol. Some say it mightve have a deeper meaning for Akihiro such as mocking the group that got his brother killed. Well, this means that gusion's named after coffee and has garden scissors. Haha
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