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  1. Got this message on January 24th when I tried to log in. I received no warning e-mail at all. Looks like it's been rescinded. Again, with no notification. Whole situation just leaves a bad taste in my mouth. If anyone wants to find me, hit me up at Twitter, or my blog-thing. Jeff
  2. Jefuemon

    I want a Transforming YF-29

    Yes, the original kit. The one at e2046 is a recast. And the original sculptor didn't include instructions in order to try and avoid being recasted.
  3. Kitz Concepts before they became Kitz Concepts. Seen those fugly Robotech branded SD VF-1's? They came out about a year before Roboblecch gave them a license to make them, and practically everyone who bought it hated it.
  4. Jefuemon

    Can we petition Bandai for a new VF-2SS kit?

    No, no, no, no, and no. Bandai makes good models, except where their Macross line is concerned. I've not been satisfied with anything they're recently put out. Don't look good in any form, and easily breakable. If you want something transforming, buy a Hi-Metal or Arcadia.
  5. Jefuemon

    VF-22 Sturmvogel II

    VF-22 Sturmvogel II
  6. Jefuemon

    YetiStand Alpha.

    My Yeti Stand review.
  7. Jefuemon

    Live action Robotech movie

    I'm not playing the victim, I'm pointing out how thin-skinned the author of that atrocious piece of Harmony Gold propaganda is.
  8. Jefuemon

    Live action Robotech movie

    By the way, the author of this "article" blocked me on Twitter for the following criticism, "Would have been nice if you had mentioned all those designs came from the original Japanese show "Macross".", and pointing out the Star Wars influenced Star Wars error. And that was the extent of my tweeting to him.
  9. Jefuemon

    ANIME Figures and Statues

    Why is she cosplaying as Ishtar?
  10. Jefuemon

    Live action Robotech movie

    And again, not one mention the original creators of Macross for anything. Bad article. Also, it had this little tid-bit (which has been corrected)
  11. I'm sure Wave has a parts ordering system like Hasegawa and Bandai do, I'd just need to see an original instruction sheet to be sure.
  12. Jefuemon

    The Umineko Thread

    First page, back on April 24th. Though I did have to make you look at Experten's Tweet to see it.
  13. Jefuemon

    YF-19 on airshow - 1/48

    Those guys are going to regret setting up a BBQ that close to the taxiway once Isamu goes by!
  14. Jefuemon

    Music Thread 2.0

    "Well, I love TV, and I love T-Rex"