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  1. vendetta

    Yamato 1/60 VF-19S/F/P - All Variants

    Misery truly loves company: I'm sad that others have also had issues, but I somehow find comfort in knowing I'm not the only one with a broken Fire Valk. I don't know why I continue to buy these things. I'm attracted to them largely because I find the transformations more interesting than Transformers, yet I have to have this dread that something could break every time I mess with one of them.
  2. vendetta

    Yamato 1/60 VF-19S/F/P - All Variants

    It's hard to see, but the right part of the hinge has broken off, and the left part is about to break too. There isn't enough room on either side of the shoulder to slide the pin out either, and it doesn't seem like you can easily disassemble the shoulder to make it possible. There's a screw that appears to hold the arm to the red swivel (if you could remove it you could possibly replace the broken hinge), but it's in a place that doesn't seem possible to reach even with a small screwdriver. Hopefully it was just a matter of me being careless or my toy being defective, but it might be good to be particularly careful when manipulating the shoulders, just to be safe. A small plus is that I'm still able to snap the shoulder on when in Fighter mode; unfortunately the way I prefer displaying it is in Battroid mode with the Sound Booster attachment though.
  3. vendetta

    Yamato 1/60 VF-19S/F/P - All Variants

    So I'm having to pack all of my stuff, including the Valks, and when transforming my old Yamato Fire Valk from Battroid to Fighter mode, a hinge on one of the shoulders broke; I tried for a while afterward to repair it, but I just can't seem to get the pin out so I can glue the hinge back together and run the pin through to reconnect the shoulder to the main body (thinking back now it would probably break again easily anyway). Has anyone else had a similar issue? I remember the toy feeling pretty sturdy when transforming it a few times years ago, but maybe the hinge was actually on its last legs after a few transformations (or maybe I just really messed up this time).
  4. vendetta

    TOYS FAQ - The New Noobie questions thread

    Is there a place where people are talking about the Prime 1 Battroid and Gerwalk mode VF-1J statues? They look amazing, and m surprised that I can't find a discussion on them here. I may have just missed the thread though.
  5. vendetta

    Bandai DX VF-31

    Marked up but not by an obscene amount (22,500 yen vs. 20,000 yen): https://www.nippon-yasan.com/18150-macross-delta-dx-chogokin-vf-31j-siegfried-hayate-immelman-custom.html
  6. vendetta

    Bandai Sv-262 DX valk

    Got in at HLJ - thank you! Now I just have to hope that I track down the first Macross Delta release around the time of release.
  7. I just got mine today along with a VF-4G from the recent HLJ sale. The difference in perceived quality between the two after handling both briefly is humorously large. I hope that the SAP pack improves my feelings on the toy, because - even at 42% off (and even if I'd gotten it for 50% off from Ami Ami) and really low expectations after reading this thread - I'm highly disappointed in the Fighter mode. I know that Battroid mode is where the toy is supposed to "shine," so maybe after transforming it I'll feel better about the buy.
  8. vendetta

    DX VF-25G

    In stock at BiginJap: http://www.biginjap.com/completed-models/5704-macross-f-dx-chogokin-vf-25g-messiah-valkyrie-michel-blanc-custom-renewal-ver.html
  9. vendetta

    DX VF-25 version 2

    Mine's the same, except I'd probably prefer the Tornado Pack on Alto. Please have mercy on us with the web exclusives Bandai!
  10. I decided to check mine after reading that yours had a crack, and it turns out I do too. And I got mine from a HK seller on eBay. =/ EDIT: Oh yeah, nice weathering job!
  11. vendetta


    I got my first package from AmiAmi today, which came in a ridiculously huge box containing the Quarter, GBP, and Fokker 1S w/ light. I like.
  12. vendetta


    I'm waiting for the Quarter, VF-1J w/ GBP armor, and VF-1S Fokker flavor from amiami. EMS shipping was 9600 yen for all three. =/
  13. vendetta

    The Macross Quarter. DX Chogokin

    New pics here, including a clean shot of the box art: http://ngeekhiong.blogspot.com/2009/11/dx-...er-box-art.html It looks good. I'm kind of disappointed that the base isn't painted yellow like the recent Alto movie DX release though. It's going to be pretty expensive getting this thing shipped too (not that we didn't assume it before).