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  1. I disagree. To me, Deckard was a worn-out, disillusioned human who found himself in watching the struggles of the replicants he was pursuing. Scott released a great film to theaters, then muddled it up over the years by insisting Deckard was a replicant himself, and made it more inaccessible to new fans by removing the voiceover which explained the backstory to new fans. To me it smacks of Lucas-level revision; the story worked just fine without the cliched "twist" he felt he needed to graft on. Personally, while I admire nearly everything Ridley Scott does (he remains my favorite *director*) I am extremely nervous about where he will take this storyline.
  2. My only problem with this casting choice is that SJ has already played other similar roles. It'd be good to see someome other than her take on the role and make it unique, rather than make the Major just another bit role for her. And yes I realize that's a double-standard when looking at male action stars, but that's where I net out..
  3. F-mode

    Kung Fu/Ninja/Samurai movies

    Question is: when he went, was he lookin' good...?
  4. F-mode

    Aircraft Super Thread Mk.VII

    That brings a whole new meaning to the term "all-weather fighter"...
  5. F-mode

    New Star Trek Movie In 2009..

    The one major, over-riding thing that absolutely killed Trek for me is all this time travel nonsense. 'Enterprise' especially, although the rest of the series used that lame device to varying degrees. A Star Trek reboot shouldn't be anything else but a trek (sorry) through space; there's enough interesting sci-fi formula out there to create a plot from, than once again throwing all the established canon out the portholes..