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  1. Oh, I see... Thanks @no3Ljm
  2. What are those news, if I can ask?
  3. I love it! And it's mine already...
  4. Well, differences are kind of subtle but I like the new proportion better. Colour changes aren't too bad either. Really looking forward to grabbing one of these!!!
  5. Cool. Where does it come from, Shukenzero?
  6. It's a completely new mold and that's why they are testing tolerances. Proportions were already fine for the original version, that won't change a lot.
  7. I love what I see, even the red one I can take it.
  8. What's next from Bandai? I hope re-releases of almost everything, specially their DX lines...
  9. Reeeeeally looking forward to having this new bird!
  10. Reïvaj

    Hi-Metal R

    They have a live chat, maybe you can ask them?
  11. Reïvaj

    Hi-Metal R

    Really cool pics as usual, Saburo.
  12. Reïvaj

    Hi-Metal R

    @no3Ljm: LOL about the 'irritating' missiles! Of course I ment some for the wings... Agreed about the shoulders.
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