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  1. Some strike cannons are longer than others?
  2. Yep....wish it were a combo set instead....will try for 3....will be ok with 1....really like the sculpt on the -1S head....wonder if they will do a TV and DYRL Roy...can’t tell if the “white” color is any different from the Hikaru -1J
  3. That is the official PO date announcement
  4. imitation is the sincerest form of flattery?
  5. yes, it seems reasonable...however, without knowing much about the creation of the Night King or his fellow "white walkers" from the books.....does this mean that The Night King created his "people" on his own? Why? Did he get lonely? And why just males? Also, are they immortal? If so, why would the Night King be concerned about their "kind" dying out? They would only die out if they frukk with men who know how to kill them. Stay in their area and they should be good to go. Again, it would seem there should be more to their story than was portrayed in the TV series and apparently in the books so far. But I do like the posted "alernative" ending better than what we got, which was lame. I think a better explanation as to how the Night King's kind exists and why they need to increase their numbers would help out the story. To me, it seems like the entire series was how the only way to win the Game of thrones was to end the "game". I hope GRRM does not make his loyal book readers wait for the last 2 books to come out to get the same outcome.
  6. So the idea being illustrated by a wallet getting obliterated by an Itano Circus is too subtle?
  7. kind of.....this one seems like a catch all for Toynami Robotech stuff... http://www.macrossworld.com/mwf/topic/29325-toynami-1100-line/
  8. Are you referring to the MEPtoys Britai? If so, why would you have to "broaden" your definition of action figure for it?
  9. Almost looks Cavaliers blue rather than Ivanov black.....did someone mention Arcadia shenanigans?
  10. No worries. I am hoping that KC took all of the data they received regarding their Roy -1S release and will actually incorporate at least some of the suggested fixes/improvements on the Hikaru -1J release.
  11. They were excellent display pieces when new.....not good for much else 3+ months in.... I generally just set and forget my collectibles so this does not bother me. If you think you will be able to transform these beyond maybe a dozen times, maybe less with the armor mounted, then you will be disappointed.
  12. In my experience, "lots" of anything are usually beneficial to the buyer. As a seller, you want to avoid these type of sales if maximizing your earnings are your top concern.
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