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  1. If the question was in terms of toys...then that is more or less it... If in general...then you have to add the shape of the cockpit canopy, the cockpit controls, the color of the cockpit seat....think that may be it
  2. jvmacross

    Hi-Metal R

    It would be funny if the years of pent up demand for either the Tomahawk or Phalanx would result in PO madness! Nah!
  3. jvmacross

    Hi-Metal R

    Many were once "display only"..... Hopefully we get Macross HMR announcements....
  4. Nice! How much for a set just like it?
  5. Guess that means this is a bargain! https://page.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/h403067516
  6. Once they get to the VF-1J....there should be no reason not to expect a "Mass Production" repaint....VF-1A repaints could get crazy....hopefully they do a VF-1D
  7. Seems like an homage to the old Takatoku custom...order placed!
  8. great, easier to transport onto "cargo holds" and deliver to the highest bidder!!!
  9. Hopefully in ashes along with your remains...otherwise, watch out for grave-robbers!
  10. There is no insurance that would ever help you recover "one of a kind"... So enjoy what you have...while you have it.....and in case you had any doubts, you still can't take it with you!
  11. With all the extra time it is taking to release this book, you'd hope that would just mean more time to find stuff that has actually never been seen before, right? Right?!?!
  12. Probably worth the wait...
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