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  1. I'm sure someone said the same thing about "westerns" back in the day and now they are few and far between.....just don't watch and support them if you don't like them Unfortunately, the financial stakes are too high for these type of films these days......they are here to stay for a long while, like it or not
  2. yep, depending on proxy used, you can get one between 250-300 USD. Hopefully that number will keep falling as we get closer to release day.
  3. Yeah....still after proxy fees and shipping you are still looking at 250-300 usd....but still better than than what they spiked to immediately after the PO madness night
  4. Never liked the Lion Voltron.....I have always preferred the Vehicle Voltron, but more so for the sum of its parts rather than the whole....I like those funky vehicles and always kept the old toy separated rather than combined... This was the first non-Macross toy I PO'd in a while....hope it's worth it
  5. What do your Fanky books say about the Asuka II?
  6. Yamato 1/60 Zentradi Uniform....37,500 JPY https://page.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/u288506590 Still commanding the Iron price!...
  7. The MacrossManiac account was a way to hit the reboot button for his MW cel community online persona, since his elrdf account was outed as one belonging to what several here considered to be someone of questionable repute. The half-baked scheme almost worked.....if it weren't for some meddling kids!!!
  8. I think it is all in the eyes, the closer they are to big "Disney-like" eyes...the easier it translates from traditional animation to 3DCG animation. So probably tons of Japanese Anime would translate well! Maybe even Macross!...preferrably the older Mikimoto style from 82-84....Macross is probably not lucrative enough for that kind of treatment though...but it doesn't hurt to dream...
  9. Interesting observation.....and apparently keeping the racial makeup of the main characters apparently only applies to the conversion from animation to live-action.....
  10. Funny, because it was his response to you that gave it away...LOL
  11. On 7/7/2019 at 9:30 PM, elrdf said: I'm still stuck on the idea of sealing art. I spoke with apparently the most professional animation art preservation dude around and he said it's a bad idea because if it deteriorates in the resin there is no turning back.. On 7/7/2019 at 10:48 PM, MacrossManiac said: I agree and that definitely makes sense that’s what that professional guy told me http://www.macrossworld.com/mwf/topic/23944-mw-forum-rules-guidelines/ Multiple Accounts. Users may only have one account on Macross World. Registering more than one account for the purpose of posting while posing as someone other than yourself (original account) is prohibited. I think you guys can figure out what happened.... Hopefully, we will get a full explanation for this bizarre behavior from the individual who got caught breaking the MWF rules.
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