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  1. https://www.bigbadtoystore.com/Product/VariationDetails/62857
  2. Nice Takatoku collection....what are you still missing? Are you after all the Macross Takatoku items...including the Henkei's and other plastic/rubber toys?
  3. Because the weight of the diecast legs doesn't allow for those "cool" poses for too long after the first few transformations.....it becomes a floppy mess....hopefully the ratchet knee joints have been beefed-up....but the use of the flight pose is not encouraging....
  4. It would be great if these "improvements" made it to a reissued VF-1S...however, if the VF-1J is still a floppy mess after a few weeks of handling then any of these improvements would be negated...
  5. Toss some extra coin to your shipper....O' valley of plenty...O' valley of plenty.....
  6. They need to figure out what "baby" alien character would be a hit with the fans before they green light it....
  7. On Page 4 of the battroid transformation....it seems like there are 2 pegs/holes connecting the back of the leg to the main body in fighter mode....so hopefully that will keep it in place much better than than the VF-1S did...it is a big annoyance on the sample I have...I have to keep pressing it back into place each time it is handled...can't tell from the pics but I hope they also fixed the way the fuselage connects to the main body in fighter mode...mine keeps coming apart with handling..... I still like my VF-1S, but it is definitely not something that you can handle too often....it was a "set-it-and-forget-it" display piece when I first got it....even more so now even with limited handling Hope KC took all of the feedback from the VF-1S and came up with a nice V1.5...
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