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  1. Finally got it to work and saw the first episode of The Mandalorian..... I can only "hope" it will get better
  2. Disney can't seem to catch a break.... Frozen 2 better not flop! D+ still down completely for me.....wonder what Indian outsourcing company they hired this time for their big D+ launch?
  3. I'd rather get a Yotchan before they decide to kill the line by releasing anything from Southern Cross
  4. Subscription cancelled! https://www.cnbc.com/2019/11/07/a-number-of-disney-movies-wont-appear-on-disney-on-launch-day.html Wonder how much industrial strength acid would be required to sanitize Disney's Song of the South?
  5. Wonder if they will do the second Solo movie as a direct to D+?
  6. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.cnbc.com/amp/2019/10/30/house-of-the-dragon-hbo-confirms-game-of-thrones-prequel.html
  7. Who knows...like I said, if any of it was actually true to what has actually been delivered for screening...then it didn't sound all that bad....but who knows, it would seem I am no longer part of their targeted demographic...seemingly anyone who grew up on the OT is irrelevant...
  8. yeah, seems pretty obvious their GoT "thing" would have translated well into a KOTOR SW trilogy...still, with Disney seemingly losing steam at the end of what they expected would have been the trilogy to have "fixed" their prequel problems...they just created a whole new set of them.....they are probably really nervous about handing over the reigns of any SW project right now to anyone or any group that even has a slight possibility of screwing things up....again.....which probably explains the move of getting Star Wars back into the "safe zone" that was likely promised by JJ I recently read the latest "script leak" and honestly, if even half true...it doesn't sound that bad....sounds like a "safe" enough ending...we'll find out soon enough!
  9. I thought that too.....does Disney really need another Trilogy that will start strong and then fizzle and be condemned by the fanbase at the final act? Maybe the announcement was indeed made due to the "street cred" Benioff and Weiss were thought to have brought to the Star Wars Universe...then Season 8 concluded....
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