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  1. Why would they need to kill Din? If that is the case....we know Moff Gideon was not killed by Din when he defeated him and took possession of the Dark Saber...does that mean he is not the legit Mandalore? There are apparently many "Ways"....and didn't Sabine just give it away?....I'm sure we will eventually get the full "rules" at some point....but if it involves killing the last holder of the saber to rightfully be the new owner, then that was not done when Din took it from Moff Gideon....
  2. jvmacross

    Hi-Metal R

    Some misguided optimism and a dash of Fool's Hope should get us by for at least another year....
  3. Not sure what part of manufacturing you work in, but apparently it has not given you any special insight into it. I am not surprised you are getting butt-hurt.
  4. Nope, happen to own a Valkyrie Factory item.....I just have no sympathy for them or any other KO outfit for "losing out" on sales during covid or any other time.... Again, you are just speaking out of your arse...if you had any comprehension ability, you would have understood that "as close to 100% profit as you can get" does not mean 100% profit...duh! But...but...Arcadia and all legit licensees also have the same, if not higher, production costs in addition to all the process and associated costs that goes before they even get to that point....again....you fail to see
  5. Yeah....based on the last pic showing a KC fig inside the KL 1/12 cockpit...it seems it would not fit...at least not without major mods...torso is too long, removing the legs at the knees would not help either...it would still look good next to it or maybe climbing into the cockpit....maybe you can suggest to them to include a ladder accessory
  6. Again.....the bit about the cost of production, via labor was alluded to at the end of my initial post....where am I "deluding" myself about any other company's more generous wages? yep, no where...... You totally are just pulling that one out of your arse......the bottomline is that the major costs in developing the Yamato/Arcadia VF-1 were already incurred by Yamato/Arcadia, thus the profits are immediately gained since they are just skipping all that and going right into just producing them and getting them to market.....not sure how else you could try and spin that...the KO team is skipp
  7. This is way more than I ever wanted to know about the Harry Potter franchise...was never a huge fan to begin with...but now, just a little bit less so...lol
  8. Of course, which is why I mentioned "sweat shop wages"...perhaps it was too subtle for you?.....but you obviously missed the point.....their "profit margin" is completely based on not having had fronted any of the real costs of getting these toys produced in the first place......sorry, but why would anyone have any sympathy for whatever "hurt" they may be feeling these days...covid or not....especially since their profits have been ill-gotten from the start
  9. I like Macross but by no means would I consider myself an "anime" fan....
  10. That must be some profit margin!.....no costs in development, licensing, and most likely are paying sweatshop wages...lol
  11. Maybe they got swept up in the recent alleged Chinese bootleg crackdowns....
  12. Are you getting either? I would like to get the 1/12 VF-1S since I already have a 1/6 VF-1J Hikaru......but knowing that I could use my 1/12 KC figures with it would help in rationalizing the purchase... I still think their 1/6 Hikaru "figure" was a massive fail in terms of what they had originally teased....
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