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  1. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Firefox_(film)
  2. Right, but did you poke them first or did they poke you first? I haven't heard of them poking first yet.
  3. Oh cool, rearward-firing missile packs! New innovation for VF-1s, I believe. Complete radio silence for me. I'm a bit more curious how they're going to handle this than I am anxious to get my toy, so I'll see how long after Golden Week I can wait to poke them first.
  4. MikeRoz

    Hi-Metal R

    They can't even be bothered to release supers for the later -31 releases. And they were dragging their feet on this long before COVID was a thing. And they're already TWE to begin with, so there's no risk of shelf warmers to be had. It's hard to imagine a world where they'll release obscure destroids but not supers for valks piloted by named characters.
  5. Good to know on when P-Bandai will ship - thanks for the information. I placed my order the day the pre-order opened, so hopefully I'll be spared the worst of the N-Y part of that lag. They weren't too bad with my VF-1S from the night of that pre-order.
  6. They wish... Despite being a payments company, they haven't even come out with PCoin yet. Let alone the PayPal branded PCs and phones, the PayPal bank branches, the PayPal mortgage loans, etc. Just so this entire post isn't entirely devoted to another show - no movement yet on my order of two (why two? I wish I knew...) SSPs with N-Y. I'm sure it will be fulfilled any second now. Any second now... EDIT: It's an EMS order, so if I understand that other thread correctly it shouldn't be subject to shipping restriction.
  7. You have to admit it'd be hilarious if a Kakizaki valkyrie, of all things, became the next Kairos.
  8. MikeRoz

    Bandai DX VF-31

    That's silly - what would you pay for a -31A if the three you have ran away from home? It's easy to balk on a price when you're sitting on three.
  9. Remind me why Bandai felt the need to supersize the nose kite?
  10. MikeRoz


    Item sold. Original post preserved below. Asking $300 shipped. That's what I paid N-Y, plus a little extra that may or may not cover shipping (USPS Priority) and Paypal fees. I was not one of the lucky people who got one at MSRP. I'm not even going to open the bubble wrap. I'm assuming the box underneath is sealed. If you want me to open the bubble wrap to look, I will, but I figure it's safer if I don't. Item will be posted for approximately a week before going to eBay. Payment will be accepted via PayPal Goods and Services only (not Friends and Family). Only US buyers on the Straight Shooters list and with a Paypal verified address, please.
  11. Prices dropped on VF-1J and YF-29. VE-1 and VF-27 moved to eBay.
  12. Got a N-Y shipping notification for one of my two orders. Second order was only ~110 or so further down the line.
  13. I may have just said the words 'past results do not guarantee future performance', but I think secondary market prices were much, much higher for the -31A launch than they are for the -1S right now. I can see BIN for the -1S prices for less than 30k on Yahoo Japan right now. During the -31A debacle, secondary market prices were easily twice that. This means that if N-Y was buying at or below MSRP, they had a huge financial incentive to cut their pre-orders loose and sell at market price. If they were buying at secondary market prices, they also had a huge financial incentive to shrug and say "Sorry, couldn't find one!" rather than pay 2x or 3x what the customer paid to pre-order it. Sure, N-Y could start screwing people over en-masse at any point as a result of any number of internal factors. But from what I can tell, pressure to not deliver was much, much higher for the -31A release. EDIT: I can see that Slave IV already beat me to the punch here, but I'll let my reply stand.
  14. This. Some people here have zero chill. Personally I'd rather deal with a retailer like N-Y, rather than one that cancels my pre-order just before the release because Bandai shorted them. There are no parts of my life that will fall apart if I get the item a week, or even a month, later than it's available on Japanese store shelves or other users here are posting their pictures. I can be patient. I also appreciate the option to buy at a markup when my other options are either to get super lucky between PO madness night and release date, or spin the release date availability roulette wheel. Past release day availability results (Max -1A) are not a guarantee of future performance (Hikaru -1S). Your other option, if you don't want to spend money on a markup, is to spend time refreshing this thread or individual retailers. I feel the markup option works out better for me.
  15. Fortunately, I'm not in a situation where I'm in danger of the package being lost/stolen, just one where I might not being able to see it until next year. Does anyone know if the "Premium Forwarding Service Residential" applies to EMS packages in the US?
  16. Sorry if this is more of a N-Y question than a 1/48 DX VF-1 question, but I know I'm not going to be at the address where my VF-1S and the duplicate order are being sent. Assuming N-Y never responds to my ticket about changing the address, has anyone had any luck re-routing an EMS package? Would a temporary change of address accomplish this?
  17. Items added. VE-1 and VF-27 will be going to eBay on the 24th or 25th if still unsold by then.
  18. I have an order in at N-Y placed at 2019-06-07 09:37:32 (their time) for two strike packs. I'll be at a different address near the end of the year but back at my regular address next year. What are the chances my order will be delivered as part of the December batch as opposed to the April batch, let alone be delivered before the end of the year? The design for the DX strike pack, or the design for the original one they drew in the 80s? If the former, did they say why it was hollow with no engine detail?
  19. Is it me or is the wing on the VF-25 behind him either missing or broken?
  20. MikeRoz

    Bandai DX VF-31

    Isn't it kind of a bad sign that nothing was announced when the new YF-21 was announced?
  21. These additional pictures are clearing up a lot of my concerns about fighter mode. Wish we had a front-end fighter profile picture, though.
  22. Why would you want to sleep away two years of your life?
  23. I tentatively agree fighter might have some issues, but didn't that tweet two pages back say prototyping would continue? Why is everyone reacting like this is the final product?
  24. Aren't the laws in most countries on the side of the consumer here? IE, I buy something from someone online, it's their responsibility to successfully ship it to me, not mine to pay extra for insurance and fight the shipper for reimbursement? Domestically, in my experience, paying for insurance has only ever been an option at smaller operations with questionable customer service.
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