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  1. Cardboard is opaque to UV though. It was probably just made of a different plastic than the shuttle. Sometimes plastics undergo a chemical reaction as they age, no sunlight required.
  2. I know that most people here are a tad more on the negative side than I am when it comes to the recent season of Trek. My opinion is that the past seasons have certainly had their flaws, but I was able to derive enough enjoyment from them that I was happier for them existing than it not. I'd hoped that the showrunners vaulting the ship and crew hundreds of years into the future would be an opportunity for a fresh start, free from the shackles of fifty years of continuity to worry about. However, I was largely disappointed by this season. They threw away more and more of that potential each epi
  3. Rejoicing is still allowed in this thread, right? I mean, it is in the thread title... Nippon-Yasan always delivers! Nippon-Yasan will come through for each and every one of you! You need only have faith in Nippon-Yasan's boundless ability to fulfill its orders, and all that you have ordered will be delivered unto you! Remember the Kairos debacle - all who were patient and nurtured their faith received what they were promised! Blessed are those who can maintain their faith in Nippon-Yasan in these trying times! Okay, now that the shilling is out of the way, here's
  4. I'd been kind of tuning out on this thread for a while (not interested in Kaki, no big announcements) but this is really disappointing to hear. I'll admit I've been remiss in pressing my ticket tag game with N-Y - they initially got back to me advising me of the cost to upgrade my order to UPS or downgrade to SAL, but no response since to my two replies. Submitted a new ticket just now. If they fall through, what's a good price for these? Is the $174 I'm seeing at Amazon a decent option? A 100% markup leaves a sour taste in my mouth but I might have to deal. Torn between giving up on N-Y
  5. I know this will get lost in the Roy pre-order furor, but I finally broke down and submitted a ticket with N-Y to inquire about my 2x Super/Strike part order. They win our little game of Good Customer Support Chicken. It still hasn't even advanced to 'Preparation in Progress'. Still in 'Pre-Order - Payment OK'. Now back to waiting... Good luck to everyone going for a Roy pre-order (or maybe more than just one - you know who you are). The Hikaru 1-S is enough for me.
  6. The music was decent, at least.
  7. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Firefox_(film)
  8. Right, but did you poke them first or did they poke you first? I haven't heard of them poking first yet.
  9. Oh cool, rearward-firing missile packs! New innovation for VF-1s, I believe. Complete radio silence for me. I'm a bit more curious how they're going to handle this than I am anxious to get my toy, so I'll see how long after Golden Week I can wait to poke them first.
  10. MikeRoz

    Hi-Metal R

    They can't even be bothered to release supers for the later -31 releases. And they were dragging their feet on this long before COVID was a thing. And they're already TWE to begin with, so there's no risk of shelf warmers to be had. It's hard to imagine a world where they'll release obscure destroids but not supers for valks piloted by named characters.
  11. Good to know on when P-Bandai will ship - thanks for the information. I placed my order the day the pre-order opened, so hopefully I'll be spared the worst of the N-Y part of that lag. They weren't too bad with my VF-1S from the night of that pre-order.
  12. They wish... Despite being a payments company, they haven't even come out with PCoin yet. Let alone the PayPal branded PCs and phones, the PayPal bank branches, the PayPal mortgage loans, etc. Just so this entire post isn't entirely devoted to another show - no movement yet on my order of two (why two? I wish I knew...) SSPs with N-Y. I'm sure it will be fulfilled any second now. Any second now... EDIT: It's an EMS order, so if I understand that other thread correctly it shouldn't be subject to shipping restriction.
  13. You have to admit it'd be hilarious if a Kakizaki valkyrie, of all things, became the next Kairos.
  14. MikeRoz

    Bandai DX VF-31

    That's silly - what would you pay for a -31A if the three you have ran away from home? It's easy to balk on a price when you're sitting on three.
  15. Remind me why Bandai felt the need to supersize the nose kite?
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