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  1. Yeah, I'm worried about the Phase 2 Ent not having aligned nacelles. Though I have noticed they don't always get the saucer sections straight sometimes either.
  2. Was it that or did you ask me how I find out about the new/upcoming releases? That's just a combination of e-mail updates for pre-orders at BigBadToyStore and complete dumb-ass luck, like the fact I just checked the Eaglemoss website the other day and saw the pre-order for the Ent-C Prototype was up. The Prototype C there I had to order directly from Eaglemoss themselves, I haven't seen it available anywhere else. It's on the way as of today. Other's I'll order from BigBadToyStore though, like the pre-order I have for the Phase 2 Enterprise, which I honestly haven't seen anywhere else actually. I'm just waiting on BBTS to ship it in the back half of the month. And the USS Phoenix is already in the mail. You do have to watch out for Eaglemoss though, they have horrific QC issues sometimes. You will have things arrive that are broken or miss-aligned. If you order direct from them they'll replace it though.
  3. The Nintendo Switch

    I'm all over these for my niece and nephew. They'll love them.
  4. Well I guess we don't need to question how much detail is in that C now.
  5. Dayum, concept C already shipped. We'll find out the quality sooner than expected.
  6. Hasegawa 1:4000 SDF-1 (DYRL)

    I'd pay money for the art.
  7. Arcadia SDF-1 Movie version 1/3000 reissue

    Once the Monster sells out, or Bandai some how tanks, then it'll be the most "popular" and expensive thing ever.
  8. Arcadia SDF-1 Movie version 1/3000 reissue

    Nah, it sat in stores for quite awhile. Long enough to ponder if we wanted to buy two and flounder on it for a year. It was the same with the VF-11C. It goes for $500+ now, but it languished in shops until people found out Yamato was going under then they all rushed to buy.
  9. Arcadia 1/60 VF-0S Premium Finish

    I really don't think the 11 will ever be seen again. They both sold abysmally the first go around. So much so my second and third C's only cost $111 each at HLJ. Plus they really need a redesign at this point.
  10. Hi-Metal R

    sh9000, you're on bat. Lol

    It gets worse in March and April, VF-31A (well, for me because I bought three) and the SDF-1.
  12. This is one of those special type releases that aren't technically cannon (only the un-detailed side-view was depicted on the wall of one of the conference rooms) so an XL version is about 99.9% unlikely. I'll bet an XL version of the cannon C isn't going to happen. The first C release was lacking details like the impulse drive unfortunately. The test images here look like they've got more of the details on the concept version correct though. I pre-ordered, it's unique and not likely we'll see something like that again. Textile cape and some of the undergarment. They have come a long way from the 80's... well, unless it's made by Hasbro then it's exactly like the soft goods from the 80's. There is more to the new figure than the cape though, that Vader you got is undersized for the rest of the line and is oddly proportioned.
  13. Arcadia SDF-1 Movie version 1/3000 reissue

    Well, Mr K definitely wants to. The problem is they can only cater to the Japanese market and they aren't fans of the SDFM version. The rest of the world is.
  14. I wasn't sure where to put this but months ago when I posted a pic of my USS Titan somebody asked me where I get my info on new Eaglemoss ships. I still don't have that info but I lucked across the website last night and they have the Andrew Probert original design for the Enterprise C available for pre-order now. https://shop.eaglemoss.com/usa/star-trek-starships/uss-enterprise-ncc-1701-c-probert-concept
  15. Any reason why you went with the old Vader when there's a new one with soft goods on the way?
  16. Arcadia SDF-1 Movie version 1/3000 reissue

    I don't think that's the issue.
  17. Whats next for Arcadia?

    I'm wondering exactly what additional tampo are they adding? Having proper UN Spacy markings on the legs and the leg packs would be nice since they're a bitch to carve with an xacto knife.
  18. The Nintendo Switch

    Looks like my niece and nephew are going to learn about Donkey Kong now.
  19. Hi-Metal R

    Are you sure you're looking at that photo correct? The lineart clearly shows the intakes are outside of the fuselage of the fighter. Bandai did that, Evolution did not.
  20. Hi-Metal R

    I have that same issue.