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  1. Mommar

    Bandai DX VF-31

    Based in her costume she’s the least fleshed out.
  2. Mommar

    Why SD Valkyries? WHY?

    Sounds like someone has a crush...
  3. Mommar

    Why SD Valkyries? WHY?

    That's not the kind of luck I'd need.
  4. Mommar

    Why SD Valkyries? WHY?

    If there was ever a chance I'd get married I'd still steal this idea.
  5. Mommar

    Macross Books

    HLj has the VF-11 book listed now. Still no CDJapan though. https://hlj.com/variable-fighter-master-file-vf-11-thunderbolt-sof60030
  6. Mommar


    In the comic book versions they both have HUGE reactions to each other. Pete less so because he’s already dealt with his side for quite a few years and he ends up coming off like an over-protective brother.
  7. Reviews of the Discoprise have been good but I’m not sure I want a giant XL version. Are there any regular size Eaglemoss Enterprise models you could compare it next to or do you only do XL? I skipped on the XL C because that effer was just too big next to anything else and my shelf is pretty much done with now.
  8. Mystique is still due out February 22nd. Target Exclusice Captain Marvel in Binary form is due out in February. Walmart Exclusive Captain Marvel in Green Costume is due out in February. Rumors are the X-Force wave is only six figures and no BAF, like the vintage waves have been. Still no word on figures but it’s highly likely all are repaints with this news. IE, X-Force Wolverine, X-Force Psylock, X-Force Forge, etc... Three Avengers waves for this year: A1: Out in April, comic wave. Eight figures. Hercules, Living Laser, Nighthawk, Loki, Citizen V, Union Jack, Beta Ray Bill. BAF is still unknown. A2: First Endgame wave. Out July 1st. A3: Second Endgame wave. Out October 1st.
  9. I missed out on all available sites except for NY and they're quite a bit more expensive so I went with BBTS because I can get it with FedEx and they won't extort me on shipping like NY does. All told it's about $190 with shipping. The base cost is higher, at $179, but shipping is $11.24 for FedEx. Because it's BBTS it'll be a month later than all of the import shops.
  10. My Mezco Defenders Doctor Strange finally arrived today. He poses well with the other three of the four Marvel Legends Defenders members I have (we need a new Red She-Hulk to complete the group.)
  11. They sell completed BAF's as well so they'll have the loose figures available. Unfortunately I missed out on a completed Kingpin and Kree Sentry.
  12. Eh, it’s not news until we know what the figures are. We already knew X-Force and X-Men vintage were pretty much a guarantee. I just wonder how much of a let-down the Vintage wave will be.