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  1. My Spawn Kickstarter figures finally arrived. Mixed bag at best.
  2. The last couple of SHF Marvel figures have been scortchers.
  3. New Nvidia chips do an upscale conversion at output for practically zero cost to processing on the hardware. They'll probably implement that so on board it will still be 1080p and you'll get the same frame rate.
  4. Mezco Iron Fist late Sunday arrival. Effing AWESOME figure!
  5. Wow, how weird. Iron Fist just showed up late today. Normally when you order from Mezco it has to make the trip all the way from New York. This time it shipped from someplace called Regal Logistics in Tacoma. I wonder if Mezco are having such a hard time getting products out they opted to have a company on the West coast closer to where shipping containers from China would arrive start shipping product for them too?
  6. I'm not a Monster Hunter fan nor do I have the space/money but those are very cool designs. I'd love to see more pics of it posed up.
  7. The weekend haul so far (don’t know if Mezco Iron Fist will make it today. Otherwise VF-4A PF, RG RX-93 vGundam and HWS, Mezco Christopher Reeves Superman and a Denon SC6000M.
  8. Looking at the execution of the PF VF-4 now I’m sold on a PF 19, but that shipping... I don’t know if FromJapan is a valid option anymore.
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