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  1. I'd bet licensing Jack Nicolson's mug would make the figure cost $140.
  2. This sums up JJ-anything. The only thing worth watching is the special effects reel on youtube.
  3. To me it seems like, since this thing is so dependent on anime magic, making the proper transforming toy out of the box would simply require skinnier legs. And then, just like a lot of us do with the swappable hands for Gerwalk/Battroid, you're going to have to have swappable legs to make those two modes look more correct if you like. Kind of expensive since legs are more complex than some hand pieces but if you want to nail the look in all three modes I really don't believe there's another option (until some sort of new material is invented.)
  4. The franchise is not dying. They're actively putting it down.
  5. I only knew YYZ as a song by Rush. Didn't bother to look up what it meant.
  6. I don't know what VYR or YYZ are. I'm used to New Mexico being high 40's/low 50's in the Winter time. Instead it's been weird and in the 20s the last few months. And Eff snow.
  7. Better late than never, Dorkside. Gamestop hooked me up three months ago.
  8. Wow, it was up for FOUR hours??? Did you nab one too, Borg?
  9. Well that sucked. Looks like even though processing failed to load the order is listed under my account. Dang.
  10. Without knowing what numbers they plan to manufacture this in I'd go ahead and assume it's worse.
  11. Any Web Exclusive. The regular releases are easy to pre-order. Even still, the Keaton one has been a long time wish for a lot of people. There's going to be even more people vying for this one than ususal.
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