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  1. To be honest that photo REALLY lightens up the blue on the 19S. It's closer to a Navy blue in person.
  2. Interesting, the HasbroPulse website has just gone down. I wonder if they're updating again after blowing past the stretch goals so fast. ...or not, looks like a momentary hiccup.
  3. When is payment for this thing due? Oh, nm, I found the FAQ. When the backing window has expired next month. I can't drop $700+ for more than one in that time frame. The problem with that Master Mold head is that MM was HUGE compared to other sentinels and he wasn't the same color/style as the Powers/House of X version of the Sentinel here. So it really doesn't look all that great IMO.
  4. It's look better than the $50 one here, obviously, but you can't army build something that's $350 either. Also, it comes with Bastion with a swappable head. In order to have bastion with his hair showing and looking like a Sentinel you have to put out $700? It would have made more sense if this were a Mastermold. Smaller, cheaper Sentinels would have been easier for Hasbro to produce/sell.
  5. Amazon Japan pre-order link. https://www.amazon.co.jp/o/ASIN/B08CGYRVP9/pick-item-22?language=en_US BBTS too: https://www.bigbadtoystore.com/Product/VariationDetails/129870?utm_source=Marketing&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=marketing&utm_content=
  6. Mommar

    MΔ - VF-9

    I didn't know the VF-9 had a bathroom mode...
  7. But the Legioss does feature the most prominent of departures based on the new artwork. The torso is longer and the hips don't tuck right below the pec/intakes. That's s very specific departure from the original lineart and the toy reflects that change.
  8. The Sentinel one is not based off of the original lineart. It's based off of a re-design.
  9. Official Cable pics inbound. I'm in! Removed all of the crap pics, better ones below.
  10. Given how well they've sold, the fact they clearly designed the attachment for the boom into it and that the "fan art" by the guy they based this design off of (and who did the box art) shows a Tread attached. I'd give it better than 50%.
  11. "Attention, Fans! Mark your calendars for 07/10/2020, 11am EST, because Hasbro Pulse and the Hasbro Marvel Legends team are bringing you the biggest #FanFirstFriday announcement yet. Join Ryan, Dwight and special guest Jesse Falcon as they share some BIG news coming to Marvel Legends." They keep using the word "big." And they're going to have the whole crew together. I wonder if this will be the Sentinel announcement.
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