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  1. $5 more expensive but Gamestop will ship Havok and Polaris right now. https://www.gamestop.com/toys-collectibles/collectibles/figures/products/marvel-legends-x-men-havok-and-polaris-figure-2-pack/11050243.html
  2. Is there a particular size you’re looking for? I only have the smaller Eaglemoss model and it’s not bad. It isn’t very large though and lacks some details. Keep in mind I have pretty small hands for a man too.
  3. Oh, okay. Any idea what the price will be?
  4. They want to hate Arcadia so they’ll nitpick one and not the other.
  5. They’re always looking for every fault they can.
  6. I was interested in seeing this one. Did you order the Spider-Punk figure too? That was one of the other figures I really wanted to see.
  7. How does he know they're doing this?
  8. I'm only referring from the point pre-orders were posted. Not from the times they appeared at Trade Shows.
  9. Yes, on the original release they had to paint on one of the colors as well. They did this on the Max and Milia VF-1J's. That's why I'am asking specifically what he means by "paint" because the original release already was painted as well.
  10. I can't find a link to buy the stands.
  11. That isn't the same thing as "plain" though. I disagree that panel lines without weathering looks bad though.
  12. What do you mean by "Painting Over?"
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