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  1. Don't forget, he's also the one who trained Christopher Reeves for Superman.
  2. They actually had them in store, sort of. I had to ask the guy why none were out and he said they’re making them put all of these cardboard stands in the aisles and he didn’t want to do it. So, the Marvel Legends stand was still in the back and I had to ask for permission for someone to go get the figures for me. But he REFUSED to put the stand with all of the figures out when I said I couldn’t get my pick of the best. They screwed up the new Gambit. His quarter staff hand no longer rotates up/down but forward/back instead. That's disappointing.
  3. Funny you mention the lighter blue color. When watching the video I got confused at first, I thought the lighter blue one was the older version. Doesn't make any sense to me why they did that, it doesn't look as good IMO.
  4. Here's a comparison of the Ver Ka Wing Zero with a bunch of others. Anybody who own the earlier models can comment on what they're seeing improved, or not?
  5. I’ll add them to the “cannot find at retail” list along with all of the other 2020 releases.
  6. Both of these would be welcome provided Arcadia actually fixed their terrible ankle design. Adding an extra click at the intake joint for better Getwalk a la Bandai’s 19 would be great as well.
  7. https://megalopolis.toys/products/marvel-one-12-collective-logan-november-2018?_pos=30&_sid=8bf2d590a&_ss=r Starting at Midnight Eastern Time Logan is being marked down to $62.99. That's a pretty good price and it's their absolute best standard release Wolverine figure outside of the Six Ronin Exclusive. He fits on the Marvel Legends Riders Series Bike and looks infinitely better riding it than the figure Hasbro provided too.
  8. That figure looks cool but I have no connection to The Dark Knight Returns. Plus, Mafex really needs to learn how to release figures. They’re worse than Mezco at this point.
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