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  1. To be honest I don’t know. I know there have been two ships named Bonaventure meant for relatively the same time period but I have no precise reference to go back to. As far as I know this particular design has only appeared in the 2006 Ships of the Line Calendar. If the Discovery is already a reworked McQuarry design of the Enterprise why not pick a different, and better looking ship, that better resembles a half-way point between Enterprise and TOS? Every day I walk past the model in my office and I have to pick it up and fly it around for a minute. It’s my favorite non-cannon design from Star Trek. I have the Eaglemoss model for this one too. Something about the Appendix-like leftover Akira struts doesn’t work for me. It’s interesting but I’m glad the pigtail-prise was not an actual thing.
  2. The helmet makes up for it IMO. The only other body that might work is something like the Grim Reaper buck. They already put that Reese head on the Bonebreaker body and it did not fit proportionally nearly as well as the Nuke body did.
  3. Off topic because I’m not discussing the shows story but I keep going back to look at my little Eaglemoss Bonaventure model. They should have canonized this design and made it the Discovery. It would have made so much more sense.
  4. I bought these Egg Attack figures because they’re covered in cloth but are done up in proper comic book style colors, unlike Mezco who add weird additional things just because, to see if the argument the Mezco’s would look too plain if done up in proper comic style. I think there is something to that argument. The butterfly joints on these things are NUTS. Impressive articulation. But for the price both the fabric and stitching are terrible.
  5. No they don't re-release anything. I skipped Supes because I didn't think he looked very good and skipped The Flash because I'm not really a DC guy. But then I got the Batman figures, and the Green Lantern, Wonder Woman and Aquaman figures all look pretty good. Even Green Arrow did. I haven't seen knock off Superman or Flash figures but I'll look around and see.
  6. From my perspective it frees me up to pay attention to ancillary details because I already know the major movements. Reading versus seeing helps though, because if I read it I still won't know precisely what it looks like from the directors perspective so it's still a relatively new experience for me.
  7. People have actually been splicing in half a second of footage into other videos too. So for a split second you see something from Endgame and then it goes back to whatever you were viewing.
  8. My problem is I got into it late so I'll be missing Superman and The Flash.
  9. Boy, I haven't been posting up anything new in a long while. This guy looks pretty cool, actually.
  10. Spoilers don't "spoil" things for me like others. I tend to get more interested after reading about things unseen. One of the specific things I read made me pump my fist and shout "yes!" I'm even more excited to see this after what I read.
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