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  1. Doesn't matter, I forgot to look at the website at 11.
  2. Why do the Japanese keep getting the length of her Psi-Blade wrong though? Revo had a ludicrously long one as well. I thought it was just because their designs are always ridiculously proportioned but Mafex has it wrong here as well.
  3. Not really interested. The previous Sovereign Knight one was interesting only because it nearly looked like the Keaton suit.. until they actually solicited the Keaton one. Now, I don’t need a fat Keaton-like Batman. I am wondering where my two PX Marvel releases are though.
  4. https://www.bigbadtoystore.com/Product/VariationDetails/135751 Don't forget about Hush Joker
  5. If either one of you have only seen the completely not like the book 1984 movie then you haven’t experienced more than a surface level of one of dozens of layers of Dune. This is a two part film too so they’ll have marginally more time to get back story in there (though Villeneuve has already shown he does not understand the philosophy of Frank Herbert by some of his decisions.)
  6. The Zelda one actually had some decent additions to the formula.
  7. Tokyo to Albuquerque in 18 hours. some liveries for you. There’s some QF-3000 And Cats Eye in here too.
  8. Are Targets only getting the one case of one type of figure? Because it looks like all five Targets in Albuquerque only got Roadblock.
  9. Huge disappointment. They didn't bother upgrading the graphics, unlike what they did with the first All-Stars.
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