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  1. Mommar

    Hi-Metal R

    Just redirect to a nearby UPS store. They don’t charge for that. NM, I read UPS. USPS... you could tell them to hold it at the local distribution center. You’d have to go physically pick it up then. No idea what kind of drive that would be for you though.
  2. Mommar

    Hi-Metal R

    NY sent me tracking info and then didn’t ship mine either.
  3. Mommar

    FEXTHOBBY Macross Line up

    I kind of feel like the 202 would look best with a Hikaru VF-1J repainted with Blue stripes instead of Red. It would look like the armor from the Master File Space Wing book.
  4. Mommar

    Star Trek: Discovery

    Okay... the first movie sucks, the second movie involves Khan and sucks, the third movie the Enterprise gets destroyed and almost sucks, the fourth is supposed to involve time travel. They really are going to ape every single beat from the original films aren't they? I guess the fifth one will be low budget and stupid and the sixth one they'll blow up Praxis and fight a cloaked ship!
  5. Mommar

    Star Trek: Discovery

    I'm mostly just trying to be honest. It's better than JJ's first two, but not that good. I would consider everything I say more of a fair warning. Other people here have said it's great. It's not. I'm giving it credit if only because Justin Lin and Simon Pegg clearly are fans who tried. There's still a lot of the same problems, non-Star Trek things included. But there's more Star Trek here than before. You will hate how they get the Franklin airborne. I've seen those production sketches. I should have been more clear. It's the first time seen set to film. The special effects are the only praise I could give the first two JJ films. However, every shot of the Enterprise is too close. The only time you ever saw the full body of the ship in all of the first two movies is when the hull is being constructed on Earth. Justin Lin understands the glamour shots from the original films. You get a lot of full body shots, and fly-by's and stuff akin to something you would see in Star Trek II or Star Trek III. Mind the idiotic, non-Star Trek, space station. It is a very Star Trek-esque sequence though. I'll also give Justin Lin kudos for attempting to show how warp actually functions. It's not just a hyperspace tunnel like very other depiction. He actually understood there's a bubble generated around the ship and tried to visualize that. It's still not terribly accurate but it's another first and at least a little interesting even if it is just an FX shot.
  6. Mommar

    Star Trek: Discovery

    Not true, Beyond improved many things from the first two films. That improvement only puts the quality ofnthe fulm around Nemesis levels but it was improved, given the situation they were left with. The movie, while flawed, was clearly made by people who at least liked the Trek franchis. You csn look at it and admit there wad a good idea here even if it wasn’t executed well. At the very least it’s the very first time we ever saw a Connie pull off a Saucer separation.
  7. Mommar

    FEXT Hobby - OWL ONE Armour

    Oh, so everybody is going to have to put up with my crap pictures of 202 then. lol
  8. Mommar

    FEXTHOBBY Macross Line up

    I need to swap the armor onto the Hi-Metal R Max just to compare and contrast the look with the original Hi-Metal release for everyone.
  9. Mommar

    FEXT Hobby - OWL ONE Armour

    How many did they send you Saburo?
  10. Mommar

    FEXTHOBBY Macross Line up

    I really need to get a Brownie VF-1A to go with this other pair of armor. Probably a second to slap on those booster parts.
  11. Mommar

    Bandai DX VF-31

    Love that Gerwalk. All of my Radome Valks go in Gerwalk.
  12. Mommar

    FEXTHOBBY Macross Line up

    I guess I’m the first to get a 202? Put it on my original Max Hi-Metal because the blues are a closer hue to each other.