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  1. Cool NZEOD. Where did you find the masking material?
  2. Here is the main gun for the unit. If you got the 1/350 bioroid assault ship from a few years ago you would have some hover tanks and bioroids.
  3. Here is the next 1/350 scale vessel and the last one in this scale for awhile. Can you guess what it is?
  4. Clamship is still causing me headaches and finding a new reliable caster. I am working on getting my horizont master back from the caster. I have also finished the decal sheet for the ht.
  5. It is coming along nicely. Looking forward too seeing the finished product.
  6. Looking good. Can't wait to see the finished kit with the ECM pods and other extras. Slide, to clear up some misinformation I acquired the masters from Capt and Blappy is doing the casting work for me.
  7. You can check out spruebrothers and squadron websites and order decal sheets.
  8. Sorry for the delay, just returned from Wonderfest. It is 8 inches long and 9 inches wide. The Garfish is 13 inches long. It takes 2 days to print all the parts for just one and then a few more days to prepare the parts, like trimming off the supports and sanding. It is just easier to make the master and get those parts casted.
  9. Here is a painted up horizon for you to see. I printed this out a Form2 and had to do a rush job on painting it for Wonderfest this weekend. My regular caster is busy with other projects so is not able to cast the horizon. I have a line on a new one so I hope to have some more news after Wonderfest. Enjoy the pictures.
  10. When you decide to make the X9 in 1/72 you can put me down for 2.
  11. I agree. Mine just arrived a few minutes ago and the fit is horrible in fighter mode. I am planning to keep mine in battroid mode.
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