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  1. Good to know. I almost presses buy at Nippon Yasan. But at over $500 Australian dollars, (what the!!!!) I can't justify it at all. I'm really glad they said they'd PO again. These are crazy times. Imagine ten years ago purchasing something over $300 dollars. I'd probably have to explain to my wife's folks why I'm still fit to be married to their daughter...pun intended. There just seems to be no end of amazing releases coming out every month. It's been a good lesson in restraint..but it makes me cry watching all of the amazing releases pass by.
  2. Eva 2......Damn you nippon yasan I almost want it. I was camping with my trigger finger at the ready at hobbylink and still missed it. If any of you have ordered 2 at the recomended price I'm willing to buy it off of you. Please let me know.........:)
  3. Makes you wonder if any of the Metal builds will show up in the final movie.
  4. It's so good I don't know what to say.
  5. Hey guys!!!!!! So we know it's coming. I'm very excited. What would you think if Unit 2 came out on the Rail brace seen in the rebuild movies. I'm just putting it out there, as I think it would be Fantastic!!!! but I want to know what you think. I've already "hinted" to Bandai about it. Whats you opinions???????????? p.s. have a wall paper or two
  6. My latest Macross purchase is this. Bandai Yf-19 So happy!!!!!!!
  7. I just did a Star Wars movie marathon with my friends this weekend. A new hope/ Empire strikes back and Return of the Jedi. And I realise what's lacking in the new movies. Everything the originals had!!!!! Well besides that, it was the credibility of the characters. They are real people with realistic out looks and feelings, and reacted to situations in a realistic way which gave credibility to the story. That's why I love them. They have whit and intelligence. Not the slap stick representations of real humans they have in the new ones. The Star Wars movie you want to see is right there in your DVD cabinet go pull it out and watch it. You'll be glad you did. I've decided I'll definitely wait for a week or two before I see the next one.
  8. Oh I'm loving psychi K as well on Netflicks. I'm pretty sure I spelt that wrong sorry.
  9. Just saw One punch man episode 4. I'm really loving this season dispite the quality in animation. However episode 4 was fantastic. I think the staff at JC are taking note of their critics comments and upping their game. Working on a title like this will only improve their skill beyond what they'd done previously. So I'm not to worried about the quality in the future. The scenes around Genos have always been great, and I'm excited to see what happens with King.
  10. I can't wait. It'll be good I'm sure as the original writers are working on it. Sad about Rufus. He passed away a few years ago in 2008.
  11. No that's true. Seeing the starwars trilogy as a pre teen in the 80's was literally out of this world, it was larger than life. And we were all the more enriched because of it. And nothing can take that away. Not even someone who tries to re- write the established universe or retroactively change things now. We had it good. It's just a pity in this SJ, pandering world, they took Luke's character and belittled and degraded it and disrespected it so much, that we all feel hurt. Luke the greatest Jedi of all kicked in the nuts and told to disappear. Don't worry we love and admire you Mark Hamill and know how much Luke Skywalker meant to you and all of us. We salute you.
  12. I'm worried! I think the only way this could have been saved is if TLJ was Luke visiting an alternate dimension,to see if there was a way they could defeat the fist order. And him disappearing at the end was him returning to his reality. Now if the leaked script that surfaced recently is true. Than this will be the worst ending of any saga. It will be the opposite of avengers end game. But I'm hoping that they are pulling a (Blue harvest. horror beyond imagination) on us. If not, then I think I can rightfully say that "disney ruined my childhood."
  13. Thanks Electric Indigo, I've been a fan of your work for years. I'm about the same with a few yukikaze kits on the go at once that have been sitting at various stages of repair for years. Mainly beacause I feel I've got to be on top of my game so I don't stuff them up because I want them to be perfect. I definitely whould have purchased every Oomooly product. I was looking forward to the FEP twin prop jet. In 2009 I scratch built a TNX-1 out of a bandai 1/100 RAFE but wasn't satisfied because it was only half there so I spent time and lots of money developing the other half. I tried getting in touch with Bandai visual about a manufacturing licence a couple of years ago, and even sent my good Japanese friend to Tokyo to set up an appointment.But alas they wouldn't see me as they " arn't seeing or dealing with any foreign companies for 2-3 years". So I'm planning on seeing plats, and maybe they'll buy it off of me and I can get a cut. Fingers crossed anyway. It's all still a work in process. If there's anyone out there with connections please hook me up. Here's a sneak peak it's 1/100 scale and fits both alter and bandai kits. It has instructions waterslide decals and box art and design. This prototype TNX Carrier shell alone, cost me 2 grand. Anyway. Enjoy!!
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