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  1. As an add to this, just look what happened to the Jamming Bird later on in the series and how they failed.
  2. Hmmm... Somewhere around five thousand would be a good number if the Windermere had indeed two thousand Draken IIIs. Wasn't the QF-4000 a third the price of the VF-171? Since the Lilldraken is a bit smaller then Ghost it should be a bit cheaper then it. Or it would be a bit more expensive thanks to the extras it can equip like the jammer it equipped to knock down Walkure's drones.
  3. You know, I often wonder how many Lilldrakens Windermere actually had since they were used as disposable grunts or shields more then once in the series. Not to mention I wonder what its price happens to be when compared to say a full-on military specced QF-4000 Ghost Fighter. Also did every Draken carry Lilldrakens or was that only the mainline Aerial Knights?
  4. I always thought it was kind of similar to the fan-created Voyuer/Vixen Semi-Variable Unit from the Unofficial Robotech Reference Guide.
  5. You do know that there is a fanfiction about that right?
  6. Raised eyebrow. Really? I really do not think that we will ever know who actually happens to Lady M.
  7. Ah. Should have guessed. Variable Fighter Girls. Similar to that of MS Girls from Gundam. Thanks.
  8. What's that? And yes I would love to see some of the side stories be animated in some way. Like the Macross The Ride.
  9. Can anyone think of one during Delta. I cannot remember one right now but it has been awhile since I watched the series. I think there was one with that one Mercat but I don't remember it entirely.
  10. Shrug. I didn't see this thread earlier or I would have posted what I think about Delta over a year ago when I first watched the series. However, I did not see this thread and while I have posted elsewhere on what I think about the series I haven't put it into one large post like this one will be. So here we go. Cough. Okay. Delta first came out around the time I was still going to my local community college and I remember I had finally managed to watch both of the Frontier movies trying to watch them for around a year or so. I wasn't all that impressed with what I heard about the st
  11. Honestly. I think I mentioned it before but one major thing I want to see in the next Macross series would be Kawamori's original proposal for Delta which was a Competition between two different Valkyrie Demonstration Squads. I personally think that is going to be what the second Delta Movie is going to be about since the war story is over with the first movie therefore we could actually see that original proposal in some form with maybe a grand Walkure concert. Shrug. Just a guess. Still I have a couple of other ideas I want to see in the next Macross series. The first is something
  12. Honestly, I could see a dedicated exploration of his relationship with that of his family. Mostly his father and that other man who is the adopted brother of Alto. Maybe, ending up with him end up becoming an actor in that one movie based on Macross Zero like what happens in the series itself but more of a central role. That kind of reignites his love of acting or something like that. That is the only real thing I can think of using Alto for if he never joins the SMS. You could also have him joining the regular NUNS Forces or something like that.
  13. Damn. Really, wish I did not live up in Northwest Vegas right now. Sigh.
  14. Sorry. I screwed up there. I meant the original Super Cyclone the Devestator which for a long time was pretty much fanon was based on some concept lineart for the original series. Also I did not know those new Cyclones for the UEEF Marines book were actually concepts for Ride Armor. That does make some sort of sense. Heh. I could see those ships being cramped for Zentradi similar to World War II submarines for humans just with a hangar. It would be quite amusing to see the reactions of their older Zentradi crews when the ships are refitted for human crews. I believe the old Legend of
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