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  1. Sorry. I screwed up there. I meant the original Super Cyclone the Devestator which for a long time was pretty much fanon was based on some concept lineart for the original series. Also I did not know those new Cyclones for the UEEF Marines book were actually concepts for Ride Armor. That does make some sort of sense. Heh. I could see those ships being cramped for Zentradi similar to World War II submarines for humans just with a hangar. It would be quite amusing to see the reactions of their older Zentradi crews when the ships are refitted for human crews. I believe the old Legend of Megaroad fanfiction says it best: "Love the extra leg room". Huh. You know I think it was mostly because the SDF-1 is orginally a Supervision Army Gun Destroyer and having that ship called a Zentradi Gunship would too close to that designation. Shrug. Just a guess. Also I agree. I still remember some Gundam fanon stuff. What? Where was that at?
  2. Huh. Did not know that. I remeber something about the Super Cyclone being something developed for the Mospeada series but never was shown, along with some of the new Invid mecha introduced in one of the more recent RP Books being similiar. Blink. I was guessing somewhere around 50 to 100 crew for the Picket, but that does make sense. I also recently started to believe that the Picket only had a small mecha complement and only of fighter pods. That said. That was only my head canon. Opps. I do not know where I got Monitor then. Could have sworn it was called that. Anyways thanks for the reply Seto.
  3. Not to mention they used some of the pre-production sketches for both SDC Southern Cross and Genesis Climber Mospeada for some new units for Robotech. That is if I remember correctly. The most amusing of those stats is for the Zentradi Picket Ship which claims it sports a crew higher then a hull like that can carry. Now if that ship was being crewed by regular sized humans then that would be a different story. Do not forget the big gun! Since only the Zentradi Monitors had them, officially anyways.
  4. Agreed. Most likely they remained Very Close Friends with one another for Isamu isn't the type to settle down. Though I would not be surprised if they make a try of a relationship but it backed fire soon afterwards.
  5. An interesting explanation. Thanks Seto for the answer.
  6. So question. You mentioned that information on variants and such earlier but I musk ask. Wouldn't having variants of a same model unit be cheaper then trying to develop a whole new unit for the same mission. Since these different variants would share parts thanks to them being pretty much the same unit with some differences.
  7. Honestly when I first watched Frontier I was not a fan of the Messiah visually, maybe because of the CGI and being in space, while I actually preferred the Nightmare Plus. It was only recently when I was rewatching Frontier that I started to like the Messiah more then I had in the past. Side note, I also right off the bat loved the Siegfried. Though that is visually not looking at the specs and what it has done during battle scenes.
  8. Interesting. Figured a movie set in the future would have a bit more ease of time and money to shoot such a movie like Bird Human (thank you forgot the name for it). Still I can see where you are coming from. On an aside. I did not know that Mihoshi Academy had their own Valkyries. I know they had the one display model on top of the school but I did not know they had ones that could be flown. Learn something new.
  9. Huh. If they could do that I wonder why the SMS crew didn't mock up a VF-0 for the Movie during Frontier?
  10. Jeez, Guys. You have been blowing up my inbox over the past two days with notices of new replies. Shakes head. Still, like to mention something in this discussion about Macross Tabletop Role-Playing Games. Back when I was young and dumb I ran several PBP RPs, or as I called them at the time Novel Type RPs, using a website called Rpol.net which has some neat tools and such for Roleplaying. Figured I mention it.
  11. Yes, but if I remember correctly the Caliburn was actually developed for the use of the SMS, mostly the SMS Frontier Branch which they used it before they received their Messiahs. In fact, I do believe they are also mentioned in the Frontier novelizations. Am I correct @Seto Kaiba?
  12. Isn't the VF-19 SMS Version the VF-19EF Caliburn? Or was that another name for Isamu's own variant he used at the end of the second Frontier Movie?
  13. Think it was mentioned by @Seto Kaiba somewhere in this thread or maybe another one.
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