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  1. I'm chewing through the Su-57's comprehensive decal sheet. The distinctive patterns for the back of the plane are in large pieces, and getting them in place without wrinkles is a quite nerve-wrecking affair. The Zvezda decals are the best material I worked with, though. Super thin but not tearing, they go down without setting agents. I also spent some time on the signature metal pattern on the Sukhoi engines. Fortunately, on the 509 the major part of the engine section is painted and you only have to deal with the exhausts. I used Vallejo's metal acrylics as a base and dusted them over with Tamiya flat acrylics for the different colors.
  2. I loved that scene, too, and massive props to the actors and JJ for pulling it off. This could have easily steered into total awkwardness (hello Anakin...), but the dialogue, and the connection, and the "I know" moment were flawless. On a side note, did Ben hotwire one of the legacy TIEs to get to Exegol?
  3. The color separation on the current HG kits makes painting pretty convenient. Cut all parts from the sprues and sand off the cut points, assemble parts of the same color and sand any visible seams, apply basic paint, paint the details, then on to the final assembly. Here's a pic from the process on my V2, the white parts have just been primed.
  4. After nailing the design in the Damashi line, Bandai has my blessing to make a MG 2.0 of the GP-01. Also MG Gerbera-Tetra and PG Nu.
  5. Finish look fine, and I like the color. I think I would have drilled away the "eye" and find a clear replacement, but that would be a risky operation now.
  6. I always saw the beauty of Star Wars (the OT) in that it didn't give you any exposition except the opening crawl and then got right into the action. This also works for the sequels IMO. The info from the supplementary media is nice to have, but not necessary to get the story.
  7. And I though I was the only fan of the Discovery designs... They have some Syd Mead DNA in them, and I'd love to see them with a Mass Effect paint job. What is your plan in that regard?
  8. I am starting to wonder if the sequel trilogy had worked better as an OVA...
  9. My feelings exactly. And btw, did anybody else find the death screams of the female stormtroopers kinda off-putting? I mean, de-humanizing the evil goons so that our heroes can zap them without remorse is a cornerstone of the franchise, and it was an interesting impulse to dial that back with the introduction of Finn (and Jannah in this movie), so it felt even more wrong to watch the shootfest in the raid.
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