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  1. Ooh, I build those with my Dad decades ago. We had the Frog, Boomerang, and Willy's Jeep, but the most awesome was the Toyota 4x4 with RC-controlled shift gear. You could take it along on a walk through the woods.
  2. Full size mockup of the FCAS at Le Bourget
  3. I'd call it Battle: L.A. x Skyline + a hint of Pacific Rim.
  4. Also don't sell your top-of-the-line fighter to an ally who has adversary AAMs (and technicians) on his bases...
  5. IMO once Hasegawa made the leap to engraved panel lines somewhere in the 80s, their level of detail was lightyears ahead of the competition. The lines on the Tomcat are super fine, and you can see by little defects and overshoots that they were engraved by hand on the master. My guess is that the chemical/physical side of the production worked a little against their ambitions, when the plastic deforms after the de-molding, and the parts breakdown on the Tomcat didn't help much in that regard. You also get the impression that different sections of the kit were engineered by different teams, and that they didn't speak to each other, or bothered to put the complete kit together after the process. Today everything is CAD, of course, but still you see a wide range of results from the different companies. And still, Bandai showed in one of their promotional vids for the Star Wars line that the CAD-engineered molds are worked over by hand in the final stage of production to ensure the best fit.
  6. I needed a break from the demanding Tomcat, and Hase's new Fighter 1 from Crusher Joe provided a very relaxing opportunity. Hasegawa proves that their engineering is on par with Bandai with this new line of shake-n-bake kits. Since I chose a different tone of blue for the fuselage, I could not use the decal for the nose and needed to make a mask. The strip of tape on the nose is a guide for the positioning of the mask. Ready And done
  7. It's the sequel to Space Cowboys. Tommy Lee Jones is still out there.
  8. If you found Gravity, First Man and Interstellar too artsy-fartsy, here's James Gray's Brad Pitt vehicle that puts the Hero back into the astronaut, like those good ol' russian movies do. They even managed to put an effin' car chase in there. IN SPACE! I have to say that the concept for this movie sounded much better than what we see here, maybe it is just a really bad trailer.
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