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  1. Three Platz 1/72 resin kits are up for another re-release in June (no Sylphid, though) Product listing at Hobbysearch
  2. I also planned to paint the markings on Alto's plane, until I realized how complex the scheme really is. I have yet to muster the courage to pick it up again... @wm cheng I can imagine how painful that moment must have been when the canopy cracked. But on the bright side the problem is fixable for the price of another kit. And the rest of your build looks excellent with the well balanced weathering. It could pass as a 1/48 kit in those shots.
  3. Technically impressive and with solid acting, but unfortunately, for the final act they ran out of ideas before they ran out of bullets IMO. And the repetitive slaughtering of police/army men got on my nerves. But I'm totally hooked on "No see" by Man.Goes Human from the soundtrack.
  4. I finished my Sylphid to 90% ten year ago, but it took a few hits in a move since then and needs some care. Here are some old pics: I highly recommend replacing the resin canopy with a heat-pressed part, I used a blister pack heated on the stove and the original part as a plug. I still have the kit part and it has gone dark yellow. The cockpit detail is not too bad, and a Hasegawa pilot will make things more exciting.
  5. The colors came out great! I guess the decals are from a custom sheet?
  6. Really cool colors on that custom B-Wing. And flawless execution. Keep on modeling!
  7. I guess "Sixpack Dave" would be a tad too blunt, wouldn't it?
  8. Whoa, did you ink all the windows individually with a pen or did you apply a wash & wipe?
  9. The Idolmaster Rafale is indeed the quite good original Revell kit, and Hase even used a Monogram Mirage 2000 in their Idolmaster line. Tamiya has released the mediocre Italeri A-10 and Su-27 under their brand in Japan. Imagine the disappointment.
  10. Always go to Scalemates to check what's in the Box. The range goes from ancient Lindberg to recent Zvezda or Italeri kits.
  11. Revell has kits from the new movie coming, but of course they had to dig out the most horrendous molds from last century (Monogram?): https://www.revell.de/produkte-revell/top-gun-maverick/
  12. Just great! It looks like it came from the pages of a japanese modeling magazine.
  13. The 1/72 Airfix kit was the first plastic model I built. Looking forward to see more visuals.
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