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  1. It's difficult to catch in a photo - the canopy is 1 mm too wide in the middle section, so you get a very visible step against the fuselage. I guess that's why most builds have the canopy open. Since the material is so thin at the edge and I don't want super glue on clear parts, there's no hope to force the canopy into the correct width. My approach is to glue strips of 0.25 mm styrene onto the RIO's console to widen the fuselage and solve the rest with sanding & putty. If that doesn't work I'll make it fit on one side and put the kit in a shelf with the other side facing the wall...
  2. Everything puttied and smoothed out for the nth time and it's starting to look like a Tomcat. Usually, I'd start painting the fuselage now and finish the cockpit later, but the fit of the canopy is a bit problematic and may require additional putty & surgery.
  3. I'm with you on all points. Still, when I read the novelization of RotS, I was easy to imagine how great the movie could have been. Lucas had a bad reputation regarding his directing skills with human actors since AnH, and this goes into full blossom by the time the prequels were made. The visuals and many of the action sequences of all these three movies still stand the test of time, to my eyes, but the rest is best forgotten. JJ managed to nail the Star Wars look and installed powerful leads in TFA, but it's hair-rising to learn that Kennedy didn't bother with a concept where the story should end by Ep IX before they even started TFA. Instead, Johnson was applauded for axing even the faint construct Abrams had laid out. It's symptomatic that the Fallen Order trailer has me more excited that the teaser for Ep IX.
  4. After Lucas recycled the best bits of adventure movies and knight sagas to forge Star Wars, it now recycles itself. Full circle! I'm in...
  5. It looks perfect! Did you even put a wash on?
  6. Hasegawa introduces the A-10 UAV. Or maybe there's an AC3 COFFIN inside? https://www.1999.co.jp/eng/10605619
  7. That's the normal EX kit modded by me after Yamashita's concept art. The early Supersylphs from the animation actually have different fuselages, like a stubbier nose, I think. Some in-progress pics are in this thread here, here and here. Jamaiker, that's an awesome job on the Banshee. It's really a kit to test your patience, but on the other side one of the best made garage kits I worked on. A rare sight to see one built. Too bad the maker didn't continue this line of kits, they had some promising prototypes. Looking forward to see more of your kits. I have three of the Platz resin kits at about 80%, but every time I - LOOK, A SQUIRREL!
  8. To be fair, the part fit pretty well on the underside...
  9. Some parts of this kit were apparently designed to test your patience.
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