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  1. That's a beautiful finish on this awesome kit. I'd love to see more pics of your work.
  2. That's the new 1/60 Moderoid plastic kit.
  3. I love what I'd call "remixes" of the classic designs.
  4. Do you think it's a good time to pitch my Star Wars 1946 script to Disney? "They're coming in too fast!..."
  5. If I pick up my MG again, I'll take Naoki's route (minus the excessive details). IMO he makes it look good without changing the head. Longer upper arms & legs are easy, but widening the shoulders are the main challenge.
  6. @Rock Cool, do you plan to integrate the bust into the old MG? I have that resin kit too, but have not compared it to the 1/48 version yet. It's from the same sculptor, so it'd be no surprise if it uses the same 3d data. The large kit depicts the model from the Sentinel book cover, hence the 4 cannons.
  7. Say hi to the bitchy cousin.
  8. The Wife dragged me into this series, and I was hooked immediately – it's just so brilliantly made on many levels, a great watch. Counting the days.
  9. It's the one Gundam to rule them all... Here's a pretty impressive gallery of the bust: http://amethyst002.web.fc2.com/gallery/16/sgundam/rollout01/rollout01.html
  10. Christmas came early: Now I'm prepped for the second lockdown...
  11. Congrats to making history! I think we can forgive FSM for mentioning the R-word.
  12. I would be a little less annoyed if Koto wouldn't sell those at the price of 1/48 kits.
  13. Man, that D is a work of art! Good luck with the rest of work on the S.
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