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  1. @derex3592 Thanks for posting the video, I'm taking the same steps in airbrushing that the modeler does, only I'm usually try to limit the surface colors to two passes (flat dark base & semi-gloss light panel shade). For the heck of it, I tried to document this with my camera, but it's pretty tedious to watch without the FFWD effect: Hop to Flickr to see the action (2 min). The greatest weakness of the MiG 1.44 was apparently it's boring late cold war paint scheme that must have killed the project once the officials laid their eyes on the proposal. I set out to rectify
  2. @Thom That's the MiG 1.44, the kit is from Zvezda, but also saw a wide release by Revell. You should be able to find it in online stores or on The Bay. The 1.44 or MFI was MiG's venture into 4.5 generation fighter design, before the Su-47 somewhat stole the show. Not so sure about the YouTube thing (as I'm lacking a third arm), but I'll do my best to document the proceedings for the next color. Is there already an All Things Airbrush thread?
  3. If we assume the reflection in the "eyes" is meant to be pure white, we can identify the tint. That would make the DVD version closest to the original color.
  4. I can't believe that you prefer a live action version of another goody-two-shoes princess above Emma f*n Stone playing an avant-le-lettre riot grrrl in 70's London. They should've given this to Guy Ritchie instead of that darn Aladdin.
  5. Got some kitchen table studio shots done today: More in my Flickr album
  6. Some shots of my old HG Astraea. It's tough to get a semi-decent pose from it, but the detail level and fit of those old 00 HGs was excellent. I pimped it with decals & feet from the MG Exia.
  7. I'd do that if it wasn't so freezing cold outside It's true that direct sunlight can be problematic, on the other side you need a lot of light to get a good depth of field, and this afternoon it was just too cloudy. However, I got a few good shots in the morning of the other kit I finished recently (resin semi-nudity warning):
  8. Took my repaint of the FLARE Rei to a nice whiteout shooting today. Flickr album
  9. Your shots of the Refit still tempt me to grab one myself. Fortunately, I know better from my days of youth... _ First kit of 2021 completed. I hope to take some better shots when the light comes back in the next days.
  10. Almost there... @peterThat's some archeological restoration skill on display.
  11. Can't you use the film as a paint mask for the stripes?
  12. Final steps on the MiG, maybe I can finish it over the weekend.
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