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  1. Not necessarily, according to this article: https://www.popularmechanics.com/military/aviation/a29847417/f-16-drone/ The F-16s turned into QF-16s have had a service life before, so the net cost for the drone are much lower. I'm not saying the stealth FSAT is redundant, it's just the $10m = low cost bit that baffled me.
  2. That's what I meant. Add another million for the AIM-120, and it's a pretty expensive fireworks from my perspective. For comparison: An F-16 seems to start at $19m per unit...
  3. There's no magic involved: I use Schmincke gouache which comes as a paste in tubes, in a wide range of colors. You mix them with water and use them as you would with any other wash, either apply them with a wide brush and wipe away the excess with a damp cloth, or paint directly over the panel lines with a small brush. Due to the higher surface tension, they will not flow as easily as enamel or alcohol based washes, but you can apply and correct endlessly (with a wet brush, paper tissue, or your fingers) without marring the base paint, and you have zero fumes to deal with. My favorite is the cool grey color for panel lines on white paint, like here: - I hope you hands get better soon and we see more electric magic from you.
  4. The plan here is to stay fit & build a Fitter
  5. Just back from "The Invisible Man" and I highly recommend it. Cool modern update of the classic, Elizabeth Moss is killing it in every scene, and great cinematography & sound design. The theater was hooked.
  6. In all fairness, when the OT came out there was literally no competition to the designs. Fast forward 40 years, and the number of star fighter iterations has exploded exponentially. If you don't want to cut all ties and have someone like Syd Mead do a take on Star Wars, the margin for original designs gets smaller and smaller. And IMHO there were cool new designs in TFA like Kylo's shuttle and the troop transport, the new Stormtrooper just nails it, and BB-8 is genius. But I agree with you that these examples don't balance out the many not-so-great derivations, and that the ties to the OT are too strong. Design-wise, the prequels managed to transport the idea of another era, while the sequels are stuck one minute after ROTJ and sometimes go backwards from there.
  7. Excellent job on that Alex. I'm glad you didn't hide it in that shoebox armor.
  8. I stay away from clear coats as much as possible and use Gouache paints and chalks for panel lines and weathering. But large decals leave you no choice.
  9. Actually, they are little warning signs that pop up to recommend you not to stand in the line of fire:
  10. I will watch it next after finishing The Crown. Also, this looks promising:
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