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  1. MT, just reading about your electronic shenanigans gives me a headache. Good luck! I build the Sinoraptor to kill time until my pixel masks for the T-57 arrive, but that's an interesting idea. The Zvezda kit revealed that the PAK-FAs are actually piloted by siberian polar bears. But to the untrained eye, they look a bit oversized in the cockpit, so I decided to replace him with a puny imperialistic cowboy.
  2. Ah, the good old times. My mind was blown for weeks.
  3. Hasegawa knows what you really want is another VF-1 eggplane.
  4. It fitted pretty well into a universe where you can combine saucers and warp nacelles in the most ludicrous configurations.
  5. Last time they got me was with the little metal Proto Spinner that came with the Blu Ray box.
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