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  1. I just want replacement parts and armor parts. If Arcadia can't/won't do that, then they're going to have to accept the fact that these products will be sold by someone else.
  2. I am faced with having to rebuild a collection after losing mine. I researched and remembered what I didn't like about my old toys. The v1 1/60 was a crap sculpt to my eyes, as was the 1/48. I don't like how small the new Bandais are. I settled on the v2 1/60. I only collect the vf-1 series. I said all that to say this: is it worth it to collect toys? Absolutely not. You'll seldom if ever get your money back collecting anything, nevermind toys. Buy what you like. If you stop to consider worth, or investment, you've already lost. If you just buy what you like, you can't lose. maybe you're the type of guy who is a completionist, you collect multiples of every scale in every model. You've got one to open and three to store. More power to you, there is no wrong way to enjoy your hobby. maybe you or someone you know buys valkyries and regularly makes 200 or 300% profit. More power to you, you're very lucky, that hasn't been my experience. so I buy what I like, I buy used, and I don't buy to resell.
  3. I haven't been here in a while but I could swear there was a section that people had taken the lineart for the VF-1 and customized it with their own colors. I did a google search and found isolated ones on people's pages, but not the repository I'm remembering. Was it here? Maybe it was a link to another page. Any old timers remember that?
  4. 1. Chunky monkey (this is where it started for me with my old Jetfire, it has to come first) 2. Yamato 1/60 line 3. Yamato 1/48 (I didn't love it, I thought the proportions were just off) least favorite? Are they Macross? Then least favorite isn't a thing with me...
  5. heh, since no answer to Rnurmin's question, and I'd like to know the same, where is Jason these days? Nick? Tony? any ideas?
  6. yeah its great hey Jason, hit me up on MSN, its my username here @hotmail.com
  7. I am just glad someone mentioned Keanu Reeves, he has got to be the worst. Now having said that, I love watching his movies, I dunno, its like they're good despite him, well, Constantine, meh, but I'm not going to lie, I loved Bill and Ted. And the Matrix? fuhgedaboudit
  8. yeah Warmaker, like was already said: I created this as the tell all thread, so spill the Galaxy's beans, please.
  9. what about how much Owen couldnt stand Obi Wan? He called him crazy and told Luke to stay away from him. I'd say, Obi Wan DID come and try to train Luke, and Owen told him to flip off.
  10. it would be so damn funny if r2 had gone and told 3po about stuff in the first 3. if he knew everything, "whoa, dude, tell him not to catch wood for that chick, its totally his sister"
  11. what do you mean, another? the thread I saw is for the NON spoiler discussion of the movie...
  12. my favorite quote from the movie was "Is that guy retarded? Why does he keep talking like that?" - aside from my girlfriend concerning Yoda's dialogue. Classic
  13. holy crap. some things jump into my mind as I sit here floored from such a kickass movie. Palpatine's transformation... ok no, just no, why oh WHY did Anakin's red flag not go up after the dude didn't change back? And what exactly changed him? the lightning? he must have done that before... I guess we'll never know. IF there were deleted scenes with Qui Gon, I need to view them, the end of the movie could have been more fleshed out and not seem so rushed to me. Leia said her mother had a kind, sad face... (yeah I guess it could be Bail Organa's wife, but ffs...) Wookies ROCK Grievous coughing was just annoying, yeah yeah yeah, I'm sure his biological parts were the ones coughing, but it was still messed up. Anakin killing all the kids, ok I get the council, had he gone after them, but they really should have made the clone troopers kill the gd kids, it was TOO uncharacteristic. Padme freaking out at the very end, I mean come on, you didn't know? Where the hell were you? Padme is the new Lois Lane, imho. NO jar-jar, ++ ________________ All I can think of now, more to come
  14. I freaking loved it, the VERY last maybe 10 minutes was wrapped up rather quickly, but my girlfriend was about to beat the tar outta me if it went on for much longer (convinced her to go, said it was the worst thing she's ever seen, Philistine )
  15. Fandango said the 12:01 was sold out, going at 12:10
  16. I chose WoW, because I do have an active account, but why no love for Korea? Lineage 2 beats the smacktar out of half those games.
  17. now that you've got your recasted 1S heads, does anyone have a spare 1A head lying around?
  18. if Kid-k was back here he could show you guys what he had been working on, I'm pretty sure it included a new head design. For new heads, why not some of the ones from the model magazines Graham used to put up? The platypus, for one, was a complete redesign
  19. estacado06479


    I remember that. I think it was Rick The Hunter. yeah it was Rob, I like that its been done in 1/48, thats one of the best parts of the series, or at least, most memorable
  20. feel free to not EVER vote unless you bothered to take the time and figure out each man's stance on the issues. don't vote because whatever rap guy or other mtv personality told you that "the democrats be all 'at" or, dey be mah peeps" don't go in and vote republican because you are one and vice versa. the candidate favorite people are chooches who couldnt bother to look poo up. remember as a voter, you CAN do more harm than good, and we don't need a situation like last election marring things this go'round. so to recap, if you don't KNOW, don't GO!
  21. conversely, when i HAVE tacos, i explode...(*looks at ground) i just don't feel "regular" after tacos...
  22. i just don't get it. they were on a roll reissuing the g1 stuff, isn't predaking post-movie? and hotrod for that matter. like the other people have said, i'd have rather they released the dinobots. skipping wheeljack? atrocity...
  23. i sucked out Here is the result of your otaku Purity Test. You answered "yes" to 37 of 200 questions, making you 81.5% otaku pure (18.5% otaku corrupt). -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Return to The Armory's Purity Test Page Go to the Armory Home Page The purity test SCORING SYSTEM is maintained by John DuBois (spcecdt@armory.com) If you wish to read about or comment on the TESTS, go to the Purity Test Page. Do you have an idea for a purity test of your own? Make One!
  24. what about the skull and crossbones? then, if you didnt want to sound gay in front of men you might encounter, you could just say it was a plain old skull and crossbones, but you would secretly know it was the symbol of skull squadron. this way, you could get a macross related tattoo, and not get your arse pounded.
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