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  1. Just curious why I can't put a new post in the seller section, the only thing I ever did there was bought a 1/48 cannon fodder that went without a hitch. I tried looking around rules and guide lines and cant seem to find any reason I wouldnt be allowed to post. Is there something about people who havent posted in a long time being frozen out of the seller section? -Sam
  2. Gordak

    New Macross 1/1 DYRL helmets

    Ok, to repeat what has been said, They are HUGE, buy your Max, Hikaru, and Fokker wigs now, your going to literally need them! They come with special gloves for handeling them as you can probablly guess ,they have really highly polished paint job, Fantastic work if you are familair with HG paint jobs. It is something to be proud off. I hope they make a TV helmet too becasue I want em!!!! -Gordak
  3. Gordak

    New Macross 1/1 DYRL helmets

    My Fokker is sitting at the post office right now, I will be picking it up at 6:30 AM tomorrow :) I ordered mine form Angolz, like 6 or 7 months ago. Im so glad they are big, me head is large, anyway they are huge in the movie in my opinion. -Gordak
  4. Gordak

    New Macross 1/1 DYRL helmets

    I pre ordered 1 in May from angolz, it's been a loooong wait. anyone know when these things ship? -Gordak
  5. Gordak

    Yamato 1/1 Macross flight helmets

    So if someone is actually willing to pay, how does an american buy one of these? and dealers got em? Thanks! -Gordak