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  1. BlackRose

    New Macross TV Series in 2018

    Still no official news?
  2. Maybe if you were judging them just on music you could say the Delta movie ranks above Plus, but if any other factor besides how likeable the main character is is in play then no way. To me it's more like FB2012 as a music video with hints of a story.
  3. BlackRose

    Robotech by Titan Comics

    You're really struggling with the idea that stories need to have actual characters and a conflict the audience can be invested in on their behalf? That's the basics of storytelling. You can't have any characters or character development when your entire cast is unthinking mooks with no personality and half of them are literally faceless. There's no story to tell. It's just literally mindless violence.
  4. BlackRose

    Robotech by Titan Comics

    RT never could get anywhere when it was trying to be original anyway. The less original it is the more RT fans like it. Some of them even say that this comic changes too much from the TV series and is bad for that reason instead of because its writing and art suck.
  5. BlackRose

    Star Trek: Discovery

    What's our ETA to the complaints about social justice casting like we had in Discovery? I wasn't impressed by STD season 1 so my hopes aren't high for the Picard series. Whenever Trek tries to push a social agenda in casting the writing takes a dive until they back off. Like can we get a black woman character who isn't either a strong black woman who don't need no man or a sassy black woman? I can't stand Michael Burnham because she's totally the embodiment of that one line Nichelle Nichols wouldn't say in Star Trek 6 about "would you let your daughter marry one". I guess they figured that Burnham's racism would fly under the radar better if it came from someone who was a minority.
  6. BlackRose

    Robotech by Titan Comics

    Personally I think that HG's loss of faith in the series happened a lot earlier than that. Tommy Yune made a lot of promises to his bosses about what RTSC was gonna do to revitalize RT's prospects. It was supposed to legitimize RT as an original series in the industry's eyes. It was supposed to make RT into a popular mainstream anime title. It was supposed to bring in all kinds of new young fans who would buy all kinds of merch. It was supposed to make the world take notice of RT. When Tommy's baby didn't deliver on all of his promises and even people who were already RT fans mostly hated it, I think TPTB there at HG gave up on trying to do new stuff. They threw a mil at it and got no real result so why bother? The fans buy HG's bad Macross knockoff toys and posters no matter what. Everything they did since then was like a half-assed job to convince us that the lights were still on in the RT department. I don't think they really expected the Kickstarter to get funded. I think they thought they could just go "Well we tried!" when it failed and talk about how they're still working on it for years at cons without having to spend any money or actually do any work. I don't think even that failed tabletop game was meant to succeed and go past doing the Macross stuff. They picked a scale that made it impossible to do the next parts. Even this comic is totally obviously written to milk nostalgia for some quick money. They even set it up so they don't have to continue the story past the Macross part because this version is a stable Macross only time loop. I think the goal now is just to shake the fans down for as much cash as they can using nostalgia for Macross before the end of their license.
  7. BlackRose

    Robotech by Titan Comics

    DYRL Zentradi had racial memories of the Protoculture's culture and memories/legends of their vanished creators. Robotech Zentradi are just clone soldiers following orders and we're talking about way before they got distracted by things they couldn't understand and started to think for themselves. Thinking of everything only in military terms means they can't develop as characters. That means they can't even grow the way the clone troopers in Star Wars did, because there are no non clone people around for them to learn from. Individual Invid don't even think. They just blindly follow orders they get through the hive mind. They also need lots of the flower of life to evolve and they didn't have that because the Masters took it all then ruined their planet so it wouldn't grow there anymore. They're not the Vajra.
  8. BlackRose

    Robotech by Titan Comics

    Maybe he's working under restictions on what he can do with the story. Like how Palladium Books used to have to run everything by Tommy Yune and HG legal for approval before going to print. The old official website for Robotech used to have pretty strong restrictions on language and discussion topics to keep things kid friendly even though the average fan was like 35. The people at HG who run the RT franchise handle things in a really cynical way but they at least understand their audience. HG knows its brand is pure nostalga. That's why they do retellings and side stories all the time instead of telling new stories. Their fans just want the old familiar characters and stories they knew as kids. Every time they try to tell new stories the fans get mad and it ends up a failure. Someone with such narrow and specific tastes isn't going to do better than what they already have running things, and will more likely do a lot worse. A story has to have characters to develop. You can't do that if you're telling the story of two factions which are made up of mass produced soldiers with no personality. Also, the Zentradi fighting the Inbit is just silly. The size difference is huge, it'd be like a war between people and coconut crabs.
  9. BlackRose

    Star Trek: Discovery

    Why would they mention STO? It's off in its own little reality pocket doing its own thing. The books of the Relaunch are probably the ones closest to canon with staff from shows working on them and vice versa but isn't Star Trek's hard and fast canon rule is that only the TV shows and movies are 100% canon? I think the videos are a little alarmist. Discovery is dumb action most of the time but people are still watching it. It's too early to start worrying that they'll screw up the Picard series.
  10. BlackRose

    The Happytime Murders

    3. This looks like the kind of movie that's way better when you're wasted.
  11. BlackRose

    Harmony Gold suing Tatsunoko

    That the owners of Battletech keep trying to use those designs even though they know they're not allowed to kinda doesn't fit with the idea that the first time was innocent. If the first time was an innocent misunderstanding then that would have been it, you know? They would have let those designs go and let it be. But they keep coming back to them and trying to use them and they keep getting in trouble for it. That says that they know it's wrong and they don't care and are going to keep trying until they find a way to get away with it. They're privately owned, right? Cuz if they had shareholders those shareholders would be pretty mad that they keep wasting cash fighting this lost cause fight.
  12. Untitled: the Boba Fett Story? I don't care if it's an after-credits scene or whatever, I really want Fett's Vette in there. I always liked the ones that had no real ties to the movies, like the Old Republic stuff. Back when lightsabers had extension cords and the Sith were red space monkey men with crystal swords. It let them go to strange new places other than the used future style that the original trilogy had.
  13. The one and only thing I want from this movie is that they somehow work in the song Fett's 'Vette.