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  1. BlackRose

    Battle Angel Alita

    Going to see this later today. I'm not too optimistic about enjoying it though since the eyes bug the crap out of me and the Rotten Tomatoes reviewer scores paint a pretty dismal picture. Overall it's got a 56 right now and among top critics a 33.
  2. After the last one, I'm not going to bother going to the theater. I'll wait until it ends up on streaming. Kylo Ren isn't as badly written as Lucas's young Anakin but he's pretty close.
  3. Neither is Kawamori. He's just the "series concept" guy when he's not drawing storyboards and designing robots.
  4. BlackRose

    Star Trek: Discovery

    Well yeah. That's setting the bar awfully low though isn't it? The season two premiere is the 2nd episode of Disco to actually feel like Star Trek. If they had started like I might actually not hate Burnham.
  5. I'm planning to take a good look at Grimms Notes and The Quintessential Quintuplets over the weekend. Maybe Meiji Tokyo Renka if I can find the time. Shield Hero got off to a rough start but episode 2 was pretty good. Naofumi got his morality pet so he's not sulking 24/7 at least.
  6. BlackRose

    Star Trek: Discovery

    I feel a little cheated. All that buildup at the end of season one and the Enterprise and TOS aesthetic are gone in the space of one episode in season two. Now they're taking pointers from that awful Lost in Space movie.
  7. BlackRose

    Robotech by Titan Comics

    I can't believe this book is still going. The art style changes so much because of all the tracing it feels like the comic book version of Movie 43.
  8. That's a big risk they're taking. They're a good indie outfit so I hope it goes well for them. I kinda wonder if they're going to run into trouble since this is new territory. Nobody ever tried to make a full transforming toy of the Spartas before.
  9. BlackRose

    Macross The First

    They're back into that flashback arc now that the previous edition never finished.
  10. For my money it doesn't necessarily have to be mature storytelling as long as it's effective storytelling. If you can't get invested in the characters what's the point. Like for Delta it's hard to give a damn about Walkure or most of the other characters because we barely know anything about them.
  11. BlackRose

    Robotech by Titan Comics

    Isn't that kinda like saying "Next to ebola, terminal lung cancer doesn't sound so bad anymore."? Everything about Titan's comic is horrible but the stuff that came before it wasn't better, just horrible in slightly different ways. If they can't go all in on hiring professionals to do a quality job why bother? This mess is just embarrassing to look at.
  12. That'd be truth in television. Small rodents smell pretty bad. Rabbits are so stanky that they sell dietary additives to make them stink less. Porcupines are even worse and smell like oily garbage no matter what you do. A hedgehog the size of a person probably stinks like a compost pile. SEGA has been screwing that IP for decades. I don't know why they would even try after what happened to Super Mario.
  13. Um I get the feeling you really epically overthought this. It's a toy commercial. It was made to sell plastic model kits from Revell's flop of a Transformers mockbuster. That's all there is to it. All the actual substance is from the original shows. You could probably get a good women's studies term paper out of the stupidly misogynistic writing in Southern Cross tho. It's not every day someone is ballsy enough to try to pass off a girl who only wants to be a housewife as a strong female character. Also that is a LOT of pretentious academic buzzwords. Like woah. It's been ages since college but aren't Freud and Jung both hopelessly outdated and unreliable psychological models? The content of the original shows The content of the original shows The content of the original shows Medically speaking there's no accounting for taste
  14. Maybe if you were judging them just on music you could say the Delta movie ranks above Plus, but if any other factor besides how likeable the main character is is in play then no way. To me it's more like FB2012 as a music video with hints of a story.