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  1. Who are we kidding here? Has a change.org petition ever actually resulted in the person receiving it doing something besides just deleting the change.org e-mail without reading it? You're missing a couple of zeros between your goal and the point where you stand a chance of being taken seriously by the people you want to influence. 200 random internet strangers is not going to impress anybody. They might pay attention if you get 20,000 signatures. If you get 200,000 signatures then you might have a chance of being taken seriously.
  2. The most half-assed part is that it was all "explained" in a businessman's powerpoint slideshow in an episode that was just one big exposition dump.
  3. Oh yeah. At a level that would make even an EF5 tornado seethe with envy. Hiring a writer who can actually write? That would be a good place to start. Azuki Fuji is definitely better than the writers of the series. Shame the movie is a compilation one. That means any improvement isn't going to be very big because it will be reusing material from the series.
  4. You can't really judge Delta on its own merits because it puts so much effort into tying in to Frontier. It's one thing to have a character who fills the same kind of role as an existing character. It's a lot less acceptable IMO to have the majority of the "new" characters be almost exact copies of characters from the previous show with only a little change to their art that barely makes them look different.
  5. Delta isn't really a "Macross World". Like the song goes, "Welcome to Walkure World", all Macross stuff purely incidental.
  6. I definitely disagree that they were well thought-out. It was super obvious that Macross Delta was a minimum effort sequel that just copied characters from Macross Frontier for most of its cast but didn't develop them at all past basic traits. Mikumo is just Sheryl in her ice queen mode from early in Frontier. Hayate is Alto without the family issues or ambition. Freyja is Ranka without her extreme doormat tendencies. Arad is Ozma minus the family connection. Messer is Brera minus the family connection. Etc. Etc. The ones who aren't just copies of Frontier characters without the personality are basic stock characters rounding out the normal Five Girl Band for magical girls and idol music shows with a big boobed ditz (Makina) and and quiet nerdy girl (Reina) thrown together for girl on girl fanservice. This is the truest thing that has been said in this topic.
  7. That's not what the show says about her though. She quit the military and joined Χάος because the pressure her family's legact put her under was too much for someone who was only an average pilot. The show forgets she exists at Freyja's birthday and she's just a background character until the end. From this thread and the new episode review threads it looks like most people would say the writing was the most glaring issue. Not to be rude but what show were you watching? Most of them don't even get back stories and most of the ones that do have so little it'd be one line on a Trivial Pursuit card. The coma thing is so overused in fiction though and it creates way too many loose ends because people will expect them to snap out of it at the most dramatic moment.
  8. A little equal-opportunity fanservice would be nice to counterbalance Makina letting it all hang out. Shame all the good-looking guys in the show were the villains. It does kinda, doesn't it?
  9. True, the ones you listed didn't really do much of anything in the show. I'd just cut them, rather than kill them off. Can they? Reina works for Xaos because she got busted after failing to hack them and she only succeeds when Roid lets her. Makina never does anything with airplanes in the show except call one of them cute.
  10. It would upset the order of things to kill a good Jenius. Mirage is basically a mauve shirt. I'd like to see her get fair time in the love triangle in the movie but I'm not going to hold my breath for it.
  11. Woah. I didn't remember that part. That's pretty dark for such a happy go lucky show.
  12. Gundam Show Thread - MSG thru IBO

    +1. So much angst in that show. I thought Amuro was kind of whiny in the original series but Kira makes him look pretty butch by comparison. The thing that bugged me most about it was how the art style made everyone look exactly the same except for their hair. I know anime gets poked fun of for having characters that look a lot alike but this is a whole other level.
  13. Batman Ninja

    The art style in the trailer is weirdly compelling. I think I could get into this.