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  1. Since the lore is rich with history, And the Estate is involved. I can see this moving quite well into territory yet unseen that doesnt exactly have to tie in with the LOTR. Either way, From what I hear so far,I'm in for it.
  2. Star Trek: Discovery

    Saw the latest episode, was alright, bit dull, hopefully it all builds up into something worth while.
  3. Macross Δ (Delta) Movie Announced

    I'm all for the movie personally, i hope it finds a good balance between the pop group and the valk action. Movies tend to do more impressive dogfighting, but posters showing just Walkyre and no other characters is abit "what" but I'm for giving it a chance atleast. tbh it will probably be better than the series since they need to compress and tighten the story better,trim the fat for a more exciting experience.
  4. Looks great, alot of misdirection in the trailer im sensing though. Would be cool if Kylo took Rey to Snoke and then turns her on Luke, and Lukes gotta take them both down lol
  5. Macross in the weirdest places

    haha, well it wasnt THAT big but to a 6" figure it would be.
  6. Have any of you quit collecting?

    yep that's the one haha
  7. Have any of you quit collecting?

    No pics yet, as I am in the process of moving back to Japan so some stuff is already in boxes for shipping. But once i get set back up in 2-3 months i'll throw some pics down. I'm still after the cel in my avvie but I'll also put pics of the ones I have later. The latest Macross item I aquired was an old VHD Macross Challenge game I found in a second-hand Kimono shop lol i posted that on the FB Macrossfan central page a while back.
  8. I like the bottom photo, has an old postcard-feel.
  9. To the soldiers on distant planets..

  10. Have any of you quit collecting?

    I'm very selective in the valks and other that I collect. I only desire a certian type or ship to display and never get crowded. just a nice neat collection of what items i love the most. So far i still have one or two to get.
  11. Macross in the weirdest places

    I saw a giant Tuna head while doing grocery shopping in japan a few weeks ago, does that count?
  12. Recently got all the episodes released of Yamato 2202, so I been watching that.
  13. Star Trek: Discovery

    I recently got back from Japan after my stay there for a few months, I got to finally give these episodes a watch. Discovery is a pretty decent show so far imo, I'm not really a trekkie but the holograms walking around part kinda threw me abit. Klingons are alright but i'm not completely fond of the designs. overall tho i did enjoy whats been aired so far,so I hope it gets better than worse as it goes on.